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Research Methods For History

Author : Simon Gunn
ISBN : 9780748654048
Genre : Reference
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Providing a lively critical survey of methods for historical research at all levels, this textbook covers well-established sources and methods together with those that are less widely known. It reflects current theoretical and technical approaches to hist
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Research Methodology In History

Author : K.N. Chitnis
ISBN : 8171561217
Genre : Historiography
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The Need For Following The Correct And Standard Research Methodology Is Increasingly Felt When More And More Research Works And Learned Monographs Are Coming Out On History Dealing With Social, Economic, Cultural And Other Varied Aspects Of Life, And Thus The Writing Of A Critical, Unbiased And Authentic History Is The Need Of The Hour. It Has Been Well Said In This Book That The Life Breath Of History Is Interpretation, Which Also Gives A Definite Viewpoint To A Work Of History. It Lays That Objectivity, If Carried To An Extreme, Results In Dry And Lifeless Cataloguing Of Events And Subjectivity, If Carried To An Extreme, Results In A Highly Biased Work Often Divorced From Reality, And That An Ideal Work Would Be One That Combines Subjectivity With Objectivity In Due Proportion Without Upholding The One At The Cost Of The Other.The Present Book Deals With The Different Processes Involved In Writing A Good And Authentic Historical Work. Right From The Heuristic Or The Search For Reliable And Credible Historical Sources Such As Archaeological, Epigraphical, Numismatical, Literary, And Archival, It Brings Into Relief The Important Features Of Analytical Operations Aimed At Ascertaining The Credibility Of Sources By Way Of External And Internal Criticism, Synthetic Operations Aimed At Finding Out A Connected, Meaningful And, If Possible, Enlightening Account Of Facts And Forces, Interpreting Them Properly, And Finally The Exposition, In A Powerful And Impressive Style, Of The Fruits Of All This Research And Thinking. The Book Further Shows How Interpretation Itself Is Properly Done By Means Of Various Processes Such As Generalisation, The Argument From Statistics, Analogy, Hypothesis And The Like.A Special Feature Of The Work Is That The Examples Of Books, Authors, References, Etc. Are Mostly Indian. It Gives Minute Rules And Regulations Essential While Writing A Good Research Work. It Is A Constant Companion To The History Scholars In Their Research Journey While For The Teachers Of The Subject It Is An Ideal Reference Book.
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Research Methods For History

Author : Lucy Faire
ISBN : 9781474408745
Genre : History
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Historians have become increasingly sensitive to social and cultural theory since the 1980s, yet the actual methods by which research is carried out in History have been largely taken for granted. Research Methods for History encourages those researching the past to think creatively about the wide range of methods currently in use, to understand how these methods are used and what historical insights they can provide. This updated new edition has been expanded to cover not only sources and methods that are well-established in History, such as archival research, but also those that have developed recently, such as the impact of digital history research. The themes of the different chapters have been selected to reflect new trends in the subject, including landscape studies, material culture and ethics. Every chapter presents new insights and perspectives and will open researchers minds to the expanding possibilities of historical research.
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Period And Place

Author : Alan R. H. Baker
ISBN : 9780521242721
Genre : History
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This 1982 volume of essays attempts to promote discussion about the purpose and practice of historical geography.
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A Manual Of Historical Research Methodology

Author : Sreedharan
ISBN : 9788190592802
Genre : History
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A book providing practical help to students at the graduate and postgraduate levels. What is given in the book is precise, clear and solid. The book's coverage and comprehensiveness, its scientific, analytical and critical treatment, its near perfect organization and arrangement, its clarity and easy methods of reference will make it a useful compendium for students and teachers. A teacher and lover of history the author has brought out philosophical, scientific, and ideological and linguistic perspectives to bear on the subject. Whether a student or teacher or a general reader, the manual can be expected to develop a healthy interest in history. The author has brought to bear philosophical, scientific, ideological and linguistic perspectives to bear on the subject.
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Research Methodology In History

Author : Satish K. Bajaj
ISBN : 8126101571
Genre :
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This Work Comprises First, Of The Systems Of Historical Thought, Rational Investigation Of Turns And Principles Of Knowledge, Known As Philosophies, Secondly Of The Concepts And The Basic Rules Of The Discipline, And Lastly, Of The Method Of Collection Of Data, Its Critical Evaluation, Serialization Of Evidences And Format Specifications. This Work Presents The Subject Matter Concisely, Coherently And Clearly.Major Topics Elaborately Discussed Are: Philosophy: Pre-Hegelian Philosophy Of History, George Wilhelm, Friedrich Hegel, Leopold Von Ranke, Karl Marx, Oswald Spengler And Arnold Toynbee, R.G Collingwood, Theory: History And The Historian, Historiography And Historical Explanation, Historicism, Historical Objectivity, Fast In History, Theory Of Historical Causation, Methodology: Historian S Task And Craft; Historical Evidence, Critical Method Of Historical Research, Selection Of Topic, Search For Material And Notes-Taking, Presentation, And Documentation Etc.

Methodology Of History

Author : Y. Topolski
ISBN : 9789401011235
Genre : Science
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No discipline has been more praised or more criticized than the writing of history. Cioero claimed that history teaches men how to live. Aris totle denied it the very name of science and regwded poetry as the higher wisdom. At various times history has been assigned a command ing or a demeaning statIUs in the hierarchy of sciences. Today one can admire the increasing precision and sophistication of the methods used by historia:ns. On the other hand, Thucydides' History of the PeZo ponesian War still serves as the ideal model of how to reconstruct the historical past. Even those who deny the possibility of an objective reconstruction of the past would themselves likie to be recorded by historians, "objectively" or not. Dislike of history and fear of its verdict are not incompatible with reverence and awe for its practitioners, the historians. So man's attitude to history is ambiguous. The controversy about history continues. Widely differing issues are at stake. Historians themselves, however, are the least engaged in the struggle. Rarely does a historian decide to open the door of his study and join in the melee about the meaning of history. More often he slams it shut and returns to his studies, oblivious of the fact that with the passage of thne the gap between his scientific work and its audience might widen. The historian does not shun the battle, he merely chooses his own battleground.
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A History Of Sociological Research Methods In America 1920 1960

Author : Jennifer Platt
ISBN : 0521646499
Genre : History
File Size : 23.22 MB
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This is the first book on the general history of US sociological research. It provides systematic archival, documentary, and interview data which question conventional views on research methods, developing our understanding of both the history of social thought, and the settings in which social research is produced.
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