Reaching Resilience

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Reaching Resilience

Author : Patricia Omidian
ISBN : 1976431964
Genre :
File Size : 47.3 MB
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In 1986 medical anthropologist Pat Omidian worked with Afghan refugees in San Francisco and first realized that people can find their own solutions when resilience is supported in culturally relevant ways. The ensuing years took her to Afghanistan under the Taliban, to earthquake torn Pakistan, to post-tsunami Japan, and Ebola threatened Liberia. This gem of a book shares lessons she learned in over thirty years of working in diverse cultures with people and communities in severe distress. Reaching Resilience offers an easy-to-use psychosocial health approach called Community Wellness Focusing (CWF), the combined work of many dedicated community activists and healers. Each chapter explains a basic principle and gives examples of activities that support inner sensing, group learning and deep empathic listening. Focusing Initiatives International is the organization that Pat started together with social justice activist Melinda Darer to promote and support CWF worldwide.

Achieving Disaster Resilience In U S Communities

Author : Stephanie Sanok Kostro
ISBN : 9781442240384
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 57.36 MB
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This report examines the disaster resilience efforts of the executive and legislative branches of government and public-private partnerships.
Category: Political Science

Resilience Development And Global Change

Author : Katrina Brown
ISBN : 9781134614189
Genre : Science
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Resilience is currently infusing policy debates and public discourses, widely promoted as a normative goal in fields as diverse as the economy, national security, personal development and well-being. Resilience thinking provides a framework for understanding dynamics of complex, inter-connected social, ecological and economic systems. The book critically analyzes the multiple meanings and applications of resilience ideas in contemporary society and to suggests where, how and why resilience might cause us to re-think global change and development, and how this new approach might be operationalized. The book shows how current policy discourses on resilience promote business-as-usual rather than radical responses to change. But it argues that resilience can help understand and respond to the challenges of the contemporary age. These challenges are characterized by high uncertainty; globalized and interconnected systems; increasing disparities and limited choices. Resilience thinking can overturn orthodox approaches to international development dominated by modernization, aid dependency and a focus on economic growth and to global environmental change – characterized by technocratic approaches, market environmentalism and commoditization of ecosystem services. Resilience, Development and Global Change presents a sophisticated, theoretically informed synthesis of resilience thinking across disciplines. It applies resilience ideas specifically to international development and relates resilience to core theories in development and shows how a radical, resilience-based approach to development might transform responses to climate change, to the dilemmas of managing forests and ecosystems, and to rural and urban poverty in the developing world. The book provides fresh perspectives for scholars of international development, environmental studies and geography and add new dimensions for those studying broader fields of ecology and society.
Category: Science

Building Community Resilience To Disasters

Author : Anita Chandra
ISBN : 9780833052094
Genre : Computers
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Community resilience, or the sustained ability of a community to withstand and recover from adversity has become a key policy issue at federal, state, and local levels, including in the National Health Security Strategy. Because resources are limited in the wake of an emergency, it is increasingly recognized that resilience is critical to a community's ability to reduce long recovery periods after an emergency. This report provides a roadmap for federal, state, and local leaders who are developing plans to enhance community resilience for health security threats and describes options for building community resilience in key areas. Based on findings from a literature review and a series of community and regional focus groups, the authors provide a definition of community resilience in the context of national health security and a set of eight levers and five core components for building resilience. They then describe suggested activities that communities are pursuing and may want to strengthen for community resilience, and they identify challenges to implementation.
Category: Computers

Organizational Resilience

Author : James J. Leflar
ISBN : 9781439841372
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 47.88 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Moving towards resiliency is more than just implanting policy and procedure; it is a process that takes organizations on a winding path requiring patience and tolerance. A good deal of learning will have to take place during the trip and that is why it is necessary to have patience and tolerate the learning process. Organizational Resilience: Managing the Risks of Disruptive Events - A Practitioner’s Guide provides essential management tools that ensure you will succeed in moving an organization towards becoming more resilient. The book explains organizational resilience and how to manage risk through the use of the ANSI/ASIS SPC.1-2009 Standard. It outlines a concise, clearly understandable approach to successfully addressing the various challenges and techniques necessary to plan, prepare, and implement organizational resilience management in any organization. The authors cut through the complexities and identify the key issues and methods for successful implementation. They focus on organizational resilience management as an integral component of an overall business and risk management strategy. They also explore how organizational resilience creates value for the organization and can be applied to both the private and public sectors. Building a resilient organization is a cross-disciplinary and cross-functional endeavor; therefore "practitioners" may come from a variety of disciplines, all of which contribute to helping the organization achieve its objectives. This book provides valuable and much-needed guidance that enables practitioners to achieve the desired goals of effective organizational resilience through cost-effective methods.
Category: Business & Economics

