Rethinking Americas Highways

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Rethinking America S Highways

Author : Robert W. Poole
ISBN : 9780226557601
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 73.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Americans spend hours every day sitting in traffic. And the roads they idle on are often rough and potholed, their exits, tunnels, guardrails, and bridges in terrible disrepair. According to transportation expert Robert Poole, this congestion and deterioration are outcomes of the way America provides its highways. Our twentieth-century model overly politicizes highway investment decisions, short-changing maintenance and often investing in projects whose costs exceed their benefits. In Rethinking America’s Highways, Poole examines how our current model of state-owned highways came about and why it is failing to satisfy its customers. He argues for a new model that treats highways themselves as public utilities—like electricity, telephones, and water supply. If highways were provided commercially, Poole argues, people would pay for highways based on how much they used, and the companies would issue revenue bonds to invest in facilities people were willing to pay for. Arguing for highway investments to be motivated by economic rather than political factors, this book makes a carefully-reasoned and well-documented case for a new approach to highways that is sure to inform future decisions and policies for U.S. infrastructure.
Category: Business & Economics

Rethinking Cairo S Elevated Urban Highways

Author : Nermin Dessouky
ISBN : OCLC:999726217
Genre : Bridges
File Size : 89.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Abstract: Urban policies of the last 50 years in Egypt focused on extending and developing road networks to the extent that Egyptians used to describe it as the era of roads and bridges. From such policy came an introduction of a big number of elevated urban highways that cuts through Cairo's urban fabric to ensure the flow of the city. Elevated urban highways are often perceived as a tool for mobility, but it introduces much more complicated impacts on the urban fabric and the communities that they pass through. While the international literature has long pointed out such impacts there is a gap in the local Egyptian literature that discusses the notion of elevated urban highways and its various impacts. It is argued that highways introduce a set of social, environmental and economic impacts, but most importantly some of those impacts are actual potentials that can be utilized to serve the needs of the community. This research aims at scoping the impacts and potentials of Cairo's elevated urban highways. Understanding the impacts and potentials will provide better information for decision-making leading to better urban management of affected areas. This is achieved through studying three independent cases of elevated urban highways in Cairo: Al Azhar bridge, 15th of May bridge, and Saft El-Laban corridor. Through site visits and in-depth interviews with local stakeholders, the research provides an understanding of how the presence of elevated structure impacted each community, analyzes its spatial elements and scopes its potential uses. Based on the observations and investigations, many findings were revealed, like how communities perceive elevated highways differently, and how a negative impact in one case can actually be perceived as a positive impact in another case. Empirical findings presented interesting observations that sometimes contradict with the international literature and theories. The field work lead to realizing how new structures can lead to the formation of different power dynamics related to claiming ownership in each case. Observations and research reflected how the laws and regulations in regards to spaces under the elevated highways are vague, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts in regards to ownership and uses. Most importantly discussions reveal that Cairo's elevated urban highway holds much more spatial potentials than the common belief of being just a tool for mobility.
Category: Bridges

Rethinking America

Author : Jeff Maskovsky
ISBN : 9781317252870
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 85.85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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How has domestic life been reorganised to accommodate the new U.S. imperial ambitions? What are the consequences of empire for the people living here "at home"? This new collection of essays answers these questions by exploring the cultural, political, and economic shifts that are now under way in the United States. Encouraging a radical rethinking of what the country is today, this book highlights the connection of U.S. imperial strategies to the production of insecurity, uncertainty, and deepening inequality at home. Rethinking America also explores the instabilities and contradictions of the new imperialism from the unique vantage point of the newly emerging U.S. "homeland." Comprised of work from leading figures in the field of U.S. ethnography, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the changes taking place in the United States in the early years of the twenty-first century.
Category: Social Science

