Principles Of Population Genetics

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Principles Of Population Genetics

Author : Daniel L. Hartl
ISBN : UOM:49015002193051
Genre : Population genetics
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Darwinian evolution in mendelian populations. Random genetic drift. Mutation and the neutral theory. Natural selection. Inbreeding and other forms of nonrandom mating. Population subdivision and migration. Molecular population genetics. Evolutionary genetics of quantitative characters. Ecological genetics and speciation.
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Population Genetics

Author : Eric M. Hallerman
ISBN : UCSD:31822032103665
Genre : Nature
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"List of Fish Taxa -- Preface -- Introduction -- An Overview of Classical and Molecular Genetics -- Measurement of Genetic Variation -- Allozyme Variation -- Chromosomal Variation -- Mitochondrial DNA -- Nuclear DNA -- Population GeneticProcesses -- Natural Selection -- Random Genetic Drift -- Inbreeding -- Coadaptation and Outbreeding Depression -- Quantitative Genetics -- Practical Applications of Population Genetics -- Genetic Stock Identification and Risk Assessment -- Genetic Guidelines for Hatchery Supplementation Programs --Genetic Impacts of Fish Introductions --Genetic Marking -- Forensics -- Population Viability Analysis --Glossary - Index"--P. v.
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Population Genetics

Author : Donald P. Doolittle
ISBN : 9783642717345
Genre : Science
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I have for a number of years taught a course in population genetics for students interested in plant and animal breeding. The objective of the course has been to lay a foundation in population genetics for the concepts of quantitative genetics which are introduced in the last third of the course. I have not been able to find an appropriate text for this purpose. For a quarter of a century, Falconer's Introduction to Quantitative Genetics has been the standard, and excellent, text in that subject. For my purposes, however, this text is not sufficiently detailed in the population genetics basis for quantitative theory. A number of good texts in population genetics are available, of which Li's First Course in Population Genetics is didactically the best. But these texts are directed toward the genetics of natural populations, rather than domestic populations, breeding under human control. They also tend to treat quantitative genetics gingerly, if at all. I have therefore developed the present text from my teaching notes. The chapters of this book are labeled "Lectures". Each is intended to correspond approximately to the amount of material which can be covered in a 50-minute lecture. Divisions are, of course, dictated by the natural divisions of the subject matter, and the lectures are therefore not of uniform length. Nevertheless, in so far as possible, an attempt has been made to make the average length a lecture's worth.
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A Primer Of Population Genetics

Author : Daniel L. Hartl
ISBN : 0878933018
Genre : Population genetics
File Size : 48.36 MB
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The use of molecular methods to study genetic polymorphisms has made a familiarity with population genetics essential for any biologist whose work is at the population level. A Primer of Population Genetics, Third Edition provides a concise but comprehensive introduction to population genetics. The four chapters of the book address genetic variation, the causes of evolution, molecular population genetics, and the genetic architecture of complex traits. Chapter-end problems reinforce ideas and, while there are some equations, the emphasis is on explanation rather than derivation.
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Genetics Of Populations

Author : Philip W. Hedrick
ISBN : 0763757373
Genre : Medical
File Size : 82.97 MB
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The Fourth Edition of Genetics of Populations is the most current, comprehensive, and accessible introduction to the field for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and researchers in genetics, evolution, conservation, and related fields. In the past several years, interest in the application of population genetics principles to new molecular data has increased greatly, and Dr. Hedrick's new edition exemplifies his commitment to keeping pace with this dynamic area of study. Reorganized to allow students to focus more sharply on key material, the Fourth Edition integrates coverage of theoretical issues with a clear presentation of experimental population genetics and empirical data. Drawing examples from both recent and classic studies, and using a variety of organisms to illustrate the vast developments of population genetics, this text provides students and researchers with the most comprehensive resource in the field.
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Outlines And Highlights For Principles Of Population Genetics By Hartl Daniel L Clark Andrew G Isbn

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ISBN : 1616984546
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Population Genetics

