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Prime Obsession

Author : John Derbyshire
ISBN : 9780309512572
Genre : Science
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In August 1859 Bernhard Riemann, a little-known 32-year old mathematician, presented a paper to the Berlin Academy titled: "On the Number of Prime Numbers Less Than a Given Quantity." In the middle of that paper, Riemann made an incidental remark — a guess, a hypothesis. What he tossed out to the assembled mathematicians that day has proven to be almost cruelly compelling to countless scholars in the ensuing years. Today, after 150 years of careful research and exhaustive study, the question remains. Is the hypothesis true or false? Riemann's basic inquiry, the primary topic of his paper, concerned a straightforward but nevertheless important matter of arithmetic — defining a precise formula to track and identify the occurrence of prime numbers. But it is that incidental remark — the Riemann Hypothesis — that is the truly astonishing legacy of his 1859 paper. Because Riemann was able to see beyond the pattern of the primes to discern traces of something mysterious and mathematically elegant shrouded in the shadows — subtle variations in the distribution of those prime numbers. Brilliant for its clarity, astounding for its potential consequences, the Hypothesis took on enormous importance in mathematics. Indeed, the successful solution to this puzzle would herald a revolution in prime number theory. Proving or disproving it became the greatest challenge of the age. It has become clear that the Riemann Hypothesis, whose resolution seems to hang tantalizingly just beyond our grasp, holds the key to a variety of scientific and mathematical investigations. The making and breaking of modern codes, which depend on the properties of the prime numbers, have roots in the Hypothesis. In a series of extraordinary developments during the 1970s, it emerged that even the physics of the atomic nucleus is connected in ways not yet fully understood to this strange conundrum. Hunting down the solution to the Riemann Hypothesis has become an obsession for many — the veritable "great white whale" of mathematical research. Yet despite determined efforts by generations of mathematicians, the Riemann Hypothesis defies resolution. Alternating passages of extraordinarily lucid mathematical exposition with chapters of elegantly composed biography and history, Prime Obsession is a fascinating and fluent account of an epic mathematical mystery that continues to challenge and excite the world. Posited a century and a half ago, the Riemann Hypothesis is an intellectual feast for the cognoscenti and the curious alike. Not just a story of numbers and calculations, Prime Obsession is the engrossing tale of a relentless hunt for an elusive proof — and those who have been consumed by it.
Category: Science

Prime Obsession

Author : Monette Michaels
ISBN : 9780997356588
Genre : Fiction
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“If you are into romance and sci-fi, this is definitely the book for you. If you enjoy feisty heroines and alphas with overprotective drives, who love to the max and indulge in hot hot sex, you too should buy this book. If you just like to escape into a good story with Love and passion, you'll have to have this book! “ – Suzy’s Book Shelf Bestselling author Monette Michaels takes you on a fantastic journey to old worlds and old civilizations were war, survival, treachery, and duty rule. Your journey to Cejuru Prime is fraught with danger as one alpha male fights to save the women destined to be his mate. Together, Wulf and Melina help form an alliance to save The Prime, one of the oldest species in the galaxy, and along the way discover a love so hot it sets the stars ablaze. Melina Dmitros is a seasoned battleship captain for the Galactic Alliance. Calls from ships in distress are not all that uncommon in the outermost spirals of the Milky Way. Calls from the warlike Prime were. Now that they were allies, Mel figures she’d better get used to working in conjunction with the chauvinistic race. She never expected to be attracted to one of them. The Prime, one of the oldest species in the galaxy, were known for going their own way. But with problems on Cejuru Prime and increasing attacks by the Antareans, the Prime joined the Alliance to lend their expertise in battling the warlike reptilian species--and ultimately, to survive as a race. Captain Wulf Caradoc, the eldest son and heir apparent of the Prime leader, looked forward to the trip to the Alliance ambassadorial planet. His mission is ostensibly to deliver the diplomatic team to the new Prime embassy. His real mission is to meet his fated mate, his gemate, one of the Lost Ones. Wulf hadn’t anticipated the diplomatic mission being attacked by pirates--and he especially hadn’t anticipated his gemate, Melina Dmitros, being the one sent to rescue his ship. Two strong people pulled together by biology and fate. Their union will be forged in a crucible of survival, treachery and duty. “The tension between them was phenomenal. The mystery and intrigue about who is behind the resistance and the attempts on Melina’s life added another dimension to an already fabulous story. I can’t wait for the continuation with the storyline and more clues into who is behind the whole resistance. A must read.” - Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick “The story is very interesting and it reads like a book version of Star Wars movie.” – Mei, Goodreads The Prime Chronicles (in order): 1. Prime Obsession 2. Prime Selection 3. Prime Imperative 3.5 Prime Claiming 4. Prime Target All caught up on The Prime Chronicles? For more Monette Michaels, try her Security Specialists International Series, starting with Eye of the Storm! Fans of Linnea Sinclair, Veronica Scott, and Susan Stoker will love the alpha males and suspense of all the Monette Michaels titles.
Category: Fiction

