Rabia Al Adawiyya Life Poems

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The Legendary Life And Poetry Of Islam S First Woman Sufi Saint Rabia Al Adawiyya

Author : Jessica Monte
ISBN : 1522053905
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Monte's literary criticism approaches three different accounts about Islam's acclaimed first female Sufi Saint Rabia al-Adawiyya, and analyzes the development of her legend according to the surrounding historical and religious factors of her historians. Monte argues that these factors conditioned the retelling of Rabia's legend, a story that began with her name and flourished into a popular Muslim account of spiritual strength and societal defiance to empower Islamic women and men. Although one cannot assure why the earliest biographers chose to pass on Rabia's story, each of these male authors acted as a feminist Prometheus, that is, the spark of Rabia al-Adawiyya was breathed into the Muslim tradition so that centuries later stories of her womanhood and strength continue to be transmitted and translated, crossing cultural and societal boundaries to share her teachings. The first portion of this novel deals with one of the earliest Sufi documents that mentions Rabia. Arthur John Arberry's translation of The Doctrine of the Sufis (Kitab al-Tarruf li-madhhab ahl al-tasawwuf of Kalabadhi) written by Abu Bakr al-Kalabadhi in the late tenth century preserves the sayings and anecdotes attributed to Rabia and to other Sufis. The second account of Rabia's legend translated by Arthur John Arberry and written by Farid Ud-Din Attar during the twelfth century is Muslim Saints and Mystics, or the Memorial of the Saints, . The last and most recent account of Rabia is Dr. Nabil Safwat's translation of the book entitled First Among Sufis: The Life and Thought of Rabia al-Adawiyya written by Widad El Sakkakini, an Arabic woman novelist. El Sakkakini reinterprets the legendary Rabia, and remolds her life so that it is more accessible for today's modern Muslim woman.

Rabi A Al Adawiyya

Author : Rabi'a al-Adawiyya
ISBN : 1536950262
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RABI'A AL-ADAWIYYA: LIFE & POEMS Translation & Introduction Paul Smith RABI'A OF BASRA (717-801). Her Spiritual Master was Hazrat Hassan Basri. Throughout her life, her Love of God, poverty and self-denial did not waver. As her fame grew she had many disciples. She also had discussions with many of the renowned religious people of her time. More interesting than her absolute asceticism, however, is the actual concept of Divine Love that Rabi'a introduced. She was the first to introduce the idea that God should be loved for God's own sake. She is widely considered to be the most important of the early Sufi poets. She was the first in a long line of female Sufi mystics. Included with a selection of her few poems in the correct form & meaning is a biography, selected bibliography and essay on Sufi Poetry. Pages 107. Introduction to Sufi Poets Series 'AISHAH Al-BA'UNIYAH, AMIR KHUSRAU, ANSARI, ANVARI, AL-MA'ARRI, 'ARIFI, 'ATTAR, ABU SA'ID, AUHAD UD-DIN, BABA FARID, BABA AZFAL, BABA TAHIR, BEDIL, BULLEH SHAH, DARA SHIKOH, GHALIB, GHANI KASHMIRI, HAFIZ, HASAN DEHLAVI, IBN 'ARABI, IBN YAMIN, IBN AL-FARID, IQBAL, INAYAT KHAN, 'IRAQI, JAHAN KHATUN, JAMI, JIGAR, KAMAL AD-DIN, KABIR, KHAQANI, KHAYYAM, LALLA DED, MAKHFI, MANSUR HALLAJ, MIR, MU'IN UD-DIN CHISHTI, NAZIR, NESIMI, NIZAMI, NUND RISHI, OBEYD ZAKANI, RABI'A, RAHMAN BABA, RUMI, SADI, SA'IB, SANA'I, SARMAD, SHABISTARI, SHAH LATIF, SHAH NI'MAT'ULLAH, SULTAN BAHU, YUNUS EMRE, EARLY ARABIC SUFI POETS, EARLY PERSIAN SUFI POETS, URDU SUFI POETS, ETC. 90-120 pages each. Paul Smith is a poet, author and translator of many books of Sufi poets from the Persian, Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, Pashtu and other languages including Hafiz, Sadi, Nizami, Rumi, 'Attar, Sana'i, Jahan Khatun, Obeyd Zakani, Mu'in, Amir Khusrau, Nesimi, Kabir, Anvari, Ansari, Jami, Khayyam, Rudaki, Yunus Emre. Lalla Ded, Mahsati, Ibn 'Arabi and others, and his own poetry, fiction, plays, biographies, children's books, screenplays. www.newhumanitybooks.com

