Presenting Your Data With Spss Explained

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Presenting Your Data With Spss Explained

Author : Perry R. Hinton
ISBN : 9781317424390
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 90.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Read : 1068

Data Presentation with SPSS Explained provides students with all the information they need to conduct small scale analysis of research projects using SPSS and present their results appropriately in their reports. Quantitative data can be collected in the form of a questionnaire, survey or experimental study. This book focuses on presenting this data clearly, in the form of tables and graphs, along with creating basic summary statistics. Data Presentation with SPSS Explained uses an example survey that is clearly explained step-by-step throughout the book. This allows readers to follow the procedures, and easily apply each step in the process to their own research and findings. No prior knowledge of statistics or SPSS is assumed, and everything in the book is carefully explained in a helpful and user-friendly way using worked examples. This book is the perfect companion for students from a range of disciplines including psychology, business, communication, education, health, humanities, marketing and nursing – many of whom are unaware that this extremely helpful program is available at their institution for their use.
Category: Psychology

Sustainable Development And Social Responsibility Volume 1

Author : Miroslav Mateev
ISBN : 9783030329228
Genre : Science
File Size : 51.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 870
Read : 180

The book presents high-quality research papers presented at the 2nd American University in the Emirates International research conference, AUEIRC'18, organized by the American University in the Emirates, Dubai, held on November 13th-15th, 2018. The book is broadly divided into four sections: Sustainability and Smart Technology, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Human Security and Legislation, Sustainability and Education. The topics covered under these sections are sustainable smart technology such as developing green curriculum for information technology, use ultrasonic velocity to predict quality of wheat, improve security features for visa system, factors affecting the cost of production of electricity and desalination plants, impact of smart traffic sensing in smart cities, smart healthcare system, simulation of Grey wolf optimization algorithm in painting digital forensics. The topics covered for sustainability and creative industries such as sustainable concrete production, multimedia applications in digital transformation art, integrating biomimicry principles in sustainable architecture. Sustainability, human security and legislation covered topics of urban performance and sustainable environment, Eco-certification as response on climate change, the criminal offence of tax evasion in law: case study, skills engineering in sustainable counter defense against Cyber extremism, the international law and challenges of trans-boundary water resources governance, the legal status of nuclear energy: case study, sustainable energy development and nuclear energy legislation in UAE, corruption specific safety challenge, environmental management and sustainability, sustainable farming models for desert agro-ecosystems, future directions of climate change, earth and built environment towards new concept of sustainability, institution building from emotional intelligence perspective, virtue ethics, technology and sustainability, the role of humor in a sustainable education, HEIs practices and strategic decisions toward planning for sustainable education programs, TQM in higher education for sustainable future. The papers in this book present high-quality original research work, findings and practical development experiences.
Category: Science

Spss Explained

Author : Perry R. Hinton
ISBN : 9781317753117
Genre : Computers
File Size : 81.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 938
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SPSS Explained provides the student with all that they need to undertake statistical analysis using SPSS. It combines a step-by-step approach to each procedure with easy to follow screenshots at each stage of the process. A number of other helpful features are provided: regular advice boxes with tips specific to each test explanations divided into ‘essential’ and ‘advanced’ sections to suit readers at different levels frequently asked questions at the end of each chapter. The first edition of this popular book has been fully updated for IBM SPSS version 21 and also includes: chapters that explain bootstrapping and how this is used an introduction to binary logistic regression coverage of new features such as Chart Builder. Presented in full colour and with a fresh, reader-friendly layout, this fully updated new edition also comes with a companion website featuring an array of supplementary resources for students. The authors have many years of experience in teaching SPSS to students from a wide range of disciplines. Their understanding of SPSS users’ concerns, as well as a knowledge of the type of questions students ask, form the foundation of this book. Minimal prior knowledge is assumed, so the book is well designed for the novice user, but it will also be a useful reference source for those developing their own expertise in SPSS. It is suitable for all students who need to do statistical analysis using SPSS in various departments including Psychology, Social Science, Business Studies, Nursing, Education, Health and Sport Science, Communication and Media, Geography, and Biology.
Category: Computers

