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Rebels And Patriots

Author : Michael Leck
ISBN : 9781472830197
Genre : Games & Activities
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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From the first shots at Jumonville Glen to the surrender at Appomattox, Rebels and Patriots allows you to campaign with Wolfe or Montcalm, stand with Tarleton at Cowpens or Washington at Yorktown, or don the blue or grey to fight for Grant or Lee. From the French and Indian War, through the War of Independence and the War of 1812, to the Alamo and the American Civil War, these rules focus on the skirmishes, raids, and small engagements from this era of black powder and bayonet. Your Company is commanded by your Officer during these tumultuous conflicts. Each battle that your Officer faces allows him to develop new and interesting traits. Does he perform heroically and earn a nom de guerre? Or falter, to be forever known as a yellow-belly? Designed by Michael Leck and Daniel Mersey, with a core system based on the popular Lion Rampant rules, Rebels and Patriots provides all the mechanics and force options needed to recreate the conflicts that forged a nation.
Category: Games & Activities

Forgotten Patriots

Author : Jack Cahill
ISBN : STANFORD:36105021706986
Genre : History
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In the aftermath of the rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada in the late 1830s, some of the rebels who fought for democracy in the Canadas were hanged and some had their death sentences commuted to transportation for life. Those who were hanged have been remembered by history, but those Canadians and their American supporters who were transported to the cruel Australian convict colonies have been largely forgotten.Based in part on journals written by the Canadian and American prisoners in Australia, Jack Cahill's book tells of the scurvy and death on the crowded rickety ships that carried them to the end of the earth, of their sufferings as brutalized slaves, their sad pinings for home and family, and their many attempts to escape, some successful. He also introduces a magnificent heroine, Maria Wait, who saved her own husband from death minutes before he went to the gallows, then risked her life and family attempting to rescue others from their convict chains.Because so little was known about the Canadian and American convicts in Australia, Cahill approached the subject as an investigative journalist rather than a historian. But the renowned Canadian historian Desmond Morton reported after reading the manuscript: This is a great story.... I'm sure the material you report is unknown outside the part of the [history] profession that specializes in the Rebellions.... The Wait material, in particular, is fascinating and serves the modern eagerness for unearthing strong, courageous women.
Category: History

Rebels Rising

Author : Benjamin L. Carp
ISBN : 9780195378559
Genre : History
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"The cities of eighteenth-century America packed together tens of thousands of colonists, who met to debate the issues of the day in back rooms and taverns, on the wharves on in the streets. In this fascinating work, Carp shows how these various urban meeting places provided the tinder and spark for the American Revolution, focusing on colonial America's five most populous cities -- particularly Boston's waterfront community, New York taverngoers, Newport congregations, Charleston's elite patriarchy, and the common people who gathered outside Philadelphia's State House. He describes how the cities became the flashpoints for legislative protests, committee meetings, massive outdoor gatherings, newspaper harangues, boycotts, customs evasion, violence, and riots -- all of which laid the groundwork for war"--Page 4 of cover.
Category: History

Patriots And Rebels

Author : John C. Bush
ISBN : 149917926X
Genre : Fiction
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Patriots and Rebels is a true story, imagined, set in the years 1863-65. In it we encounter the stark reality of patriotism and rebellion played out in the words, thoughts, experiences and emotions of Thomas Files and his fourteen-year-old daughter Mary Francis. Born and raised in the hill country of north Alabama, Tom is determined to defend the United States of America as his ancestors had done in 1776. His strong sense of patriotic loyalty places him and his family in situations of profound conflict and danger. After Tom's one-year enlistment with the First Alabama Cavalry, United States Volunteers, his return home would place him and his family in great jeopardy. For two years he seeks safety and finds adventure in the wide-ranging company of Northern compatriots. These adventures place him in positions to experience some of the most interesting minor and major events near the end of the war in the Deep South. Among these are Streight's Mule Brigade, General Nathan Bedfort Forrest's Fort Pillow Massacre, the Battle of Nashville (depicted on the cover) and heavy handed Federal military rule in Kentucky. He is captured by General John Bell Hood's troops near Nashville, from whom he escapes only to be arrested by Union forces at Decatur, Alabama on suspicion of being a Confederate spy. Meanwhile, Fannie, her little sisters and mother struggle to survive under dire circumstances of persecution, isolation and hostility. In different ways and circumstances all of them come to grips with what it means to be a patriot or a rebel, or both, and endure the consequences of well-meant plans gone awry.Patriots and Rebels is based on the actual records of real people, as found in the National Archives and published biographical sketches. There were at least a hundred thousand men like Tom Files – white Southerners fighting for the Union -- from every Confederate state except South Carolina. Their story has been largely neglected, particularly in historical fiction.
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Patriot War Along The Michigan Canada Border

Author : Shaun J. McLaughlin
ISBN : 9781625845115
Genre : History
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The soldiers and civilians who participated in the Patriot War, fought between 1837 and 1842, hoped to free Canada from supposed British tyranny, as the United States had done just over half a century before. Despite heavy losses throughout, the American and Canadian "Patriots" refused to give up their noble cause. The Patriots launched at least thirteen raids on Upper Canada from the American border states. The western front, which spanned the British colony from Ohio and Michigan in western Lake Erie and along the Detroit River, saw some of the fiercest fighting, including the failed 1838 Battle of Windsor. In the wake of this engagement, many Canadians were outraged at the retaliatory hangings, while Americans protested the transport of their kin to the Tasmanian penal colony. With stories from both sides of the border, historian Shaun J. McLaughlin recalls the triumphs and sacrifices of the doomed Patriots.
Category: History

