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Red Herrings And White Elephants

Author : Albert Jack
ISBN : 9780061835155
Genre : Reference
File Size : 68.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Mad hatter . . . pie in the sky . . . egg on your face. We use these phrases every day, yet how many of us know what they really mean or where they came from? From bringing home the bacon to leaving no stone unturned, the English language is peppered with hundreds of common idioms borrowed from ancient traditions and civilizations throughout the world. In Red Herrings and White Elephants, Albert Jack has uncovered the amazing and sometimes downright bizarre stories behind many of our most familiar and eccentric modes of expression: If you happen to be a bootlegger, your profession recalls the Wild West outlaws who sold illegal alcohol by concealing slender bottles of whiskey in their boots. If you're on cloud nine, you owe a nod to the American Weather Bureau's classification of clouds, the ninth topping out all others at a mountainous 40,000 feet. If you opt for the hair of the dog the morning after, you're following the advice of medieval English doctors, who recommended rubbing the hair of a dog into the wound left by the animal's bite. A delightful compendium of anecdotes on everything from minding your p's and q's to pulling out all the stops, Red Herrings and White Elephants is an essential handbook for language-lovers of all ages.
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Red Herrings White Elephants The Origins Of The Phrases We Use Every Day

Author : Albert Jack
ISBN : 9781782192749
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 59.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Have you ever wondered what phrases such as 'square meal', 'load of old codswallop', 'egg on your face' or 'in the limelight' mean? Where do they come from? Have you ever taken a moment to wonder what we say actually means? The origins of hundreds of common phrases are explained in this irreverent journey through the most fascinating and richest regions of the English language. In a book that takes you all over the world, from nautical origins to food and drink terms, once you have learnt one phrase, you will be eager to learn them all! From the drop of a hat to the bitter end - you'll be surprised and intrigued and you'll never speak English in the same way again.
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Brand Names

Author : Albert Jack
ISBN : 9781386209720
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 65.16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From the bestselling author of Red Herrings & White Elephants, Pop Goes the Weasel, What Caesar did for my Salad, 9/11 Conspiracy, New World Order and many more... This is a wonderful collection of stories revealing the origins of some of the world’s best-known brand names and how they became a part of our language and the world we live in today. 1. Landislas Biro 2. Charles Goodyear 3. Willis Carrier 4. The Earl of Sandwich 5. King C Gillette 6. Henry Ford 7. Walt Disney 8. George de Mestral (Velcro) 9. Hiram Stevens Maxim (Maxim Gun) 10. Jules Leotard 11. Rachele Jacuzzi 12. Dr Joseph-Ignace Guillotin 13. Sir Humphry Davy (Davy Lamp) 14. Major General Henry Shrapnel 15. Rudolf Diesel
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Albert Jack S Ten Minute Mysteries

Author : Albert Jack
ISBN : 9781386317784
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.97 MB
Format : PDF
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Albert Jack now turns his attention to the mysteries that have haunted us throughout history. "Albert Jack's Ten Minute Mysteries" cleverly combines his research with riveting stories and hilarious observations. All life's most perplexing questions answered: UFOs, Crop Circles and Alien invasions Where is the Mona Lisa? (clue: it's not in the Louvre) Is the Loch Ness Monster really a circus elephant? Will the real Paul McCartney please stand up? What happened to the Mary Celeste? Who killed Marilyn Monroe? What was Agatha Christie's own mystery? Who was Jack the Ripper? And many, many more... With enough entertaining information to fuel hundreds of pub conversations, fascinating illustrations and all kinds of discoveries to surprise even the most expert conspiracy theorist, "Albert Jack's Ten Minute Mysteries" is the perfect present for anybody who's ever wondered why... Albert Jack has become something of a publishing phenomenon, clocking up hundreds of thousands of sales with his series of best selling adventures tracing the fantastic stories behind everyday phrases (Red Herrings and White Elephants), pub history (The Old Dog and Duck), food history (What Caesar did for My Salad) invention (They Laughed at Galileo) and nursery rhymes (Pop Goes the Weasel).
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Jet Engines