Who Gave You The Epsilon

Author : Marlow Anderson
ISBN : 0883855690
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 59.23 MB
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Follows on from Sherlock Holmes in Babylon to take the history of mathematics through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Category: Mathematics

Prime Claiming

Author : Monette Michaels
ISBN : 9780986273049
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43.44 MB
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“The series is action packed from start to finish, with alot of sass, wit and romance!” -Sylvia, Goodreads Author's Note: This short story takes place during Prime Imperative, Book 3, of the Prime Chronicles Series. Warriors from the planet Prime are renowned throughout the galaxy for their strength and fighting ability. And when they meet their mate, they bond for life. Like all Prime males, Lieutenant Zaek Magga had searched forever for his mate...but he never expected her to be a Terran. Unfortunately, no Terran would be prepared for the reality of the carnal bonding process between a Prime male and his chosen mate. He decides to move very slowly. Cheri Stafford never expected to be a Prime warrior’s mate. But she is. At first, she’s thrilled, then...confused. After seeing how other Prime males act with their mates, Cheri doesn’t understand why Zaek is holding her at arm’s length. Doesn’t he want her? He hasn’t even kissed her properly. But when Cheri uses all her womanly wiles to get Zaek to move, she discovers how thoroughly an extremely dominant male warrior will claim his female. “This is a well-rounded and thought out series that I really want more of. I hope there are many more books in this world, I know I would love to read them all.” – Tina, Goodreads The Prime Chronicles (in order): 1. Prime Obsession 2. Prime Selection 3. Prime Imperative 3.5 Prime Claiming 4. Prime Target All caught up on The Prime Chronicles? For more Monette Michaels, try her Security Specialists International Series, starting with Eye of the Storm! Fans of Linnea Sinclair, Veronica Scott, and Susan Stoker will love the alpha males and suspense of all the Monette Michaels titles.
Category: Fiction

Prime Recreations

Author : Bruce Pyne
ISBN : 9781642982916
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 67.5 MB
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Bruce has created a work totally unique among books of this type. He chose to number his chapters with prime numbers and cover material not seen anywhere else. Particularly interesting are his chapters on digit patterns and primes forming triangles. Nearly half of the length of the book is devoted to eleven (a prime number) chapters of lists of primes. Here, the reader will find a delightful and motley mélange of unlikely subjects, many with clever titles, and all alphabetically arranged. Included are primes in sports, stock market primes, prime temperatures, and prime Zip codes. The final section of the book, which the author designates as Part C, contains a complete cross-reference of primes found in the book, additional tables, a glossary, a fairly extensive bibliography, and a multisection index. Any lover of primes and lists should add this book to their personal library.
Category: Mathematics


Author : Mike Carter
ISBN : 9781477242582
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.33 MB
Format : PDF
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Midnight will greet you with whispers That invade your memory And haunt your dreams For soon the time draws near when the world will know the truth And then the dark lords will once again walk the land What went before was merely a beginning ~~~ DCI Crawford threw the piece of paper to the ground Three years he had waited pursued by a demon that had no face Now as he prepares to retire a new wave of terror hits the streets of London and with the discovery of each victim his own past comes back to haunt him as evil is finally unmasked.
Category: Fiction