Islamic Beliefs Practices And Cultures

Author :
ISBN : 0761479260
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Presents an overview of the beliefs, customs and culture of Islam, covering the history of the religion, its sacred texts, important holidays, holy places, art, architecture, literature and contemporary philosophy.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Philosophers And Religious Leaders

Author : Christian D. Von Dehsen
ISBN : 1573561525
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Two hundred alphabetically arranged illustrated profiles include a discussion of the person's work, a summary of the impact of his or her work on those who followed, and a timeline listing important dates.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Saved By A Poem

Author : Kim Rosen
ISBN : 1401926762
Genre : Poetry
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Can someone really be saved by a poem? In Kim Rosen’s book, the answer is a re­sounding "Yes!" Poetry, the most ancient form of prayer, is a necessary medicine for our times: a companion through difficulty; a guide when we are lost; a salve when we are wounded; and a conduit to an inner source of joy, freedom, and insight. Whether you are a lover of poetry or have yet to discover its power, Rosen offers a new way to experience a poem. She encourages you to feel the poem as you might an affirmation or sacred text, which can align every level of your being. In an uncertain world, Saved by a Poem is an emphatic call to cultivate the ever-renewable resources of the heart. Through poetry, the unspeakable can be spoken, the unendurable endured, and the miraculous shared. Weaving teaching, story, verse, and memoir, Rosen guides you to find a poem that speaks to you so you can take it into your life and become a voice for its wisdom in the world. Inspirational audio download included! Featuring the voices of well-known authors reading a favorite poem and discussing its personal significance: Joan Borysenko, Andrew Harvey, Jane Hirshfield, Marie Howe, Grace Yi-Nan Howe, Robert Holden, Stanley Kunitz, Elizabeth Lesser, Thomas Moore, Christiane Northrup, Cheryl Richardson, Kim Rosen, and Geneen Roth.
Category: Poetry

Postcolonial Fiction And Sacred Scripture

Author : Sura Qadiri
ISBN : 9781351191616
Genre : Literary Criticism
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"Francophone writers from North Africa and the Middle East often choose to write within a sacred context, sometimes engaging directly with Islamist rhetoric. Novelists like Tahar Ben Jelloun (Morocco), Assia Djebar (Algeria) and Amin Maalouf (Lebanon) revisit scripture as a way to convey nuances which they believe have been stamped out by monolithic religious world-views. For them, fiction offers a way to break away from limited exegetical horizons, but to remain within the faith. Others, though, would go further, moving away from all religious practice, not just the excessively political or violent. Tunisian writers Abdelwahab Meddeb and Fethi Benslama propose that all literature is of its very nature outside of religion, and that its proliferation will ultimately lead to a secular society. Qadiri explores this wide spectrum of approaches, not only by draw comparison with metropolitan French thought, but also to assess its potential impact at a time of radical change in the Islamic world. Sura Qadiri is a research associate in the French Department, University of Cambridge."
Category: Literary Criticism

