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The New Ride With Your Mind Clinic

Author : Mary Wanless
ISBN : STANFORD:36105132242871
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Based on an understanding of the biomechanical demands of riding, the strategies in this book will teach riders how to connect with their horse in a way that makes sense to both and ultimately leads to better riding. It features real riders and horses throughout and takes riders through the mechanics of riding in a logical, step-by-step method that identifies common challenges so that riders may identify their own problems and learn to get the methods right. Case studies will help readers relate their own problems with those included in the book, and instruction on achieving a firm seat and proper posture will result in an immediate improvement of performance of horse and rider.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Ride With Your Mind Clinic

Author : Mary Wanless
ISBN : 1905693044
Genre : Horsemanship
File Size : 49.30 MB
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Riding skills guru Mary Wanless looks at a series of common rider faults or problems and, through words and photos, explains how to correct them. Each fault or problem is demonstrated by a different rider - some working at basic level, others advanced. Mary gives each rider a lesson, taking them through the (often subtle) changes they have to make, and recording their progress with specially taken photographs. Readers can witness the changes taking place and understand through Mary's gifted teaching, how to make the necessary shift to improve their own riding skills.The 'before' and 'after' pictures show not only the improvements in the rider's position and effectiveness but also in their horse's way of going, for the two are interconnected. Among the topics for in-depth discussion are rider position, muscle tone and stabilisation; how our minds and bodies learn new techniques or change old habits; rider asymmetry; mental attitudes; lateral work; advanced work; and faults such as tipping forward, leaning back, hollowing the back, rounding the back, and pulling on the inside rein.
Category: Horsemanship

American Cowboy

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Published for devotees of the cowboy and the West, American Cowboy covers all aspects of the Western lifestyle, delivering the best in entertainment, personalities, travel, rodeo action, human interest, art, poetry, fashion, food, horsemanship, history, and every other facet of Western culture. With stunning photography and you-are-there reportage, American Cowboy immerses readers in the cowboy life and the magic that is the great American West.

The New Anatomy Of Rider Connection

Author : Mary Wanless
ISBN : 1570768250
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 47.73 MB
Format : PDF
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Modern rider biomechanics begins by explaining fascia--the "Cinderella" of body tissues. Until recently, fascia was ignored by science, consigned to its apparent role as the body's "packing material." However, research now shows that, in reality, this biological fabric is what links muscles into functional chains. In this eye-opening book, rider biomechanics pioneer Mary Wanless explores the characteristics of the body's fascia and why understanding how it works not only improves a rider's balance and coordination, but also enhances "feel," since fascia contains many more sensory nerves than muscles. These register the forces that pull on an area, and thus a "fascial net" under tension creates a wellspring of strength and sensation. By learning to access and rebalance your own fascial net, your stability, skill, and feel will be significantly improved, helping you become a quieter, more effective rider.--
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ISBN : UOM:39015079680511
Genre : Best books
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The Publishers Weekly

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822036343077
Genre : American literature
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Renewing Your Mind

Author : Steve Rutz
ISBN : 9780989043496
Genre :
File Size : 73.99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Steve Rutz has written an autobiographical treatise on how he got free from addiction to alcohol and drugs; and how he changed his lifestyle from running with the devil on the streets of Newark, New Jersey to explaining to the masses how to allow the very available Love of God into one's heart. He uses humor, personal anecdotes, and rock-and-roll references to bring a common-sense approach to help the baby-boomer generation truly understand what happened to our age. This book depicts the confusion displayed by many Americans, and it narrates how to navigate one's desires back to the correct moral compass, and what one really needs to do to receive the Grace of our Maker. He knows the Power of God from personal experience, and he shares it in these pages. Steve's work can definitely be a reference guide for the reader to become a person of peace. With scores of scriptural references, Steve surrenders all self-gratification to The Highest Power. Celebrities, businessmen, mothers and wives, heroes and heroin addicts alike; or anybody who is recovering, hurting, mourning, or just looking for solutions to life will benefit from the wisdom contained in these words. The Love of God, as manifested in Jesus Christ, has saved Steve Rutz. He is quite overjoyed because of this, and he tells his story from the very bottom of the pit that he has visited to the current day of jubilation. He uses parallels that we all can relate to, and I am absolutely sure that you will not regret reading this masterpiece. Renewing The Mind is written out of love. Every page will get you to think about your fellow man in a deeper way. Steve is a sincere personality who wishes you 'shalom' or a complete peace; which you'll experience when you read and heed this book. The reader becomes Steve's friend as he explains how wonderful God is to His people; and the Power of the Holy Spirit of God comes across through these pages.

