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Rebounding From Death S Door

Author : Jeff Elliott
ISBN : 1468514393
Genre : Religion
File Size : 78.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Overcome with emotion after watching his son play in his first collegiate basketball game, Jeff was inspired to tell the story of how his son overcame a massive brain tumor, double vision, and zero balance to receive a basketball scholarship and earn a starting position on his college team. Through telling his sons story, it is Jeffs desire to give hope to those who are lost, inspiration to those who despair, and vision to those who cannot see past the obstacles that life has placed in their path.
Category: Religion

Death S Door

Author : Douglas Lebeck
ISBN : 9781449018559
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Fiction

Death S Door

Author : Kelly Johnson
ISBN : 9781682899687
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42.50 MB
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The story of Death’s Door is one of triumphs and tragedies, carrying the reader through the life events of three significant characters, brothers Britt and Anniken, and their lifelong friend, Eva. The story is set along the southern coast of Norway where the North and Norwegian Seas meet. It is here where the infamous cave, Death’s Door, dwells along with its cohort, Hell’s Gate, which is believed to be the hidden lair of Kraken, the great monster of the sea. It is here where Viking legends began, stories of warriors, pirates, and monsters battling upon and within the wretched and glorious sea. Death’s Door is the formidable cave that lies beneath the rugged and pristine cliffs of this small coastal village, sought out by cave diving extremists worldwide and known for it’s treacherous and deadly inner walls. Attempts to tame Death’s Door has eluded many a man over the centuries, devouring the lives of so many, including Britt, Anniken and Eva. The story begins in a time of post war; World War II had ended a decade before and the people of Norway had taken back their country from the German’s. Britt, Anniken, and Eva were born during the aftermath of WWII reaching young adulthood in the era of the Vietnam War, experiencing the depths of its wrath. These historical events, intertwined with the lives of the characters, create the underlying element of good vs. evil and how life comes full circle. And so it is true of the sea and the beast that lies within. Adventure, love, and tragedy fill these pages, challenging it’s characters to rise above it all only to find sometimes the quest for victory leads to ultimate defeat.
Category: Fiction

At Death S Door

Author : Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN : 9780349412252
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'Epic adventures, fantastical creatures and an epic romance. What's not to love?' Fortress of Books 'Angels. Demons. Sirens. Goddesses. The undead. Pirates. Mermen. Dragons. This book has it all!' Goodreads reviewer _________ One step into the Dark-Hunter world and you'll never turn back Born the beautiful daughter of a poor cobbler, Valynda Moore learned early in life that beauty was its own form of a curse in a world ruled by ruthless men who would use any means to take what they wanted. And the stakes were never higher than the night when one man went so far as to steal her very soul and condemn her to live eternity in the body of a living straw doll. Now she has one chance to be human again. To have her soul restored to a flesh-and-blood body. But only if she betrays everyone she holds dear, and breaks every vow she's made. To her, the choice is simple. She'd never hurt her friends. Besides, what use does she have for a human body? Until her enemies use the one lure that even she cannot resist. Now, like Eve in the Garden of Eden, Valynda has a choice. She can be selfless and alone in her cold, doll's body for eternity. Or she can pluck the one piece of fruit she's always longed to taste and become human in the process. But there's just one small catch. Not only will her friends pay the price for her humanity, she will damn all of humanity in her place. _________ The latest gripping instalment in this sensational, rip-roaring Historical Fantasy series, set in the Dark-Hunter World from #1 NYT bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon, 'arguably one of the most in-demand and prolific authors in America' Publishers Weekly Discover the dark magic of the Dark Hunter series: 'Kenyon boldly goes where no author has gone before and claims yet another genre as her own' Publishers Weekly 'Brisk, ironic and relentlessly imaginative. These are not your mother's vampire novels' Boston Globe 'Kenyon blew me away with her imagination' Goodreads reviewer 'Intense and thrilling' Goodreads reviewer 'Fantastically fun romance' Goodreads reviewer 'A fantastic start to the trilogy' Goodreads reviewer
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Catch Release

