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Molecular Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : D. P. Craig
ISBN : 9780486135632
Genre : Science
File Size : 47.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Self-contained, systematic introduction examines application of quantum electrodynamics to interpretation of optical experiments on atoms and molecules and explains the quantum theory of electromagnetic radiation and its interaction with matter.
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Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : V B Berestetskii
ISBN : 9780080503462
Genre : Science
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Several significant additions have been made to the second edition, including the operator method of calculating the bremsstrahlung cross-section, the calcualtion of the probabilities of photon-induced pair production and photon decay in a magnetic field, the asymptotic form of the scattering amplitudes at high energies, inelastic scattering of electrons by hadrons, and the transformation of electron-positron pairs into hadrons.
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Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Toichiro Kinoshita
ISBN : 9810202148
Genre : Science
File Size : 65.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Quantum electrodynamics is an essential building block and an integral part of the gauge theory of unified electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions, the so-called standard model. Its failure or breakdown at some level would have a most profound impact on the theoretical foundations of elementary particle physics as a whole. Thus the validity of QED has been the subject of intense experimental tests over more than 40 years of its history. This volume presents an up-to-date review of high precision experimental tests of QED together with comprehensive discussion of required theoretical work.
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Selected Papers On Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Julian Schwinger
ISBN : 9780486604442
Genre : Science
File Size : 54.10 MB
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This monumental collection of 34 historical papers on quantum electrodynamics features contributions by the 20th century's leading physicists: Dyson, Fermi, Feynman, Foley, Oppenheimer, Pauli, Weisskopf, and others. Twenty-nine are in English, three in German, and one each in French and Italian. Editor Julian Schwinger won a Nobel Prize for his pioneering work in quantum electrodynamics.
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Early Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Arthur I. Miller
ISBN : 0521568919
Genre : Science
File Size : 29.33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A panoramic view during 1927-1938 of the development of quantum electrodynamics.
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The Quantum Vacuum

Author : Peter W. Milonni
ISBN : 9780080571492
Genre : Science
File Size : 32.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In modern physics, the classical vacuum of tranquil nothingness has been replaced by a quantum vacuum with fluctuations of measurable consequence. In The Quantum Vacuum, Peter Milonni describes the concept of the vacuum in quantum physics with an emphasis on quantum electrodynamics. He elucidates in depth and detail the role of the vacuum electromagnetic field in spontaneous emission, the Lamb shift, van der Waals, and Casimir forces, and a variety of other phenomena, some of which are of technological as well as purely scientific importance. This informative text also provides an introduction based on fundamental vacuum processes to the ideas of relativistic quantum electrodynamics and quantum field theory, including renormalization and Feynman diagrams. Experimental as well as theoreticalaspects of the quantum vacuum are described, and in most cases details of mathematical derivations are included. Chapter 1 of The Quantum Vacuum - published in advance in The American Journal of Physics (1991)-was later selected by readers as one of the Most Memorable papers ever published in the 60-year history of the journal. This chapter provides anexcellent beginning of the book, introducing a wealth of information of historical interest, the results of which are carefully woven into subsequent chapters to form a coherent whole. Does not assume that the reader has taken advanced graduate courses, making the text accessible to beginning graduate students Emphasizes the basic physical ideas rather than the formal, mathematical aspects of the subject Provides a careful and thorough treatment of Casimir and van der Waals forces at a level of detail not found in any other book on this topic Clearly presents mathematical derivations
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Photons And Atoms

Author : Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
ISBN : MINN:31951D002369538
Genre : Science
File Size : 34.95 MB
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Photons and Atoms Photons and Atoms: Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics provides the necessary background to understand the various physical processes associated with photon-atom interactions. It starts with elementary quantum theory and classical electrodynamics and progresses to more advanced approaches. A critical comparison is made between these different, although equivalent, formulations of quantum electrodynamics. Using this format, the reader is offered a gradual, yet flexible introduction to quantum electrodynamics, avoiding formal discussions and excessive shortcuts. Complementing each chapter are numerous examples and exercises that can be used independently from the rest of the book to extend each chapter in many disciplines depending on the interests and needs of the reader.
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Finite Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Gunter Scharf
ISBN : 9780486492735
Genre : Science
File Size : 53.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The third edition of this classic graduate-level physics text covers relativistic quantum mechanics, field quantization, causal perturbation theory, properties of the S-matrix, and considerations of other electromagnetic couplings. 2014 edition.
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Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Walter Greiner
ISBN : 3540875611
Genre : Computers
File Size : 26.18 MB
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We are pleased by the positive resonance of our book which now necessitates a fourth edition. We have used this opportunity to implement corrections of misprints and amendments at several places, and to extend and improve the discussion of many of the exercises and examples. We hope that our presentation of the method of equivalent photons (Example 3. 17), the form factor of the electron (Example 5. 7), the infrared catastrophe (Example 5. 8) and the energy shift of atomic levels (Example 5. 9)arenow even better to understand. The new Exercise 5. 10 shows in detail how to arrive at the non-relativistic limit for the calculation of form factors. Moreover, we have brought up-to-date the Biographical Notes about physicists who have contributed to the dev- opment of quantum electrodynamics, and references to experimental tests of the t- ory. For example, there has been recent progress in the determination of the electric and magnetic form factors of the proton (discussed in Exercise 3. 5 on the Rosenbluth formula) and the Lamb shift of high-Z atoms (discussed in Example 5. 9 on the energy shift of atomic levels), while the experimental veri cation of the birefringence of the QED vacuum in a strong magnetic eld (Example 7. 8) remains unsettled and is a topic of active ongoing research.
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Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Richard P. Feynman
ISBN : 9780429972874
Genre : Science
File Size : 82.99 MB
Format : PDF
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This classic work presents the main results and calculational procedures of quantum electrodynamics in a simple and straightforward way. Designed for the student of experimental physics who does not intend to take more advanced graduate courses in theoretical physics, the material consists of notes on the third of a three-semester course given at the California Institute of Technology.
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