Brain Waves

Author : Dennis Murphy
ISBN : 9781457506475
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90.85 MB
Format : PDF
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Set in Colorado, Costa Rica, and on the fringe of heaven, Brain Waves is an inspirational medical suspense story that begins as a tale of revenge and intrigue but turns into one of forgiveness. The author weaves neuroscience, computer technology and philosophy into a compelling story about a man who refuses to enter heaven too soon. That man, "Former Navy SEAL turned inventor Mark Farrell is determined to make a lasting impact on the world. His latest invention, a "smart" EEG machine called EEGXpert, may fulfill that dream, but inexplicable delays plague the project. An overbearing venture capitalist, suspected sabotage, a troubled marriage and an alluring VP of Software greatly complicate Mark's pursuit of his goal. When an accident leaves him stranded on the fringe of heaven-a place he didn't think even existed-he enlists heavenly help to devise a treatment plan to save his life. In violation of heaven's strict no-communication-with-earth rule, he relies on a secret capability built into Xpert to send the first e-mails from heaven. Unfortunately, the only recipient of his messages would rather see him dead. Worse yet, he may literally have hell to pay for his communication attempt. Set in Colorado and Costa Rica, Brain Waves is a medical suspense novel that begins as a tale of revenge but turns into one of forgiveness. The author weaves neuroscience, computer technology and philosophy into a compelling story about a man who refuses to enter heaven too soon. Ultimately, Mark's legacy proves more momentous than he ever imagined."--
Category: Fiction

Ride Your Inner Dragon

Author : Von Gevert
ISBN : 9781409257776
Genre :
File Size : 54.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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More info at: http://www.innerdragonbook.com - Have you ever felt that there are parts of your soul and mind that you don't have control over? That your mind plays tricks on you, that you have a force within, that works against you? Have you ever felt a wish to control that power, how easy life would be. Let this book be your manual to a better life.When you "get" my theory, and start applying it, you will realise that you have reached the final understanding, a sort of Nirvana. It's big words. But it will take you home, and make you land in a new security. You have before worked on the consequences of your brain's reactions, now you will go one step beyond that, to the source of why we behave like we do. And the facts are simple, and very easy to understand.

Keys To Your Divine

Author : Leena Maria Markkanen
ISBN : 9781504351966
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 37.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Keys to Your Divine is a book about finding the light within you even in times of illness and hardship. Its about a state of fearlessness that may lead you to transformational recovery, becoming whole through healing. Leena Maria Markkanen recovered from life-threatening illnesses. From the very first diagnosis she decided not to make any decision based on fear, which also meant she didnt accept chemotherapy as part of her treatment. Light messages, as Leena calls the guidance she received channeled through her various healers, helped her to work through her fears. Rising above suffering leads to a shift to a higher dimension that could be called heaven on earth. Leena is a social psychologist with extensive experience as a well-being instructor and speaker. Today, she focuses on helping people find their own light, inner peace, fearlessness, and strength. After reading The Keys to Your Divine, I had the profound insight that you can relieve your suffering and become free from fear by starting to truly trust your own guiding light, allowing the grace to flow into your life. Let the light guide you to the universal love, no expensive courses or gurus needed. This book is intended to raise the readers spirits in the midst of their everyday struggles, illnesses, or sorrows. Through her own experiences, Leena Maria Markkanen is able to shed her light on this important topic and guide the reader on the path to the divine self and happiness. Pauliina Aarva PhD, associate professor (health promote research) www.leenamariamarkkanen.com
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit