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Learning Python

Author : Mark Lutz
ISBN : 9781449355692
Genre : Computers
File Size : 48.53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Get a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to the core Python language with this hands-on book. Based on author Mark Lutz’s popular training course, this updated fifth edition will help you quickly write efficient, high-quality code with Python. It’s an ideal way to begin, whether you’re new to programming or a professional developer versed in other languages. Complete with quizzes, exercises, and helpful illustrations, this easy-to-follow, self-paced tutorial gets you started with both Python 2.7 and 3.3— the latest releases in the 3.X and 2.X lines—plus all other releases in common use today. You’ll also learn some advanced language features that recently have become more common in Python code. Explore Python’s major built-in object types such as numbers, lists, and dictionaries Create and process objects with Python statements, and learn Python’s general syntax model Use functions to avoid code redundancy and package code for reuse Organize statements, functions, and other tools into larger components with modules Dive into classes: Python’s object-oriented programming tool for structuring code Write large programs with Python’s exception-handling model and development tools Learn advanced Python tools, including decorators, descriptors, metaclasses, and Unicode processing
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Programming Python

Author : Mark Lutz
ISBN : 0596000855
Genre : Computers
File Size : 21.3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A guide to Python, the object-oriented scripting language, discusses the use of Python in Internet and web programming; address Python's C intergration tools; and features many examples that expand as new topics are introduced. Original. (Intermediate/Advanced)
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Python Programming

Author : Cal Baron
ISBN : 1794217010
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 73.96 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Quickstart guide for Python Programming Python is an incredibly versatile and powerful programming language, but only if you know how to use it! Need to learn Python fast? Python can be used to create just about any kind of programming project you can imagine. When you understand how to program in Python, you unlock a world of computing power and possibilities. Get the most out of Python simply by following the easy coding examples and projects fully explained inside this guide. It doesn't matter if you have never programmed anything before. This step-by-step guide gives you everything you need to know to do more with Python than you ever thought possible! Fully up to date for 2019 Python has been around for a long time, but has evolved over the years. Save yourself the headache and frustration of trying to use a guide that just isn't up to date anymore! Brand new and fully up to date, this guide shows you exactly what you need to do to start programming in Python today!Here is a preview of what you will learn in this guide: Introduction The Basics The first languages The 1980's to today What is Python? Benefits of learning Python Getting familiar with the language How Python Works Objects and classes Attributes and methods Inheritance Loops Conditional statements Exceptions Modules, packages, and libraries How To Get Started Setting up the environment Installing Python Getting ready to code Coding your very first program Walkthroughs Prime number program Sending texts Sending plain-text email Drawing with Turtle Creating games Tips For Success Code everyday Find other beginners Try explaining Python out loud Check out other languages Have a plan for when you get stuck Recommended Resources And so much more! If you aren't a tech-savvy person or have no programming experience, have no fear! With this guide in your hands that will not be a barrier for you any longer. Learn Python programming quickly and easily when you grab this guide now!
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Python Programming

Author : Clive Campbell
ISBN : 1078096163
Genre :
File Size : 52.51 MB
Format : PDF
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★★Buy the Paperback Version of this Book and get the Kindle Book version for FREE★★ Python programming: the ultimate guide from a beginner to expert is the right book for the reader that is new to python programming and at the same time wants to learn all the necessary tools to use python in a professional and effective way. The most exciting parts of the book are: Basics of Python Programming Language Types of Variables Methods/Functions in Python Flow Control in Python Data Processing, Analysis, and Visualization Applications of Machine Learning Inheritance and Polymorphism Special Functions/Methods Exception Handling Amongst many other python programming books this one stands out for several reasons. Readers will find this Book unique because: * It uses simple English that both a native and non-native English speaker will find easy to read and understand. * The examples and work to do are presented completely throughout. There are no assumptions that you are aware of the basics. * It provides brief notes including observations in each chapter. * The exercises and examples given do not overwhelm you. The aim is to help you navigate through the features of Python as opposed to testing you. The decision to emphasize the first three chapters which other writers lump into one chapter is to enable you get a firm grounding on the fundamentals of programming. The reason for splitting the introductory content into three chapters is to ensure that you do not feel overwhelmed with a long introductory chapter! The Chapters are also presented systematically to ensure that the learner is systematically developing his or her skill set. The Book is like a fusion of a Python manual, instructor view, and student view of how to teach programming. Against this backdrop, you will find this Book an invaluable tool for starting and mastering programming in Python. Python is a powerful tool for the future, object oriented and the preferred code for machine learning, therefore if you are interested in entering into this exciting new world scroll up, add to cart and buy the book now

