Rhetorics Of Resistance

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Rhetorics Of Resistance

Author : Bryan Trabold
ISBN : 9780822986089
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 67.85 MB
Format : PDF
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The period of apartheid was a perilous time in South Africa’s history. This book examines the tactics of resistance developed by those working for the Weekly Mail and New Nation, two opposition newspapers published in South Africa in the mid- and late 1980s. The government, in an attempt to crack down on the massive political resistance sweeping the country, had imposed martial law and imposed even greater restrictions on the press. Bryan Trabold examines the writing, legal, and political strategies developed by those working for these newspapers to challenge the censorship restrictions as much as possible—without getting banned. Despite the many steps taken by the government to silence them, including detaining the editor of New Nation for two years and temporarily closing both newspapers, the Weekly Mail and New Nation not only continued to publish but actually increased their circulations and obtained strong domestic and international support. New Nation ceased publication in 1994 after South Africa made the transition to democracy, but the Weekly Mail, now the Mail & Guardian, continues to publish and remains one of South Africa’s most respected newspapers.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Race And The Rhetoric Of Resistance

Author : Jeffrey B. Ferguson
ISBN : 9781978820845
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 79.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Continuing in the vein of his ever questioning the conventions of race melodrama through the lens of which so much American racial and cultural history and storytelling has been filtered, Ferguson's final work conveys to the reader his sense of humor, warmth, and grace, while adding up to a serious, principled critique of much common scholarly and pedagogic practice..
Category: Social Science

Lives Letters And Quilts

Author : Vanessa Kraemer Sohan
ISBN : 9780817320386
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 54.68 MB
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"Explores how writers, composers, and other artists without power resist dominant social, cultural, and political structures through the deployment of unconventional means and materials. To do so, Vanessa Kraemer Sohan focuses on three very unique instances, or case studies, that exemplify such rhetorical strategies--one political, one epistolary, and one artistic"--
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Rhetoric And Resistance In Black Women S Autobiography

Author : Johnnie M. Stover
ISBN : 1616101350
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 84.66 MB
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Johnnie M. Stover explores the origin and power of black women writers' voices using the personal narratives of 19th-century Americans who were slaves or indentured servants. Displaying aspects of the oral traditions of Yoruba culture in West Africa, these voices took on a subversive tone, a form of expression that Stover describes as the "mother tongue" and argues is completely different from literary forms employed by white men or women or black men. Stover maintains that the mother tongue--a system of linguistic and physical techniques--developed in response to black women's struggles to find outlets for expression in a white male dominated society. The African American mother tongue is not a result of biology but grew out of the need of black women to resist oppression. It is a combination of words, rhythms, sounds, and silences that black women encoded with veiled meanings. Moreover, it is a physical way of communicating--a look, a set of the lips, a positioning of the hand, hip, and head. It is a stance, an attitude of resistance, and a powerful force in social and political as well as literary life. She proposes that the linguistic practices are a balance of African, European, and African American communicative techniques and include secrets, silences, hesitations, whispers, feigned misunderstanding, lying, masking, mumbling, sass, invective, impudence, and dissembling. Stover focuses on four texts that employ the mother tongue and engage sociopolitical issues of the 19th century--Harriet Wilson's Our Nig, Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Elizabeth Keckley's Behind the Scenes, and Susie King Taylor's Reminiscences of My Life in Camp. Rhetoric and Resistancewill affect the way African American women's autobiography is read today and will be valuable to scholoars interested in linguistics and 19th-century literature and in African American, multicultural, and women's studies.
Category: Literary Criticism

Reclaiming Queer

Author : Erin J. Rand
ISBN : 9780817318284
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 64.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The activist reclamation of the word "queer" is one marker of this shift in ideology and practice, and it was mirrored in academic circles by the concurrent emergence of the new field of "queer theory." That is, as queer activists were mobilizing in the streets, queer theorists were producing a similar foment in the halls and publications of academia, questioning regulatory categories of gender and sexuality, and attempting to illuminate the heteronormative foundations of Western thought. Notably, the narrative of queer theory’ s development often describes it as arising from or being inspired by queer activism. In Reclaiming Queer, Erin J. Rand examines both queer activist and academic practices during this period, taking as her primary object the rhetorical linkage of queer theory in the academy with street-level queer activism.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Teaching The Rhetoric Of Resistance

Author : R. Samuels
ISBN : 9780230609945
Genre : Education
File Size : 40.99 MB
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Analyzes diverse contemporary reactions to the depiction of the Holocaust and other cultural traumas in museums, movies, television shows, classroom discussions, and bestselling books. This work also describes several effective pedagogical strategies dedicated to overcoming student resistances to critical analysis and social engagement.
Category: Education

Rhetorics Of Resistance

Author : Tania de Sostoa-McCue
ISBN : 0355216671
Genre : Electronic dissertations
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Category: Electronic dissertations

