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Rise And Fall Of Strategic Planning

Author : Henry Mintzberg
ISBN : 9781439107355
Genre : Business & Economics
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Format : PDF
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In this definitive and revealing history, Henry Mintzberg, the iconoclastic former president of the Strategic Management Society, unmasks the press that has mesmerized so many organizations since 1965: strategic planning. One of our most brilliant and original management thinkers, Mintzberg concludes that the term is an oxymoron -- that strategy cannot be planned because planning is about analysis and strategy is about synthesis. That is why, he asserts, the process has failed so often and so dramatically. Mintzberg traces the origins and history of strategic planning through its prominence and subsequent fall. He argues that we must reconceive the process by which strategies are created -- by emphasizing informal learning and personal vision -- and the roles that can be played by planners. Mintzberg proposes new and unusual definitions of planning and strategy, and examines in novel and insightful ways the various models of strategic planning and the evidence of why they failed. Reviewing the so-called "pitfalls" of planning, he shows how the process itself can destroy commitment, narrow a company's vision, discourage change, and breed an atmosphere of politics. In a harsh critique of many sacred cows, he describes three basic fallacies of the process -- that discontinuities can be predicted, that strategists can be detached from the operations of the organization, and that the process of strategy-making itself can be formalized. Mintzberg devotes a substantial section to the new role for planning, plans, and planners, not inside the strategy-making process, but in support of it, providing some of its inputs and sometimes programming its outputs as well as encouraging strategic thinking in general. This book is required reading for anyone in an organization who is influenced by the planning or the strategy-making processes.
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Strategic Planning In London

Author : Douglas A. Hart
ISBN : 9781483155487
Genre : Business & Economics
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Strategic Planning in London: The Rise and Fall of the Primary Road Network examines the relationship between order and change in the urban planning process. Focusing on the planning of Greater London during 1943 to 1973, the book describes how strategic road planning and urban order has changed over this period. The text analyzes why the large-scale planning of high-speed major roads in Greater London has failed. Chapter 1 examines traditional master planning and disjointed incrementalism and outlines a conceptual model based on an iterative approach to urban planning. Chapter 2 considers the way in which traffic congestion in Greater London was defined in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Chapter 3 and 4 describes Abercombrie-Buchanan approach to highway and urban and planning. Chapter 5 points out the ways in which the concept of traffic congestion was broadened in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Finally, Chapter 6 focuses on the control mechanisms used in the planning period from 1943 to 1973. This book will be of interest to engineers who are seeking a comprehensive analysis of strategic planning.
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Strategic Planning 101

Author : Jeffrey Russell
ISBN : 1562864343
Genre : Business & Economics
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Models of Immigrant Political Incorporation brings together a multidisciplinary group of scholars to consider pathways by which immigrants may be incorporated into the political processes of western democracies. It builds on a rich tradition of studying immigrant incorporation, but each chapter innovates by moving beyond singular accounts of particular groups and locations toward a general causal model with the scope and breadth to apply across groups, places, and time. Models of Immigrant Political Incorporation addresses three key analytic questions: what, if anything, are the distinctive features of immigrants or immigrant groups? How broadly should one define and study politics? What are the initial premises for analyzing pathways toward incorporation; does one learn more by starting from an assumption of racialization and exclusion or from an assumption of engagement and inclusion? While all models engage with all three key analytic questions, chapters vary in their relative focus on one or another, and in the answers they provide. Most include graphical illustrations of the model, as well as extended examples applying the model to one or more immigrant populations. At a time when research on immigrant political incorporation is rapidly accumulating - and when immigrants are increasingly significant political actors in many democratic polities - this volume makes a timely and valuable intervention by pushing researchers to articulate causal dynamics, provide clear definitions and measurable concepts, and develop testable hypotheses. Furthermore, the wide array of frameworks examining how immigrants become part of a polity or are shunted aside ensure that activists and analysts alike will find useful insights. By including historians, sociologists, and political scientists, by ranging across North America and Western Europe, by addressing successful and failed incorporative efforts, this handbook offers guides for anyone seeking to develop adynamic, unified, and supple model of immigrant political incorporation.
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Strategic Planning And Management In Transit Agencies

