Regulating From The Inside

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Regulating From The Inside

Author : Cary Coglianese
ISBN : 9781136525773
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 25.62 MB
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Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) offer an approach to regulatory policy that lies somewhere between free-market and traditional command-and-control methods. Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of private firms have adopted or are considering adopting these internally managed systems for improving environmental performance. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency has established a special recognition for firms that adopt EMSs. Already, numerous state agencies have proposed or adopted 'green-tier systems' that allow firms with EMSs to be exempted from otherwise applicable requirements. Yet while private- and public-sector interest in EMSs is booming, limited empirical evidence is available about the efficacy of EMSs. To close the gap between advocacy and analysis, Regulating from the Inside brings together cutting-edge work of leading scholars, providing the most comprehensive analysis to date of environmental management systems. Intended to frame the future policy and the research agenda about EMSs, the discussions are organized around two critical questions: How have EMSs worked in firms that have already adopted them? What potential and limitations do they have as policy tools in the future? Addressing the arguments of both advocates and skeptics, the chapters examine why firms adopt EMSs; how firms implement EMSs; how EMSs answer concerns about fairness, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability; and what kind of impact EMSs may have on the global economy.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Regulating From The Inside

Author : Iris H-Y Chiu
ISBN : 9781509901388
Genre : Law
File Size : 72.70 MB
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This book examines a key aspect of the post-financial crisis reform package in the EU and UK-the ratcheting up of internal control in banks and financial institutions. The legal framework for internal controls is an important part of prudential regulation, and internal control also constitutes a form of internal gate-keeping for financial firms so that compliance with laws and regulations can be secured. This book argues that the legal framework for internal control, which is a form of meta-regulation, is susceptible to weaknesses, and such weaknesses are critically examined by adopting an interdisciplinary approach. The book discusses whether post-crisis reforms adequately address the weaknesses in regulating internal control and proposes an alternative strategy to enhance the 'governance' effectiveness of internal control.
Category: Law

The Audit Implosion

Author : Michael Power
ISBN : 1841520365
Genre : Management
File Size : 78.80 MB
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Category: Management

Regulating Charities

Author : Myles McGregor-Lowndes
ISBN : 9781317190592
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 24.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this volume charity commissioners and leading charity policy reformers from across the world reflect on the aims and objectives of charity regulation and what it has achieved. Regulating Charities represents an insider’s review of the last quarter century of charity law policy and an insight for its future development. Charity Commissioners and nonprofit regulatory agency heads chart the nature of charity law reforms that they have implemented, with a ‘warts and all’ analysis. They are joined by influential sector reformers who assess the outcomes of their policy agitation. All reflect on the current state of charities in a fiscally restrained environment, often with conservative governments, and offer their views on productive regulatory paths available for the future. This topical collection brings together major charity regulation actors, and will be of great interest to anyone concerned with contemporary third sector policy-making, public administration and civil society.
Category: Business & Economics

Regulating Government Ethics

Author : Chonghao Wu
ISBN : 9781316670828
Genre : Law
File Size : 67.37 MB
Format : PDF
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This book examines government ethics rules and their enforcement in China (as well as in three other jurisdictions for comparative insights). Empirical research methods (involving primarily semi-structured interviews) were employed to explore the dynamics of actual enforcement policies and practices in China. This book formed an analytical framework through reviewing existing theories on government ethics regulation and general regulation literature and analyzing government ethics rules in the US, the UK, and Hong Kong. Using this framework, it seeks to explore the patterns and features of government ethics rules and their enforcement in China. It shows that the inadequacy of government ethics rules per se and the deterrence-oriented criminal enforcement style of government ethics regulation are important but ignored elements of the problem of rampant corruption in China. Such analysis has generated important and practical policy implications for China's government ethics rules and their enforcement.
Category: Law

