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Princess Of The Sword

Author : Lynn Kurland
ISBN : 9781101014615
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 59.8 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Nine Kingdoms Trilogy now explodes in the fiercest battle yet as the fate of a kingdom lies with a man and woman bound by love, magic, and a legendary—and perilous—sword. When darkness falls... As the mercenary daughter of Gair, the black mage of Ceangail, Morgan is the only one who can stop the terrible sorcery her father unleashed. To do so, she must race against time and find the spell that will allow her to close the well of evil he opened. But that quest will lead her to places she never dreamed existed and into a darkness she would give anything to avoid. The magic rises. With the fate of Neroche intertwined with the closing of Gair’s well, the archmage Miach must help Morgan find what she needs, not only because the safety of the Nine Kingdoms hangs in the balance, but because he will do anything to protect her. Now, as they search out the mysteries of Ceangail—and the dangers of Morgan’s own bloodline—Morgan and Miach have only each other to trust, heart and soul…
Category: Fiction

The Princess Of Everywhere

Author : Amber Gabriel
ISBN : 1688448748
Genre :
File Size : 20.26 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Princess Bashalis has chosen to go into exile with her brother, the deposed king of Cerecia. They are required by the new monarch to travel with a handler who will keep an eye on them and prevent Chysh from undermining the current regime from afar. Their former servant, Hatch, volunteers for the job. It is soon apparent that he is more than just a servant. Who is he really, and where do his true loyalties lie? Bashalis' musical ability and easy-going manners recommend her to everyone's affections wherever she goes. Her talents are in high demand, and more than one man becomes enamored by her charms. Her family's murderous background held no examples of marital bliss for her to use as a standard. Will she recognize true love when she finds it?Chysh is plagued by depression and hopelessness as all he has ever striven for is lost to him. He alternates between wallowing in his despair or lashing out in anger. Can he and his sister find a home where they feel welcome and content? What purpose can a man have who has lost everything? Follow them on their journey to discover true peace and belonging.

Altina The Sword Princess Volume 1

Author : Yukiya Murasaki
ISBN : 9781718364981
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 28.58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Inept with a sword, unable to ride a horse, and apathetic toward the empire he serves, Regis Aurick is a hopeless soldier who spends his days buried in books. Banished to the borderlands, he encounters a stirring young woman with red hair and ruby eyes. She is Fourth Princess Marie Quatre Argentina de Belgaria, known simply to Regis as Altina. “…Do you want to become my tactician or not?” Having sought him for his rumored strategic prowess, she aspires to reform an empire led by self-seeking nobles and driven to pointless wars, the legendary blade of an emperor, the Grand Tonnerre Quatre, at her hip. Continuously underestimated by her regiment, including her would-be tactician, the princess resolves to prove her worth beyond a shadow of a doubt—no matter the risk. Here is a tale of war, love, and politics, woven by the bookworm and the sword princess.
Category: Young Adult Fiction

Altina The Sword Princess Volume 2

Author : Yukiya Murasaki
ISBN : 9781718365001
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 31.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An impregnable fortress able to withstand ten thousand men lies before them. If they refuse to capture it... the princess is a traitor!? Through a duel with Black Knight Jerome, Princess Altina earns the respect of her regiment and becomes the recognized commander of Fort Sierck. But celebrations are cut short by a barbarian attack, and in their vanguard stands an infamous warrior known as the barbarian king. Thanks to the wit of their tactician, Regis, the army snatches victory. But when news of their achievement spreads to the capital, Altina’s brother, Second Prince Latrielle, issues an order to capture an untouchable fortress in the Grand Duchy of Varden. It is an unreasonable demand made to weaken the princess’s growing forces, but they have no choice—refusal would have them branded as traitors to the empire. Regis speaks up. He has a plan to succeed where no army has before. Here is the second volume of a tale of war, love, and politics, woven by the bookworm and the sword princess.
Category: Young Adult Fiction

Racial Stigma On The Hollywood Screen From World War Ii To The Present

Author : Brian Locke
ISBN : 9780230101678
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 87.11 MB
Format : PDF
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Racial Stigma on the Hollywood Screen from WWII to the Present charts how the dominant white and black binary of American racial discourse influences Hollywood s representation of the Asian. The Orientalist buddy film draws a scenario in which two buddies, one white and one black, transcend an initial hatred for one another by joining forces against a foreign Asian menace. Alongside an analysis of multiple genres of film, Brian Locke argues that this triangulated rendering of race ameliorates the longstanding historical contradiction between U.S. democratic ideals and white America s persistent domination over blacks.
Category: Performing Arts