Reaching Teens

Author : Kenneth R. Ginsburg
ISBN : 158110748X
Genre : Medical
File Size : 38.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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400+ video clips! Up to 65 CME/CEU credits! This groundbreaking multimedia resource embodies the core belief that identifying, reinforcing, and building on inherent strengths can facilitate positive youth development. Text and video components combine to show how expert-tested, strength-based communication approaches work to engage today's teens. Contritutions from leading practitioners - plus firsthand perspectives from teens - help you refine your communication strategies and skills. Successful solutions targeting today's foremost youth-development issues Created to benefit all professionals who serve adolescents, Reaching Teens explores and demonstrates communications strategies for diverse healthcare, counseling, youth program, and educational settings. Professionals and teens offer hard-won insight on addressing behavioral and emotional issues; crisis management; stress management; sexuality; grief; depression; peer pressure; substance abuse; bullying; youth violence - virtually all the issues you're most likely to encounter. Turn here for actionable advice and counsel spanning the toughest youth communication challenges: - How to help teens recognize existing strengths - How to empower wider decisions and healthier choices - How to foster resilience-building - How to ally with parents and support effective parenting - How to develop and prioritize your interventions - How to help with special psychosocial and environmental challenges - How to de-escalate crisis situations - How to establish appropriate boundaries - How to discourage unhealthy relationships - How to serve populations with special healthcare needs - How to practice effective self-care that enhances your ability to serve youth - Plus much more!
Category: Medical

Organizational Resilience

Author : D. Christopher Kayes
ISBN : 9780190245849
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 22.81 MB
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In the age of knowledge, organizations survive and thrive only when they learn. All too often, when organizations are confronted with novel or changing situations, the process of learning breaks down and the result is catastrophic. In Organizational Resilience: How Learning Sustains Organizations in Crisis, Disaster, and Breakdown, D. Christopher Kayes explains why all organizational leaders should be concerned about learning and the dire consequences that may ensue if they are not. Kayes draws on the foundational ideas of philosopher John Dewey, then connects this philosophy to contemporary studies on learning, management, and organizations. Through a wide range of examples from the realms of government, finance, engineering, healthcare, and commercial air travel, he describes how learning can help organizations weather crises and outlines specific ways that leaders can learn from their experience. The first comprehensive review of how learning sustains organizations in challenging times, Organizational Resilience is essential reading for crisis managers, disaster-recovery team leaders, continuity-of-operations planning professionals, emergency-management professionals, and leaders at all levels who want their organizations to thrive.
Category: Psychology

Refugees Food Security And Resilience In Host Communities

Author : Mabiso, Athur
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64.80 MB
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An emerging literature shows how the mass arrival of refugees induces both short- and long-term consequences to hosting countries. The main contribution of this paper is to conduct a selective review of this literature from a food-security and resilience perspective. First, the paper identifies a number of direct and indirect food-security consequences of hosting refugees. It provides a conceptual framework for discussing these various channels through which refugee inflows influence food security in the hosting countries. Second, the literature review finds that the impact of large-scale influxes of refugees on host communities and on their food security is unequally distributed among the local population.
Category: Social Science

Collaborative Resilience

Author : Connie Ozawa
ISBN : 9780262516457
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 74.25 MB
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Case studies and analyses investigate how collaborative response to crisis can enhance social-ecological resilience and promote community reinvention. Crisis--whether natural disaster, technological failure, economic collapse, or shocking acts of violence--can offer opportunities for collaboration, consensus building, and transformative social change. Communities often experience a surge of collective energy and purpose in the aftermath of crisis. Rather than rely on government and private-sector efforts to deal with crises through prevention and mitigation, we can harness post-crisis forces for recovery and change through innovative collaborative planning. Drawing on recent work in the fields of planning and natural resource management, this book examines a range of efforts to enhance resilience through collaboration, describing communities that have survived and even thrived by building trust and interdependence. These collaborative efforts include environmental assessment methods in Cozumel, Mexico; the governance of a "climate protected community" in the Blackfoot Valley of Montana; fisheries management in Southeast Asia's Mekong region; and the restoration of natural fire regimes in U.S. forests. In addition to describing the many forms that collaboration can take--including consensus processes, learning networks, and truth and reconciliation commissions--the authors argue that collaborative resilience requires redefining the idea of resilience itself. A resilient system is not just discovered through good science; it emerges as a community debates and defines ecological and social features of the system and appropriate scales of activity. Poised between collaborative practice and resilience analysis, collaborative resilience is both a process and an outcome of collective engagement with social-ecological complexity.
Category: Architecture

Viability And Resilience Of Complex Systems

Author : Guillaume Deffuant
ISBN : 9783642204227
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 76.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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One common characteristics of a complex system is its ability to withstand major disturbances and the capacity to rebuild itself. Understanding how such systems demonstrate resilience by absorbing or recovering from major external perturbations requires both quantitative foundations and a multidisciplinary view on the topic. This book demonstrates how new methods can be used to identify the actions favouring the recovery from perturbations. Examples discussed include bacterial biofilms resisting detachment, grassland savannahs recovering from fire, the dynamics of language competition and Internet social networking sites overcoming vandalism. The reader is taken through an introduction to the idea of resilience and viability and shown the mathematical basis of the techniques used to analyse systems. The idea of individual or agent-based modelling of complex systems is introduced and related to analytically tractable approximations of such models. A set of case studies illustrates the use of the techniques in real applications, and the final section describes how one can use new and elaborate software tools for carrying out the necessary calculations. The book is intended for a general scientific audience of readers from the natural and social sciences, yet requires some mathematics to gain a full understanding of the more theoretical chapters. It is an essential point of reference for those interested in the practical application of the concepts of resilience and viability
Category: Social Science

