Reanalysis In Sentence Processing

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Reanalysis In Sentence Processing

Author : J. Fodor
ISBN : 9789401590709
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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The topic addressed in this volume lies within the study of sentence processing, which is one of the major divisions of psycholinguistics. The goal has been to understand the structure and functioning of the mental mechanisms involved in sentence comprehension. Most of the experimental and theoretical work during the last twenty or thirty years has focused on 'first-pass parsing', the process of assigning structure to a sentence as its words are encountered, one at a time, 'from left to right' . One important guiding idea has been to delineate the processing mechanisms by studying where they fai!. For this purpose we identify types of sentences which perceivers have trouble assigning structure to. An important class of perceptually difficult senten ces are those which contain temporary ambiguities. Since the parsing mechanism cannot tell what the intended structure is, it may make an incorrect guess. Then later on in the sentence, the structure assignment process breaks down, because the later words do not fit with the incorrect structural analysis. This is called a 'garden path' situation. When it occurs, the parsing mechanism must somehow correct itself, and find a different analysis which is compatible with the incoming words. This reanalysis process is the subject of the research reported here.
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Sentence Processing A Crosslinguistic Perspective

Author : Dieter Hillert
ISBN : 9780585492230
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 56.2 MB
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Provides an overview of the fundamental psycholinguistic topics involved in sentence processing. Proposing a cross-linguistic approach, this book offers a theory that characterizes universal cognitive features of the human language processor, independent of a single language structure. It addresses word recognition, fixed expressions, and more.
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German Sentence Processing

Author : B. Hemforth
ISBN : 9789401596183
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 29.21 MB
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The German language offers a variety of possibilities for asking and answering new questions in psycholinguistic sentence comprehension research. The collection of papers in this volume contributes to the increasingly relevant crosslinguistic comparison of mechanisms of human sentence processing. The topics covered are incremental structure assembly, on-line ambiguity resolution, and phonological, contextual, and working memory aspects of reanalysis. The new theoretical and experimental insights presented in this volume should be of great interest to linguists and psychologists working on human language comprehension. The introductory information provided by the authors makes the volume easily accessible to advanced students.
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Japanese Sentence Processing

Author : Reiko Mazuka
ISBN : 9781134770212
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This volume is a direct result of the International Symposium on Japanese Sentence Processing held at Duke University. The symposium provided the first opportunity for researchers in three disciplinary areas from both Japan and the United States to participate in a conference where they could discuss issues concerning Japanese syntactic processing. The goals of the symposium were three-fold: * to illuminate the mechanisms of Japanese sentence processing from the viewpoints of linguistics, psycholinguistics and computer science; * to synthesize findings about the mechanisms of Japanese sentence processing by researchers in these three fields in Japan and the United States; * to lay foundations for future interdisciplinary research in Japanese sentence processing, as well as international collaborations between researchers in Japan and the United States. The chapters in this volume have been written from the points of view of three different disciplines, with various immediate objectives -- from building usable speech understanding systems to investigating the nature of competence grammars for natural languages. All of the papers share the long term goal of understanding the nature of human language processing mechanisms. The book is concerned with two central issues -- the universality of language processing mechanisms, and the nature of the relation between the components of linguistic knowledge and language processing. This volume demonstrates that interdisciplinary research can be fruitful, and provides groundwork for further research in Japanese sentence processing.
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Cross Linguistic Perspectives On Language Processing

Author : M. de Vincenzi
ISBN : 9789401139496
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 24.3 MB
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Recent studies in psycho linguistics have ranged through a variety of languages. In this trend, which has no precedent, studies in language processing have followed studies in language acquisition and theoretical linguistics in considering language universals in a broader scope than only in English. Since the beginning of the century, studies in language acquisition have produced a vast body of data from a number of Indoeuropean languages, and the emphasis on the universal has preceded the emphasis on the particular (see (Slobin 1985) for a review). Nowadays, the research in the field advances by means of a continuous linking between the cross-linguistic uniformities and the individual language influences on development. The level of language universals is continuously refined as the data from a number of languages contribute to the elaboration of a more distinctive picture of the language of children. The first cross-linguistic studies in theoretical linguistics appeared at the end of the seventies. Within the Chomskian paradigm, the reference to the Romance languages caused a shift from a rule-based toward a principle-based formalism (Chomsky 1981, 1995); within alternative theories, the reduced prominence of the pure phrase structure component in favor of the lexicon and/or the functional relations (see, e.g., Lexical Functional Grammar (Bresnan 1982), Relational Grammar (Perlmutter 1983)) sought empirical support in languages exhibiting deep structural differences with respect to English (e.g. Bantu, Malayalam, Romance and Slavic languages Warlpiri). The M. De Vincenzi and V. Lombardo (eds.), Cross-linguistic Perspectives on Language Processing, 1-19.
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The Lexical Basis Of Sentence Processing

Author : Paola Merlo
ISBN : 1588111563
Genre : Computers
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This volume highlights current theories of the lexicon from the perspective of its use in sentence understanding. It includes work from researchers in psycholinguistic studies on sentence comprehension.
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Grammatical Competence And Parsing Performance

Author : Bradley L. Pritchett
ISBN : 0226684423
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 58.25 MB
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How does a parser, a device that imposes an analysis on a string of symbols so that they can be interpreted, work? More specifically, how does the parser in the human cognitive mechanism operate? Using a wide range of empirical data concerning human natural language processing, Bradley Pritchett demonstrates that parsing performance depends on grammatical competence, not, as many have thought, on perception, computation, or semantics. Pritchett critiques the major performance-based parsing models to argue that the principles of grammar drive the parser; the parser, furthermore, is the apparatus that tries to enforce the conditions of the grammar at every point in the processing of a sentence. In comparing garden path phenomena, those instances when the parser fails on the first reading of a sentence and must reanalyze it, with occasions when the parser successfully functions the first time around, Pritchett makes a convincing case for a grammar-derived parsing theory.
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Nels 37

Author : Emily Elfner
ISBN : 1419679937
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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NELS 37, the thirty-seventh annual meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, was hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on October 13-15, 2006. These two volumes of conference proceedings, edited by Emily Elfner and Martin Walkow and published by the Graduate Linguistic Student Association of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, contain the forty-seven presented papers that were submitted for publication. Volume 2 (this volume) contains twenty-three papers from the main session.
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