Understanding Statistics In The Behavioral Sciences

Author : Roger Bakeman
ISBN : 9781135613150
Genre : Education
File Size : 26.36 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 880
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Understanding Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences is designed to help readers understand research reports, analyze data, and familiarize themselves with the conceptual underpinnings of statistical analyses used in behavioral science literature. The authors review statistics in a way that is intended to reduce anxiety for students who feel intimidated by statistics. Conceptual underpinnings and practical applications are stressed, whereas algebraic derivations and complex formulas are reduced. New ideas are presented in the context of a few recurring examples, which allows readers to focus more on the new statistical concepts than on the details of different studies. The authors' selection and organization of topics is slightly different from the ordinary introductory textbook. It is motivated by the needs of a behavioral science student, or someone in clinical practice, rather than by formal, mathematical properties. The book begins with hypothesis testing and then considers how hypothesis testing is used in conjunction with statistical designs and tests to answer research questions. In addition, this book treats analysis of variance as another application of multiple regression. With this integrated, unified approach, students simultaneously learn about multiple regression and how to analyze data associated with basic analysis of variance and covariance designs. Students confront fewer topics but those they do encounter possess considerable more power, generality, and practical importance. This integrated approach helps to simplify topics that often cause confusion. Understanding Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences features:*Computer-based exercises, many of which rely on spreadsheets, help the reader perform statistical analyses and compare and verify the results using either SPSS or SAS. These exercises also provide an opportunity to explore definitional formulas by altering raw data or terms within a formula and immediately see the consequences thus providing a deeper understanding of the basic concepts. *Key terms and symbols are boxed when first introduced and repeated in a glossary to make them easier to find at review time. *Numerous tables and graphs, including spreadsheet printouts and figures, help students visualize the most critical concepts. This book is intended as a text for introductory behavioral science statistics. It will appeal to instructors who want a relatively brief text. The book's active approach to learning, works well both in the classroom and for individual self-study.
Category: Education

Spss For Psychologists

Author : Nicola Brace
ISBN : UOM:39015051506460
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 58.86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The new edition of this best-selling guide carefully leads the user through the process of using SPSS to analyze psychological data. The authors review the basic issues regarding design and proceed through all of the major statistical techniques used in psychology, from introductory to advanced level. Readers are introduced to the rationale and use of each test and shown how to choose, perform, and report the statistical analysis of their own data. SPSS for Psychologists, 3/E covers SPSS versions 12 and 13, but is also appropriate for those using versions 9 - 11. The new edition highlights the differences between the versions and now includes coverage of reliability measures, partial correlations, and using statistics for scale constructions. Comprehensive in coverage, the book reviews advanced statistical material such as ANCOVA, factor analysis, logistic regression, and discriminant analysis as well as issues related to research design, data entry, data handling, data manipulation and modification in SPSS; how to calculate basic statistical procedures using SPSS; tests of difference for two sample designs, tests of correlation, and tests for nominal and categorical data; and tests for experiments involving complex designs or for data obtained using surveys. Each statistical test features a brief description, an example of typical or actual research that might be analyzed using the test, and step-by-step instructions on how to perform the test using SPSS. Numerous screenshots and detailed descriptions of the steps required to perform the test, are included. Annotated examples of SPSS output help the reader understand and report the results of their analyses. Information on how to insert output into a text document is also included. The data used in the examples is found in an appendix and on a book specific Web site. Intended for use as a supplementary text in statistics/research methods courses in psychology and related social sciences, a basic knowledge of Windows is assumed.
Category: Psychology

Spss For Windows Step By Step

Author : Darren George
ISBN : UOM:39015052541623
Genre : Computers
File Size : 90.4 MB
Format : PDF
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This text covers all major SPSS procedures for version 11.0 and earlier versions. Each analysis chapter is organized according to a structured, identical format, with step-by-step instructions.
Category: Computers

Introductory Statistics For Health And Nursing Using Spss

Author : Louise Marston
ISBN : 9781446205822
Genre : Medical
File Size : 20.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 658
Read : 523

