Regulation Of Photosynthesis

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Perspectives In Biochemical And Genetic Regulation Of Photosynthesis

Author : Israel Zelitch
ISBN : UOM:39015016964952
Genre : Photosynthesis
File Size : 20.2 MB
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A comprehensive overview of various aspects of photosynthesis and its regulation is presented by this book. An international group of scientists offer historical background, recent data and new techniques and speculations on future research in such areas as: regulation of metabolism in chloroplasts and leaf cells; partitioning of carbon products; chloroplast genetics and molecular biology; photosynthetic electron transport; regulation of photosynthetic efficiency; C4-photosynthesis; ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase; photorespiration and photosynthesis; dark respiration; photosynthesis; and crop yield.
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Handbook Of Photosynthesis Second Edition

Author : Mohammad Pessarakli
ISBN : 0824797086
Genre : Science
File Size : 40.12 MB
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"Details all of the photosynthetic factors and processes under both normal and stressful conditions--covering lower and higher plants as well as related biochemistry and plant molecular biology. Contains authoritative contributions from over 125 experts in the field from 28 countries, and includes almost 500 drawings, photographs, micrographs, tables, and equations--reinforcing and clarifying important text material."
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Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Bacteria

Author : R.E. Blankenship
ISBN : 9780792336815
Genre : Science
File Size : 45.52 MB
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Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Bacteria is a comprehensive volume describing all aspects of non-oxygen-evolving photosynthetic bacteria. The 62 chapters are organized into themes of: Taxonomy, physiology and ecology; Molecular structure of pigments and cofactors; Membrane and cell wall structure: Antenna structure and function; Reaction center structure and electron/proton pathways; Cyclic electron transfer; Metabolic processes; Genetics; Regulation of gene expression, and applications. The chapters have all been written by leading experts and present in detail the current understanding of these versatile microorganisms. The book is intended for use by advanced undergraduate and graduate students and senior researchers in the areas of microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, biophysics and biotechnology.
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Techniques In Bioproductivity And Photosynthesis

Author : J. Coombs
ISBN : 9781483190808
Genre : Nature
File Size : 38.24 MB
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Techniques in Bioproductivity and Photosynthesis, Second Edition is a manual that provides information on the field and laboratory techniques associated with the measurement of plant productivity. The title discusses the most reliable and relevant techniques that can be applied to a wide variety of problems. The coverage of the text includes various quantitative methods, such as measurement of plant biomass and net primary production; measurement of CO2 assimilation by plants in the field and the laboratory; and measurement of oxygen and chlorophyll fluorescence. The selection also deals with photosynthetic energy conversion; assimilatory nitrate reduction; and ammonia assimilation and amino acid biosynthesis. The book will be of great interest to botanists, horticulturists, and agriculturists.
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Lipids In Photosynthesis

Author : Hajime Wada
ISBN : 9048128633
Genre : Science
File Size : 48.36 MB
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Lipids in Photosynthesis: Essential and Regulatory Functions, provides an essential summary of an exciting decade of research on relationships between lipids and photosynthesis. The book brings together extensively cross-referenced and peer-reviewed chapters by prominent researchers. The topics covered include the structure, molecular organization and biosynthesis of fatty acids, glycerolipids and nonglycerolipids in plants, algae, lichens, mosses, and cyanobacteria, as well as in chloroplasts and mitochondria. Several chapters deal with the manipulation of the extent of unsaturation of fatty acids and the effects of such manipulation on photosynthesis and responses to various forms of stress. The final chapters focus on lipid trafficking, signaling and advanced analytical techniques. Ten years ago, Siegenthaler and Murata edited "Lipids in Photosynthesis: Structure, Function and Genetics," which became a classic in the field. "Lipids in Photosynthesis: Essential and Regulatory Functions," belongs, with its predecessor, in every plant and microbiological researcher's bookcase.
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Author : Gerry Edwards
Genre : Science
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Author : G. Garab
ISBN : 0792355458
Genre : Science
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Photosynthesis is a process on which virtually all life on Earth depends. To answer the basic questions at all levels of complexity, from molecules to ecosystems, and to establish correlations and interactions between these levels, photosynthesis research - perhaps more than any other discipline in biology - requires a multidisciplinary approach. Congresses probably provide the only forums where progress throughout the whole field can be overviewed. The Congress proceedings give faithful pictures of recent advances in photosynthesis research and outline trends and perspectives in all areas, ranging from molecular events to aspects of photosynthesis on the global scale. The Proceedings Book, a set of 4 (or 5) volumes, is traditionally highly recognized and intensely quoted in the literature, and is found on the shelves of most senior scientists in the field and in all major libraries.
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Photosynthesis V2

