Resurrection Diaries

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Resurrection Diaries

Author : Paul D. Aronson
ISBN : 9781257368556
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88.79 MB
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Every life has its secrets, but some secrets only the dead can tell...When Paul and his wife Donna move to the community of Kingston Corners they are hoping for some peace and quiet, but soon after starting his new job as custodian at The Church Of The Resurrection, he notices something isn't quite right about the place. Apparitions move through the halls, a girl's anklet appears and reappears, mysterious messages are scrawled on chalkboards, and as Paul comes to realize a restless spirit haunts the church, he finds himself on the brink of losing both his wife and sanity. But once started on the trail of mystery, there is no turning back as the tale of a long missing young girl unfolds and the horrible truth of what happened to her threatens to tear his whole world apart.
Category: Fiction

Resurrection Of The Druidess

Author : Ellen E. Sutherland
ISBN : 1096579693
Genre :
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"I resurrected a Druidess. In my defense, it was an accident," states Jamie Poole. "When you resurrect a Druidess everything changes." Eliyana, the Druidess, awakens to find herself almost 1500 years in the future. Lost, and scared, she's haunted by her past where she failed to save her people. They died too soon and unjustly at the hand of the High Druid. All Eliyana wants is to go home. How can she do that when home is buried in a past that can't be changed? Can it?Meanwhile creatures very real and very present seek to kill Eliyana, Jamie, and her family.The veil separating this world and the Otherworld is rent in two. Creatures freely cross the threshold to this world with one purpose: Aid their master, the High Druid, to locate Eliyana and the sword called Lumen which possesses unimaginable powers because it exists outside this dimension. Jamie and Eliyana have to work together or there's no hope. There's only one problem. Eliyana has disappeared. Meanwhile the Dead, those killed in Eliyana's time, continue to implore help. Because Eliyana is missing, they look to Jamie. They still consider Eliyana their leader. What can Jamie do to help?Things get more complicated as people from Jamie's time also set their eyes on Lumen. Most scientists believed it to be a myth, but Lumen will reveal its power to the world. Something so powerful cannot be hidden long.Can Eliyana return to save her people? It's not like Jamie has a time machine to assist the Dead.In this second Jamie Poole Diary, Jamie must work with Eliyana or they both will fail. Jamie dreams of adventure. Is this more than she anticipated? And who is her dad? He's an Egyptologist by trade. That's "what" he is. The "who" is illusive and her dad refuses to explain. There is far more to his story as it begins to unfold. Jamie's journey is only beginning in this sequel. She has much to learn. About her dad. About Lumen. And most importantly, about herself.

Tolstoy S Diaries Volume 2 1895 1910

Author : R. F. Christian
ISBN : 9780571324064
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 79.63 MB
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An important and long-overdue contribution to our knowledge of Tolstoy.' D. M. Thomas, Sunday Times Volume 2 of Tolstoy's Diaries covers the years 1895-1910. These Diaries were meticulously edited by R.F. Christian so as to reflect Tolstoy's preoccupations as a writer (his views on his own work and that of others), his development as a person and as a thinker, and his attitudes to contemporary social problems, rural life, industrialisation, education, and later, to religious and spiritual questions. Christian introduces each period with a brief and informative summary of the main biographical details of Tolstoy's life. The result is a unique portrait of a great writer in the variegation of his everyday existence. 'As a picture of the turbulent Russian world which Tolstoy inhabited these diaries are incomparable - the raw stuff not yet processed into art.' Anthony Burgess 'A model of scholarship, one of the most important books to be published in recent years.' A. N. Wilson, Spectator
Category: Literary Collections

Diary Of A Conscious Believer

Author : Faraji Toure'
ISBN : 9780692834619
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 27.22 MB
Format : PDF
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"Diary of a Conscious Believer" Questions the inconsistencies of what the Bible states and how we chose to follow those teachings. Along with personal accounts, the author poses questions to the reader, through short essays, that will cause the reader to reflect on God and spirituality.
Category: Self-Help

The Resurrection Of Mary Magdalene

Author : Jane Schaberg
ISBN : 9781441141750
Genre : Religion
File Size : 84.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The controversy surrounding Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code has intensified interest in Mary Magdalene and Jane Schaberg provides an authoritative source for a deeper understanding and re-assessment of this popular figure. Within a progressive feminist framework, The Resurrection of Mary Magdalene approaches Christian Testament sources through analysis of legend, archaeology, and gnostic/apocryphal traditions. This is the story of the suppression and distortion of a powerful woman leader - Schaberg presents Mary Magdalene as successor to Jesus in a challenging alternative to the Petrine primacy.
Category: Religion

The Resurrection Of The Bodies

Author : D. S. Carroll
ISBN : 1462889433
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43.65 MB
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The Resurrection of the Bodies An apparent double homicide is blended with theology in this fast-paced mystery. Wes Rinearson is a witty but implacable detective searching for a pair of women who have vanished after facing infidelity and furious quarrels that involve a pastor and an Imam. One apparent victim, judging from her notes and photos, is a woman that Rinearson would have loved to meeta pastors daughter studying for her doctorate in divinity by testing male fidelity and faith with grim results. Rinearson (French for son of a fox) explodes a minefield of deceptions and predicts the resurrection of the bodies while exploring questions central to the story. What has happened in a setting zoned for Yahweh, God, and Allah featuring a synagogue, church, mosque, and Mormon ward? What can explain an also missing multi-millionaire whose Garden-of-Eden-like estate is right between the Imams mosque and pastors rectory, where the pastors wife and daughter may have died? Rinearson realizes that the animosity exceeds the bitterest emotions in his previous hundred cases. He foresees that it will turn some simulated murders into actual corpses, but his warnings cant avert an ever-deadlier duel between the multi-millionaire, the Imam at the mosque, and the divinity student. By the time the story ends, Rinearson and the divinity student understand that they have grappled not with garden-variety suspects but with lethal kinds of faith involving God and Allah.
Category: Fiction

Tolstoy S Diaries

Author : graf Leo Tolstoy
ISBN : 0006545130
Genre : Novelists, Russian
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Category: Novelists, Russian

Partisan Diary

Author : Ada Gobetti
ISBN : 9780199380565
Genre : History
File Size : 82.79 MB
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Ada Gobetti's Partisan Diary is both diary and memoir. From the German entry into Turin on 10 September 1943 to the liberation of the city on 28 April 1945, Gobetti recorded an almost daily account of events, sentiments, and personalities, in a cryptic English only she could understand. Italian senator and philosopher Benedetto Croce encouraged Ada to convert her notes into a book. Published by the Italian publisher Giulio Einaudi in 1956, it won the Premio Prato, an annual prize for a work inspired by the Italian Resistance (Resistenza). From a political and military point of view, the Partisan Diary provides firsthand knowledge of how the partisans in Piedmont fought, what obstacles they encountered, and who joined the struggle against the Nazis and the Fascists. The mountainous terrain and long winters of the Alpine regions (the site of many of their battles) and the ever-present threat of reprisals by German occupiers and their fascist partners exacerbated problems of organization among the various partisan groups. So arduous was their fight, that key military events--Italy's declaration of war on Germany, the fall of Rome, and the Allied landings on D-Day --appear in the diary as remote and almost unrelated incidents. Ada Gobetti writes of the heartbreak of mothers who lost their sons or watched them leave on dangerous missions of sabotage, relating it to worries about her own son Paolo. She reflects on the relationship between anti-fascist thought of the 1920s, in particular the ideas of her husband, Piero Gobetti, and the Italian resistance movement (Resistenza) in which she and her son were participating. While the Resistenza represented a culmination of more than twenty years of anti-fascist activity for Ada, it also helped illuminate the exceptional talents, needs, and rights of Italian women, more than one hundred thousand of whom participated.
Category: History

The Diaries Of Sophia Tolstoy

Author : Sofʹi︠a︡ Andreevna Tolstai︠a︡
ISBN : STANFORD:36105037901308
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 79.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This first complete English translation of Tolstoy's wife's diaries presents a portrait of family life with the great writer, of the artistic and turbulent socio-political worlds of nineteenth-century Russia, and of the woman herself
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Resurrection Of Philip Clairmont

Author : Martin Edmond
ISBN : 9781869405090
Genre : Art
File Size : 73.54 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This mingling of biography, autobiography and art history has at its centre the life and art of the painter Philip Clairmont, a tortured figure who died by his own hand in 1984. Meeting those who were close to Clairmont and observing where he lived and what he left behind, Martin Edmond makes his own journey. But he also brings to light facts not previously known or understood about Clairmont's childhood and family, his education and growth as an artist, his ideas about art and the artistic vocation. He explores his relationships with fellow artists and with mentors as well as his more personal roles as son, husband and father. Edmond is unswerving in his respect for the great Clairmont paintings and in his compassionate identification with the totality of his artistic commitment.
Category: Art