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Proper Confidence

Author : Lesslie Newbigin
ISBN : 0802808565
Genre : Religion
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Looking to end the divisive conflict that has raged between Christians who attack each other either as "liberals" or as "fundamentalists," Newbigin here gives a historical account of the roots of this conflict in order to begin laying the foundation for a middle ground that will benefit the Christian faith as a whole. What results is a perspective that allows Christians to confidently affirm the gospel as public truth in our pluralistic world.
Category: Religion

Lesslie Newbigin

Author : Geoffrey Wainwright
ISBN : 0195356365
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 68.68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book offers an intellectual and spiritual biography of Lesslie Newbigin, a figure of patristic proportions in the twentieth-century history of the Church. Drawing on thirty-five years of personal and literary acquaintance with his subject and on a thorough examination of the Newbigin archives, Geoffrey Wainwright crafts a rich and varied portrait of this outstanding witness to the Gospel.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Stewards Of The Kingdom

Author : Ikechi P. Ihejirika
ISBN : 9781490830315
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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First-century followers of Christ (representatives of the Kingdom of God on earth) lived in accordance with what they preached. Many laid down their lives rather than compromise Kingdom values. For them, the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was more than words; it was about imitating Him. There is utter confusion in the twenty-first century Christian world because unfaithful stewards over the centuries added to the gospel of Christ. Their creation--a new Christianity ("Religious Christianity")--commingled Kingdom and worldly values, shut out the Holy Spirit from His Church, and undermined Christ's teachings. The result: many Christians cannot differentiate the wheat from the chaff, the truth from the lie, the gospel of Christ from the false gospels, biblical churches from syncretistic churches, good stewards from bad stewards, and Kingdom values from worldly values. Stewards of the Kingdom takes away the grey, brings clarity, exposes centuries' old conspiracies and lies, and calls on followers of Christ (Kingdom representatives) to rise up and take back their stolen Kingdom.
Category: Religion

The Distinctive Identity Of The Church

Author : Jeppe Bach Nikolajsen
ISBN : 9781498202077
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82.61 MB
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An increasing number of theologians believe that the Western world has moved from an era of Christendom to an era of post-Christendom. This book goes to the heart of the debate related to this shift, asking, How are we to understand the distinctive identity of the church with special reference to its role in a post-Christendom society? It then presents an analysis of the work of the English Reformed theologian Lesslie Newbigin and the American Mennonite theologian John Howard Yoder, both of whom reflect on how we should understand this important question. At the end of The Distinctive Identity of the Church, the charge of sectarianism is discussed. It is argued that a missionary God sends the church to the world and, consequently, this sending should fundamentally determine its existence in the world. The book argues that the task that lies before the church in the Western world is not to bypass its distinctiveness with accusations of sectarianism, but to recapitulate an understanding of its own distinctiveness that should be seen as a precondition for its engagement in society. Such an ecclesiological position holds important potential for an understanding of the role of the church in pluralistic Western cultures.
Category: Religion

History Of The Old Covenant

Author : Johann Heinrich Kurtz
Genre : Astronomy in the Bible
File Size : 48.57 MB
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Category: Astronomy in the Bible

Grasping Truth And Reality

Author : Donald Le Roy Stults
ISBN : 9781621892762
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69.31 MB
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When Lesslie Newbigin returned to Britain in 1974 after years of missionary service, he observed that his homeland was as much a mission field as India, where he had spent the majority of his missionary career. He concluded that the Western world needed a missionary confrontation. Instead of the traditional approach to missions, however, Newbigin realized that the Western world needed to be confronted theologically. From his earliest days at Cambridge University, Newbigin developed certain theological convictions that shaped his understanding of the Christian faith. Newbigin utilizes these theological convictions as criteria for evaluating the belief system of Western culture and for providing an answer to Western culture's dilemma. It is Newbigin's contention that the West is suffering from a loss of purpose because at the time of the Enlightenment, it rejected a belief system that gave it purpose. This was also a belief system that made it uniquely different from the rest of the world, particularly Asia. The Enlightenment reintroduced humanism and dualism into Western culture, which resulted in the loss of purpose and the rise of skepticism. Modern science and the scientific method, in the form of scientism, added to the problem, making human reason the measure of truth, and limiting facts to only that which could be verified through controlled experiment. Newbigin's solution is to reintroduce the Christian belief system into Western culture in order to restore purpose and truth to Westerners and to put them into contact with true reality through Jesus Christ. He desires to do this in the context of both modernism and post-modernism. This book will discuss Newbigin's theological convictions and how they factored into both his critique of and his solution for Western culture's spiritual and worldview problems.
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Critical Conversations

Author : Murray Rae
ISBN : 9781621891505
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66.84 MB
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Critical Conversations provides a series of theological engagements with the work of Michael Polanyi, one of the twentieth century's most profound philosophers of science. Polanyi's sustained explorations of the nature of human knowing open a range of questions and themes of profound importance for theology. He insists on the need to recover the categories of faith and belief in accounting for the way we know and points to the importance of tradition and the necessity sometimes of conversion in order to learn the truth of things. These themes are explored along with Polanyi's social and political thought, his anthropology, his hermeneutics, and his conception of truth. Several of the essays set Polanyi alongside the work of other thinkers, particularly Karl Barth, Lesslie Newbigin, Hans-Georg Gadamer, and Rene Girard, and they discuss points of comparison and contrast between the respective figures. While all the essays are appreciative of Polanyi's contribution, they do not shy away from critical analysis--and take further, therefore, the critical appreciation of Polanyi's work.
Category: Religion

Young Restless No Longer Reformed

Author : Austin Fischer
ISBN : 9781630871161
Genre : Religion
File Size : 83.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Does it really matter? Does it matter if we have free will? Does it matter if Calvinism is true? And does what you think about it matter? No and yes. No, it doesn't matter because God is who he is and does what he does regardless of what we think of him, just as the solar system keeps spinning around the sun even if we're convinced it spins around the earth. Our opinions about God will not change God, but they can change us. And so yes, it does matter because the conversations about free will and Calvinism confront us with perhaps the only question that really matters: who is God? This is a book about that question--a book about the Bible, black holes, love, sovereignty, hell, Romans 9, Jonathan Edwards, John Piper, C. S. Lewis, Karl Barth, and a little girl in a red coat. You've heard arguments, but here's a story--Austin Fischer's story, and his journey in and out of Calvinism on a trip to the center of the universe.
Category: Religion