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Punch Up Vol 3 Yaoi Manga

Author : Shiuko Kano
ISBN : 9781421549095
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 68.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The relationship between architect Motoharu Maki and ironworker worker Kouta Ohki has settled down into a happy routine, but Motoharu is still battling feelings of jealousy over Kouta meeting up again with first love, Yuya. Kouta swears it’s over, but now that Yuya’s boss is Motoharu’s new client, the two ex-lovers see each other more than ever. Is Kouta really over his first love, or are Motoharu’s feelings of jealousy justified? Includes a 25-page bonus story of a day in the couple’s steamy love life. -- VIZ Media
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Punch Up

Author : Shiuko Kano
ISBN : 1421543559
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 20.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In a split second, Motoharu and Kouta went from lovers to strangers. After a traumatic fall at work, 19-year-old Kouta has reverted back to his 15-year-old self and is only interested in killing time at the arcade. Kouta's behavior scares Motoharu, who longs for his lost lover and worries about their past troubles. With no other options, the two decide to start their relationship over from the beginning. Read on for the emotional climax in this final volume of Punch Up! Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for mature audiences.
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Mr Punch S History Of Modern England Vol Iii 1874 1892 Of 4 Illustrations

Author : Charles Larcom Graves
Genre :
File Size : 53.37 MB
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Example in this ebook PART I THE NATIONAL OUTLOOK HIGH POLITICS The pageant of the Victorian age reached its grand climacteric in the period on which we now enter. As a "drum and trumpet chronicle" the history of the eighteen years from 1874 to 1892 was void of any British military operations on the grand scale. Of the names Kandahar, Maiwand, Isandhlwana, Majuba, Khartoum and Tel-el-Kebir only the first and last minister to our complacency. Yet the achievements of Lord Roberts in the two Afghan campaigns were splendid examples of bold leadership and British endurance, and Lord Wolseley's suppression of the revolt of Arabi was more than efficient. In the mid 'seventies Germany came perilously near forcing a fresh war on France; but the influence of the British Crown and Government was largely instrumental in averting the calamity. We were twice on the verge of war with Russia in 1878, first in April after the Treaty of San Stefano at the close of the Russo-Turkish war, and second in July over Russia's intervention in Afghanistan. The country was divided, for while there had been a revival of the old distrust of Russia, Gladstone had thrown the whole weight of his influence into the campaign of protest against the "Bulgarian atrocities." The Government, on the whole, steered a middle course between the "Jingoes" and those who supported Gladstone's "bag and baggage" policy towards the Turks. At the height of the Tory Press campaign against Russia, Lord Salisbury, in a speech in the City, observed: "It has been generally acknowledged to be madness to go to war for an idea, but it is yet more unsatisfactory to go to war against a nightmare." Punch, who was never pro-Russian, but at the moment was strongly anti-Turk, interpreted this saying as a caution against Jingo scaremongering. In one of the earliest of his cartoons on the possibility of war over the Eastern question, he represented Disraeli standing on the edge of a precipice with Britannia, asking her to move "just a leetle nearer." Britannia declines to move one inch farther, adding, "I'm a good deal nearer than is pleasant already." But four months later, in May, 1878, when he showed Britannia between two advisers, Disraeli and Bright—the former wearing a sword camouflaged with an olive wreath—Punch supported neither, but applauded the third Voice, that of Neutrality. Professorial intervention he resented strongly; and severely rebuked Freeman, the historian, for a violent and unpatriotic speech. In fine, he was equally down on the blatant bunkum of the music-halls and the ill-considered agitation of fussy Pacificists; on War-Donkeys and Peace-Donkeys; "Asses are asses, whether bound in Lion or in Calf." But if in Europe Great Britain never got beyond the stage of naval demonstrations and the summoning of troops from India, these eighteen years were not devoid of great as well as spectacular events. They opened with the triumphant return to power of Disraeli, admirably symbolized in Tenniel's great cartoon of the chariot driver and his fallen rival, and with his efforts to translate into practical politics his grandiose doctrines of Imperialism. He made the Queen Empress of India, he riveted our hold on the Suez Canal by the opportune purchase of the Khedive's shares in 1875; he claimed to have brought back "Peace with Honour" from the Berlin Congress of 1878, the year which marked the zenith of his power and the beginning of its decline. The twelve years that followed Gladstone's success at the polls in 1880 were crowded with momentous events; the rise and ferment of the new nationalities abroad; the advent of new champions and gladiators in the political arena at home—Parnell and Randolph Churchill and Chamberlain. To be continue in this ebook

Red Sonja Vol 3 2

Author : Marguerite Bennett
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 75.38 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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As her people turn warlike and become more vicious than even their enemies, Red Sonja battles to save Hyrkania from its own army. Racing to the throne, with a price on her head, Sonja finds herself entangled in the charms and wiles of a mysterious and beautiful performer... and when the face of the King is revealed at last, Sonja is captured in intrigues more deadly than any she has known!
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Fine Cooking Annual

Author : Fine Cooking
ISBN : 9781600850431
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 41.18 MB
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A handsome, brightly illustrated cookbook features dozens of the finest recipes to appear in Fine Cooking magazine, accompanied by tips on seasonal offerings, menu plans for any occasion, step-by-step guidelines on preparation techniques, expert cooking tips and tricks, more than three hundred color photographs, and a comprehensive index.
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Migrations Volume Iii Inward And Toward

Author : Ashim Shanker
ISBN : 9781387654161
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50.23 MB
Format : PDF
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This naked moment may well be apprehended with greater acuity in retrospect, but how can we know if what we view in hindsight will ever have truly been? The uncertainty of it is frightening-but maybe, at the same time, we need not look upon it as a crisis of the human condition. Assimilating this irresoluteness may indeed be our greatest capacity. To live in this perpetual bewilderment and without respite is to be honest, even genuine, with oneself. Perhaps we must embrace the disinterested nature of our anxiety even if we know that it is contrastingly woven from competing threads of self-interest. It is sad that we cannot trust what our senses tell us, trust the information we are given. Or maybe it is beautiful if you see an aesthetic to the indecipherable, to the very thought that even the tiniest shard of logic may pierce at us whilst yet eluding us.
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Bunkai Of The Sh T Kan Kata Up To Black Belt Vol 3

Author : Fiore Tartaglia
ISBN : 9783981601473
Genre :
File Size : 55.92 MB
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Bunkai – the analysis and understanding of a technique or kata - is an integral part of karate. The different kata applications shown in this book are possible defense solutions, which will supplement or partially reinforce the existing knowledge of the reader. However, they are not the only way to interpret the kata. The karateka, who wishes to gain more knowledge, will enrich his existing knowledge on the topic of Bunkai. - At-a-glance overview of all kata - Supplementary explanations of difficult sections of kata - Explanations of Japanese terms through graphics - Additional detail drawings for difficult applications - Concise drawings with all details From the contents: "... The evolution of Karate from martial arts to a legitimate sports discipline has led to its worldwide practice and acceptance. At the same time, karate has been made somewhat "safer" by this development. The classic discipline which, to an extent, served as a survival technique, has now adapted to the new generations and their communities. However, much of the original information of classical karate was preserved in the kata. The discussion of their various applications gives us the opportunity to gain insights that will enrich our karate-dô. ..."

Hair Transplant 360 Volume 3

Author : Samuel M Lam
ISBN : 9789351520702
Genre : Medical
File Size : 39.8 MB
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Provides latest advances in hair transplantation. Extensive internationally recognised author team. Includes DVDs demonstrating procedures.
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