Rethinking American Women S Activism

Author : Annelise Orleck
ISBN : 9781135089061
Genre : History
File Size : 21.15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this enthralling narrative, Annelise Orleck chronicles the history of the American women's movement from the nineteenth century to the present. Starting with an incisive introduction that calls for a reconceptualization of American feminist history to encompass multiple streams of women's activism, she weaves the personal with the political, vividly evoking the events and people who participated in our era's most far-reaching social revolutions. In short, thematic chapters, Orleck enables readers to understand the impact of women's activism, and highlights how feminism has flourished through much of the past century within social movements that have too often been treated as completely separate. Showing that women’s activism has taken many forms, has intersected with issues of class and race, and has continued during periods of backlash, Rethinking American Women’s Activism is a perfect introduction to the subject for anyone interested in women’s history and social movements.
Category: History

Car Country

Author : Christopher W. Wells
ISBN : 9780295804477
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 39.16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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For most people in the United States, going almost anywhere begins with reaching for the car keys. This is true, Christopher Wells argues, because the United States is Car Country�a nation dominated by landscapes that are difficult, inconvenient, and often unsafe to navigate by those who are not sitting behind the wheel of a car. The prevalence of car-dependent landscapes seems perfectly natural to us today, but it is, in fact, a relatively new historical development. In Car Country, Wells rejects the idea that the nation's automotive status quo can be explained as a simple byproduct of an ardent love affair with the automobile. Instead, he takes readers on a tour of the evolving American landscape, charting the ways that transportation policies and land-use practices have combined to reshape nearly every element of the built environment around the easy movement of automobiles. Wells untangles the complicated relationships between automobiles and the environment, allowing readers to see the everyday world in a completely new way. The result is a history that is essential for understanding American transportation and land-use issues today. Watch the book trailer:
Category: Transportation

Rethinking The American City

Author : Miles Orvell
ISBN : 9780812245615
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 31.83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Whether struggling in the wake of postindustrial decay or reinventing themselves with new technologies and populations, cities have once again moved to the center of intellectual and political concern. Rethinking the American City brings together leading scholars from a range of disciplines to examine an array of topics that illuminate the past, present, and future of cities. Rethinking the American City offers a lively and fascinating survey of contemporary thinking about cities in a transnational context. Utilizing an innovative format, each chapter opens with an iconic image and includes a brief and provocative essay on a single topic followed by an extended dialogue among all the essayists. Topics range from energy use, design, and digital media to transportation systems and housing to public art, urban ruins, and futurist visions. By engaging with key contemporary concerns—public and private space, sustainability, ethnic and racial divisions, and technology—this volume illuminates how global society has imagined American urban life. Contributors: Klaus Benesch, Dolores Hayden, David M. Lubin, Malcolm McCullough, Jeffrey L. Meikle, David E. Nye, Miles Orvell, Andrew Ross, Mabel O. Wilson, Albena Yaneva.
Category: Architecture

Rethinking America

Author : John M. Murrin
ISBN : 9780195038712
Genre : History
File Size : 27.19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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For five decades John M. Murrin has been the consummate historian's historian. This volume brings together his seminal essays on the American Revolution, the United States Constitution, and the early American Republic. Collectively, they rethink fundamental questions regarding American identity, the decision to declare independence in 1776, and the impact the American Revolution had on the nation it produced. By digging deeply into questions that have shaped the field for several generations, Rethinking America argues that high politics and the study of constitutional and ideological questions--broadly the history of elites--must be considered in close conjunction with issues of economic inequality, class conflict, and racial division. Bringing together different schools of history and a variety of perspectives on both Britain and the North American colonies, it explains why what began as a constitutional argument, that virtually all expected would remain contained within the British Empire, exploded into a truly subversive and radical revolution that destroyed monarchy and aristocracy and replaced them with a rapidly transforming and chaotic republic. This volume examines the period of the early American Republic and discusses why the Founders' assumptions about what their Revolution would produce were profoundly different than the society that emerged from the American Revolution. In many ways, Rethinking America suggests that the outcome of the American Revolution put the new United States on a path to a violent and bloody civil war. With an introduction by Andrew Shankman, this long-awaited work by one of the most important scholars of the Revolutionary era offers a coherent interpretation of the complex period that saw the breakdown of colonial British North America and the founding of the United States.
Category: History