Regulating Menstruation

Author : Etienne van de Walle
ISBN : 0226847438
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 52.41 MB
Format : PDF
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Menstruation, seen alternately as something negative—a "curse" or a failed conception—or as a positive part of the reproductive process to be celebrated as evidence of fertility, has long been a universal concern. How women interpret and react to menstruation and its absence reflects their individual needs both historically as well as in the contemporary cultural, social, economic, and political context in which they live. This unique volume considers what is known of women's options and practices used to regulate menstruation—practices used to control the periodicity, quantity, color, and even consistency of menses—in different places and times, while revealing the ambiguity that those practices present. Originating from an Internet conference held in February 1998, this volume contains fourteen papers that have been revised and updated to cover everything from the impact of the birth control pill to contemporary views on reproduction to the pharmacological properties of various herbal substances, reflecting the historical, contemporary, and anthropological perspectives of this timely and complex issue.
Category: Health & Fitness

Regulating Healthcare

Author : Walshe, Kieran
ISBN : 9780335228287
Genre : Education
File Size : 20.17 MB
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Healthcare organizations in the UK and the USA face a growing tide of regulation, accreditation, inspection and external review, all aimed at improving their performance. This book explores the development and use of healthcare regulation in both countries, comparing and contrasting their experience and drawing on regulatory research in other industries and settings, offers a structured approach to analysing what regulators do and how they work and develops principles for effective regulation, aimed at maximising the benefits of regulatory interventions and minimising their costs.
Category: Education

Beyond Engineering

Author : Robert Pool
ISBN : 0198026722
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 33.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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We have long recognized technology as a driving force behind much historical and cultural change. The invention of the printing press initiated the Reformation. The development of the compass ushered in the Age of Exploration and the discovery of the New World. The cotton gin created the conditions that led to the Civil War. Now, in Beyond Engineering, science writer Robert Pool turns the question around to examine how society shapes technology. Drawing on such disparate fields as history, economics, risk analysis, management science, sociology, and psychology, Pool illuminates the complex, often fascinating interplay between machines and society, in a book that will revolutionize how we think about technology. We tend to think that reason guides technological development, that engineering expertise alone determines the final form an invention takes. But if you look closely enough at the history of any invention, says Pool, you will find that factors unrelated to engineering seem to have an almost equal impact. In his wide-ranging volume, he traces developments in nuclear energy, automobiles, light bulbs, commercial electricity, and personal computers, to reveal that the ultimate shape of a technology often has as much to do with outside and unforeseen forces. For instance, Pool explores the reasons why steam-powered cars lost out to internal combustion engines. He shows that the Stanley Steamer was in many ways superior to the Model T--it set a land speed record in 1906 of more than 127 miles per hour, it had no transmission (and no transmission headaches), and it was simpler (one Stanley engine had only twenty-two moving parts) and quieter than a gas engine--but the steamers were killed off by factors that had little or nothing to do with their engineering merits, including the Stanley twins' lack of business acumen and an outbreak of hoof-and-mouth disease. Pool illuminates other aspects of technology as well. He traces how seemingly minor decisions made early along the path of development can have profound consequences further down the road, and perhaps most important, he argues that with the increasing complexity of our technological advances--from nuclear reactors to genetic engineering--the number of things that can go wrong multiplies, making it increasingly difficult to engineer risk out of the equation. Citing such catastrophes as Bhopal, Three Mile Island, the Exxon Valdez, the Challenger, and Chernobyl, he argues that is it time to rethink our approach to technology. The days are gone when machines were solely a product of larger-than-life inventors and hard-working engineers. Increasingly, technology will be a joint effort, with its design shaped not only by engineers and executives but also psychologists, political scientists, management theorists, risk specialists, regulators and courts, and the general public. Whether discussing bovine growth hormone, molten-salt reactors, or baboon-to-human transplants, Beyond Engineering is an engaging look at modern technology and an illuminating account of how technology and the modern world shape each other.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Decision Making For The Environment

Author : National Research Council
ISBN : 0309165393
Genre : Science
File Size : 54.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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With the growing number, complexity, and importance of environmental problems come demands to include a full range of intellectual disciplines and scholarly traditions to help define and eventually manage such problems more effectively. Decision Making for the Environment: Social and Behavioral Science Research Priorities is the result of a 2-year effort by 12 social and behavioral scientists, scholars, and practitioners. The report sets research priorities for the social and behavioral sciences as they relate to several different kinds of environmental problems.
Category: Science