Author : Matthew Hamilton
ISBN : 9781118436943
Genre : Science
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Now updated for its second edition, Population Genetics is the classic, accessible introduction to the concepts of population genetics. Combining traditional conceptual approaches with classical hypotheses and debates, the book equips students to understand a wide array of empirical studies that are based on the first principles of population genetics. Featuring a highly accessible introduction to coalescent theory, as well as covering the major conceptual advances in population genetics of the last two decades, the second edition now also includes end of chapter problem sets and revised coverage of recombination in the coalescent model, metapopulation extinction and recolonization, and the fixation index.
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Population Genetics

Author : Gerald W. Faust
ISBN : OCLC:896705416
Genre :
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Studyguide For Principles Of Population Genetics By Hartl Isbn 9780878933082

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Population Genetics

Author : The Open The Open Courses Library
ISBN : 1712611682
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Population Genetics The leap from understanding genes and mutations to an understanding of the evolution of populations required the identification of other mechanisms that allowed genes to become common or uncommon in populations. Individuals of a population often display different phenotypes, or express different alleles of a particular gene, referred to as polymorphisms. Populations with two or more variations of particular characteristics are called polymorphic. The distribution of phenotypes among individuals, known as the population variation, is influenced by a number of factors, including the population's genetic structure and the environment. Understanding the sources of a phenotypic variation in a population is important for determining how a population will evolve in response to different evolutionary pressures. Chapter Outline: Population Evolution Population Genetics Formation of New Species The Open Courses Library introduces you to the best Open Source Courses.

Conservation And The Genetics Of Populations

Author : Fred W. Allendorf
ISBN : 9781118408575
Genre : Science
File Size : 76.24 MB
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Loss of biodiversity is among the greatest problems facing theworld today. Conservation and the Genetics of Populationsgives a comprehensive overview of the essential background,concepts, and tools needed to understand how genetic informationcan be used to conserve species threatened with extinction, and tomanage species of ecological or commercial importance. Newmolecular techniques, statistical methods, and computer programs,genetic principles, and methods are becoming increasingly useful inthe conservation of biological diversity. Using a balance of dataand theory, coupled with basic and applied research examples, thisbook examines genetic and phenotypic variation in naturalpopulations, the principles and mechanisms of evolutionary change,the interpretation of genetic data from natural populations, andhow these can be applied to conservation. The book includesexamples from plants, animals, and microbes in wild and captivepopulations. This second edition contains new chapters on Climate Change andExploited Populations as well as new sections on genomics, geneticmonitoring, emerging diseases, metagenomics, and more. One-third ofthe references in this edition were published after the firstedition. Each of the 22 chapters and the statistical appendix have aGuest Box written by an expert in that particular topic (includingJames Crow, Louis Bernatchez, Loren Rieseberg, Rick Shine, andLisette Waits). This book is essential for advanced undergraduate and graduatestudents of conservation genetics, natural resource management, andconservation biology, as well as professional conservationbiologists working for wildlife and habitat managementagencies. Additional resources for this book can be found at: ahref=""
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Population Genetics In Animal Breeding

Author : Franz Pirchner
ISBN : 1468444174
Genre : Science
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This book attempts to outline population genetics and quantitative ge netics as they pertain to animal breeding and to discuss the theoretical aspects of this field of agricultural activity. Therefore, it brings into focus the basic principles of animal breeding, which are illustrated with per tinent examples; however, it is not intended to give recommendations for particular situations. Since the first edition, considerable development has occurred both in the basic and in the more applied fields. This has modified and in some cases even changed previously held conceptions, necessitating a thorough revision of the first edition. The extent of work in this sphere has reached dimensions which preclude exhaustive discussion of all its aspects in a volume of this size. Nevertheless it is hoped that this introductory text will stimulate the reader to explore the subject in greater depth and inspire study of the original literature. It is further hoped that my teaching experience has had some no ticeable impact on style and presentation. lowe much to constructive critical comments on the first edition. I am grateful to Dr. D. L. Frape for his help in changing my own translation into readable English. M. Asbeck and E. Fuchshuber have completed an admirable job in typing my handwritten script and A. Pickal accomplished the careful drawing of fresh illustrations.
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Principles Of Evolutionary Genetics