Encyclopedia Of Islamic Civilization And Religion

Author : Ian Richard Netton
ISBN : 9781135179670
Genre : Reference
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The Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization and Religion provides scholarly coverage of the religion, culture and history of the Islamic world, at a time when that world is undergoing considerable change and is a focus of international study and debate. The non-Muslim world's perceptions of Islam have often tended to be dominated by unrepresentative radical extremist movements and media interpretations of events involving such movements, to the extent that many people are unaware of the depth and variety of Islamic thought. At the same time, many who have had a formal training in Islamic studies have tended to concentrate on the traditional, to the exclusion of the contemporary. The Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization and Religion covers the full range of Islamic thought, in historical depth, but it also provides substantial coverage of contemporary trends across the Muslim world. With well over a thousand entries on Islamic theology, history, arts, science, law and institutions, and coverage of Islam in individual countries and cities around the world, the Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization and Religion provides an extremely rich resource for students and researchers in religious studies and Middle Eastern studies. Entries are cross-referenced and bibliographies are provided. There is a full index. Routledge published The Qura'n: An Encyclopedia in 2005, an excellent companion to the Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization and Religion.
Category: Reference

Verse And The Fair Sex

Author : Union européenne des arabisants et islamisants. Congress
ISBN : UOM:39015029532713
Genre : Arabic literature
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Category: Arabic literature

The Female Voice In Sufi Ritual

Author : Shemeem Burney Abbas
ISBN : 9780292784505
Genre : Religion
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The female voice plays a more central role in Sufi ritual, especially in the singing of devotional poetry, than in almost any other area of Muslim culture. Female singers perform sufiana-kalam, or mystical poetry, at Sufi shrines and in concerts, folk festivals, and domestic life, while male singers assume the female voice when singing the myths of heroines in qawwali and sufiana-kalam. Yet, despite the centrality of the female voice in Sufi practice throughout South Asia and the Middle East, it has received little scholarly attention and is largely unknown in the West. This book presents the first in-depth study of the female voice in Sufi practice in the subcontinent of Pakistan and India. Shemeem Burney Abbas investigates the rituals at the Sufi shrines and looks at women's participation in them, as well as male performers' use of the female voice. The strengths of the book are her use of interviews with both prominent and grassroots female and male musicians and her transliteration of audio- and videotaped performances. Through them, she draws vital connections between oral culture and the written Sufi poetry that the musicians sing for their audiences. This research clarifies why the female voice is so important in Sufi practice and underscores the many contributions of women to Sufism and its rituals.
Category: Religion

Sufi Poets

Author : Source Wikipedia
ISBN : 1155685172
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 86. Chapters: Rumi, Yunus Emre, Ibn Arabi, Tahir-ul-Qadri, Fariduddin Ganjshakar, Amir Khusrow, Saadi, Hafez, Attar of Nishapur, Ismail I, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Abdul Ghaffar Naqshbandi, Y. Misdaq, Hajib Shakarbar, Maulvi Ghulam Rasool, Sultan Walad, Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janaan, Younus AlGohar, Rabia Basri, Javad Nurbakhsh, Tahir Allauddin, Jami, Sufi Barkat Ali, Bulleh Shah, Muhammad Abdul Qadeer Siddiqi Qadri, Shah Inayatullah, Ibn al-Farid, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Sanai, Khoja Akhmet Yassawi, Fakhr-al-Din Iraqi, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, Sh?h Ni'matull?h-i Wal?, Afdal al-Din Kashani, Lex Hixon, Ne t, G. M. Syed, Khwaja Ghulam Farid, Sachal Sarmast, Allama Muhammad Idrees Dahiri, G l Baba, Shah Hussain, Hatef Esfehani, Ameena Begum, Khwaja Mir Dard, Salac?o?lu, Khwaju Kermani, Bari Imam, Mahmud Shabistari, Muzaffer Ozak, Najmuddin Kubra, Aida Tour, Kamal Khujandi, Niazi Brothers, Sufi poetry, Aglar Baba, Abdul Quddus Gangohi, Makhdoom Bilawal, Junayd Shirazi, Pirani, Syed Misri Shah, Shah Abdul Karim Bulri. Excerpt: Jal?l ad-D?n Mu?ammad Balkh? (Persian: ), also known as Jal?l ad-D?n Mu?ammad R?m? (Persian: ) and popularly known as Mevl?n? in Turkey and Mawl?n? (Persian: ) in Iran and Afghanistan but known to the English-speaking world simply as Rumi (30 September 1207 - 17 December 1273) was a 13th-century Persian Muslim poet, jurist, theologian, and Sufi mystic. R?m? is a descriptive name meaning "Roman" since he lived most of his life in an area called "Rumi" (then under the control of Seljuq dynasty) because it was once ruled by the Eastern Roman Empire. He was one of the figures who flourished in the Sultanate of Rum. He was born in Balkh Province in Afghanistan. a small town located at the river Wakhsh in Persia (in what is now Tajikistan). Wakhsh belonged to the larger province of Balkh, and in the year Rumi was born, his...

