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Reflections On Riding And Jumping

Author : William Steinkraus
ISBN : 9781570760433
Genre : Pets
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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A revised and updated edition of a classic work on horses and horsemanship by one of the most acclaimed riders in show jumping history.
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Riding Reflections

Author : Piero Santini
ISBN : 9781473388840
Genre : Nature
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In writing a foreword to Major Santinis book I do so because I have for some years been a convert to his method of forward riding. When I approach a new method of horsemanship I require certain evidence that it has shown successful results. A few days instruction under Major Santini convinced me that his method was the right one. My only regret is that I did not use his style of seat while an active polo player as I believe I would have then retired with a 10 goal handicap instead of a 9 goal. After the International Polo matches before the war there were always a lot of reasons put forward to excuse the defeats of the English team. I attribute them to two reasons one is that the English players rode, and still ride, longer than the Americans the other that, largely for this reason, they lack a compact seat and a solid stance. The best American players either consciously or unconsciously conform to Diagram A of Riding Rejections. In show jumping it has by this time been amply proved that those who have adopted the principles originally established by the Italian school have achieved the greatest success. I have also watched the efforts of children over a period of years by this time the same tenets are in general use, for they have proved invaluable not only in the show ring but also to all other forms of cross-country riding, including hunting, for people of both sexes and of all ages. With regard to steeple chasing one has only to look at the photographs to see which style is best suited to the horse.
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101 Jumping Exercises For Horse Rider

Author : Linda Allen
ISBN : 9781603423946
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 49.86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Get jumping! This collection presents a logical series of fun and rewarding exercises that are designed to develop your horse-jumping skills. With straightforward instructions and clear arena maps, this guide can be hung on a pole and easily referenced from the saddle. In addition to clearly articulated goals and progressively difficult variations, each exercise also includes encouraging advice on what the rider should keep in mind while jumping. Saddle up and get ready to fly through the air with grace and confidence.
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40 5 Minute Jumping Fixes

Author : Wendy Murdoch
ISBN : 9781570767197
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 50.97 MB
Format : PDF
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Better balance in the saddle, improved body control from head to toe, and increased influence with your seat are just a handful of the simple fixes offered in this straightforward training manual for jumping. Most of the suggestions provided require only a few minutes to learn and offer solutions for making jumping more enjoyable for both riders and their horses. By starting and ending each ride with these simple, easy, and effective fixes, equestrians will happily and efficiently replace old habits with new ones and get out of the riding rut we all find ourselves in at some point in our riding career.
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Klimke On Dressage

Author : Reiner Klimke
ISBN : 0939481278
Genre : Dressage.
File Size : 61.74 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Dressage.

Riding With Rilke Reflections On Motorcycles And Books

Author : Ted Bishop
ISBN : 9780393346435
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 40.4 MB
Format : PDF
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"Part travelogue, part ode to his bike and part literary criticism...a memoir infused with joie de vivre."—Publishers Weekly In this "joyful book" (Booklist), archive diver and Ducati enthusiast Ted Bishop takes readers on an epic trip from Edmonton to Austin, through the classic landscapes of the American West, and to some of America's and Europe's most famous cities as he considers what it means to be a road dog and a researcher. Whether describing how he came to own a Ducati, debating the merits of D. H. Lawrence's novels, relishing the outlaw thrill of cruising small American towns on his bike, or holding Virginia Woolf's suicide note in the British Library, Bishop "easily blends his love of books and archives with his love of motorcycles and unusual combination...but one that ultimately works" (Library Journal). A Playboy Best Book of 2006.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

From Where My Strength Lies The Life Of A Horse Whisperer

Author : Jessamy Rouson
ISBN : 1692817434
Genre :
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I learned quite early in my career that being successful in the magnificent sphere of International Showjumping is a passport to the world. Should one succeed in this difficult and technical sport, they shall inevitably meet VIPs, royalty, dignitaries, celebrities, movie stars and the enormously wealthy. National and International doors open when one shines in this world. Being successful in the sphere of showjumping enabled me to travel to places which I never would have had the opportunity to see otherwise. With endless thanks to the horses, I have traveled across this country from coast to coast. I have also traveled across Europe, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Poland, Russia, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.To succeed in the showjumping world, one needs to be partnered with a special horse - or perhaps several horses in a string of talent. The partnership between horse and rider needs to be a unique bond with every horse that one rides. Each horse is an individual. A rider and true horse person must be able to feel and study the horse's personality, thus adapting their style and training techniques to each individual horse. I find the process of becoming a friend and partner to each horse absolutely fascinating. I think the great William Steinkraus, our United States Equestrian Team Captain and Olympic champion for many years, said it beautifully when he said the following: "Taking things for granted is all too easy. But we must never forget, every time we sit on a horse, what an extraordinary privilege it is to be able to unite one's body with that of another sentient being - one that is stronger, faster, and more agile by far than we are, and at the same time, brave, generous, and uncommonly forgiving." - Epilogue of "Reflections on Riding and Jumping", by William Steinkraus.My story is about the understanding of horses and life. This includes all of the national and international ventures along the way. When a rider is able to get on a vast variety of different horses and understand them, relate to them with empathy, compassion and sympathy, and guide the horse to perform willingly to the best of their ability, one becomes a Horse Whisperer. It is not the horse's responsibility to understand us. It's our responsibility to understand the horse.This book is a compilation of my life stories in the vast international world of showjumping. It involves understanding many different horses - several of which began as extremely difficult horses or rejects from other horsemen in the racing sphere or the world of show horses. Over and over, what may have been an extremely difficult or misunderstood horse became my friend and my competition partner on the highest level. Many of these horses became nationally and internationally famous. A few of them became Hall of Fame horses. My hope is that this book shall inspire many other horsemen and horsewomen to view each horse as an individual. Put aside other people's comments or opinions on a horse which may be misunderstood. Find a bond with that horse. With understanding, compassion, empathy and correct training techniques, the greatly misunderstood and unwanted horse could become a Champion.Every horse can have a career doing something, as there are so many different disciplines and jobs within the horse industry. Not every horse will make a top showjumper. They must have the innate talent, scope, quality, courage, personality and heart for showjumping. There are horses who have these wonderful traits, but have been rejected because they were misunderstood or because they presented as difficult. This is a book of stories about some of those misunderstood and rejected horses, and how they accomplished great things once they were finally understood. This is a book about how I became a Horse Whisperer

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Library Journal

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ISBN : UOM:39015082964316
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Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.
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