Ring Of Bone Collected Poems

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Ring Of Bone Collected Poems

Author : Lew Welch
ISBN : 9780872865792
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 49.18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Lew Welch writes lyrical poems of clarity, humor, and dark probings . . . jazz musical phrasings of American speech is one of Welch's clearest contributions." ? Gary Snyder Lew Welch was a brilliant and troubled poet, legendary among his Beat peers. He disappeared in 1971, leaving a suicide note behind. Ring of Bone collects poems, songs, and some drawings, documenting the full sweep of his creative output from his early years until his death. First published by legendary poetry editor Donald Allen, this new edition includes photos, a biographic timeline, and a statement of poetics gleaned from Welch's own writing.
Category: Poetry

The Collected Poems Of Ted Berrigan

Author : Ted Berrigan
ISBN : 9780520251557
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 48.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Comfortably intimate—classically adroit in its formal wit and invention—altogether unique yet in no way excluding, this meticulously edited edition of a master poet’s collected works gives us the defining bridge from the 'New American Poetry' of the ’50s to that poetry now contemporary on both coasts and in all conditions. No one ever recognized the people with whom he lived more particularly than did Ted Berrigan, and no one ever brought them home to a reader with such unaggressive and persistent power. This is a great, great book for all seasons of the mind and heart."—Robert Creeley "Ted Berrigan was a leader of the New York School; his crazy energy embodied that movement and the city itself. It is wonderful to have his Collected Poems in print."—John Ashbery "A comprehensive and carefully chronicled volume that puts Ted Berrigan in historical context as one of the most influential poets of his generation. His poems: deft, light, definitely humorous, irreverent, poignant, ‘marvelous and tough.’ The truth doing its work, ‘the great man doing the ordinary thing,’ with a quick ear and a quick tongue, revealing the personal in the universal. He gives you his full attention—‘about to be born again thinking of you.’ "—Joanne Kyger "In a life devoted to experimental art, Ted Berrigan shaped his poetry and the space he occupied with a bold artistry based on his playful but powerfully skeptical view of the world. He wondered what might actually be captured within the pages of a book, but The Collected Poems allows us to again enjoy Ted Berrigan’s delightfully demanding presence."—Lorenzo Thomas "A singular balance of personal-historical vision and sentiment both sweet and sour, developed within the fractured verbalism of the late twentieth century found lyric, creates in Ted Berrigan's poems the unique colors of a particularly lived (and still intensely living) ensemble of moments."—Tom Clark, author of Late Returns: A Memoir of Ted Berrigan "Some people are just more real than others. I don't know another way to say it. Ted Berrigan is totally real and he has fashioned an important sound for all of us to listen to. He put it all together just before everyone else in his time, our time, got going. America is lucky to count him as one of its great poets."—Peter Gizzi
Category: Literary Criticism

The Oxford Book Of American Poetry

Author : David Lehman
ISBN : 9780195162516
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 82.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Redefines the great canon of American poetry from its origins in the 17th century right up to the present.
Category: Poetry

The Beat Book

Author : Anne Waldman
ISBN : 9781590304556
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 32.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Beat Movement that emerged in the early 1950s was not just another literary genre, but a literary and social revolution. This wide-ranging anthology of the best of Beat literature includes biographies of the writers and a literary guide to "Beat places" around the world.
Category: Poetry

Faces Of Compassion

Author : Taigen Dan Leighton
ISBN : 9781614290230
Genre : Art
File Size : 26.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Faces of Compassion introduces us to enlightened beings, the bodhisattvas of Buddhist lore. They're not otherworldly gods with superhuman qualities but shining examples of our own highest potential. Archetypes of wisdom and compassion, the bodhisattvas of Buddhism are powerful and compelling images of awakening. Scholar and Zen teacher Taigen Dan Leighton engagingly explores the imagery and lore of the seven most important of these archetypal figures, bringing them alive as psychological and spiritual wellsprings. Emphasizing the universality of spiritual ideas, Leighton finds aspects of bodhisattvas expressed in a variety of familiar modern personages - from Muhammad Ali to Mahatma Gandhi, from Bob Dylan to Henry Thoreau, and from Gertrude Stein to Mother Teresa. This edition contains a revised and expanded introduction that frames the book as a exciting and broad-scoped view of Mahayana Buddhism. It's updated throughout to make it of more use to scholars and a perfect companion to survey courses of world religions or a 200-level course on Buddhism.
Category: Art