Author : Govindjee
ISBN : 9780323144704
Genre : Science
File Size : 33.94 MB
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Photosynthesis, Volume II: Development, Carbon Metabolism, and Plant Productivity provides a basic understanding of photosynthesis. This book also explains how to manipulate photosynthesis and improve the overall rate of photosynthesis of a single plant. It focuses on the use of NADPH and ATP in bicarbonate fixation. Comprise of 16 chapters, this book covers topics beginning with the concept of photosynthesis. It further discusses manipulating the genetics and molecular biology of the system. In addition, it explains the biogenesis of photosynthetic apparatus, photorespiration, and environmental regulation among others. As the chapters progress, the topics discussed also increase in terms of technical and scientific concepts, as seen in Chapters 10 and 11. These focus on the translocation of photosynthates and leaf and canopy behavior. The application of the knowledge about photosynthesis to plant productivity is also discussed. A chapter is dedicated to it, including various opinions in the said subject matter. Chapters 14 and 15 contain special topics on canopy photosynthesis and yield in soybean, as well as the effect of bicarbonate on photosynthetic electron transport. This book will be a reference source for researchers. It will also be an introductory book for graduate students specializing in plant biology, biophysics, and physiology; agronomy; and botany.
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Ethylene Action In Plants

Author : Nafees A. Khan
ISBN : 9783540328469
Genre : Science
File Size : 57.36 MB
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The plant hormone ethylene plays a prominent role among several intrinsic and extrinsic factors that control growth and physiology of plants. Its biological activity was discovered over a century ago. However, extensive studies on its mode of action came later. This book brings into focus the recent developments on the biochemical, physiological, and molecular basis for ethylene action in plants.
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Genetics And Regulation Of Nitrogen Fixation In Free Living Bacteria

Author : Werner Klipp
ISBN : 9781402021794
Genre : Science
File Size : 22.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Genetics and Regulation of Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria This book is the second volume of a seven-volume series, which covers all fields of research related to nitrogen fixation - from basic studies through applied aspects to environmental impacts. Volume II provides a comprehensive and detailed source of information concerning the genetics and regulation of biological nitrogen fixation in free-living prokaryotes. This preface attempts to provide the reader with some insight into how this volume originated, how it was planned, and then how it developed over the several years of its production. Once the editorial team was established, the first job was to decide which of the many free-living diazotrophs that have been subjected to genetic analysis should be included in this volume. Would we need to develop specific criteria for selection or would the organisms, in effect, select themselves? Of course, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Azotobacter vinelandii, which have served (and still serve) as the main model organisms for the genetic analysis of diazotrophy, plus some of the other bacteria described in this volume, did indeed select themselves. However, there was considerable discussion surrounding well-characterized fixing species, like Azorhizobium caulinodans and Herbaspirillum seropedicae, both of which are able to fix atmospheric N under free-living conditions.
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Dynamics Of Leaf Photosynthesis

