Reign Of Iron

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Reign Of Iron

Author : James L. Nelson
ISBN : 9780061857034
Genre : History
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At the outbreak of the Civil War, North and South quickly saw the need to develop the latest technology in naval warfare, the ironclad ship. After a year-long scramble to finish first, in a race filled with intrigue and second guessing, blundering and genius, the two ships -- the Monitor and the Merrimack -- after a four-hour battle, ended the three-thousand-year tradition of wooden men-of-war and ushered in "the reign of iron." In the first major work on the subject in thirty-five years, novelist, historian, and tall-ship sailor James L. Nelson, acclaimed author of the Brethren of the Coast trilogy, brilliantly recounts the story of these magnificent ships, the men who built and fought them, and the extraordinary battle that made them legend.
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Reign Of Iron

Author : Angus Watson
ISBN : 9781405528511
Genre : Fiction
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THE ACTION-PACKED FINAL VOLUME IN THE EPIC TRILOGY THAT FANTASY FANS EVERYWHERE ARE TALKING ABOUT 'Unflinchingly bloodthirsty and outrageously entertaining' Christopher Brookmyre 'It simply grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go' Bibliosanctum 'Gore soaked and profanity laden - full of visceral combat and earthy humor' Publishers Weekly 'Would I read the next one? Yes, absolutely. Bring me my hammer, bring my beer, bring it on!' SF Crowsnest 'Fun and addictive' Fantasy Faction Invaders have massacred and pillaged their way through neighbouring kingdoms and loom on the far side of the sea, ready to descend upon the fortress of Maidun - with them are an unstoppable legion of men twisted by dark magic. Somehow Queen Lowa's army must repel the invasion, although their best general is dead and their young druid powerless. She faces impossible odds, but when the alternative is death or slavery, a warrior queen will do whatever it takes to save her people. For more epic action from Angus Watson, check out: West of West Trilogy You Die When You Die The Land you Never Leave Where Gods Fear to Go The Iron Age Trilogy Age of Iron Clash of Iron Reign of Iron
Category: Fiction

Russian Overseas Commerce With Great Britain During The Reign Of Catherine Ii

Author : Herbert H. Kaplan
ISBN : 087169218X
Genre : Philosophy
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On the basis of newly-discovered Russian and British archival sources, Kaplan makes important scholarly contributions to eighteenth-century economic history. He conclusively demonstrates that there was not only a symbiotic economic relationship between Russia and Great Britain, but also that Russia contributed greatly to Britain's industrial revolution and its imperial strategic military and political power during the second half of the eighteenth century. Kaplan is the first to estimate the real balance of payments between the two countries in a detailed analysis of a subject treated hitherto only in an impressionistic fashion. The conceptual framework is sophisticated and the interpretations are based on an enormous array of data culled from contemporary customs and commercial archival manuscripts. Kaplan's meticulous analysis of Anglo-Russian commercial treaties as well as Russian tariffs, which were intended to undermine them, reveals policies that both countries undertook to advance their respective maritime and mercantile power. Finally, Kaplan persuasively argues that Britain's military supremacy crucially depended on its receiving an uninterrupted supply of Russian manufactured and natural resources.
Category: Philosophy

Free Russia

Author : William Hepworth Dixon
ISBN : NKP:3186220567
Genre : Russia
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Category: Russia

The New Chronology Of Iron Age Gordion

Author : C. Brian Rose
ISBN : 9781934536551
Genre : Social Science
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The New Chronology of Iron Age Gordion argues that the history and archaeology of the site of Gordion, in central Turkey, have been misunderstood since the beginning of its excavation in the 1950s. The first excavation director, Rodney Young, found evidence for substantial destruction during the first decade of fieldwork; this was interpreted as proof that Gordion had been destroyed ca. 700 B.C. by the Kimmerians, a group of invaders from the Caucusus/Black Sea region, as attested in several ancient literary sources. During the last decade, however, renewed research on the archaeological evidence, within, above, and below the destruction level indicated that the catastrophe that destroyed much of Gordion occurred 100 years earlier, in 800 B.C., and was the result of a fire that quickly got out of control rather than a foreign invasion. This discovery requires a reassessment of Anatolian history during the entire first millennium B.C. and has serious implications for our understanding of the surrounding regions, such as Assyria, Syria, Greece, and Urartu, among others. The New Chronology of Iron Age Gordion is the product of a multidisciplinary research program, with dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating working hand in hand with textual and artifact analysis, each of which is treated in a separate chapter in this volume. All of these categories of evidence point to the same conclusion and demonstrate that we need to look at Gordion, and much of the ancient Near East, in a completely new way. University Museum Monograph, 133
Category: Social Science

British Fortifications Through The Reign Of Richard Iii

Author : Jean-Denis G.G. Lepage
ISBN : 9780786462544
Genre : History
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From the time the Romans first set foot on England’s shore in 55 B.C., the British Isles have faced a constant threat of foreign invasion. As a result, the landscapes of England, Scotland, and Ireland are dotted with ancient defensive fortifications as varied as their makers. Iron Age Celtic “hill forts,” Roman castra and Hadrian’s Wall, Anglo-Saxon dykes and Alfredian burhs, Norman mottes and stone-keeps, Edwardian castles, Irish tower houses—they all served to repel ancient intruders and many still stand as tangible relics of a remarkable past. This study chronicles the development of British fortifications from prehistoric times through the end of Richard III’s reign in 1485, providing the history of each type of structure, relevant examples, and information on weapons and siege warfare. More than 250 illustrations vividly detail each ediface’s construction and configuration.
Category: History

Heroes Of The Age

Author : David B. Edwards
ISBN : 9780520916319
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 58.53 MB
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Much of the political turmoil that has occurred in Afghanistan since the Marxist revolution of 1978 has been attributed to the dispute between Soviet-aligned Marxists and the religious extremists inspired by Egyptian and Pakistani brands of "fundamentalist" Islam. In a significant departure from this view, David B. Edwards contends that—though Marxism and radical Islam have undoubtedly played a significant role in the conflict—Afghanistan's troubles derive less from foreign forces and the ideological divisions between groups than they do from the moral incoherence of Afghanistan itself. Seeking the historical and cultural roots of the conflict, Edwards examines the lives of three significant figures of the late nineteenth century—a tribal khan, a Muslim saint, and a prince who became king of the newly created state. He explores the ambiguities and contradictions of these lives and the stories that surround them, arguing that conflicting values within an artificially-created state are at the root of Afghanistan's current instability. Building on this foundation, Edwards examines conflicting narratives of a tribal uprising against the British Raj that broke out in the summer of 1897. Through an analysis of both colonial and native accounts, Edwards investigates the saint's role in this conflict, his relationship to the Afghan state and the tribal groups that followed him, and the larger issue of how Islam traditionally functions as an encompassing framework of political association in frontier society.
Category: Social Science

The Early Iron Industry Of Furness And Districts

Author : Alfred Fell
ISBN : 9781136941382
Genre : Business & Economics
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First Published in 1968. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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