Regulating Capitalism

Author : J. Zimmermann
ISBN : 9781137309280
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 50.88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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By exploring how financial, legal and wider socio-economic systems can accelerate or decelerate the harmonization in financial markets, this book connects issues both of contemporary political science and accounting research.
Category: Social Science

Regulating Law

Author : John Braithwaite
ISBN : STANFORD:36105063910082
Genre : Law
File Size : 70.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Regulating Law" explores how the goals and policies of the new regulatory state are fundamentally reshaping jurisprudence in the domains of public law, private law, and the regulation of work and business. Fourteen areas of the core legal curriculum are reassessed from the standpoint of the impact of regulation on mainstream legal doctrine. This volume examines the collision of regulation by law with regulation by other means and provides an innovative regulatory perspective for the whole of law. To date, regulatory scholarship has mainly been applied to specific legislative programs and / or agencies for the social and economic regulation of business. In this volume, a cast of internationally renowned legal scholars each apply a 'regulatory perspective' to their own area of law. Their contributions provide a rich analysis of the limits and potential of legal doctrine as an instrument of control both in regulatory settings, and in settings traditionally immune from regulatory analysis. The result is an examination of the regulation of the doctrines of law itself, of the way in which law regulates other forms of regulation and social ordering, and of law as a subject and object of regulation.
Category: Law

Contemporary Challenges In Regulating Global Crises

Author : M. Findlay
ISBN : 9781137009111
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 79.76 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Mark Findlay's treatment of regulatory sociability charts the anticipated and even inevitable transition to mutual interest which is the essence of taking communities from shared risk to shared fate. In the context of today's global crises, he explains that for the sake of sustainability, human diversity can bond in different ways to achieve fate.
Category: Political Science

Intracellular Calcium

Author : Anthony K. Campbell
ISBN : 9781118675533
Genre : Science
File Size : 65.25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Thousands of imaginative scientists, over more than a century,have revealed the fascinating story of intracellular calcium,through a pathway of ingenious invention and discovery. Intracellular Calcium, the definitive book on this topic,reveals: The pathway of discovery and invention of intracellular calciumover more than 100 years. The evidence for intracellular calcium as a universal switch inall animal, plant, fungal and microbial cells How the components required for calcium signalling are namedand classified. The ingenious technology, which has been developed to studyintracellular calcium. How calcium is regulated inside cells and how it works totrigger an event. The role of intracellular calcium in disease, cell injury andcell death. How many drugs work through the calcium signalling system. How intracellular calcium is involved in the action of manynatural toxins. How the intracellular calcium signalling system has evolvedover 4000 million years, showing why it was crucial to the originof life. A key principle presented throughout the book is the molecularvariation upon which the intracellular calcium signalling systemdepends. This variation occurs within the same cell type andbetween cells with different functions, providing the invisiblematrix upon which Darwin and Wallace’s Natural Selectiondepends. Featuring more than 100 figures, including detailed chemicalstructures as well as pictures of key pioneers in the field, abibliography of more than 1500 references, as well asdetailed subject and organism indices, this definitive workprovides a unique source of scholarship for teachers andresearchers in the biomedical sciences and beyond.
Category: Science