Author : Albert Jack
ISBN : 9781540150523
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 71.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From the bestselling author of Red Herrings & White Elephants, Shaggy Dogs, Pop Goes the Weasel, What Caesar did for my Salad, They Laughed at Galileo and many more.... Introduction Curiosity will eventually lead to innovation. Fortunately we are an imaginative species who does a lot of wondering. Way back to when man first learned to walk upright and began communicating with each other, by pointing and shouting, we can find the earliest examples. Somebody once thought, ‘I know, we can move that heavy rock, or dead buffalo, by rolling it along on tree trunks because it is easier than dragging it over the ground.’ This, of course, led to the wheel. It must have been around that time that some other clever soul worked out that if he held some meat over that hot fiery thing then it tasted better. It seems basic but it was innovation. Somebody somewhere decided to take the risk of burning their food down into ashes, as they knew the burning logs did, just to see if it tasted any better. But I bet there was someone else laughing at him and saying ‘don’t do that, it’s a terrible idea,’ (or whatever is was they would have said back then.) And that’s innovation too. That’s discovery and invention. We have been doing it ever since in one form or another and we have come a long way as a species thanks to people who take risks and ignore the advice of wiser ones. And that, in a nutshell, is what this book is all about. This, then, is the story of Frank Whittle and how he overcame huge odds to make sure his vision would win a war and change the world forever, despite fierce opposition from Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force.
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Shaggy Dogs And Black Sheep

Author : Albert Jack
ISBN : 9781386773719
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 58.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Albert Jack's Shaggy Dogs and Black Sheep is a compulsively readable, highly enlightening look at the phrases we use all the time but rarely consider. The English language is crammed with colourful phrases and sayings that we use without thinking every day. It's only when we're asked who smart Alec or Holy Moly were, where feeling 'in the pink' or 'once in a blue moon' come from, or even what letting the cat out of the bag really means that we realize that there's far more to English than we might have thought. Luckily enough, we now have Albert Jack. And rather than resting on his laurels after the enormous success of Red Herrings and White Elephants, he has continued his search around the world, exploring the origins of hundreds more phrases. The fascinating stories he has uncovered come from the rich traditions of the navy, army and law to confidence tricksters and highwaymen, from the practices of ancient civilizations to Music Hall and pubs. Determined to chase each shaggy dog story to the bitter end, his discoveries are even stranger and more memorable this time round. From the skin of your teeth to the graveyard shift - you'll never speak (or even think) English in the same way again. Albert Jack has become something of a publishing phenomenon, clocking up hundreds of thousands of sales with his series of bestselling adventures tracing the fantastic stories behind everyday phrases (Red Herrings and White Elephants), the world's great mysteries (Loch Ness Monsters and Raining Frogs) nursery rhymes (Pop Goes the Weasel) pub names (The Old Dog and Duck and food history (What Caesar did for My Salad)
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Moral Stories For Kids

Author : Albert Jack
ISBN : 9781386162995
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 22.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From the Author of the Internationally Bestselling Books - Red Herrings & White Elephants, What Caesar did for My Salad, Shaggy Dogs, Pop Goes the Weasel, They Laughed at Galileo: Inspiring Stories for Children is an experimental book of around a dozen original stories and poems, all for children, and over fifty of the world’s favourite nursery rhymes that both children and adults alike should be familiar with. Even if not then this is still a great add to the Kindle of any parent hoping to entertain and teach their children. Should the characters in the original stories included here prove to be popular then there may well be an illustrated series of children’s stories centered around their adventures, so we would appreciate your feedback here – [email protected] In the meantime we hope you will agree that these delightful stories, one or two being modern versions of old and, in many cases, long forgotten tales (Aesop’s Fables) and often with a strong moral lesson. Also there is a reminder of some of our better known nursery rhymes. Many thanks – Albert Jack.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Military And Nautical Phrases

