Quiet Your Mind And Get To Sleep

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Quiet Your Mind And Get To Sleep

Author : Colleen Carney
ISBN : 9781572246270
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 41.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Insomnia usually appears in the presence of at least one other disorder. Particularly common co-occurring conditions include major depression, generalized anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity in children, and chronic pain. In sleep clinics, insomnia patients with co-occurring psychological disorders outnumber those with only insomnia two-to-one (National Institutes of Health), yet there are no books currently available to help those with insomnia comorbid with another mental health condition. Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep offers solutions to this sizeable population in a practical, step-by-step manner that simulates the experience of visiting a sleep therapist. This program in this workbook is based on a proven-effective cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) treatment program created by coauthor Colleen Carney. Readers will learn new skills for dealing with insomnia and complete simple worksheets and assignments that will help them evaluate their insomnia as well as their comorbid condition. Chapters address insomnia and depression, insomnia and anxiety (including generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other specific types of anxiety), and insomnia and chronic pain.
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Mindfulness For Insomnia

Author : Catherine Polan Orzech
ISBN : 9781684032600
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 58.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Break the cycle of anxious thinking and rumination that keeps you up at night. With this much-needed guide, you’ll learn to quiet your mind, relax your body, feel less tense, and finally get the sleep you need. Sleep plays a crucial role in our waking lives. While we sleep, our bodies are recharging with energy, damaged tissue is repaired, and our memories are stored. When we don't get enough sleep, we are tired, less positive, less motivated, less focused, and more likely to feel depressed. We may even experience more intense cravings for high-fat, sugar-rich foods. And yet, despite the myriad advantages of getting a good night's sleep, countless people suffer from chronic insomnia. If you’re one of them, this book can help. In this guide, a trained mindfulness expert teams up with a behavioral sleep specialist to offer evidence-based meditations and an innovative four-week protocol to address the emotional stresses and anxieties that lie at the root of sleep issues. You’ll learn practices grounded in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), mindful self-compassion (MSC), and guided mindfulness and acceptance for insomnia (GMATI) to alleviate the mental, emotional, and physical suffering caused by insomnia. You’ll also learn to identify both internal and external factors that may be compromising your sleep, and develop a plan to address these issues. There is nothing we can do to “make” ourselves fall asleep. In many ways, this is why insomnia can be so maddening. But what we can do is help create the conditions necessary for healthy slumber. The mindfulness tools in this book will help you do exactly that.
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The Chiropractor S Health Book

Author : Leonard McGill
ISBN : PSU:000026761107
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 36.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Provides a health program and exercises designed to align the body to help relieve headaches, neck pain, back pain, and other physical ailments caused by stress, trauma, and poor posture
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Gorilla Thumps Bear Hugs

Author : Alex Ortner
ISBN : 9781401952877
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 40.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Annabel dreams of one day being a scientist, but teasing from other kids at school has hurt her confidence and left her feeling sad and alone. Join her as she learns how to use the Magical Tapping Technique to quickly release her sadness and regain her confidence. Through the book, you'll learn about the scientifically proven technique commonly known as "Tapping" and how you can use it for both yourself and your child to overcome stress, anxiety, negative emotions, and much more. Your child will love the fun descriptions and illustrations for each point, such as the Super Eagle Eye Point, Lion Cry Point, Dragon Fire Point, Wolf Point, and more. Your child will be having a blast as they howl, hug, thump on their chest, act like a monkey, and more . . . all while learning how they can use Tapping to help themselves in real life!
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Calm Amid Chaos

Author : Charles Graybar
ISBN : 0974026565
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Charles Graybar began studying various meditation techniques. At first, his initial studies were under an aging Buddhist monk. Graybar understood from his own experiences that students of meditation that come from the west, due in part to the lifestyle challenges faced on a daily basis, would not be likely to respond most effectively to traditional eastern teachings of meditation. Due the ever-increasing demand for Graybar to teach his meditation techniques to a wide-ranging audience that spans corporate CEOs to postal workers to stay at home parents--all seeking to find meaningful levels of inner calm amidst the assaults of a daily existence in the world today, Graybar wrote Calm Amid Chaos.
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The Stress Of Nursing

Author : David C. Rainham
ISBN : UOM:39015041044978
Genre : Nurses
File Size : 46.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Body And Soul

Author :
ISBN : UCSC:32106019551354
Genre : Health
File Size : 54.76 MB
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Goodnight Mind For Teens

Author : Colleen E. Carney
ISBN : 9781684034406
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 47.21 MB
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Turn off the light. Turn off your phone. Turn off anxious thoughts. Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night? You aren’t alone. There are so many reasons teens today have a difficult time going to sleep—including early school start times, too much late-night screen time, or just being anxious about what the future holds. You are at an important crossroads in your life, so it’s natural to feel overwhelmed at times. But it’s essential that you get the sleep you need. This book can help. Written by a renowned sleep expert, Goodnight Mind for Teens offers tips based in proven-effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you get your zzzs and be your best during the daytime. You’ll learn how to set your own ideal sleep schedule, overcome sleep lag, cope with sleep anxiety, and manage the anxious, over-stimulating thoughts and worries that are keeping you up at night. If you’re ready to start feeling better, less cranky during the day, and more at ease at bedtime, this book has everything you need to… zzzz…
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Deep Sleep Meditation

