Primitivism And Modern Art

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Primitivism In Modern Art

Author : Robert Goldwater
ISBN : 0674704908
Genre : Art
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This now classic study maps the profound effect of primitive art on modern, as well as the primitivizing strain in modern art itself. Robert Goldwater describes how and why works by primitive artists attracted modern painters and sculptors, and he delineates the differences between what is truly primitive or archaic and what intentionally embodies such elements. His analysis distinguishes the romanticism of Gauguin; an emotional primitivism exemplified by the Brücke and Blaue Reiter groups in Germany; the intellectual primitivism of Picasso and Modigliani; and a “primitivism of the subconscious” in Miró, Klee, and Dali. Two of Goldwater's related essays—“Judgments of Primitive Art, 1905–1965” and “Art History and Anthropology”—have been added for this new paperback edition.
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Primitivism And Modern Art

Author : Colin Rhodes
ISBN : 0500202761
Genre : Art
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A fascination with the "primitive" lies at the heart of some of the most influential developments in Western art produced between 1890 and 1950 - a time that witnessed both the "heroic" period of modern art and the apogee and decline of the West's colonial power. Many groups have a times been labeled as primitive, including the so-called tribal peoples from Africa, Oceania and North America, but also prehistoric cultures, European peasants, the insane and children. Through the lens of their own society, many modern artists looked both to the art and to the world-view of the primitive as a means of challenging established beliefs, but the primitive to which they turned was as varied as the movements in modern art of which they were a part. Colin Rhodes breaks new ground, drawing on a wide and diverse range of material, from high art to popular entertainment, from Darwin to Freud; the critical overview he presents supersedes all previous studies on the subject. 179 illus., 28 in color.
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Primitivism And Twentieth Century Art

Author : Jack Flam
ISBN : 0520215036
Genre : Art
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"This is a much needed, important collection-a goldmine of sources for scholars and students. The texts articulate the key Primitivist aesthetic discourses of the period, offering crucial insight into the complex and always changing nexus between culture, politics, and representation. Because of the breadth of the materials covered and the controversies they raise, this anthology is one of the all too rare volumes that not only will provide reference materials for years to come but also will feature centrally in classroom discussions."—Suzanne Preston Blier, author of African Vodun: Art, Psychology, and Power "For almost a century art historians have fretted about the notion of primitivism in the arts. This comprehensive-in both senses of the word-anthology is a peerless source of the history of responses to works categorized as 'primitive.' In its range, the book touches upon all the troubling questions-formal, anthropological, political, historical-that have bedeviled the study of the arts of Oceania, Africa, and North and South America, and provides the grounds, at last, for intelligent pursuit of keener distinctions. I regard this book as a superb contribution to the study of Modern art; in fact, indispensable."—Dore Ashton, author of Noguchi East and West "An extraordinarily useful and complete collection of primary documents, many translated for the first time into English, and almost all unlikely to be encountered elsewhere without serious effort. Its five sections, each with a lively and scholarly introduction, reveal the diverse views of artists and writers on primitive art from Matisse, Picasso, and Fry to many far less known and sometimes surprising figures. The book also uncovers the politics and aesthetics of the major museum exhibitions that gained acceptance for art that had been both reviled and mythologized. Recent texts included are all germane. This book will be invaluable for any college course on the topic."—Shelly Errington, author of The Death of Authentic Primitive Art and Other Tales of Progress "An exceptionally valuable anthology of seventy documents--most heretofore unavailable in English--on the ongoing controversies surrounding Primitivism and Modern art. Insightfully chosen and annotated, the collection is brilliantly introduced by Jack Flam's essay on the historical progression, contexts, and cultural complexities of more than one hundred years' ideas about Primitivism. Rich, timely, illuminating."—Herbert M. Cole, author of Icons: Ideals and Power in the Art of Africa
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Primitivism And Modern Indian Art

Author : Giles Henry Rupert Tillotson
ISBN : 9381217777
Genre : Art, Modern
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Catalog of the exhibition at the DAG Gallery on primitivism in modern art in India.
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Gauguin To Moore

Author : Alan G. Wilkinson
ISBN : UOM:39015016844683
Genre : Art naïf
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The Sleep Of Reason

Author : Frances S. Connelly
ISBN : 0271041838
Genre : Aesthetics, European
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Tribal Art Primitivism And Modern Relevance

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015009117329
Genre : Folk art
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Papers presented at a seminar held at Bhubaneswar, Orissa, in 1990, in the Indian context, with partial focus on Orissa.
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Progressive Primitivism