How Not To Be Wrong

Author : Jordan Ellenberg
ISBN : 9780698163843
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 59.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Freakonomics of math—a math-world superstar unveils the hidden beauty and logic of the world and puts its power in our hands The math we learn in school can seem like a dull set of rules, laid down by the ancients and not to be questioned. In How Not to Be Wrong, Jordan Ellenberg shows us how terribly limiting this view is: Math isn’t confined to abstract incidents that never occur in real life, but rather touches everything we do—the whole world is shot through with it. Math allows us to see the hidden structures underneath the messy and chaotic surface of our world. It’s a science of not being wrong, hammered out by centuries of hard work and argument. Armed with the tools of mathematics, we can see through to the true meaning of information we take for granted: How early should you get to the airport? What does “public opinion” really represent? Why do tall parents have shorter children? Who really won Florida in 2000? And how likely are you, really, to develop cancer? How Not to Be Wrong presents the surprising revelations behind all of these questions and many more, using the mathematician’s method of analyzing life and exposing the hard-won insights of the academic community to the layman—minus the jargon. Ellenberg chases mathematical threads through a vast range of time and space, from the everyday to the cosmic, encountering, among other things, baseball, Reaganomics, daring lottery schemes, Voltaire, the replicability crisis in psychology, Italian Renaissance painting, artificial languages, the development of non-Euclidean geometry, the coming obesity apocalypse, Antonin Scalia’s views on crime and punishment, the psychology of slime molds, what Facebook can and can’t figure out about you, and the existence of God. Ellenberg pulls from history as well as from the latest theoretical developments to provide those not trained in math with the knowledge they need. Math, as Ellenberg says, is “an atomic-powered prosthesis that you attach to your common sense, vastly multiplying its reach and strength.” With the tools of mathematics in hand, you can understand the world in a deeper, more meaningful way. How Not to Be Wrong will show you how.
Category: Mathematics


Author : Author Judith Burke
ISBN : 9780557016129
Genre :
File Size : 38.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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HUMMERING is an adventure mystery story that begins on an August early morning.The characters romping throughout this mystery novel are unusual. They are not what they seem to be, and you'll find them dabbling in science fiction. You may in the beginning think you have fallen into a once upon a time fantasy story,but then again, what appears to be may not be. You'll probably like Hummering, and discover Mayor Ginseng who is a rare one! John is John, a character you might want to keep your eye on. Did John discover a secret about eternity, or is he deranged? And, where is his Assistant? Then again, who is Hummering? The answer may be found somewhere between the Theory of Chaos and Relativity of Size. Have you ever had the feeling that somehow you know your day is going to be different? Their journey reaches into the vastness of space. Is the end really the end?

Journey To The End Of The Night

Author : Louis-Ferdinand Céline
ISBN : 9780811223614
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The dark side of On the Road: instead of seeking kicks, the French narrator travels the globe to find an ever deeper disgust for life. Louis-Ferdinand Celine's revulsion and anger at what he considered the idiocy and hypocrisy of society explodes from nearly every page of this novel. Filled with slang and obscenities and written in raw, colloquial language, Journey to the End of the Night is a literary symphony of violence, cruelty and obscene nihilism. This book shocked most critics when it was first published in France in 1932, but quickly became a success with the reading public in Europe, and later in America where it was first published by New Directions in 1952. The story of the improbable yet convincingly described travels of the petit-bourgeois (and largely autobiographical) antihero, Bardamu, from the trenches of World War I, to the African jungle, to New York and Detroit, and finally to life as a failed doctor in Paris, takes the readers by the scruff and hurtles them toward the novel's inevitable, sad conclusion.
Category: Fiction

The Complex Chronicles

Author : Sherry Matulis
ISBN : 9781469186214
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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By the spring of 2069, the last of the twenty-four Central Care Complexes had been completed. Scattered throughout that part of North America formerly known as the United States, each Complex occupied a large, highly-fortified section of what once had been a major metropolis; and all, contrary to their euphemistic names, had been established to serve but one purposethat of protecting those despots whose former political, bureaucratic and religious hide-outs could no longer be secured from the mad masses they had created. Each Complex was populated by a Director, several Deputy Directors and Charges, and as many captive Members as were able to survive the twenty hour work shifts, starvation rations and increasingly insane dictates of their overlords. Any infraction of any of the innumerable rules could meet, at the Directors discretion, with a sentence of injection or expulsion. Conditioned to fear the latter above all else, Members, given the choice, nearly always opted for a quick, relatively painless death within familiar confines, as opposed to the dreaded Outside. The compulsory indoctrination sessions which occupied most of the waking hours of the young were devoted, primarily, to demonizing human sexuality. Within the Complex, Members were forbidden to have sex with other humans, but were required to have sex, at specific intervals, with a machine--:the Master-Bator. And not too secondarily, the sessions were given to exaggerating conditions on the Outside that needed no exaggeration. Assured daily that there was no hope of survival outside the walls of the Complex, warned of the myriad tortures that would precede being eaten alive, with but a rare maverick exception, the Members docilely complied with all the Directives they could remember and settled into the weary, hungry, hobbled existence of being privileged to be enslaved. THE COMPLEX CHRONICLES, set in a not too distant future, is a Libertarians satirical dystopian extrapolation on present day society. Richard Condon said: The job of satire is to frighten and enlighten. The writer hopes she has done her job well and makes no apologies for the brutal nature of the book, except to say that she has never learned how to make future shining cities on a hill out of present dung-heaps.
Category: Fiction