Author : Albert Jack
ISBN : 1981053581
Genre :
File Size : 68.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From the Author of the Internationally Bestselling Red Herrings & White Elephants, Pop Goes the Weasel, What Caesar did for My Salad, Shaggy Dogs, They Laughed at Galileo:Many times, during every single day, all of us will use what is known as an Idiom. Idioms are words and phrases, which those of us with a native English tongue take for granted as we have grown up to recognise their meaning. That is despite the words being used having absolutely nothing at all to do with the context of a conversation we are having. For example if I explained I am writing this preface 'off the cuff', and with no preparation, you would immediately recognise it as an unprepared piece being written in one take, spontaneously and then left as it is (which, by the way, it is). But why do I call that 'off the cuff' when it has nothing to do with my cuffs or being either on or off them. Or if I suggested everything in this book was absolutely true, I can emphasis that statement by insisting every word in here is 'straight from the horse's mouth'. Again, we all know that means it has come directly from the source of information and is therefore reliable. But I haven't got a horse. I have never spoken to one and unless I can find one that wins more often, even when I hedge my bets, then I might have nothing to do with any of the beasts again.Those little phrases appear in conversation all over the English speaking world, every minute of the day, and we take them for granted. And many of them have evolved from a particular event, or repeated events, or even perhaps a significant figure from history. There are thousands of them that have been covered in my books Red Herrings and White Elephants, Shaggy Dogs and Black Sheep or It's a Wonderful World. In this volume, however, we are going to concentrate only on those with a nautical or military history. I know you have heard many of them before and probably even use them regularly. Now, you are going to love finding out where they came from in the first place and how they became part of the rich English language.----When we 'Turn a Blind Eye' it suggests we know what is going on and what is about to happen, but fail to take any action to alter the situation. It is a phrase emanating from one of the most significant events in British naval history. During the Battle of Copenhagen, in 1801, the commander of the British Fleet, Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, watched as Horatio Nelson launched an attack on the Danish navy. At one point, Parker felt that the fleet was taking unnecessary risks and bearing unacceptable losses, so he ordered Nelson, via a series of flags, to disengage with the enemy. But when Nelson's officers pointed out the order, he famously raised a telescope to his blind eye and replied: 'Order, what order? I see no flags.' Nelson then returned his attention to the battle at hand and soundly defeated the Danes. This was famously reported in The London Times as 'Naval Hero Turns His Blind Eye to Orders and Wins Historic Victory.' On his return to London, he was made a viscount and put in overall command of the Channel Fleet, which led to his defining moment at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.Register for more of Albert Jack's History Books at

Mona Lisa Smile

Author : Albert Jack
ISBN : 9781386170815
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 52.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From the bestselling author of Red Herrings & White Elephants, Shaggy Dogs, Pop Goes the Weasel, They Laughed at Galileo and many more.. Introduction We all love a good mystery don’t we? And by all, I mean each and every one of us are, or will be, captivated at one time or another by a decent, real-life, scary mystery; either one of the world’s most famous or something on a much smaller scale. But, writing a book on just one of these would have been relatively easy. The challenge came from researching many of them and then condensing them down in a way that I know you, my reader, will enjoy them. And that is in short, sharp informative sections that can be read on the train, bus, queue or whilst you are waiting to pick the kids up from school. In other words, the challenge was to explain each mystery in a way you can enjoy, and absorb, in about ten minutes flat. Therefore, inevitably, some information will be missing, for which I apologise in advance. But the missing detail isn’t critical to the basic story; the core details of the mystery in question should all be in there. And this brings me to an important point. Given that I am a fan of the unknown and unexplained, I have not set out to be a mystery buster in this series. Instead I just wanted to tell the story, reveal some little-known detail and offer a rational explanation wherever I could. I wanted to provoke some thought and conversation wherever I could, but leave you to decide the answer for yourselves; does the story remain a mystery, in your view, or have you managed to piece together a theory of your own that you can share with friends. Although, to be fair, I must admit there are some cases where I just couldn’t resist presenting some of my own ideas and giving full rein to my scepticism. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying yourselves. Here then is the short story of Leonardo Da Vinci and his famous Mona Lisa. Who was she and where is she now?
Category: True Crime

Crop Circles

Author : Albert Jack
ISBN : 9781540150967
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 86.99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From the best selling author of Red Herrings & White Elephants, Pop Goes the Weasel, Ten Minute Mysteries and many more... Who Really Makes Crop Circles? Strange formations in fields of wheat and other crops have been appearing since the 1970s. Are they made by aliens parking their spaceships, or is the explanation rather more down to earth? Of all the subjects I’ve explored for this series, the one I was most looking forward to finding more about was crop circles. For years I had been hoping there would be an extraordinary paranormal explanation for crop-circle appearances or, better still, that we were being visited by aliens from other worlds. Then, when it became clear that most of the circles were in fact hoaxes, I relished the thought that I would finally have the chance to dismiss all the crop-circle fanatics I have heard on the radio over the years talking with great passion about the temporary parking of invisible spacecraft in a field, leaving behind an imprint in the flattened wheat when they zoom back into outer space. The only extra bit of evidence offered for this startling conclusion appearing to be that witnesses claim flocks of birds veer around crop-circle sites as if avoiding or circumnavigating something the rest of us cannot see. I was looking forward to poking fun at the gaping holes left in the arguments of these so-called experts when expounding their elaborate theories on the six o’clock news. Indeed, I wish I had phoned in once, just once, and asked that sanctimonious old fellow on the BBC, who appeared to be contradicting himself every five minutes, a couple of simple questions: how, then, do you explain the crop circles that have appeared directly underneath power lines – how could a spaceship have landed there? Read on.....
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