Collected Poems 1937 2007

Author : John Cabeen Beatty
ISBN : 9781469108629
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 37.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Collected Poems, 1937 -- 2007, is an unusual mixture of serious and light verse written over his adult life by Jack Beatty. The poems are relatively short, most are less than one page. the subject matter ranges from description of a magnificent sunset on the Oregon Coast, to World War II, to the war in Iraq and our own challenge to the Rule of Law. A sketch of a few of the poems indicates the field they cover. The poem Air Raid reminds us of the Nazi attack on Poland that ignited W W II. Earl Baldwin of Bewdly marks Britain's failure to appreciate that peril. View from the window above recreates a Sunday morning at Princeton. If time exists contemplates time as a two way street. A misanthropic toast raises a glass to old Ebinezer Scrooge. Six sonnets bring vignettes of the Normandy invasion, four sonnets are vignettes of the battles in Alsace. Provence paints the sobering start of reconstruction, and Apre la guerre the harsh first winter after the war. Acropolis, the longest of the poems, is a dream sequence set in postwar Greece relating back to ancient Greece and Normandy. 1066 or dates are important and Greek roots are delightful learning poems for middle schoolers. Advice for Dr. Selling and The vermiform appendix of Dr. Henry Dixon needle two eminent physicians, and Chief Judge Herbert M. Schwab does the same for that Court of Appeals judge on his sixtieth birthday. Re House Bill 2648 is a poem submitted to the Oregon State Senate opposing enactment of that measure, surely a unique method of lobbying.. Song of the Elderhostlers deals with pointy snails. Two sonnets and two thirteen line poems are moving memorials. The vivid portrait of Frederick Augustus Burnaby of the Horse Guards is described in a colorful descriptive eight stanza poem.. The bargain by Octavian and Antony to settle their differences by the murder of their respective commanding generals is considered in a poem by the generals as the height of ingratitude. Of temples and the gods compares the Temple of Zeus with the Lincoln Memorial. A rat is a rat is a rat is a play on Gertrude Stein's poem. James the Just teases a federal judge. Reading Ulysses is a left handed compliment to James Joyce. A view from the Getty, considers the smog that obscures the view from that pinnacle of museum wealth. Christmas in the reign of error reflects on climate change. Three sonnets of Nurnberg deal with devastation, torture and the Rule of Law. The variety of subject matter adds to the enjoyment of these well written poems.
Category: Poetry

Jubilee Hitchhiker

Author : William Hjortsberg
ISBN : 9781619020450
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 28.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Confident and robust, Jubilee Hitchhiker is an comprehensive biography of late novelist and poet Richard Brautigan, author of Troutfishing in America and A Confederate General from Big Sur, among many others. When Brautigan took his own life in September of 1984 his close friends and network of artists and writers were devastated though not entirely surprised. To many, Brautigan was shrouded in enigma, erratic and unpredictable in his habits and presentation. But his career was formidable, an inspiration to young writers like Hjortsberg trying to get their start. Brautigans career wove its way through both the Beat-influenced San Francisco Renaissance in the 1950s and the “Flower Power hippie movement of the 1960s; while he never claimed direct artistic involvement with either period, Jubilee Hitchhiker also delves deeply into the spirited times in which he lived. As Hjortsberg guides us through his search to uncover Brautigan as a man the reader is pulled deeply into the writers world. Ultimately this is a work that seeks to connect the Brautigan known to his fans with the man who ended his life so abruptly in 1984 while revealing the close ties between his writing and the actual events of his life. Part history, part biography, and part memoir this etches the portrait of a man destroyed by his genius.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Collected Poems

Author : Michael Donaghy
ISBN : 9780330504898
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 52.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The death of Michael Donaghy in 2004 at the age of fifty robbed poetry of one of its best-loved and most naturally gifted practitioners. A modern metaphysical, Donaghy wrote poetry of great wisdom, grace, charm, erudition and consummate technical accomplishment. This book gathers together all of Donaghy's mature poetry, and includes the full texts of his four published volumes, as well as a number of fine uncollected pieces. As the poet-critic Sean O'Brien has remarked, Donaghy will come to be seen as one of the representative poets of the age.
Category: Poetry

The Collected Poetry Of Paul Laurence Dunbar

Author : Paul Laurence Dunbar
ISBN : 0813914388
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 65.34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A collection of the works of the nineteenth-century African American poet, whose dialetical style caused much controversy in the literary community
Category: Poetry

