Recursive Analysis

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Recursive Analysis

Author : R. L. Goodstein
ISBN : 9780486158150
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 89.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This text by a master in the field covers recursive convergence, recursive and relative continuity, recursive and relative differentiability, the relative integral, elementary functions, and transfinite ordinals. 1961 edition.
Category: Mathematics

Recursive Analysis

Author : Reuben Louis Goodstein
ISBN : UCAL:B4248819
Genre : Recursion theory
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Format : PDF
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Category: Recursion theory

Recursive Estimation And Time Series Analysis

Author : Peter C. Young
ISBN : 9783642823367
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 78.44 MB
Format : PDF
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This book has grown out of a set of lecture notes prepared originally for a NATO Summer School on "The Theory and Practice of Systems ModelLing and Identification" held between the 17th and 28th July, 1972 at the Ecole Nationale Superieure de L'Aeronautique et de L'Espace. Since this time I have given similar lecture courses in the Control Division of the Engineering Department, University of Cambridge; Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Western Australia; the University of Ghent, Belgium (during the time I held the IBM Visiting Chair in Simulation for the month of January, 1980), the Australian National University, and the Agricultural University, Wageningen, the Netherlands. As a result, I am grateful to all the reci pients of these lecture courses for their help in refining the book to its present form; it is still far from perfect but I hope that it will help the student to become acquainted with the interesting and practically useful concept of recursive estimation. Furthermore, I hope it will stimulate the reader to further study the theoretical aspects of the subject, which are not dealt with in detail in the present text. The book is primarily intended to provide an introductory set of lecture notes on the subject of recursive estimation to undergraduate/Masters students. However, the book can also be considered as a "theoretical background" handbook for use with the CAPTAIN Computer Package.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Practicing Running Time Analysis Of Recursive Algorithms

Author : Irena Pevac
ISBN : 1539088863
Genre :
File Size : 68.45 MB
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Educators teaching Algorithms and students taking the course consider running time analysis of recursive algorithms one of the most difficult topics in the course. The limited number of examples in the textbooks is not sufficient to grasp the topic for most of the learners. This text is designed to help students learn time performance analysis. It may be helpful for instructors teaching those courses as well by providing them a poll of test questions, or helping those to create projects that are variations of existing examples. The book provides 60 examples. They are grouped into decrease-by-constant, decrease-by-constant-factor, divide-and-conquer, and general-decrease type. Each example has a description of the problem, recursive algorithm implemented in Java, and full running time analysis consisting of problem size, basic operation, recurrence, and detailed derivation of solution for the recurrence. Most of the examples were given to students on tests, final exams, or were part of the assigned projects. The last chapter of the book provides templates for the following seven basic complexity categories: log n, n, n log n, n squared, n cubed, a raised to the power of n, and n!, together with a list of possible variations for each template that do not affect their asymptotic performance. In addition, we provide list of problems to illustrate each of the templates.

Introduction To Static Analysis

Author : Xavier Rival
ISBN : 9780262043410
Genre : Computers
File Size : 37.65 MB
Format : PDF
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A self-contained introduction to abstract interpretation–based static analysis, an essential resource for students, developers, and users. Static program analysis, or static analysis, aims to discover semantic properties of programs without running them. It plays an important role in all phases of development, including verification of specifications and programs, the synthesis of optimized code, and the refactoring and maintenance of software applications. This book offers a self-contained introduction to static analysis, covering the basics of both theoretical foundations and practical considerations in the use of static analysis tools. By offering a quick and comprehensive introduction for nonspecialists, the book fills a notable gap in the literature, which until now has consisted largely of scientific articles on advanced topics. The text covers the mathematical foundations of static analysis, including semantics, semantic abstraction, and computation of program invariants; more advanced notions and techniques, including techniques for enhancing the cost-accuracy balance of analysis and abstractions for advanced programming features and answering a wide range of semantic questions; and techniques for implementing and using static analysis tools. It begins with background information and an intuitive and informal introduction to the main static analysis principles and techniques. It then formalizes the scientific foundations of program analysis techniques, considers practical aspects of implementation, and presents more advanced applications. The book can be used as a textbook in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in static analysis and program verification, and as a reference for users, developers, and experts.
Category: Computers


