Queering The Biopolitics Of Citizenship In The Age Of Obama

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Queering The Biopolitics Of Citizenship In The Age Of Obama

Author : J. Rohrer
ISBN : 9781137488206
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 26.50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The book from the interdisciplinary fields of queer theory, critical race theory, feminist political theory, disability studies, and indigenous studies to demonstrate that analyzing contemporary notions of citizenship requires understanding the machinations of governmentality and biopolitics in the (re)production of the proper citizen.
Category: Political Science

Queering Families Schooling Publics

Author : Anne M. Harris
ISBN : 9781134869282
Genre : Education
File Size : 58.73 MB
Format : PDF
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At a time of increasingly diverse and dynamic debates on the intersections of contemporary LGBTQ rights, trans* visibility, same-sex families, and sexualities education, there is surprisingly little writing on what it means to queer notions of family and kinship networks in global context. Building on the recent wave of scholarship on queerness in families and how families intersect with schools, schooling and educational institutions more broadly, this book considers how we are taught to enact family at home, at school and through the media, and how this pedagogy has shifted and changed over time. Conceived as a collection of keywords that take up the vocabulary of queerness, queering practices, and queer families, the authors employ a nuanced intersectional approach to connect the damaging and persistent invisibility of their subject to the complex and dominant and normalizing discourses of marriage and family. Offering post-structural, post-humanist, and new materialist perspectives on kinship and the family, this book moves the conversation forward by critically interrogating and expanding upon current knowledges about gender diversity, queer kinship, and pedagogy.
Category: Education

Lgbtq Politics

Author : Marla Brettschneider
ISBN : 9781479834099
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 83.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A definitive collection of original essays on queer politics From Harvey Milk to ACT UP to Proposition 8, no political change in the last two decades has been as rapid as the advancement of civil rights for LGBTQ people. As we face a critical juncture in progressive activism, political science, which has been slower than most disciplines to study the complexity of queer politics, must grapple with the shifting landscape of LGBTQ rights and inclusion. LGBTQ Politics analyzes both the successes and obstacles to building the LGBTQ movement over the past twenty years, offering analyses that point to possibilities for the movement’s future. Essays cover a range of topics, including activism, law, and coalition-building, and draw on subfields such as American politics, comparative politics, political theory, and international relations. LGBTQ Politics presents the full range of methodological, ideological, and substantive approaches to LGBTQ politics that exist in political science. Analyses focused on mainstream institutional and elite politics appear alongside contributions grounded in grassroots movements and critical theory. While some essays celebrate the movement’s successes and prospects, others express concerns that its democratic basis has become undermined by a focus on funding power over people power, attempts to fragment the LGBTQ movement from racial, gender and class justice, and a persistent attachment to single-issue politics. A comprehensive, thought-provoking collection, LGBTQ Politics: A Critical Reader will give rise to continued critical discussion of the parameters of LGBTQ politics.
Category: Political Science

Transmedia Archaeology

Author : C. Scolari
ISBN : 9781137434371
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 42.78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this book, the authors examine manifestations of transmedia storytelling in different historical periods and countries, spanning the UK, the US and Argentina. It takes us into the worlds of Conan the Barbarian, Superman and El Eternauta, introduces us to the archaeology of transmedia, and reinstates the fact that it's not a new phenomenon.
Category: Social Science

Interviewing Rape Victims

Author : Karen Rich
ISBN : 9781137353238
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 24.58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This study presents a unique overview of the cultural, social and practical aspects of interviewing rape victims. Exploring a range of issues that affect rape cases including discourse, gender, attitudes and victim's rights, Rich reveals the complexities of sexual assault and looks to how communities can work to respond to and combat such violence.
Category: Psychology

Prison Shakespeare And The Purpose Of Performance Repentance Rituals And The Early Modern

Author : N. Herold
ISBN : 9781137432674
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 89.27 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Over the last decade a number of prison theatre programs have developed to rehabilitate inmates by having them perform Shakespearean adaptations. This book focuses on how prison theatre today reveals certain elements of the early modern theatre that were themselves responses to cataclysmic changes in theological doctrine and religious practice.
Category: Performing Arts

Sustainable Community Development Dilemma Of Options In Kenya

Author : F. Waswa
ISBN : 9781137497413
Genre : History
File Size : 77.1 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Community development has lately gained much prominence, but the emphasis has remained on the economic and social welfare of communities, rather than the environment. By focusing on 'sustainable' development in Kenya, this study shows the importance of integrating ecological concerns in socio-economic and cultural development processes.
Category: History

Religious Liberties For Corporations

Author : D. Gans
ISBN : 9781137479709
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 28.98 MB
Format : PDF
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An expanded version of a series of debates between the authors, this book examines the nature of corporate rights, especially with respect to religious liberty, in the context of the controversial Hobby Lobby case from the Supreme Court's 2013-14 term.
Category: Political Science

The Formation Of The Brics And Its Implication For The United States

Author : M. Schaefer
ISBN : 9781137387943
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82.8 MB
Format : PDF
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Schaefer and Poffenbarger assess whether the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are attempting to balance US power and analyze the United States' responses to the creation of this IGO through a mix of theoretical and policy-focused approaches.
Category: Social Science

Containing Un American Bodies

Author : Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo
ISBN : 9789042030244
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 64.19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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¿The authors argue that queer, black, brown, and foreign bodies, and the so-called threats they represent, such as immigration reform and same-sex marriage, have been effectively linked with terrorism. These awful conflations¿ are enduring and help to explain the contradictions of contemporary U.S. politics. We are far from a post post-9/11 world.¿ Ronald R. Sundstrom, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, The University of San Francisco, United States ¿If you want to understand how a new biopolitics of citizenship is containing bodies of the nation by re-inscribing sex and race into it and how this new biopolitics is being resisted you must read this book.¿ Engin F. Isin, Professor, Department of Politics and International Studies, The Open University, United Kingdom
Category: Philosophy