Collected Poems

Author : Judith Wright
ISBN : 9781460707197
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 64.75 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A new edition of the Collected Poems of Judith Wright, one of Australia's best-loved poets This definitive collection represents the impressive poetic achievement of one of Australia's best loved and most highly respected poets.Judith Wright's Collected Poems comprises her work from 1942 to 1985 and is a fitting tribute to an outstanding poet. Demonstrating a deep love of the Australian landscape, coupled with an awareness of white history and an intense concern for Aboriginal rights, she increasingly focused on the need for wildlife preservation and conservation and was one of the first Australian environmentalists. The late Dorothy Porter referred to Judith Wright's poetry as being so lucid and so perceptive that it was 'shining with meaning'. Whether she is read for her rich evocation of the Australian land, for the truth, sensitivity and profundity of her meditations on the great themes of love, death and eternity, or for the beauty of her lyric style, Judith Wright is always supremely rewarding.
Category: Poetry

Collected Poems

Author : Ruth Dallas
ISBN : UOM:39015022885944
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 40.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A compilation by one of New Zealand's most distinguished poets. Dallas was born in 1919 in Invercargill. Her concerns include the landscape and its effects on people, and Chinese and Buddhist thought. Includes the previously published 'Country Road' (1953), 'Day Book' (1966), 'Shadow Show' (1968), 'Walking on the Snow' (1976), 'Steps of the Sun' (1979) and 15 recent poems.
Category: Poetry

Collected Poems

Author : Carl Selph
ISBN : 9781465322005
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 43.15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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There is no available information at this time.
Category: Poetry

Collected Poems

Author : Sidney Keyes
ISBN : STANFORD:36105111963828
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 24.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Including a wide variety of poems and dramatic monologues, this collection of Sidney Keyes’s work demonstrates the poet’s mastery of literature. Keyes was considered by some to be a prodigy, writing strikingly even before his undergraduate years at Oxford. His work illustrates his fusion of Romanticism and Continental style derived from his interest in such artists as Rilke, Wordsworth, Yeats, Schiller, and Klee. His unique, macabre, pastoral landscapes wildly separate him from his contemporaries.
Category: Poetry

The Collected Poems Of Amy Clampitt

Author : Amy Clampitt
ISBN : 9780307778543
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 25.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When Amy Clampitt's first book of poems, The Kingfisher, was published in January 1983, the response was jubilant. The poet was sixty-three years old, and there had been no debut like hers in recent memory. "A dance of language," said May Swenson. "A genius for places," wrote J. D. McClatchy, and the New York Times Book Review said, "With the publication of her brilliant first book, Clampitt immediately merits consideration as one of the most distinguished contemporary poets." She went on to publish four more collections in the next eleven years, the last one, A Silence Opens, appearing in the year she died. Now, for the first time, the five collections are brought together in a single volume, allowing us to experience anew the distinctiveness of Amy Clampitt's voice: the brilliant language--an appealing mix of formal and everyday expression--that poured out with such passion and was shaped in rhythms and patterns entirely her own. Amy Clampitt's themes are the very American ones of place and displacement. She, like her pioneer ancestors, moved frequently, but she wrote with lasting and deep feeling about all sorts of landscapes--the prairies of her Iowa childhood, the fog-wrapped coast of Maine, and places she visited in Europe, from the western isles of Scotland to Italy's lush countryside. She lived most of her adult life in New York City, and many of her best-known poems, such as "Times Square Water Music" and "Manhattan Elegy," are set there. She did not hesitate to take on the larger upheavals of the twentieth century--war, Holocaust, exile--and poems like "The Burning Child" and "Sed de Correr" remind us of the dark nightmare lurking in the interstices of our daily existence. It is impossible to speak of Amy Clampitt's poetry without mentioning her immense, lifelong love of birds and wildflowers, a love that produced some of her most profound images--like the kingfisher's "burnished plunge, the color / of felicity afire," which came "glancing like an arrow / through landscapes of untended memory" to remind her of the uninhabitable sorrow of an affair gone wrong; or the sun underfoot among the sundews, "so dazzling / . . . that, looking, / you start to fall upward." The Collected Poems offers us a chance to consider freshly the breadth of Amy Clampitt's vision and poetic achievement. It is a volume that her many admirers will treasure and that will provide a magnificent introduction for a new generation of readers. With a foreword by Mary Jo Salter
Category: Poetry

Collected Poems

Author : Conrad Aiken
ISBN : STANFORD:36105003789729
Genre : American poetry
File Size : 60.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Traditional and contemporary poetry reflecting Aiken's vision and his understanding of many aspects of human life
Category: American poetry