Author : Roger Greer
ISBN : 1682865959
Genre : Science
File Size : 79.32 MB
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Evolutionary genetics studies new mutations that still occur within a species. It derives its primary principles from evolutionary milestones that have been highlighted by the theory of natural selection. There are multiple micro-evolutionary changes that occur within the various groups of a species and they manifest as macro-evolutionary patterns across a period of time, resulting in varying individual and social behavioral actions. Evolutionary genetics has been applied in sub-fields such as ecological genetics, population genetics and quantitative genetics. This book strives to provide a fair idea about this discipline and to help develop a better understanding of the latest advances within this field. It will serve as a reference to a broad spectrum of readers.
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Forest Conservation Genetics

Author : Andrew Young
ISBN : 9780643102576
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 63.39 MB
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Forest management must be sustainable not only in ecological, economic and social, but also genetic terms. Many forest managers are advocating and developing management strategies that give priority to conserving genetic diversity within production systems, or that recognise the importance of genetic considerations in achieving sustainable management. Forest Conservation Genetics draws together much previously uncollected information relevant to managing and conserving forests. The content emphasises the importance of conserving genetic diversity in achieving sustainable management. Each chapter is written by a leading expert and has been peer reviewed. Readers without a background in genetics will find the logical sequence of topics allows easy understanding of the principles involved and how those principles may impact on day-to-day forest planning and management decisions. The book is primarily aimed at undergraduate students of biology, ecology, forestry, and graduate students of forest genetics, resource management policy and/or conservation biology. It will prove useful for those teaching courses in these fields and as such help to increase the awareness of genetic factors in conservation and sustainable management, in both temperate and tropical regions.
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Author : Brian K. Hall
ISBN : 9780763760397
Genre : Science
File Size : 30.34 MB
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If you want to know whether evolution is a science, how life began, what Charles Darwin really said about evolution, why a fungus is more closely related to humans than to a plant, how experiments in evolution can be carried out, why birds are flying dinosaurs, how we manipulate the evolution of other species, and if you want a clear treatment of the processes that result in evolution, then this is the book for you! Written for those with a minimal science background, Evolution: Principles and Processes provides a concise introduction of evolutionary topics for the one-term course. Using an engaging writing style and a wealth of full-color illustrations, Hall covers all topics from the origin of universe, Earth, the origin of life, and on to how humans influence the evolution of other species. He brings together the principles and processes that explain evolutionary change and discusses the patterns of life that have resulted from the operation of evolution over the past 3.5 billion years. This overview, coupled with numerous case studies and examples, helps readers understand and truly appreciate the origin and diversity of life.
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Population Genetics

Author : John H. Gillespie
ISBN : 0801880092
Genre : Science
File Size : 50.22 MB
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This book is indispensable for students working in a laboratory setting or studying free-ranging populations.
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Mathematical Topics In Population Genetics

Author : Ken-ichi Kojima
ISBN : 9783642462443
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 86.26 MB
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A basic method of analyzing particulate gene systems is the proba bilistic and statistical analyses. Mendel himself could not escape from an application of elementary probability analysis although he might have been unaware of this fact. Even Galtonian geneticists in the late 1800's and the early 1900's pursued problems of heredity by means of mathe matics and mathematical statistics. They failed to find the principles of heredity, but succeeded to establish an interdisciplinary area between mathematics and biology, which we call now Biometrics, Biometry, or Applied Statistics. A monumental work in the field of popUlation genetics was published by the late R. A. Fisher, who analyzed "the correlation among relatives" based on Mendelian gene theory (1918). This theoretical analysis over came "so-called blending inheritance" theory, and the orientation of Galtonian explanations for correlations among relatives for quantitative traits rapidly changed. We must not forget the experimental works of Johanson (1909) and Nilsson-Ehle (1909) which supported Mendelian gene theory. However, a large scale experiment for a test of segregation and linkage of Mendelian genes affecting quantitative traits was, prob ably for the first time, conducted by K. Mather and his associates and Panse in the 1940's.
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