Author : Judson J. Lawrie
ISBN : 9780309097468
Genre : Local transit
File Size : 84.43 MB
Format : PDF
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This synthesis provides information for transit and transportation professionals who seek to address planning and management issues in the transit industry. This document is intended for internal management decision makers; general managers and agency board members. It might offer external stakeholders such as local governments and businesses, as well as the public, increased awareness in helping define a transit agencys role and responsibilities to the community, thus aiding the development of outside support for an agencys mission.
Category: Local transit

Strategy In Action

Author : Boris Yavitz
ISBN : 9780029346709
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Rise And Fall Of Management

Author : Gordon J. Pearson
ISBN : 0566089769
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 73.71 MB
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Pearson reviews how management became a practice and body of understanding, the development of its crucial role in economic progress, and then how its corruption came about as a result of malign theory, leading to the dominance of the bonus payment culture and short term deal-making that plague us today. Understanding management's past, suggests Pearson, will help its improvement for the future. Contributing to that understanding, this book sheds light on how management might be renewed and on the benign role it could play if freed from the restraints of inappropriate economic theory. This challenging book gives a broad, practically informed, critical view of the subject that will be welcomed by any reader with a professional or an academic interest in practice, theory, and context.
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Scenario Based Strategic Planning

Author : Burkhard Schwenker
ISBN : 9783658028756
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 83.32 MB
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In a world characterized by increasing complexity and volatility, managers must be able to flexibly adapt their strategies to changing environmental conditions. Traditional strategic management frameworks often fail in this context. Therefore, we present "scenario-based strategic planning" as a framework for strategic management in an uncertain world. Previous approaches to scenario planning were complex and focused on the long term, but the approach developed by Roland Berger and the Center for Strategy and Scenario Planning at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management is different. By designing appropriate tools and integrating scenario planning into strategic planning, we have made our approach less complex and easier for firms to apply. We illustrate the approach with examples from different industries.
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The Strategy Process

Author : Henry Mintzberg
ISBN : 013556557X
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 78.26 MB
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We tried to provide the reader with a richness of theory, a richness of practice, and a strong basis for linkage between the two. Presenting published articles and portions of other books in their original form, rather than filtered through our minds and pens, is one way to reinforce this variety. One of our prime intentions in this book is to expose the limitations of conventional theories and to offer alternate explanations that can be superior guides to understanding and taking action in specific contexts.
Category: Business & Economics

Strategy Synthesis

Author : Bob de Wit
ISBN : 1844801926
Genre : Business planning
File Size : 74.69 MB
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The belief that managers and potential managers will profit from understanding the major conflicting approaches to strategy forms the point of departure for this book. Ignoring the profound differences between the various schools of thought does not enhance a manager’s or student’s capacity for strategic thinking. Rather, it is only when there is knowledge of the various points of view can strategists truly see the range of options open to them. Then they can find a way to choose between them, or integrate them, to be practically effective.This book is intended for readers who need a strategy text, without the case material.
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On Strategy

Author : Harry G. Summers
ISBN : 1410204197
Genre : History
File Size : 53.33 MB
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"This important book is one man's critical analysis of American strategy in the Vietnam war. That man, Harry Summers, is an active Army officer who began professional life as an enlisted soldier, knows personally the bayonet-point reality of war, and has thought widely about strategic issues. His commitment to the nation and Army he serves is unstinting." ..". Colonel Summers has focused his attention at that point in the strategic continuum where military strategy and national policy come together. His main thesis is that a lack of understanding of the relationship between military strategy and national policy caused us to exhaust our will and endurance against a secondary enemy, the guerrilla movement in South Vietnam, instead of focusing our military efforts to check North Vietnamese expansion in support of our national policy of containment. ..." DeWitt C. Smith, Jr. Lieutenant General, United States Army (Retired)
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