Civil Society Rhetoric Of Resistance And Transatlantic Trade

Author : Leif Johan Eliasson
ISBN : 9783030133665
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69.25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book investigates the politics of transatlantic trade, specifically the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations. Using a novel approach, the authors analyze the rhetorical choices made by opponents and supporters of an agreement, and the logical behind their arguments. Opponents used emotive frames and strategically chosen issues to increase public opposition to the negotiations; supporters countered, but also accommodated, parts of opponents’ rhetoric in hopes of quelling discontent. The study also highlights the resulting changes to EU trade policy, thus contributing to the literatures on trade policy, politicization, and rhetorical analysis.
Category: Social Science

Rhetoric And Resistance In The Corporate Academy

Author : Christopher Carter
ISBN : UCSC:32106019804910
Genre : Education
File Size : 31.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Analyzes the political and legal struggles between labor movements and school administrators over the rise of part-time and temporary jobs in higher education.
Category: Education

Banning Queer Blood

Author : Jeffrey A. Bennett
ISBN : 9780817358518
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 51.85 MB
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In Banning Queer Blood, Jeffrey Bennett frames blood donation as a performance of civic identity closely linked to the meaning of citizenship. However, with the advent of AIDS came the notion of blood donation as a potentially dangerous process. Bennett argues that the Food and Drug Administration, by employing images that specifically depict gay men as contagious, has categorized gay men as a menace to the nation. The FDA's ban on blood donation by gay men remains in effect and serves to propagate the social misconceptions about gay men that circulate within both the straight and gay communities today. Bennett explores the role of scientific research cited by these banned-blood policies and its disquieting relationship to government agencies, including the FDA. Bennett draws parallels between the FDA's position on homosexuality and the historical precedents of discrimination by government agencies against racial minorities. The author concludes by describing the resistance posed by queer donors, who either lie in order to donate blood or protest discrimination at donation sites, and by calling for these prejudiced policies to be abolished.
Category: Fiction

The Rhetoric Of The Other

Author : Martine Antle
ISBN : UVA:X004611137
Genre : French literature
File Size : 40.69 MB
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Category: French literature

Rhetoric Of Appeasement

Author : Alma Villanueva
ISBN : MSU:31293030633394
Genre : Electronic dissertations
File Size : 25.93 MB
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Category: Electronic dissertations

Discourse Power And Resistance

Author : Jerome Satterthwaite
ISBN : 1858562996
Genre : Education
File Size : 44.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This work exposes the practices that are controlling education and reducing it to little more than skills development in preparation for work. It questions the strategy of mentoring to show how its dynamic requires docility from the learner and thus perpetuates inequality.
Category: Education

Places Of Public Memory

Author : Greg Dickinson
ISBN : 9780817356132
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 50.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Though we live in a time when memory seems to be losing its hold on communities, memory remains central to personal, communal, and national identities. And although popular and public discourses from speeches to films invite a shared sense of the past, official sites of memory such as memorials, museums, and battlefields embody unique rhetorical principles. Places of Public Memory: The Rhetoric of Museums and Memorials is a sustained and rigorous consideration of the intersections of memory, place, and rhetoric. From the mnemonic systems inscribed upon ancient architecture to the roadside accident memorials that line America’s highways, memory and place have always been deeply interconnected. This book investigates the intersections of memory and place through nine original essays written by leading memory studies scholars from the fields of rhetoric, media studies, organizational communication, history, performance studies, and English. The essays address, among other subjects, the rhetorical strategies of those vying for competing visions of a 9/11 memorial at New York City’s Ground Zero; rhetorics of resistance embedded in the plans for an expansion of the National Civil Rights Museum; representations of nuclear energy—both as power source and weapon—in Cold War and post–Cold War museums; and tours and tourism as acts of performance. By focusing on “official” places of memory, the collection causes readers to reflect on how nations and local communities remember history and on how some voices and views are legitimated and others are minimized or erased.
Category: Architecture

The New Orleans Review

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105005519348
Genre : American literature
File Size : 88.57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: American literature

Embodied Rhetorics

Author : James C. Wilson
ISBN : 0809390108
Genre : Language and culture
File Size : 41.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Presenting thirteen essays, [the] editors ... unite the fields of disability studies and rhetoric to examine connections between disability, education, language, and cultural practices. Bringing together theoretical and analytical perspectives from rhetorical studies and disability studies, these essays extend both the field of rhetoric and the newer field of disability studies. Several essayists are themselves disabled or have disabled family members. Some of the scholars whose essays are collected in this volume analyze the ways that representations of disability construct disability identity and attitudes toward the disabled. Other scholars in this volume use disability as a critical modality to rethink economic theory, educational practices, and everyday interactions.-Back cover.
Category: Language and culture

Elements Of Rhetoric

Author : Richard Whately
ISBN : HARVARD:32044102770104
Genre : English language
File Size : 49.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: English language