Rethinking Latin American Social Movements

Author : Richard Stahler-Sholk
ISBN : 9781442235694
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 50.11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This groundbreaking text explores the dramatic evolution in Latin American social movements over the past fifteen years. Assessing both the continuities in social movement dynamics and important new tendencies, this book will be essential reading for all students of Latin American politics and society.
Category: Political Science

Rethinking Linguistic Relativity

Author : John J. Gumperz
ISBN : 0521448905
Genre : History
File Size : 48.99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Linguistic relativity is the claim that culture, through language, affects the way in which we think, and especially our classification of the experienced world. This book reexamines ideas about linguistic relativity in the light of new evidence and changes in theoretical climate. The editors have provided a substantial introduction that summarizes changes in thinking about the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis in the light of developments in anthropology, linguistics and cognitive science. Introductions to each section will be of especial use to students.
Category: History

Rethinking Cold War Culture

Author : Peter J. Kuznick
ISBN : 9781588344151
Genre : History
File Size : 54.46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This anthology of essays questions many widespread assumptions about the culture of postwar America. Illuminating the origins and development of the many threads that constituted American culture during the Cold War, the contributors challenge the existence of a monolithic culture during the 1950s and thereafter. They demonstrate instead that there was more to American society than conformity, political conservatism, consumerism, and middle-class values. By examining popular culture, politics, economics, gender relations, and civil rights, the contributors contend that, while there was little fundamentally new about American culture in the Cold War era, the Cold War shaped and distorted virtually every aspect of American life. Interacting with long-term historical trends related to demographics, technological change, and economic cycles, four new elements dramatically influenced American politics and culture: the threat of nuclear annihilation, the use of surrogate and covert warfare, the intensification of anticommunist ideology, and the rise of a powerful military-industrial complex. This provocative dialogue by leading historians promises to reshape readers' understanding of America during the Cold War, revealing a complex interplay of historical norms and political influences.
Category: History

Rethinking American Literature

Author : Lil Brannon
ISBN : STANFORD:36105020135658
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 58.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume, the fourth in a series, brings together the conversations of the profession that were explored during the 1993 and 1994 Summer Institute for Teachers of Literature. This anthology of essays considers what "American literature" is and how definitions of this category affect teaching practices. The essays argue for the recovery of often overlooked writers and works such as slave narratives, works by Native Americans, 19th-century women regionalists, and African-American, Asian-American, Caribbean, and Latino literature. Issues of pedagogy are also explored, i.e., current debates over canon formation, ethnicity, and representation. Essays and their authors are: (1) "Not Born on the Fourth of July: Cultural Differences and American Studies" (Gregory S. Jay); (2) "'Not in the Least American': Nineteenth-Century Literary Regionalism as UnAmerican Literature" (Judith Fetterley); (3) "Transcendentalism Then and Now: Towards a Dialogic Theory and Praxis of Multicultural U.S. Literature" (AnaLouise Keating); (4) "A Fusion of Cultures: The Complexities of the Caribbean Character in Literature" (Elizabeth Nunez); (5) "Teaching and Learning across Cultures: The Literature Classroom as a Site for Cultural Transactions" (Joyce C. Harte); (6) "Remembering as Resistance in the Literature of Women of Color" (Brenda M. Greene); (7) "Crossing Cultural Boundaries with Leslie Marmon Silko's 'Ceremony'" (Robert O'Brien Hokanson); (8) "Mirrors, Windows, and Prisms: Teaching Asian American Literature in the P.R.C. and the U.S.A." (Mary Louise Buley-Meissner); (9) "Father Martinez: Folk Hero or Dangerous Infidel? Rereading Willa Cather's 'Death Comes for the Archbishop'" (Judith Beth Cohen); (10) "Negotiating Difference: Teaching Multicultural Literature" (Patricia Bizzell); (11) "Teaching American Literature as Cultural Encounter: Models for Organizing the Introductory Course" (Marjorie Pryse); (12) "But, Is It Good Enough to Teach?" (Frances Smith Foster); (13) "Teaching the Rhetoric of Race: A Rhetorical Approach to Multicultural Pedagogy" (John Alberti); (14) "Homeless in the Golden Land: Joan Didion's Regionalism" (Louise Z. Smith); (15) "Beyond 'Beyond the Cultural Wars': Students Teaching Themselves the Conflicts" (James S. Laughlin); and (16) "Teaching Others: A Cautionary Tale" (Joseph F. Trimmer). (NKA)
Category: Literary Criticism