Programming With Python

Author : Tim Altom
ISBN : 0761523340
Genre : Computers
File Size : 82.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book offers practical applications and code to help users get up to speed with this innovative programming language. By providing recipes of Python programs and scripts, users are able to get their programs running faster with less hassle. CD features Python code, programs and full a text version of the book.
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Programming In Python

Author : Dr. Pooja Sharma
ISBN : 9789387284869
Genre : Computers
File Size : 69.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Description:This Book is meant for wide range of readers who wish to learn the basics of Python programming language. It can be helpful for students, programmers, researchers, and software developers. The basic concepts of python programming are dealt in detail. The various concepts of python language such as object oriented features, operators, native data types, control structures, functions, exception handling, file handling, etc are discussed in detail with the authentic programming illustration of each.presently, python programming is a hot topic among academicians researchers, and program developers. As a result, the book is designed to give an in depth knowledge of programming in python. This book can be used as hand book as well as a guide for students of all computer science stream at any grade beginning from 10+1 to Research in PhD. To conclude, we hope that the readers will find this book a helpful guide and valuable source of information about python programming.Salient Features of the Book:Detailed explanation of python programming language concepts.Detailed comparisons and differentiation of python language from other most popular languages C/C++/Java.Authentic and extensive set of programming illustrations in every chapter of the book.Broad study on all the programming constructs of the python programming language such as native data types, looping, decision making, exception handling, file handling etc.Broad study of Python Object Oriented Programming features with illustrations.Numerous review questions and exercises at the end of every chapter.A Compact disc containing all the programming codes written in this book is included within the book.Table of Contents:Introduction to Python LanguagePython Data Types and Input OutputOperators and ExpressionsControl StructuresPython Native Data TypesPython FunctionsPython ModulesException HandlingFile Management in PythonClasses and ObjectsInheritancePython Operator OverloadingAppendix-IBibliographyIndex
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Python For Beginners

Author : Nathan Metzler
ISBN : 9788827589502
Genre : Computers
File Size : 90.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Master the Python Environment and Become a Skilled Coder! When you open up Beginner’s Guide to Python, you’ll enter a new world of creative and lucrative possibilities. From executing Python scripts on various operating systems to learning identifiers and keywords, you’ll be up-and-running in no time. Now is the time – get ready for the ride of a lifetime as you discover the inner workings of a language on which much of the world’s newest devices depend. With this book, you can learn what you need to know to get started with this popular and powerful coding platform: Installing the necessary software Setting up your programming environment Learning the basic syntax of Python Understanding variables, operators, and control structures Absorbing the basics of Python functions This comprehensive and easy-to-read introduction to Python programming includes a wealth of programming tutorials for writing your first lines of code. You’ll learn how to analyze and process raw data inputs and present useful information to users. With this guide, you can learn to calculate factorials, reverse numbers, and determine whether numbers are palindromes and even/odd. You’ll even discover simple and straightforward methods for creating menu-driven programs with user-defined functions! Don’t pass up this opportunity to make a great salary as a programmer and leave your mark on the world. Get your copy of Beginner’s Guide to Python and take your first steps toward a bright future! It’s quick and easy to order. Simply scroll up and click the BUY NOW WITH ONE CLICK button on the right-hand side of your screen.
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Learning Python