Author : Elizabeth West Hutchinson
ISBN : UOM:39015053101005
Genre : Art and race
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This dissertation explores concepts of art, race, and gender in the turn-of-the-century celebration of Native American handicrafts. Identifying the Progressive Era interest in Indian art as distinct from the modernist concerns of the twenties and thirties, I identify this phenomenon of the reformist Arts and Crafts Movement. Anglo-Americans of this period promoted private and federal support of "pre-industrial" Indian art to facilitate their own social and cultural progress and accelerate the "civilization" of Indian people. Middle-class women arguing that the advance of American civilization depended on the active participation of their sex helped redefine both the manufacture and enjoyment of Indian art as female activities. Like other aspects of federal assimilationist policy of the time, the celebration of Indian art encouraged Indian people to develop a modern, transcultural understanding of Indianness. This history is not only vital to the understanding of the subsequent course of Native American art, but it illuminates the role of visual culture in concepts of American cultural identity. While American artistic culture of this period is frequently described as anti-modern, conservative, and masculinist, my research allows us to see this period, and the history of American art in general, as a site in which attitudes toward art and commerce, and gender and race, are contested. I have arranged this material in four chapters. Chapter one analyzes the cultural messages about primitivism, civilization and gender in the use of Indian art as home decoration by examining photographs of the George Wharton James, Jewett and Joseph Keppler collections. Chapter two looks at publications celebrating handicraft-oriented Indian reform projects designed by non-Indians Sybil Carter and Estelle Reel to bring Native American women into a middle class American economy and value system. Chapter three examines the relationship between gender, primitivism and early American modernism in representations of Native American artists by pictorialist photographer Gertrude Kasebier. The last chapter looks at how Angel DeCora, a Winnebago painter, manipulated contemporary aesthetic ideas to advance a politicized theory of Indian art within the context of the Indian rights movement.
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Modern Art

Author :
ISBN : 0300055161
Genre : Art, Abstract
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Primitivist Modernism

Author : Sieglinde Lemke
ISBN : 0195344545
Genre : History
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This book explores a rich cultural hybridity at the heart of transatlantic modernism. Focusing on cubism, jazz, and Josephine Baker's performance in the Danse Sauvage, Sieglinde Lemke uncovers a crucial history of white and black intercultural exchange, a phenomenon until now greatly obscured by a cloak of whiteness. Considering artists and critics such as Picasso, Alain Locke, Nancy Cunard, and Paul Whiteman, in addition to Baker, Lemke documents a potent cultural dialectic in which black artistic expression fertilized white modernism, just as white art forms helped shape the black modernism of Harlem and Paris. Coining the term primitivist modernism to designate the multicultural heritage of this century's artistic production, Lemke reveals the generative and germinating black cultural Other in the arts. She examines this neglected dimension in full, fascinating detail, blending literary theory, social history, and cultural analysis to document modernism's complex absorption of African culture and art. She details numerous ways in which African and African American forms (visual styles, musical idioms, black dialects) and fantasies (Baker's costume and dance, say) permeated high and mass culture on both sides of the Atlantic. So-called primitive art and high modernism; savage rhythms and European music hall culture; European and African American expressions in jazz; European primitivism and the racial awakenings of African American culture: paired and freshly examined by Lemke, these subjects stand revealed in their true interrelatedness. Insisting on modernism's two-way cultural flow, Lemke demonstrates not only that white modernism owes much of its symbolic capital to the black Other, but that black modernism built itself in part on white Euro-American models. Through superbly nuanced readings of individual texts and images (fifteen striking examples of which are reproduced in this handsome volume), Lemke reforms our understanding of modernism. She shows us, in clear, invigorating fashion, that transatlantic modernism in both its high and popular modes was significantly more diverse than commonly supposed. Students and scholars of modernism, African American studies, and cultural studies, and those with interests in twentieth-century art, dance, music, or literature, will find this book richly rewarding.
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The Myth Of Primitivism

Author : Susan Hiller
ISBN : 9781134980390
Genre : Art
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This book explores the fusion of myth, history and geography which leads to ideas of primitivism, and looks at their construction, interpretation and consumption in Western culture. Contextualized by Susan Hiller's introductions to each section, discussions range from the origins of cultural colonialism to eurocentric ideas of primitive societies, including the use of primitive culture in constructing national identities, and the appropriation of primitivist imagery in modernist art. The result is a controversial critique of art theory, practice and politics, and a major enquiry into the history of primitivism and its implications for contemporary culture.
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Vladimir Markov And Russian Primitivism

Author : Jeremy Howard
ISBN : 9781472439765
Genre : Art
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Hailed as a brilliant theoretician, Voldemārs Matvejs (best known by his pen name Vladimir Markov) was a Latvian artist who spearheaded the Union of Youth, a dynamic group championing artistic change in Russia, 1910-14. His work had a formative impact on Malevich, Tatlin, and the Constructivists before it was censored during the era of Soviet realism. This volume introduces Markov as an innovative and pioneering art photographer and assembles, for the first time, five of his most important essays. The translations of these hard-to-find texts are fresh, unabridged, and authentically poetic. Critical essays by Jeremy Howard and Irēna Bužinska situate his work in the larger phenomenon of Russian ‘primitivism’, i.e. the search for the primal. This book challenges hardening narratives of primitivism by reexamining the enthusiasm for world art in the early modern period from the perspective of Russia rather than Western Europe. Markov composed what may be the first book on African art and Z.S. Strother analyzes both the text and its photographs for their unique interpretation of West African sculpture as a Kantian ‘play of masses and weights’. The book will appeal to students of modernism, orientalism, ‘primitivism’, historiography, African art, and the history of the photography of sculpture.
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Von Monet Zu Picasso

Author : Max Raphael
ISBN : 3864033284
Genre :
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Nachdruck des Originals von 1913. Grundz ge einer sthetik und Entwicklung der modernen Malerei.

Modernist Goods

Author : Glenn Willmott
ISBN : 9780802097699
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 67.33 MB
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Modernist Goods examines such writers as Yeats, Conrad, Eliot, Woolf, Beckett, H.D., and Joyce to uncover what the author views as their displaced aboriginality and to investigate the relationship between literary modernism and aboriginal modernity.
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