Social Ecological Resilience And Law

Author : Ahjond S. Garmestani
ISBN : 9780231536356
Genre : Nature
File Size : 81.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Environmental law envisions ecological systems as existing in an equilibrium state, reinforcing a rigid legal framework unable to absorb rapid environmental changes and innovations in sustainability. For the past four decades, "resilience theory," which embraces uncertainty and nonlinear dynamics in complex adaptive systems, has provided a robust, invaluable foundation for sound environmental management. Reforming American law to incorporate this knowledge is the key to sustainability. This volume features top legal and resilience scholars speaking on resilience theory and its legal applications to climate change, biodiversity, national parks, and water law.
Category: Nature

Reaching Higher

Author : Rhona S. WEINSTEIN
ISBN : 0674009193
Genre : Education
File Size : 40.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Drawing upon a generation of research on self-fulfilling prophecies in education, Reaching Higher argues that our expectations of children are often too low. Weinstein shows that children typed early as "not very smart" can go on to accomplish far more than is expected of them by an educational system with too narrow a definition of ability. She faults the system, pointing out that teachers themselves are harnessed by policies that do not enable them to reach higher for all children.
Category: Education

Successful Women Think Differently

Author : Valorie Burton
ISBN : 0736942688
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 50.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Popular author and professional certified coach Valorie Burton knows that successful women think differently. They make decisions differently. They set goals differently and bounce back from failure differently. Valorie is dedicated to help women create new thought processes that empower them to succeed in their relationships, finances, work, health, and spiritual life. With new, godly habits, women will discover how to: focus on solutions, not problems choose courage over fear nurture intentional relationships take consistent action in the direction of their dreams build the muscle of self-control In this powerful and practical guide, Valorie provides a woman with insight into who she really is and gives her the tools, knowledge, and understanding to succeed.
Category: Self-Help

Journal Of The Franklin Institute

Author : Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, Pa.)
ISBN : UIUC:30112055965195
Genre : Meteorology
File Size : 49.87 MB
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Vols. 1-69 include more or less complete patent reports of the U. S. Patent Office for years 1825-59.
Category: Meteorology

Promoting Agricultural Trade To Enhance Resilience In Africa

Author : Godfrey Bahiigwa
ISBN : 9780896298606
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 41.40 MB
Format : PDF
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The 2013 Annual Trends and Outlook Report (ATOR) contributes to the emerging debate by analyzing Africa’s recent trade performance and future outlook at the global and regional levels, including discussions of the mechanisms of dealing with food price volatility, the scope for increasing trans-border trade, and the potential impacts of weather-related shocks and biophysical factors on intra-regional exports. The ATOR finds that Africa’s share of world trade of goods and services, and specifically of agricultural goods, made a turnaround and started increasing in the 2000s. Also, intra-Africa agricultural exports have grown rapidly in recent years, particularly in calorie terms, thus lessening the continent’s dependence on the West in terms of trade. The Report attributes the improved trade performance to recent improvements in economic growth and infrastructure on the continent, together with higher world prices for some key raw materials.
Category: Social Science

Building Resilience For Food And Nutrition Security In The Context Of Civil Conflict

Author : Ecker, Olivier
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55.34 MB
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Food and nutrition insecurity is a consequence and a driver of civil conflict. War and civil unrest reduce household incomes and employment opportunities through economic recession; cause losses in people’s purchasing power from price inflation; and restrict food availability, access, and utilization through disruption of infrastructure. In turn, low per capita income and poverty, youth unemployment, and social and economic inequality—often combined with poor governance, population pressure, and rough terrain—are factors driving civil conflict. Recently, food and nutrition insecurity has been identified as another main driver of civil conflict globally and even more so in Arab countries. Specifically, rising international food prices were reported to have significantly increased the incidence of antigovernment demonstrations, riots, and civil conflict in low-income countries in the past.
Category: Social Science

Fostering Resilience For Loss And Irrelevance

Author : Eric A. Kreuter
ISBN : 9781461457732
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 75.78 MB
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​​​​​ The compensating construct of resiliency, itself, has not been compared to the problem of loss of relevancy. Therefore, there is an open corridor for the enlightened therapist, career coach, or mentor to appropriately guide a troubled person with targeted challenges to transform themselves into a newly thriving being. This book explores the topic in detail with references to the literature where prior theory can be applied to advance this topic further. Anecdotal evidence supporting the authors’ perspective is presented, including several brief case studies of individuals who have thrived following cessation of their prior careers. ​
Category: Psychology