Author : Fabrizio Romano
ISBN : 9781785284571
Genre : Computers
File Size : 78.22 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Learn to code like a professional with Python – an open source, versatile, and powerful programming language About This Book Learn the fundamentals of programming with Python – one of the best languages ever created Develop a strong set of programming skills that you will be able to express in any situation, on every platform, thanks to Python's portability Create outstanding applications of all kind, from websites to scripting, and from GUIs to data science Who This Book Is For Python is the most popular introductory teaching language in U.S. top computer science universities, so if you are new to software development, or maybe you have little experience, and would like to start off on the right foot, then this language and this book are what you need. Its amazing design and portability will help you become productive regardless of the environment you choose to work with. What You Will Learn Get Python up and running on Windows, Mac, and Linux in no time Grasp the fundamental concepts of coding, along with the basics of data structures and control flow. Write elegant, reusable, and efficient code in any situation Understand when to use the functional or the object oriented programming approach Create bulletproof, reliable software by writing tests to support your code Explore examples of GUIs, scripting, data science and web applications Learn to be independent, capable of fetching any resource you need, as well as dig deeper In Detail Learning Python has a dynamic and varied nature. It reads easily and lays a good foundation for those who are interested in digging deeper. It has a practical and example-oriented approach through which both the introductory and the advanced topics are explained. Starting with the fundamentals of programming and Python, it ends by exploring very different topics, like GUIs, web apps and data science. The book takes you all the way to creating a fully fledged application. The book begins by exploring the essentials of programming, data structures and teaches you how to manipulate them. It then moves on to controlling the flow of a program and writing reusable and error proof code. You will then explore different programming paradigms that will allow you to find the best approach to any situation, and also learn how to perform performance optimization as well as effective debugging. Throughout, the book steers you through the various types of applications, and it concludes with a complete mini website built upon all the concepts that you learned. Style and approach This book is an easy-to-follow guide that will take you from a novice to the proficient level at a comfortable pace, using a lot of simple but effective examples. Each topic is explained thoroughly, and pointers are left for the more inquisitive readers to dig deeper and expand their knowledge.
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Python Programming An Easiest Beginner To Expert Guide To Learn Python

Author : Andrew Burn
ISBN : 1090664842
Genre : Computers
File Size : 66.66 MB
Format : PDF
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For limited period only at a discounted price Python is an object-orientated lаnguаgе thаt сlоѕеlу rеѕеmblеѕ thе English language whiсh mаkеѕ it a grеаt language tо learn fоr bеginnеrѕ. It'ѕ аdvаnсеd features аnd package of ѕuрроrtеd librаriеѕ еvеn makes hаrd task be writаblе in bunсh оf linеѕ оf code. Almоѕt аnуоnе can lеаrn tо рrоgrаm. Thеrе аrе оnlу a few rеԛuirеmеntѕ (like hаving access to a соmрutеr), аnd you dоn't hаvе to bе a gеniuѕ. (Well... it helps if you аrе a gеniuѕ, I ѕuрроѕе, but уоu dоn't HAVE tо bе оnе). Thiѕ еBооk addresses some оf thе mоtivаtiоnѕ уоu might have for wаnting tо lеаrn digital рrоgrаmming, lооkѕ at ѕоmе things tо consider, and diѕсuѕѕеѕ a fеw different wауѕ tо start learning now!If You are absolute Beginners or Expert this book will help you in building your core knowledge Through this book You will learn: WHY SHОULD YOU LЕАRN Python Programming Whаt You Саn Dо Аѕ A Pуthоn Рrоgrаmmеr? Pуthоn Reserved words HОW TO INSTALL PYTHОN YОUR FIRЅT PYTHОN SСRIРT VАRIАBLЕЅ AND DATA TYPES OPERATORS IN PYTHОN CОNDITIОNАL EXECUTION AND REPETITIVE TАЅKЅ FUNСTIОNАL PRОGRАMMING RЕАDING AND WRITING FILЕЅ IN PYTHОN RЕGULАR EXРRЕЅЅIОNЅ OBJЕСT-ORIЕNTЕD PRОGRАMMING BАЅIСЅ ADVАNСЕD OBJЕСT-ORIЕNTЕD PRОGRАMMING ERRORS АND EXСЕРTIОNЅ Finally, you'll be guided through a hands-on project that requires the application of all the topics covered.Click the BUY button and download the book now to start learning Python. Learn it fast and learn it well.Tags: ------------Python, Object-oriented Python, Python course, Python book, learning Python, Python language, Python examples, Python tutorials, Python programming language, Python coding, Python programming for beginners, Python for Dummies
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A Concise Introduction To Programming In Python

Author : Mark J. Johnson
ISBN : 9781439896945
Genre : Computers
File Size : 26.48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Suitable for newcomers to computer science, A Concise Introduction to Programming in Python provides a succinct, yet complete, first course in computer science using the Python programming language. The book features: Short, modular chapters with brief and precise explanations, intended for one class period Early introduction of basic procedural constructs such as functions, selection, and repetition, allowing them to be used throughout the course Objects are introduced in the middle of the course, and class design comes toward the end Examples, exercises, and projects from a wide range of application domains, including biology, physics, images, sound, mathematics, games, and textual analysis No external libraries are required, simplifying the book’s use in common lab spaces Each chapter introduces a main idea through a concrete example and a series of exercises. Designed to teach programming in a concise, yet comprehensive way, this book provides a timely introduction for students and anyone interested in learning Python.
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