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Reference Guide To The International Space Station

Author : Gary Kitmacher
ISBN : 1470028115
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The International Space Station (ISS) is a great international, technological, and political achievement. It is the latest step in humankind's quest to explore and live in space. The research done on the ISS may advance our knowledge in various areas of science, enable us to improve life on this planet, and give us the experience and increased understanding that can eventually equip us to journey to other worlds. As a result of the Station s complexity, few understand its configuration, its design and component systems, or the complex operations required in its construction and operation. This book provides high-level insight into the ISS. The ISS is in orbit today, operating with a crew of three. Its assembly will continue through 2010. As the ISS grows, its capabilities will increase, thus requiring a larger crew. Currently, 16 countries are involved in this venture. The sophisticated procedures required in the Station's construction and operation are presented in Amazing 3D Graphics generated by NASA 104 pages of spectacularly detailed color graphics the Space Station as you've never seen it before!

Reference Guide To The International Space Station

Author :
ISBN : 0160930189
Genre : Science
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Assembly of the International Space Station (ISS) is a remarkable achievement. Since November 2, 2000, humankind has maintained a continuous presence in space. Over this timespan, the ISS International Partnership has flourished. We have learned much about construction and about how humans and spacecraft systems function on orbit. But there is much more to do and learn, and this voyage of research and discovery is just beginning. We now shift our focus from ISS assembly to full ISS utilization for scientific research, technology development, exploration, commerce, and education. We need to approach this next research phase with the same dedication, zeal, and innovation that we used to assemble the ISS. United States research concentrates on biology, human research, physical science and materials, Earth and space science, and technology for exploration beyond low-Earth orbit. As a national laboratory, the ISS is beginning to provide new opportunities for other agencies, academia, and commercial and other partners to pursue novel avenues of research and development, and to promote science, technology, engineering, and math education. We cannot now foresee all that may be uncovered on this voyage, but we look forward to the voyage and returning knowledge to extend the human presence beyond and improve life here on Earth. Students interested in math fields, plus engineering, physical science, human research, biology, and space science may be interested in this work. Additionally, professionals in these areas, especially scientists will be most interested in this volume that covers the advancement of math and science education. Other related products: Wings in Orbit: Scientific and Engineering Legacies of the Space Shuttle 1971-2010 -- Hardcover format can be found here: https: //; ePub format can be found here: https: //; MOBI format can be found here: https: // A Researcher's Guide to: International Space Station Microbial Research --paperback format can be found here: https: //'s Journey to Mars: Pioneering Next Steps in Space Exploration can be found here: https: // Other resources published by NASA can be found here: https: //"
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The International Space Station

Author : Robert C. Dempsey
ISBN : 0160943892
Genre : Space stations
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Looks at the operations of the International Space Station from the perspective of the Houston flight control team, under the leadership of NASA's flight directors, who authored the book. The book provides insight into the vast amount of time and energy that these teams devote to the development, planning and integration of a mission before it is executed. The passion and attention to detail of the flight control team members, who are always ready to step up when things do not go well, is a hallmark of NASA human spaceflight operations. With tremendous support from the ISS program office and engineering community, the flight control team has made the International Space Station and the programs before it a success.
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Japanese Missions To The International Space Station

Author : John Timothy O'Sullivan
ISBN : 9783030045340
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Japan has a rich history of human spaceflight, flying in space with both NASA and the Soviet/Russian space agencies over the years. This book tells the story of the JAXA astronauts who have visited the International Space Station and how they have lived on board, helped construct the space laboratory and performed valuable scientific experiments. JAXA has contributed the largest single module to the ISS: the Kibō (Hope) science laboratory with its Logistics Module, Exposed Facility and robot arm. JAXA supplies the station with cargo and supplies on its automated cargo spacecraft, the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV), but it is the human endeavour that captures the imagination. From brief visits to six-month expeditions, from spacewalking to commanding the Earth’s only outpost in space, JAXA astronauts have played a vital role in the international project. Extensive use of colour photographs from NASA and JAXA depicting the experiments carried out and the phases of the ISS construction, together with the personal stories of the astronauts’ experiences in space, highlight the crucial part the Japanese have played in human spaceflight.

Researcher S Guide To International Space Station Earth Observations

Author : Lisa A. Vanderbloemen
ISBN : 0160924189
Genre : Science
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Title in the International Space Station Program Science Office 15-book Researchers Guide Series by discipline. The purpose of the series is to educate potential users of the ISS platform on how their ground-based experiments can be translated to the space environment. Each guide is designed to start the conversation of how new researchers can find opportunities as well as assistance in the proposal development process.
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International Spacer Station

Author : Cristina T. Chaplain
ISBN : 9781437927344
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In 2010, after about 25 years of work and the expenditure of billions of dollars, the International Space Station (ISS) will be completed. According to NASA, the ISS crew will then be able to redirect its efforts from assembling the station to conducting research. In 2005, Congress designated the ISS as a national lab.; in addition, NASA is required to provide a research management plan for the ISS National Lab. This report reviewed the research use of the ISS, and: (1) identified how the ISS is being used for research and how it is expected to be used once completed; (2) identified challenges to maximizing ISS research; and (3) identified common management practices at other national lab¿s. and large science programs that could be applicable to the management of the ISS. Charts and tables.

Who S Who Of Nasa Astronauts

Author : Lee Ellis
ISBN : 0966796144
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Who's Who of NASA Astronauts presents the biographical information of all 367 NASA astronauts along with their mission facts. From the original Mercury 7 selected in 1959 to the present day Space Shuttle astronauts working on the International Space Station, this book contains the personal history, education, honors received, affiliated organizations and the NASA experience of each astronaut.
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The Nsta Ready Reference Guide To Safer Science Vol 2

Author : Kenneth Russell Roy
ISBN : 9781936959662
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Safer science is a daily requirement for every teacher in every science classroom and laboratory. Get up-to-date information from The NSTA Ready-Reference Guide to Safer Science, Volume 2. This second volume is a collection of more than 40 of the latest quick-read Scope on Safety columns from Science Scope, NSTAOCOs middle school journal (plus some adaptable Safer Science columns from The Science Teacher, NSTAOCOs high school journal). As easy to read as it is practical, the book is chock-full of safety information, anecdotes, and advisories you can use every day."
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Eos Reference Handbook

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951D01856456W
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