Sacred Voices

Author : Mary Ford-Grabowsky
ISBN : 9780062046536
Genre : Religion
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Moving chronologically through millennia of women's history from the earliest times to the present, this unique collection contains writings from over 173 of the world's women sages and saints. Containing poetry, prayers, chants, meditations, and contemplative prose from all great religious traditions, this treasure trove gathers together for the first time the best of women's spiritual wisdom. Women's spiritual experience has been suppressed through much of modern history and is only now been recovered in its full richness. This anthology contains writings from hundreds of women from the past five millennia and a wide range of cultures. The collection encompasses all areas of women's sacred experience from the most radically mystical encounters with the divine-including visions, locutions, and auditions-to simply daily awareness of the holy in all things.
Category: Religion

Orientalia Suecana

Author : Erik Gren
ISBN : UIUC:30112033441129
Genre : Asia
File Size : 75.10 MB
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Category: Asia

First Among Sufis

Author : Widad El Sakkakini
ISBN : UVA:X000630422
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37.20 MB
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Born in Basra in the eighth century of an impoverished family, orphaned and sold into slavery, Rabia al-Adawiyya rose to become one of the greatest Sufi teachers.
Category: Religion

Classical Persian Sufism

Author : Leonard Lewisohn
ISBN : UOM:39015028873977
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.13 MB
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CLASSIC PERSIAN SUFISM: FROM ITS ORIGINS TO RUMI is a unique introduction into the rise and development of Persian Sufi spirituality and literature. Written in the form of essays, the book focuses historically upon the first six Muslim centuries and captures the mood of the mystics' meditative, interiorized, highly sophisticated vision of Islam.
Category: Religion

The Heritage Of Sufism

Author : Leonard Lewisohn
ISBN : UOM:39015050032534
Genre : History
File Size : 86.82 MB
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Covering the key achievements of the Muslim intellectual and cultural tradition in history, mysticism, philosophy, and poetry, this unique collection shows the positive role played by Sufi thinkers between 700 and 1300.
Category: History

Rabi A From Narrative To Myth

Author : Rkia Elaroui Cornell
ISBN : 9781786075222
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 83.40 MB
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Rabi‘a al-‘Adawiyya is a figure of myth. Certainly a woman by this name was born in Basra, Iraq, in the eighth century, but her life remains recorded only in legends, stories, poems and hagiographies. The various depictions of her – as a deeply spiritual ascetic, an existentialist rebel and a romantic lover – seem impossible to reconcile, and yet Rabi‘a has transcended these narratives to become a global symbol of both Sufi and modern secular culture. In this groundbreaking study, Rkia Elaroui Cornell traces the development of these diverse narratives and provides a history of the iconic Rabi‘a’s construction as a Sufi saint. Combining medieval and modern sources, including evidence never before examined, in novel ways, Rabi‘a From Narrative to Myth is the most significant work to emerge on this quintessential figure in Islam for more than seventy years.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Muslim Almanac

Author : Azim Nanji
ISBN : STANFORD:36105024850732
Genre : Reference
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A collection of articles covers Islam from its beginnings in the seventh century to the present in all parts of the world.
Category: Reference