Author : B. Jack Copeland
ISBN : 9780262527484
Genre : Computers
File Size : 45.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Computer scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers discuss the conceptual foundations of the notion of computability as well as recent theoretical developments. In the 1930s a series of seminal works published by Alan Turing, Kurt Gödel, Alonzo Church, and others established the theoretical basis for computability. This work, advancing precise characterizations of effective, algorithmic computability, was the culmination of intensive investigations into the foundations of mathematics. In the decades since, the theory of computability has moved to the center of discussions in philosophy, computer science, and cognitive science. In this volume, distinguished computer scientists, mathematicians, logicians, and philosophers consider the conceptual foundations of computability in light of our modern understanding. Some chapters focus on the pioneering work by Turing, Gödel, and Church, including the Church-Turing thesis and Gödel's response to Church's and Turing's proposals. Other chapters cover more recent technical developments, including computability over the reals, Gödel's influence on mathematical logic and on recursion theory and the impact of work by Turing and Emil Post on our theoretical understanding of online and interactive computing; and others relate computability and complexity to issues in the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of science, and the philosophy of mathematics. Contributors Scott Aaronson, Dorit Aharonov, B. Jack Copeland, Martin Davis, Solomon Feferman, Saul Kripke, Carl J. Posy, Hilary Putnam, Oron Shagrir, Stewart Shapiro, Wilfried Sieg, Robert I. Soare, Umesh V. Vazirani
Category: Computers

Recursive Frame Analysis

Author : Hillary Keeney
ISBN : 1365356280
Genre :
File Size : 42.72 MB
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Recursive Frame Analysis (RFA) is a qualitative research method for mapping and analyzing change-oriented conversation. Cybernetician and therapist Bradford Keeney invented RFA over twenty years ago as a means of discerning and indicating the bare bones organization of real-time therapeutic performance. This book revisits some of Keeney's original ideas while providing a more exhaustive theoretical foundation for RFA, a thorough exploration of its practical application as a research tool, and several detailed analyses of therapy sessions.

Computable Analysis

Author : Stanisław Mazur
ISBN : UVA:X001449881
Genre : Recursive functions
File Size : 88.39 MB
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Category: Recursive functions

Computer Aided Analysis Of Rigid And Flexible Mechanical Systems

Author : Manuel F.O. Seabra Pereira
ISBN : 9789401111669
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 55.95 MB
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This book contains the edited version of the lectures presented at the NATO ADVANCED STUDY INSTITUTE on "COMPUTER AIDED ANALYSIS OF RIGID AND FLEXIBLE MECHANICAL SYSTEMS". held in Troia. Portugal. from the 27 June to 9 July. 1993. and organized by the Instituto de Engenharia Mecanica. Instituto Superior Tecnico. This ASI addressed the state-of-art in the field of multibody dynamics. which is now a well developed subject with a great variety of formalisms. methods and principles. Ninety five participants. from twenty countries. representing academia. industry. government and research institutions attended this Institute. This contributed greatly to the success of the Institute since it encouraged the interchange of experiences between leading scientists and young scholars and promoted discussions that helped to generate new ideas and to defme directions of research and future developments. The full program of the Institute included also contributed presentations made by participants where different topics have been explored. Such topics include: formulations and numerical aspects in rigid and flexible mechanical systems; object-oriented paradigms; optimal design and synthesis; robotics; kinematics; path planning; control; impact dynamics; and several application oriented developments in weapon systems. vehicles and crash worthiness. These papers have been revised and will be published by Kluwer in a special issue of the Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics and in a forthcoming companion book. This book brings together. in a tutorial and review manner. a comprehensive summary of current work and is therefore suitable for a wide range of interests.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Static Analysis

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015047958437
Genre : Computer programming
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Category: Computer programming