Author : Aurelius Krishnamurti Diddy Marcus
ISBN : 1801094748
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 72.98 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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If you want to know how you can effectively become more organized, then keep reading. Are you facing sleep problems and can't figure out what to do about them? Well, it is probably because internet tips and tricks are not going to help you fix everything that comes your way. In order to solve your sleep problems, you have to fully understand what it is, what are its different phases, and different consequences that you might face due to lack of sleep. This book is going to provide you the answers to all the questions that might be popping up in your head regarding your sleep patterns. It will take you on a path of self-discovery and help you figure out solutions that will be best suited for your lifestyle. As you go through each of the chapters mentioned in this book, you will find that there is a lot to learn. Decades of clinical practice and research has proven what a great impact sleep has not only on your mental health but also on your physical well-being. If you can work on improving your sleep slowly and steadily, you will be able to improve your mood, your work concentration and also maintain better hormonal regulation in your body the cumulative effect of which will allow you to carry on with your day-to-day activities in an active manner. Sleep is one of those aspects of our life, which we don't think much about and which is not understood clearly by many people. People often take it for granted, and if you are facing a sleep deficit, you have to address the problem at once before things escalate too far. You will learn the connection between your life span, chronic diseases, and sleep deficit, and this knowledge will drive you more towards working on your sleep patterns. This book has been written in a manner to keep it free from jargon and make it as informative as possible. Here is a summarized version of all the key points which have been mentioned in this book - Sleep cycles and what happens during each of those phases Why you face different sleep disorders and what are their symptoms Meditation and yoga practices that will help you in sleeping Easiest home remedies to get deeper sleep Dealing with jet lag And more. Even if you think that you have tried all possible methods and have not got any help, you should check out this book because it will introduce you to proven methods that will help you get out of the cycle of sleepless nights. Sleep deprivation can not only be debilitating but also frustrating, and it starves your body from the one thing that you need the most in order to be efficient in your day-to-day life - and that is rest. But with the help of the methods and techniques mentioned in this book, you will be able to calm your mind, release all the tension from your body, and get the much-needed sleep. Whether you are a parent of a newborn or a shift worker, incorporating regular sleeping schedules in your life will become easier once you read this book. All you have to do is scroll up and click on the Buy Now button!
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Black Belt

Author :
Genre :
File Size : 53.50 MB
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The oldest and most respected martial arts title in the industry, this popular monthly magazine addresses the needs of martial artists of all levels by providing them with information about every style of self-defense in the world - including techniques and strategies. In addition, Black Belt produces and markets over 75 martial arts-oriented books and videos including many about the works of Bruce Lee, the best-known marital arts figure in the world.

The Tapping Solution For Parents Children Teenagers

Author : Nick Ortner
ISBN : 9781401956066
Genre : Anxiety
File Size : 29.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Raising children is lifes greatest gift and accomplishment, but it can also come with an overwhelming amount of stressors, anxiety and self-doubt. Am I modeling the type of person I want my child to become? Am I doing enough to prepare my child to strive in an ever-changing world? Are my children happy and confident in themselves? In The Tapping Solution for Parents, Children & Teenagers, Nick Ortner encourages readers to first take a look at their own stressors and worry as parents, reminding readers that self-care is vital to helping others. In the first section of the book, parents are guided on using the revolutionary technique known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping to release parental overwhelm, quiet worry, manage conflict and transform their experience of parenthood. In the second section, Nick explores specific uses for Tapping with children, ranging from releasing negative emotions like anger, fear and phobias, sadness, grief, guilt, and shame, to overcoming specific challenges such as anxiety disorders, sleep, nightmares, performance anxiety, bullying, school jitters, divorce and much more. Through the use of diagrams, links to videos, and Tapping tips, The Tapping Solution for Parents, Children & Teenagers is an easy-to-use resource to solve everyday issues taking place in our homes.
Category: Anxiety

The Art Of Relaxation

Author : Herman S. Schwartz
ISBN : CORNELL:31924003529009
Genre : Fatigue
File Size : 83.99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Fatigue

The Anxiety Cure

Author : Robert L. DuPont
ISBN : 0471247014
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 84.30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Features a step-by-step program for curing the six kinds of anxiety disorders and includes relaxation techniques
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Author :
ISBN : BSB:BSB10532098
Genre :
File Size : 81.4 MB
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Author : Mark Lemon
ISBN : MINN:319510019145565
Genre : English wit and humor
File Size : 42.4 MB
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Get Fit In Bed

Author : Genie Tartell
ISBN : 9781572244603
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 48.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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These forty-two easy-to-follow exercises adapt techniques from yoga, Pilates, karate, and stretching into a fitness routine that increases flexibility, tones and shapes muscles, builds strength, and promotes peace of mind—all from the warmth and comfort of your bed.
Category: Health & Fitness

Learning To Silence The Mind

Author : Osho
ISBN : 9781250015839
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 61.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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One of the twentieth century’s greatest spiritual teachers will show you how to quiet your constant, worrying thoughts in Learning to Silence the Mind: Wellness Through Meditation. The mind, says Osho, has the potential to be enormously creative in dealing with the challenges of everyday life, and the problems of the world in which we live. The difficulty, however, is that instead of using the mind as a helpful servant we have largely allowed it to become the master of our lives. Its ambitions, belief systems, and interpretations rule our days and our nights—bringing us into conflict with minds that are different from ours, keeping us awake at night rehashing those conflicts or planning the conflicts of tomorrow, and disturbing our sleep and our dreams. If only there was a way to switch it off and give it a rest! Finding the switch that can silence the mind—not by force or performing some exotic ritual, but through understanding, watchfulness, and a healthy sense of humor—is meditation. A sharper, more relaxed and creative mind—one that can function at the peak of its unique intelligence—is the potential. The book includes a link to tutorials on OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation. Osho challenges readers to examine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to enjoy life in all its richness. He has been described by the Sunday Times of London as one of the “1000 Makers of the 20th Century” and by Sunday Mid-Day (India) as one of the ten people—along with Gandhi, Nehru, and Buddha—who have changed the destiny of India. Since his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to expand, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world.
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