Re Enacting The Past

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Re Enacting The Past

Author : Mads Daugbjerg
ISBN : 9781317376156
Genre : Performing Arts
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What is re-enactment and how does it relate to heritage? Re-enactments are a ubiquitous part of popular and memory culture and are of growing importance to heritage studies. As concept and practice, re-enactments encompass a wide range of forms: from the annual ‘Viking Moot’ festival in Denmark drawing thousands of participants and spectators, to the (re)staged war photography of An-My Lê, to the Titanic Memorial Cruise commemorating the centennial of the ill-fated voyage, to the symbolic retracing of the Berlin Wall across the city on 9 November 2014 to mark the 25th anniversary of its toppling. Re-enactments involve the sensuousness of bodily experience and engagement, the exhilarating yet precarious combination of imagination with ‘historical fact’, in-the-moment negotiations between and within temporalities, and the compelling drive to re-make, or re-presence, the past. As such, re-enactments present a number of challenges to traditional understandings of heritage, including taken-for-granted assumptions regarding fixity, conservation, originality, ownership and authenticity. Using a variety of international, cross-disciplinary case studies, this volume explores re-enactment as practice, problem, and/or potential, in order to widen the scope of heritage thinking and analysis toward impermanence, performance, flux, innovation and creativity. This book was originally published as a special issue of the International Journal of Heritage Studies.
Category: Performing Arts

Re Enacting The Past

Author : Joseph M. Levine
ISBN : UOM:39015060101246
Genre : History
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How and why did modern historiography take on its present form? Re-enacting the Past addresses the problem in England by looking at some of the ways that the Renaissance and the Reformation affected writing and thinking about history, and left a legacy to modern historiography. Professor Levine concentrates on how neoclassicism in the early modern period both reflected and shaped the English use and understanding of the past. At the same time he shows how religious controversies were also engendering a deepening recourse to history and a new sophistication about historical evidence. By the end of the 18th century, convictions in an ancient perennial wisdom and in the Bible as literal history had been thoroughly challenged and a truly modern historiography was largely in place. Levine concludes with a set of essays about some contemporary views of history, disputing with Quentin Skinner, Peter Novick and Thomas Kuhn, while extolling the virtues of R.G. Collingwood.
Category: History

Re Enacting The Past A Historical Study Of The School Of Gtsang Smyon Heruka With A Catalogue Of Its Printed Works

Author : Marta Sernesi
ISBN : 3954903709
Genre :
File Size : 70.76 MB
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Das Buch ist eine Studie zu der sogenannten ?Schule des gTsang smyon?, d.h. der religiöse Gemeinschaft, die sich um den tibetischen Meister gTsangsmyon Heruka (1452?1507) gebildet hatte. Unter Berücksichtigung einer umfassenden Anzahl historischer Quellen wird auf den religiöse und politische Kontext der Zeit eingegangen und bis in die Generation der Schüler verfolgt. 0Es wird damit der bisher umfassendste Überblick zur Produktion von Xylographen geboten zusammen mit einem substantiellen Korpus für das Studium der Geschichte des Buches in Tibet.

Re Enactment

Author : Heikki Saari
ISBN : IND:39000000889696
Genre : Historiography
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Category: Historiography

History As Re Enactment

Author : William H. Dray
ISBN : 9780198238812
Genre : History
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A central motif of R. G. Collingwood's philosophy of history is the idea that historical understanding requires a re-enactment of past experience. However, there have been sharp disagreements about the acceptability of this idea, and even its meaning. This book aims to advance the critical discussion in three ways: by analysing the idea itself further, concentrating especially on the contrast which Collingwood drew between it and scientific understanding; by exploring the limits of its applicability to what historians ordinarily consider their proper subject-matter; and by clarifying the relationship between it and some other key Collingwoodian ideas, such as the place of imagination in historical inquiry, the sense in which history deals with the individual, the essential perspectivity of historical judgement, and the importance of narrative and periodization in historical thinking. Professor Dray defends Collingwood against a good deal of recent criticism, while pointing toways in which his position requires revision or development. History as Re-enactment draws upon a wide range of Collingwood's published writings, and makes considerable use of his unpublished manuscripts. It is the most systematic study yet of this central doctrine of Collingwood's philosophy of history, and will stand as a landmark in Collingwood studies. 'For many years William Dray has been working at the task of retrieving Collingwood for contemporary philosophy. . . . It is something of an event then to have this new work, the culmination of a lifetime of thought, appear in his retirement. As one would expect, it is a deeply considered book, lucidly written, and scrupulously fair to all parties . . . a sound and serious philosophical commentary . . . anyone interested in either Collingwood or the philosophy of history should consider joining the dialogue and will learn much in the process.' Canadian Journal of History
Category: History