Rethinking The Informal City

Author : Felipe Hernández
ISBN : 9780857456076
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 25.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Latin American cities have always been characterized by a strong tension between what is vaguely described as their formal and informal dimensions. However, the terms formal and informal refer not only to the physical aspect of cities but also to their entire socio-political fabric. Informal cities and settlements exceed the structures of order, control and homogeneity that one expects to find in a formal city; therefore the contributors to this volume - from such disciplines as architecture, urban planning, anthropology, urban design, cultural and urban studies and sociology - focus on alternative methods of analysis in order to study the phenomenon of urban informality. This book provides a thorough review of the work that is currently being carried out by scholars, practitioners and governmental institutions, in and outside Latin America, on the question of informal cities.
Category: Architecture

Rethinking Criminal Law

Author : George P. Fletcher
ISBN : 0195350367
Genre : Law
File Size : 41.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is a reprint of a book first published by Little, Brown in 1978. George Fletcher is working on a new edition, which will be published by Oxford in three volumes, the first of which is scheduled to appear in January of 2001. Rethinking Criminal Law is still perhaps the most influential and often cited theoretical work on American criminal law. This reprint will keep this classic work available until the new edition can be published.
Category: Law

Rethinking The Fabric Of Geology

Author : Victor R. Baker
ISBN : 9780813725024
Genre : Cartography
File Size : 23.5 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"The 50 years since the publication of 'Fabric of Geology,' edited by C.C. Albritton Jr., have seen immense changes in both geology and philosophy of science. 'Rethinking the Fabric of Geology' explores a number of philosophical issues in geology, ranging from its nature as a historical science to implications for geological education"--Provided by publisher.
Category: Cartography

The History Highway 2000

Author : Dennis A. Trinkle
ISBN : 0765604779
Genre : Computers
File Size : 36.83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Updating and nearly doubling the number of entries in the 1996 The History Highway identifies some 2,500 sites for historians. Begins with general topics for beginners, such as getting on the Internet, hardware, software, netiquette, and copyright. Then cites sites by topic of interest, among them ancient, European, history of science, military, psychohistory, genealogy, state historical societies, resources for history teachers, maps and images, discussion groups, and electronic journals.
Category: Computers