Inside Campaign Finance

Author : Frank J. Sorauf
ISBN : 0300059329
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 59.58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The issues surrounding money in American elections are continually controversial. How much does money affect the outcome of elections? Do those who help finance candidates exert undue influence in the making of public policy? In this landmark book, one of America's most distinguished political scientists explores the dynamics and consequences of campaign finance in America and explodes many myths about this widely debated subject. Frank J. Sorauf provides balanced and informative commentary on such critical issues in campaign financing as: - the growing problems of regulating American campaign finance under the post-Watergate legislation of 1974; - the forces that affect the supply of money available for campaigning, from economic conditions to the competitiveness of elections; - the increasing power of incumbent candidates in the two-way exchange between candidates and contributors; - political learning and the search for ways to avoid the laws on campaign finance; - the myths and realities about the role and influence of PACs; - the vanishing funds for public funding of the presidential campaigns; - the new middlemen and brokers (e.g., the case of Charles Keating); - the major options for reform: private versus public funding; - the political deadlock over reform: parties, public opinion, and the interests of incumbents; - the possibility of new levels of competition and spending in 1992. Sorauf argues that the American system of campaign financing has become increasingly stable and institutionalized during the last sixteen years, and that the major players in the system--PACs, individual fund-raisers, party committees, and incumbent candidates--now behave in fairly predictable ways. His book is a fresh and persuasive account of the importance and the limits of money as a base of political influence in the United States.
Category: Political Science

Telecommunications Regulation

Author : Clare Hall
ISBN : 9781134637317
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 54.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Using unprecedented access to the key actors inside the UK Office of Telecommunications (OFTEL) and supporting interviews, this book explores how telecommunications regulation works from the inside.
Category: Business & Economics

Inside Out

Author : Oleg Dmitrievich Davydov
ISBN : 0823218309
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38.67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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After 1992, both industrial and agricultural enterprises in Russia were unchained and received the right to trade freely without any permission from "the top." Davydov studies the changing role of the government in Russia's economy as it actively searches for new markets and seeks to integrate Russia's economy into the world's.
Category: Business & Economics

Inside Constitutional Law

Author : Russell L. Weaver
ISBN : 9780735565180
Genre : Law
File Size : 43.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A concise, pedagogically rich study guide, Inside Constitutional Law: What Matters and Why, emphasizes the essential components of the law -- how they fit together and why -- to give your students the help that some of them will need to benefit from their casebook reading and classroom experience. A powerful study guide with the full panoply of pedagogical tools: clear explanations of key terms, concepts, relationships, and processes a consistent focus on what matters and why -- through introductions and summaries a rich and dynamic pedagogy that includes: overviews -- what is important in this chapter to an understanding of constitutional law key terms -- highlighted and defined in context cross-references to key terms clear signposting -- generous use of heading levels and visual aids FAQs -- Frequently Asked Questions addressing matters of ambiguity Sidebars -- containing study tips, hypos, cites to authorities, and marginalia graphics -- charts, graphs, figures, and art connections -- a concluding section at the end of every chapter that connects the material covered to other chapters in the book, the field at large, and legal practice uncluttered and attractive 2-color page design From the publishers of the highly respected Examples and Explanations series, the new Inside series, featuring outstanding educators and a consistently rich pedagogical design, will enable many students to approach their course work and class discussion with a firm grasp on subjects that had previously seemed unreachable. *A Teacher's Manual may be available for this book. Teacher 's Manuals are a professional courtesy offered to professors only. For more information or to request a copy, please contact Aspen Publishers at 800-950-5259 or [email protected]
Category: Law

Regulating The City

Author : Michael Clarke
ISBN : UCAL:B4410478
Genre : Financial institutions
File Size : 45.40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Financial institutions

Leveraging The Private Sector

Author : Cary Coglianese
ISBN : 9781136525070
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 26.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Leveraging the Private Sector offers the first sustained analysis of public and private sector initiatives designed to encourage firms and industries to use their own management expertise to improve their environmental performance. Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash bring together original empirical studies by the nation?s leading experts on recent public and private sector experiments. Do management-based strategies lead to improved environmental outcomes? What kinds of strategies hold the most promise? Leveraging the Private Sector addresses these questions through studies of state pollution prevention planning laws, private sector purchasing requirements, and federal risk management regulations, among others. The contributors show that efforts to leverage private sector experience and knowledge can have a distinctive contribution in the future of environmental protection. Ultimately, a firm's broader management practices shape its environmental performance. Public and private sector strategies that seek to influence these practices directly can help bring about further environmental improvements. This book breaks new ground by investigating a new and promising approach for advancing the economy and the environment.
Category: Technology & Engineering