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Presumed Innocent

Author : Scott Turow
ISBN : 1429962607
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82.19 MB
Format : PDF
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The novel that launched Turow's career as one of America's pre-eminent thriller writers tells the story of Rusty Sabicch, chief deputy prosecutor in a large Midwestern city. With three weeks to go in his boss' re-election campaign, a member of Rusty's staff is found murdered; he is charged with finding the killer, until his boss loses and, incredibly, Rusty finds himself accused of the murder.
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Presumed Innocence

Author : Rachel Rosenfield Lafo
ISBN : 0945506562
Genre : Photography
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Edited by Kate Dempsey. Text by Rachel Rosenfield Lafo, Anne Higonnet.
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Presumed Innocent A Kindle County Legal Thriller Book 1

Author : Scott Turow
ISBN : 9781760981891
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 64.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Presumed Innocent is the internationally bestselling, gripping legal thriller from Scott Turow. Prosecutor Rusty Sabich enters a nightmare world when Carolyn, a beautiful attorney with whom he has been having an affair, is found raped and strangled. He stands accused. Fighting to prove his innocence, Rusty uncovers a tangled web of sex, corruption and betrayal. With no one to trust, it's up to Rusty to uncover who is really behind this deadly crime . . .
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Taming The Presumption Of Innocence

Author : Richard L. Lippke
ISBN : 9780190601065
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 63.18 MB
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The notion that an individual accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty is one of the cornerstones of the American criminal justice system. However, the presumption of innocence creates a number of practical and theoretical issues, particularly regarding pre-trial and post-trial processes. In Taming the Presumption of Innocence, Richard L. Lippke argues that the presumption of innocence should be contained to the criminal trial. Beyond the realm of the trial, legal professionals, investigators, and the general public should carry out their respective roles in the criminal justice process without making any presumptions about guilt or innocence whatsoever. Rather than eschewing the significance of the presumption of innocence, the book defends its role within its proper context, the criminal trial. According to Lippke, other aspects of the criminal justice system such as investigation, lawmaking, and treatment of ex-offenders should be conducted in such a way that reflects the fallibility and unpredictability of the system without involving the issue of presumed guilt or innocence. Lippke dispels the idea that the presumption of innocence can be used to remedy some of the current issues in the practice of criminal justice, and instead proposes engaging in deeper, more substantive reforms of the American criminal justice system. The first monograph dedicated exclusively to the presumption of innocence, Taming the Presumption of Innocence will be an ideal text for students and scholars of criminology, criminal justice, and legal theory.
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Author : Fra
ISBN : OCLC:655542626
Genre :
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It S A Print

Author : William Reynolds
ISBN : 087972661X
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 63.35 MB
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The mechanistic age of the twentieth century has required a mechanized medium for expression: the production of filmdependent from the start on machines such as cameras, projectors, lights, and now more heavily reliant on computers, sensitive films, miniaturization, and sophisticated sound recording devices - has flowered in this century not only as a means of popular entertainment, but as a critically acclaimed art form. These essays highlight true cinematic adaptations as completely different products from films based loosely on the gimmick or plot or character of a certain fiction.
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Preventive Justice

Author : Andrew Ashworth
ISBN : 9780191021053
Genre : Law
File Size : 86.30 MB
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This book arises from a three-year study of Preventive Justice directed by Professor Andrew Ashworth and Professor Lucia Zedner at the University of Oxford. The study seeks to develop an account of the principles and values that should guide and limit the state's use of preventive techniques that involve coercion against the individual. States today are increasingly using criminal law or criminal law-like tools to try to prevent or reduce the risk of anticipated future harm. Such measures include criminalizing conduct at an early stage in order to allow authorities to intervene; incapacitating suspected future wrongdoers; and imposing extended sentences or indefinate on past wrongdoers on the basis of their predicted future conduct - all in the name of public protection and security. The chief justification for the state's use of coercion is protecting the public from harm. Although the rationales and justifications of state punishment have been explored extensively, the scope, limits and principles of preventive justice have attracted little doctrinal or conceptual analysis. This book re-assesses the foundations for the range of coercive measures that states now take in the name of prevention and public protection, focussing particularly on coercive measures involving deprivation of liberty. It examines whether these measures are justified, whether they distort the proper boundaries between criminal and civil law, or whether they signal a larger change in the architecture of security. In so doing, it sets out to establish a framework for what we call 'Preventive Justice'.
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The Presumption Of Innocence In Irish Criminal Law

Author : Claire Hamilton (Barrister)
ISBN : IND:30000116860028
Genre : History
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The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty has been described as the 'golden thread' running through the web of English criminal law and a "fundamental postulate" of Irish criminal law which enjoys constitutional protection. Reflecting on the bail laws in the O'Callaghan case, Walsh J. described the presumption as a 'very real thing and not simply a procedural rule taking effect only at the trial'. The purpose of this book is to consider whether the reality matches the rhetoric surrounding this central precept of our criminal law and to consider its efficacy in the light of recent or proposed legislative innovations. Considerable space is devoted to the anti-crime package introduced by the government in the period of heightened concern about crime which followed the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin. Described by the Bar Council as "the most radical single package of alterations to Irish criminal law and procedure ever put together, " the effect of the package was an amendment of the bail laws and the introduction of preventative detention; a curtailment of the right to silence for those charged with serious drugs offences and the introduction of a novel civil forfeiture process to facilitate the seizure of the proceeds of crime, a development which arguably circumvents the presumption. Given these developments, the question posed in the book is whether we can lay claim to a presumption that is more than merely theoretical or illusory.
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