Author : David Ollier Weber
ISBN : 9780971648159
Genre :
File Size : 24.84 MB
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A novel set here in the Emerald Triangle's most exciting outback venues, mostly along the Mina Road running between Covelo and Alderpoint, Catch/Release begins, "We still pick up hitchhikers in Mendocino County...." Yeah, lots of us do, but only because we know them and there might be social consequences if we don t stop. But if you're deep in the outback, somewhere south of Zenia, basic human solidarity will make you to stop for someone who appears to be in need, which is what Ollier's nifty little novel is pegged to, a humanitarian impulse that nearly gets the humanitarian killed. The author has clearly spent a lot of time around low-lifes because the low life he gives a lift to is perfectly portrayed right down to the creative grammar of his vocabulary of curses. The book's a page turner. I picked it up during the serial rounds of gluttony that mark the birth of Our Savior at my house and didn't put it down until I was confident the narrator would survive. Ollier manages to capture both the more comfortable Mendo vibe reflected by the flesh pots of Mendocino Village and the ominous one you can get in the Northeast sector of the county even without a demented hitchhiker. In this tale, which is definitely an essential addition to the Mendo ouevre, you not only get deftly drawn suspense but a nice set piece on fishing, funny encounters with a surly Klamath store clerk and a female Fox News zombie who picks up our hero on Highway 36 when he becomes the hitchhiker. Ollier's a guy who knows his Mendo, from the Pacific to the Yolly Bollys. If your local bookstore doesn't have it, pester them until they do. --Bruce Anderson, Anderson Valley Advertiser

Blue Dahlia

Author : Nora Roberts
ISBN : 1101494999
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Against the backdrop of a house steeped in history and a thriving new gardening business, three women unearth the memories of the past in the first novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts' In the Garden Trilogy. A Harper has always lived at Harper House, the centuries-old mansion just outside of Memphis. And for as long as anyone alive remembers, the ghostly Harper Bride has walked the halls, singing lullabies at night… Trying to escape the ghosts of the past, young widow Stella Rothchild, along with her two energetic little boys, has moved back to her roots in southern Tennessee. She isn’t intimidated by Harper House—nor by its mistress. Despite a reputation for being difficult, Roz Harper has been nothing but kind to Stella, offering her a comfortable place to live and a challenging new job as manager of the flourishing In the Garden nursery. As Stella settles comfortably into her new life, she finds a nurturing friendship with Roz and expectant mother Hayley and a fierce attraction to ruggedly handsome landscaper Logan Kitridge. He’s difficult but honest, brash but considerate—and undeniably sexy. And for a sensible woman like Stella, he may be just what she needs… Don’t miss the other books in the In the Garden Trilogy Black Rose Red Lily From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Fiction


Author : Theresa Salihu-Musso
ISBN : 9781449075910
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 24.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Who among us has not experienced "failure"? Rebounding is about the process of rediscovering, reinventing, and recovering yourself in the face of a personal or professional setback or failure. It is about learning how to suck the juice out of a lemon and turn it into lemonade, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and moving on with the business of living at hand...emerging even stronger, wiser, and with more confidence than before! We all have a unique set of experiences, talents, and gifts - all of which present opportunities for growth and for unique perspective. Blending personal experience with practical suggestions for reengaging, Rebounding presents a perspective that gives one the space to breathe in the face of a failure and learn how to turn that liability into one of your greatest assets. With a rare sense of vulnerability, the author opens up about some of her greatest challenges and what core beliefs created an ability to experience an inner resilience that many never talk about. Sharing the failure of a business, the failure of a marriage, and struggles with her recent financial reality, she creates in Rebounding a unique chance to get inside the ebbs and flows of life and examine the real power of personal choice in the face of adversity. Word Count: 212
Category: Business & Economics