Author : A Laisk
ISBN : 9780643105980
Genre : Science
File Size : 89.34 MB
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This book details a novel approach to dynamic, as opposed to steady-state, analysis of leaf photosynthesis by integrating fast responses to Carbon Dioxide:Oxygen exchange with optical techniques for fluorescence, light scattering and absorbance measurements. It outlines state-of-the-art approaches to the next generation of photosynthetic research in vivo.
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Plant Electrophysiology

Author : Alexander G. Volkov
ISBN : 9783540378433
Genre : Science
File Size : 38.42 MB
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This book compiles new findings in plant electrophysiology from the work of internationally renowned experts in the fields of electrophysiology, bio-electrochemistry, biophysics, signal transduction, phloem transport, tropisms, ion channels, plant electrochemistry, and membrane transport. Opening with a historical introduction, the book reviews methods in plant electrophysiology, introducing such topics as measuring membrane potentials and ion fluxes, path-clamp technique, and electrochemical sensors. The coverage includes experimental results and their theoretical interpretation.
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Photostasis And Related Phenomena

Author : Theodore P. Williams
ISBN : 9781489915498
Genre : Medical
File Size : 39.65 MB
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Over the weekend of 21-23 February 1997, a small group gathered in Tallahassee, Florida, at the invitation of Ted Williams, to discuss "photo stasis and related topics." The majority of participants were former students and colleagues of Ted's, but an occasional outsider such as myself was generously included. The papers presented there are collected in this volume. The theory of photo stasis was first outlined in a landmark paper by John Penn and Ted, published in 1986 in Experimental Eye Research. They provided compelling data showing that, in the albino rat eye, levels of rhodopsin, outer-segment length, rhodopsin regeneration rate, and even, perhaps, rhodopsin packing density all depend on the levels of cyclic illumination (12 hours light, 12 hours dark) in which the animal was reared. So, for example, there is fourfold less rhodopsin in a retinal extract derived from an animal reared at 400 lux than in an extract from the retina of an animal reared at 3 lux. Animals reared at intermediate levels of light show intermediate amounts of rhodopsin that are correlated with illumination level. What these data immediately suggested is that the photoreceptor cell can adjust its photon-catching ability in response to the levels of light in which an animal is reared, and they also provided a compelling rationale for outer-segment turnover, a phenomenon discovered 20 years earlier by Richard Young but whose function has remained obscure.
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Chlorophyll A Fluorescence

Author : G.C. Papageorgiou
ISBN : 9781402032189
Genre : Science
File Size : 63.20 MB
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Chlorophyll a Fluorescence: A Signature of Photosynthesis highlights chlorophyll (Chl) a fluorescence as a convenient, non-invasive, highly sensitive, rapid and quantitative probe of oxygenic photosynthesis. Thirty-one chapters, authored by 58 international experts, provide a solid foundation of the basic theory, as well as of the application of the rich information contained in the Chl a fluorescence signal as it relates to photosynthesis and plant productivity. Although the primary photochemical reactions of photosynthesis are highly efficient, a small fraction of absorbed photons escapes as Chl fluorescence, and this fraction varies with metabolic state, providing a basis for monitoring quantitatively various processes of photosynthesis. The book explains the mechanisms with which plants defend themselves against environmental stresses (excessive light, extreme temperatures, drought, hyper-osmolarity, heavy metals and UV). It also includes discussion on fluorescence imaging of leaves and cells and the remote sensing of Chl fluorescence from terrestrial, airborne, and satellite bases. The book is intended for use by graduate students, beginning researchers and advanced undergraduates in the areas of integrative plant biology, cellular and molecular biology, plant biology, biochemistry, biophysics, plant physiology, global ecology and agriculture.
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Progress In Botany

Author : Karl Esser
ISBN : 3540423044
Genre : Science
File Size : 58.78 MB
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With one volume each year, this series keeps scientists and advanced students informed of the latest developments and results in all areas of the plant sciences. The present volume includes reviews on genetics, cell biology, physiology, comparative morphology, ecology and vegetation science.
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