Patriots And Redcoats

Author : Steven Anthony Otfinoski
ISBN : 9781491472309
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 68.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Powerful leaders emerged during the victories and defeats of the Revolutionary War. Meet the people who planned the battles, led the attacks, and shaped the war between the Patriots and the Redcoats. Perfect for Common Core studies on analyzing multiple accounts of an event.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Bye Bye Miss American Empire

Author : Bill Kauffman
ISBN : 9781603582810
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 77.97 MB
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It's been almost a century and a half since a critical mass of Americans believed that secession was an American birthright. But breakaway movements large and small are rising up across the nation. From Vermont to Alaska, activists driven by all manner of motives want to form new states-and even new nations. So, just what's happening out there? The American Empire is dying, says Bill Kauffman in this incisive, eye-opening investigation into modern-day secession-the next radical idea poised to enter mainstream discourse. And those rising up to topple that empire are a surprising mix of conservatives, liberals, regionalists, and independents who-from movement to movement-may share few political beliefs but who have one thing in common: a sense that our nation has grown too large, and too powerfully centralized, to stay true to its founding principles. Bye Bye, Miss American Empire traces the historical roots of the secessionist spirit, and introduces us to the often radical, sometimes quixotic, and highly charged movements that want to decentralize and re-localize power. During the George W. Bush administration, frustrated liberals talked secession back to within hailing distance of the margins of national debate, a place it had not occupied since 1861. Now, secessionist voices on the left and right and everywhere in between are amplifying. Writes Kauffman, "The noise is the sweet hum of revolution, of subjects learning how to be citizens, of people shaking off . . . their Wall Street and Pentagon overlords and taking charge of their lives once more." Engaging, illuminating, even sometimes troubling, Bye Bye, Miss American Empire is a must-read for those taking the pulse of the nation.
Category: Political Science

Hillbilly Nationalists Urban Race Rebels And Black Power

Author : Amy Sonnie
ISBN : 9781612190082
Genre : History
File Size : 82.93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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THE STORY OF SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AND LITTLE-KNOWN ACTIVISTS OF THE 1960s, IN A DEEPLY SOURCED NARRATIVE HISTORY The historians of the late 1960s have emphasized the work of a group of white college activists who courageously took to the streets to protest the war in Vietnam and continuing racial inequality. Poor and working-class whites have tended to be painted as spectators, reactionaries, and, even, racists. Most Americans, the story goes, just watched the political movements of the sixties go by. James Tracy and Amy Sonnie, who have been interviewing activists from the era for nearly ten years, reject this old narrative. They show that poor and working-class radicals, inspired by the Civil Rights movement, the Black Panthers, and progressive populism, started to organize significant political struggles against racism and inequality during the 1960s and 1970s. Among these groups: + JOIN Community Union brought together southern migrants, student radicals, and welfare recipients in Chicago to fight for housing, health, and welfare . . . + The Young Patriots Organization and Rising Up Angry organized self-identified hillbillies, Chicago greasers, Vietnam vets, and young feminists into a legendary “Rainbow Coalition” with Black and Puerto Rican activists . . . + In Philadelphia, the October 4th Organization united residents of industrial Kensington against big business, war, and a repressive police force . . . + In the Bronx, White Lightning occupied hospitals and built coalitions with doctors to fight for the rights of drug addicts and the poor. Exploring an untold history of the New Left, the book shows how these groups helped to redefine community organizing—and transforms the way we think about a pivotal moment in U.S. history. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: History

Pioneers Patriots And Rebels

Author : Michael Charles Brakefield Scoggins
ISBN : OCLC:999885986
Genre : Brakefield family
File Size : 40.93 MB
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Papist Patriots

Author : Maura Jane Farrelly
ISBN : 9780199912148
Genre : Religion
File Size : 32.26 MB
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"The persons in America who were the most opposed to Great Britain had also, in general, distinguished themselves by being particularly hostile to Catholics." So wrote the minister, teacher, and sometime-historian Jonathan Boucher from his home in Surrey, England, in 1797. He blamed "old prejudices against papists" for the Revolution's popularity - especially in Maryland, where most of the non-Canadian Catholics in British North America lived. Many historians since Boucher have noted the role that anti-Catholicism played in stirring up animosity against the king and Parliament. Yet, in spite of the rhetoric, Maryland's Catholics supported the independence movement more enthusiastically than their Protestant neighbors. Not only did Maryland's Catholics embrace the idea of independence, they also embraced the individualistic, rights-oriented ideology that defined the Revolution, even though theirs was a communally oriented denomination that stressed the importance of hierarchy, order, and obligation. Catholic leaders in Europe made it clear that the war was a "sedition" worthy of damnation, even as they acknowledged that England had been no friend to the Catholic Church. So why, then, did "papists" become "patriots?" Maura Jane Farrelly finds that the answer has a long history, one that begins in England in the early seventeenth century and gains momentum during the nine decades preceding the American Revolution, when Maryland's Catholics lost a religious toleration that had been uniquely theirs in the English-speaking world and were forced to maintain their faith in an environment that was legally hostile and clerically poor. This experience made Maryland's Catholics the colonists who were most prepared in 1776 to accept the cultural, ideological, and psychological implications of a break from England.
Category: Religion