Consumed Rethinking Business In The Era Of Mindful Spending

Author : Andrew Benett
ISBN : 0230110525
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 84.60 MB
Format : PDF
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As the effects of the global recession linger, consumers everywhere are changing their purchasing patterns, paying greater attention to what and why they are buying, and from whom. While many feel rampant spending is hard-wired into the modern psyche and that we will be back to our wasteful ways soon enough, there are clear indications of a permanent shift in the way we shop. Even before the economic downturn, consumers' definitions of value had begun to change. People were becoming more mindful about their purchases and more attuned to the social and environmental implications of their choices. To better understand this important evolution and its ramifications for business, Andrew Benett and Anne O'Reilly launched a groundbreaking study on the New Consumer and the escalating dissatisfaction over hyperconsumerism. Here, for the first time, is an in-depth look at the new face of the global consumer, showing that: • A significant majority in the seven markets surveyed are deeply worried about the direction in which our consumption-obsessed society is moving. They believe people have become both physically and mentally lazy, and that, as a society, we have lost sight of what truly matters. • Two-thirds believe they would be better off if they lived more simply, and a quarter say they would be happier if they owned fewer things. • Half of Americans surveyed are deriving a sense of satisfaction from reducing their purchases during the downturn, and three-quarters are feeling good about cutting back on the amount of waste they create. • A majority of Americans have no intention of going back to their old shopping patterns, even when the economy rebounds. Now, as the consumer voice signals its changed priorities, forward-thinking companies are responding by rejecting excess and artificiality in favor of products and communications that offer authenticity, substance, and interconnectedness—all values today's more mindful consumer craves. In this book, the brand experts look at corporations as diverse as Glenmorangie and Wal-Mart to see what lessons they can offer to businesses attempting to grow in the postconsumerism era. They also spoke with corporate leaders in a variety of industries to learn how they are recasting their businesses and brands in order to prepare for the changes ahead. Through cutting-edge research and a sharp look at new industry models, Consumed provides real direction for marketers and managers.
Category: Business & Economics

Rethinking Urban Parks

Author : Setha Low
ISBN : 9780292778214
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 77.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Urban parks such as New York City's Central Park provide vital public spaces where city dwellers of all races and classes can mingle safely while enjoying a variety of recreations. By coming together in these relaxed settings, different groups become comfortable with each other, thereby strengthening their communities and the democratic fabric of society. But just the opposite happens when, by design or in ignorance, parks are made inhospitable to certain groups of people. This pathfinding book argues that cultural diversity should be a key goal in designing and maintaining urban parks. Using case studies of New York City's Prospect Park, Orchard Beach in Pelham Bay Park, and Jacob Riis Park in the Gateway National Recreation Area, as well as New York's Ellis Island Bridge Proposal and Philadelphia's Independence National Historical Park, the authors identify specific ways to promote, maintain, and manage cultural diversity in urban parks. They also uncover the factors that can limit park use, including historical interpretive materials that ignore the contributions of different ethnic groups, high entrance or access fees, park usage rules that restrict ethnic activities, and park "restorations" that focus only on historical or aesthetic values. With the wealth of data in this book, urban planners, park professionals, and all concerned citizens will have the tools to create and maintain public parks that serve the needs and interests of all the public.
Category: Political Science

Rethinking The 1950s

Author : Jennifer A. Delton
ISBN : 9781107011809
Genre : History
File Size : 31.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Historians generally portray the 1950s as a conservative era when anticommunism and the Cold War subverted domestic reform, crushed political dissent, and ended liberal dreams of social democracy. These years, historians tell us, represented a turn to the right, a negation of New Deal liberalism, an end to reform. Jennifer A. Delton argues that, far from subverting the New Deal state, anticommunism and the Cold War enabled, fulfilled, and even surpassed the New Deal's reform agenda. Anticommunism solidified liberal political power and the Cold War justified liberal goals such as jobs creation, corporate regulation, economic redevelopment, and civil rights. She shows how despite President Eisenhower's professed conservativism, he maintained the highest tax rates in U.S. history, expanded New Deal programs, and supported major civil rights reforms.
Category: History

Performance Related Specifications For Highway Construction And Rehabilitation

Author : William P. Chamberlin
ISBN : 030905673X
Genre : Roads
File Size : 24.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This synthesis will be of interest to administrators, including contract and specifications administrators; research, construction, materials, specification, and design engineers; agency project managers and staff; and highway construction contractors. It describes the state of the practice with respect to the development and present status of performance-related specifications (PRS) for highway materials and construction. This report of the Transportation Research Board summarizes the historical events that have prompted U.S. interest in PRS development and describes the underlying concepts. In addition, it describes current practice with regard to PRS implementation and refers to the principal PRS literature with emphasis on performance and cost models. It emphasizes the utility of PRS in providing objective/ rational measures that can be used for special contract conditions, such as incentive or disincentive adjustments.
Category: Roads