Living The Past

Author : Elizabeth Jane Goodacre
ISBN : STANFORD:36105113040377
Genre : Cultural property
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This text examines the intriguing and popular phenomenon of living history. Exploring the past through realistic recreation has become more and more familiar to visitors of museums and historical sites. It is also used as an educational approach.
Category: Cultural property

Philosophy History And Civilization

Author : James R. Boucher
ISBN : STANFORD:36105009600664
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 60.8 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume brings together academics from a variety of disciplines to discuss Collingwood's contributions to philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of history, political philosophy and archaeological theory. It begins with a general survey of his contribution to history, politics and philosophy.
Category: Philosophy

The Milgram Re Enactment

Author : Vivienne Gaskin
ISBN : UOM:39015062607596
Genre : Authority
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Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556032893422
Genre : Historiography
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Category: Historiography

Ways Of Understanding The Human Past

Author : Debi Prasad Chattopadhyaya
ISBN : UOM:39015056438107
Genre : History
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It Is Widely Acknowledged That An Idea Expressed In One Language, If Translated Into Another, Its Meaning And Its Associated Understanding Undergo Change. The English Word History Is Ordinarily Translated As Itihasa In The Sanskrit-Rooted Indian Languages. In The Euro-Americal Tradition History Is Traced To The Greek Word Historia, Learnt. Words Like Narrative, Story And Account Are Closely Linked To History. Itihasa Literally Means What Indeed Happened. Its Cognates In Indian Languages Are Itivrtta, Upakhyana, Gatha And Purana. That These Words Are Closely Related To Narrative, Story And Past Events Are Obvious. Chattopadhyaya Has Tried To Argue In This Book That The Modern Scientific Concept Of History, Though Has Its Undeniable Importance, Should Not Be Understood In A Dehistorised Manner. The Modern Concept Of History Should Not Be Confused With The Ancient Or Even The Medieval Concepts Like Purana, Puravrtta, Itihasa And Upakhyana. Our Modes Of Under-Standing And Action Should Not Be Telescoped Into Theirs. This Distinction Squarely Rests On The Difference Between Age-Specific Social Conditions And Their Influence On Human Ideas, Ideals, Languages, Rather Modes Of Speech, And Actions. An Attempt Has Been Made To Show How Literature In Its Wider Sense, Comprising Epoch-Bound Beliefs, Myths, Customs, Conventions, Social Movements And Other Forms Of Culture Enter Into Historical Narrative. In The Name Of Contemporanity Of History Its Very Temporality Or Time-Bound Character Can Hardly Be Denied. Chattopadhyaya Argues That History Embodies A Sort Of Inter-Epochal Dialogue (Samtap) Which, Like Different Forms Of Science And Arts, Are Endlessly Updatable. The Work Will Be Of Interest To Historians, Philosophers Of History, Social Scientists And Indologists.
Category: History

Comparative American Identities

Author : Hortense J. Spillers
ISBN : 0415903505
Genre : Art
File Size : 52.21 MB
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Maps out the different cultural identities that have emerged in the New World and also deals with related questions and problems that have arisen.
Category: Art

Cea Critic

Author : College English Association
ISBN : UOM:39015062148567
Genre : English language
File Size : 90.84 MB
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Category: English language

New History Old Problems

Author : Gareth Elwyn Jones
ISBN : STANFORD:36105032596087
Genre : History
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Category: History

Asian Anthropology

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556041352212
Genre : Anthropology
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Category: Anthropology

Concepts Events And History

Author : L. B. Cebik
ISBN : STANFORD:36105039967265
Genre : Historiography
File Size : 64.11 MB
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Category: Historiography

History Today

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015074902852
Genre : History
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Category: History

The Poetics Of Memory

Author : Thomas Wägenbaur
ISBN : STANFORD:36105023439164
Genre : Literature and history
File Size : 80.71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The contributors to this volume share a Poetics of Memory as the constant shift between representation in different kinds of cultural archives and its performance in various acts of cultural recollection. They are engaged in four main projects of mnemonic inquiry: The first deals with the history of the subject and the moment of recollection. The second opens the scope of an aesthetic reading of literary texts towards cultural memory in general. The third examines the nature of (literary) memory as such. The final group of contributors delimits the literary text towards intertextuality and electronic hypertext which challenges but also confirms the proposed Poetics of Memory
Category: Literature and history