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Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Toichiro Kinoshita
ISBN : 9810202148
Genre : Science
File Size : 82.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Quantum electrodynamics is an essential building block and an integral part of the gauge theory of unified electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions, the so-called standard model. Its failure or breakdown at some level would have a most profound impact on the theoretical foundations of elementary particle physics as a whole. Thus the validity of QED has been the subject of intense experimental tests over more than 40 years of its history. This volume presents an up-to-date review of high precision experimental tests of QED together with comprehensive discussion of required theoretical work.
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Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Walter Greiner
ISBN : 9783662052464
Genre : Computers
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Since the need for a third edition of this book has arisen, we have endeavoured to improve and extend it in several ways. At many places small changes were made, misprints have been corrected, and references have been added. In Chap. 5 new theoretical and experimental results on the Lamb shift in heavy atoms and on the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon are reported. We have also added a number of new topics in Chaps. 3, 5, and 7 in the form of examples and exercises. Example 3. 19 contains a detailed treatment of electron-positron pair production in the collision of a high-energy photon with a laser beam. This is supplemented by Exercise 3. 20 where a closed solution of the Dirac equation in the field of a plane wave is derived. Furthermore, Example 5. 4 on the running coupling constant in QED and Example 7. 6 on the supercritial point charge prob lem have been added. Finally, Example 7. 8 treats the birefringence of the QED vacuum in a strong magnetic field. We thank all colleagues and readers who have informed us about misprints in the book and are grateful to the team at Springer-Verlag for expertly handling the preparation of this new edition. Frankfurt am Main, Walter Greiner August 2002 Joachim Reinhardt Preface to the Second Edition The need for a second edition of our text on Quantum Electrodynamics has given us the opportunity to implement some corrections and amendments.
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Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : V B Berestetskii
ISBN : 9780080503462
Genre : Science
File Size : 78.35 MB
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Several significant additions have been made to the second edition, including the operator method of calculating the bremsstrahlung cross-section, the calcualtion of the probabilities of photon-induced pair production and photon decay in a magnetic field, the asymptotic form of the scattering amplitudes at high energies, inelastic scattering of electrons by hadrons, and the transformation of electron-positron pairs into hadrons.
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Early Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Arthur I. Miller
ISBN : 0521568919
Genre : Science
File Size : 64.13 MB
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A panoramic view during 1927-1938 of the development of quantum electrodynamics.
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Principles Of Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Walter E. Thirring
ISBN : 9781483275864
Genre : Science
File Size : 33.85 MB
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Principles of Quantum Electrodynamics concentrates on one of the best understood parts of quantum field theory, quantum electrodynamics. It emphasizes the physical basis of the theory and avoids purely mathematical details. For this reason, the book should not be taken as a handbook of field theory, but rather as a compendium of the most characteristic and interesting results which have been obtained up to now. The book is organized into four parts. Part I develops the general mathematical framework, covering units and orders of magnitude, classical electrodynamics, and the general formalism of the quantum theory of fields. Part II deals with free fields. It examines some problems concerning the physical interpretation of the theory and asks whether the quantization procedure adopted actually introduces quantum characteristics and, if so, how these are expressed by the formalism. It also investigates the expectation values of more complicated expressions. Part III examines the effects of a mechanism which produces the particles under consideration; i.e., an external source of the fields. Part IV deals with quantum fields in interaction. The focus is on the case of a quantized electromagnetic field, the source of which is a quantized Dirac field.
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Molecular Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : D. P. Craig
ISBN : 9780486135632
Genre : Science
File Size : 58.19 MB
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Self-contained, systematic introduction examines application of quantum electrodynamics to interpretation of optical experiments on atoms and molecules and explains the quantum theory of electromagnetic radiation and its interaction with matter.
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The Quantum Vacuum

Author : Peter W. Milonni
ISBN : 9780080571492
Genre : Science
File Size : 64.52 MB
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In modern physics, the classical vacuum of tranquil nothingness has been replaced by a quantum vacuum with fluctuations of measurable consequence. In The Quantum Vacuum, Peter Milonni describes the concept of the vacuum in quantum physics with an emphasis on quantum electrodynamics. He elucidates in depth and detail the role of the vacuum electromagnetic field in spontaneous emission, the Lamb shift, van der Waals, and Casimir forces, and a variety of other phenomena, some of which are of technological as well as purely scientific importance. This informative text also provides an introduction based on fundamental vacuum processes to the ideas of relativistic quantum electrodynamics and quantum field theory, including renormalization and Feynman diagrams. Experimental as well as theoreticalaspects of the quantum vacuum are described, and in most cases details of mathematical derivations are included. Chapter 1 of The Quantum Vacuum - published in advance in The American Journal of Physics (1991)-was later selected by readers as one of the Most Memorable papers ever published in the 60-year history of the journal. This chapter provides anexcellent beginning of the book, introducing a wealth of information of historical interest, the results of which are carefully woven into subsequent chapters to form a coherent whole. Does not assume that the reader has taken advanced graduate courses, making the text accessible to beginning graduate students Emphasizes the basic physical ideas rather than the formal, mathematical aspects of the subject Provides a careful and thorough treatment of Casimir and van der Waals forces at a level of detail not found in any other book on this topic Clearly presents mathematical derivations
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Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Richard P. Feynman
ISBN : 081334638X
Genre : Science
File Size : 46.73 MB
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This classic work presents the main results and calculational procedures of quantum electrodynamics in a simple and straightforward way. Designed for the student of experimental physics who does not intend to take more advanced graduate courses in theoretical physics, the material consists of notes on the third of a three-semester course given at the California Institute of Technology.
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New Aspects Of Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Akitomo Tachibana
ISBN : 9789811031328
Genre : Science
File Size : 50.30 MB
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This book presents new aspects of quantum electrodynamics (QED), a quantum theory of photons with electrons, from basic physics to physical chemistry with mathematical rigor. Topics covered include spin dynamics, chemical reactivity, the dual Cauchy problem, and more. Readers interested in modern applications of quantum field theory in nano-, bio-, and open systems will enjoy learning how the up-to-date quantum theory of radiation with matter works in the world of QED. In particular, chemical ideas restricted now to nonrelativistic quantum theory are shown to be unified and extended to relativistic quantum field theory that is basic to particle physics and cosmology: realization of the new-generation quantum theory. Readers are assumed to have a background equivalent to an undergraduate student's elementary knowledge in electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, chemistry, and mathematics.
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Quantum Electrodynamics

Author : Iwo Białynicki-Birula
ISBN : 9781483280578
Genre : Science
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Quantum Electrodynamics focuses on the formulation of quantum electrodynamics (QED) in its most general and most abstract form: relativistic quantum field theory. It describes QED as a program, rather than a closed theory, that rests on the theory of the quantum Maxwellian field interacting with given (external) classical sources of radiation and on the relativistic quantum mechanics of electrons interacting with a given (external) classical electromagnetic field. Comprised of eight chapters, this volume begins with an introduction to the fundamental principles of quantum theory formulated in a general, abstract fashion. The following chapters consider non-relativistic quantum mechanics; the theory of the electromagnetic field interacting with given sources of radiation; the quantum mechanics of particles; and the relativistic quantum mechanics of mutually non-interacting electrons moving in a given electromagnetic field. The formulation of QED is then described, paying particular attention to perturbation theory and Feynman diagrams and electron-photon processes. The final two chapters deal with renormalization theory and applications of QED. This book is addressed to readers who are familiar with quantum mechanics and classical electrodynamics at the level of university courses.
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