The Princess Of Denmark

Author : Edward Marston
ISBN : 9780749015411
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the final installment of the series, our beloved book keeper, Nicholas Bracewell takes his final bow as the curtain closes on Westfield's Men; but not before he solves just one more crime. Following a disastrous fire that burns down The Queen's Head, the players must take their talents elsewhere. Their newly widowed patron, Lord Westfield plans to marry again and sets his sights on a princess of Denmark. With her uncle being a fan of Westfield's Men, the troupe are invited to join their patron in his travels to go and wed his beautiful bride in Elsinore. Bracewell and his fellows face perils on the sea as they head for Denmark. But as always for Westfield's Men, trouble seems to follow them wherever they go and when a body is discovered, questions need to be answered.
Category: Fiction

The Sword Of Angels

Author : John Marco
ISBN : 9780575100909
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23.2 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 979
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An all-new dose of John Marco's trademark combination of morally ambigous and complex action, tight plotting and vivd characterisation. This is action-driven fantasy, packed with magic, betrayal and battle, from one of the most exciting authors in world fantasy. Set in a richly built world which beautifully evokes of magical lands, is detailed in its dissection of motive, and compelling in its characters, The Sword of Angels is the latest work from a natural and mature storyteller revelling in his ability. Building on the success of the acclaimed 'Tyrants and Kings' trilogy, and his growing fanbase in the UK and US, this is a perfect novel for new readers and old fans of John Marco's work alike.
Category: Fiction

Spirits Of The Sword Spear

Author : Nancy Oliver
ISBN : 9781617773648
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33.68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Two arrows hit the horse's neck and a third one in the chest as the mount under Gilberto fell. Gilberto stepped off just in time to gain an arrow into the joint of his left upper arm, almost at his chest. Night Hawk had found his target. The land called Texas may mean 'friends, ' but it is anything but friendly. When Gilberto returns from Spain, he finds things much changed from the Texas of his youth. Some of his Indian friends have left the mission and seek vigilante justice for the white man's lies. When he finds Josefina, the Lipan Apache girl whose blue eyes he cannot forget, he is determined not to let her go this time. Their path will not be an easy one though. When corrupt local officials murder part of her family, Josefina and Gilberto must try to bring peace. In a land torn apart by strife, will their love for each other and God hold strong? Josefina's mixed heritage places her far beneath Gilberto's royal blood, and her tribe is filled with hatred of the Spanish. Can they overcome their cultural differences and build a life together? In a land controlled by The Spirits of the Sword and the Spear, can love prove itself to be the greatest force of all
Category: Fiction

Sisters Of The Golden Sword Ii Bloodstone

Author : Buck J. Wesley
ISBN : 9781435755130
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28.52 MB
Format : PDF
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The saga continues with more adventures and excitement as the sisters set out on new adventures to fulfill.
Category: Fiction

The Sword Of Darrow

Author : Hal Malchow
ISBN : 9781935618881
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 61.72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 888
Read : 1069

A young boy defends his kingdom from a goblin king—with the help of a princess in disguise—in this inspiring fantasy adventure. In a magical realm filled with creatures of every possible shape and size, war is brought upon the peaceful kingdom of Sonnencrest by evil goblin King Malmut. Princess Babette, the only surviving member of the royal family, manages to escape and seeks refuge with Asterux, a powerful wizard who agrees to teach Babette magic—and who disguises her as an ugly gypsy girl to protect her from King Malmut’s thugs. Ten years later, Babette must use the magic she has learned to help aid the kingdom’s only hope at defeating the goblins’ horrible reign: Darrow, a lame boy who can barely pick up a sword but has a great gift for inspiring others. With Babette’s unseen help, Darrow begins a journey to free his country once and for all and bring peace back to Sonnencrest. Written by a father and his then eight-year-old son who struggled with a learning disability at the time, The Sword of Darrow is an enjoyable adventure that shows how even the unlikeliest of heroes can rise up against injustice.
Category: Juvenile Fiction