Introductory Statistics for Health & Nursing using SPSS is an impressive introductory statistics text ideal for all health science and nursing students. Health and nursing students can be anxious and lacking in confidence when it comes to handling statistics. This book has been developed with this readership in mind. This accessible text eschews long and off-putting statistical formulae in favour of non-daunting practical and SPSS-based examples. What's more, its content will fit ideally with the common course content of stats courses in the field. Introductory Statistics for Health & Nursing using SPSS is also accompanied by a companion website containing data-sets and examples for use by lecturers with their students. The inclusion of real-world data and a host of health-related examples should make this an ideal core text for any introductory statistics course in the field.
Category: Medical

Spss 16 0 Guide To Data Analysis

Author : Marija J. Norušis
ISBN : UOM:39015080826012
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 51.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 790
Read : 564

The SPSS 16.0 Guide to Data Analysis is a friendly introduction to both data analysis and SPSS, the world's leading desktop statistical software package. Easy-to-understand explanations and in-depth content make this guide both an excellent supplement to other statistics texts and a superb primary text for any introductory data analysis course. With the SPSS 16.0 Guide to Data Analysis, you get a jump-start on describing data, testing hypotheses, and examining relationships using SPSS. Author Marija Noru is incorporates a wealth of data, including the General Social Survey and studies of Internet usage, opinions of the criminal justice system, marathon running times, library patronage, and the importance of manners. These data files are supplied with the book and are used throughout the examples and expanded chapter exercises. This unique combination of examples, exercises, and contemporary data gives you hands-on experience in analyzing data and makes learning about data analysis and statistical software relevant, unintimidating, and even fun! Data CD-ROM included.
Category: Mathematics

Statistical Data Analysis Using Your Personal Computer

Author : Ira H. Bernstein
ISBN : UCSC:32106016316256
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 971
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A textbook for a course teaching students of behavioral sciences how to analyze data using some of the software that has become available for personal computers. Bernstein and Rowe, presumably teachers somewhere, have revived demonstrations as an approach to teaching statistics. They assume students have at least some familiarity with the language and various topics taught in graduate statistics, multivariate analysis, and psychometric theory courses, but not to be experts in any of those fields. c. Book News Inc.
Category: Business & Economics

Answering Questions With Statistics

Author : Robert F. Szafran
ISBN : 9781412991322
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 73.58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 956
Read : 507

By making introductory statistics interesting through comparing data on today's student generation with their parents' generation, and asking students to consider how people change as they grow older, the book uses data on subjective beliefs (such as freedom of speech and abortion) as well objective characteristics (years of schooling, marital status) to teach basic statistics using SPSS.
Category: Social Science

A Simple Guide To Spss For Windows

Author : Lee A. Kirkpatrick
ISBN : UVA:X004289074
Genre : SPSS (Computer file)
File Size : 66.58 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 774
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Users will find this no-nonsense, streamlined book teaches them everything they need to know about the new SPSS for Windows, Version 8.0. This guide gives students just enough information and instruction to effectively use SPSS for Windows to perform such procedures at stem-and-leaf displays, t-tests, multiple regressions, and scatterplots. In addition, it makes learning the SPSS program simple, whether users need it to do homework problems or to conduct statistical analyses for a research project. The authors wrote the book to cover what the first-time or casual user needs to know to conduct data analysis in SPSS at the level of an introductory statistics course in psychology.
Category: SPSS (Computer file)

Unix Review

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015023866729
Genre : Computer programming
File Size : 40.91 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Computer programming

The Psychologist

Author :
ISBN : UCLA:L0099056335
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 79.59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Psychology

Spss X Trends

Author : SPSS Inc
ISBN : IND:30000009716832
Genre : SPSS-X.
File Size : 20.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 848
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Category: SPSS-X.

Adventures In Criminal Justice Research

Author : George W. Dowdall
ISBN : 0761985174
Genre : Law
File Size : 71.64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 814
Read : 797

Adventures in Criminal Justice Research: Data Analysis for Windows Using SPSS Versions 11.0/11.5, or Higher, Third Edition is the only book that guides students through a series of investigative adventures in criminal justice research using current General Social Survey data and the Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study. Authors George W. Dowdall, Kim A. Logio, Earl Babbie, and Fred Halley offer students practical experience using version 11.0 of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), the most popular professional program available for criminal justice data analysis. Adventures in Criminal Justice Research can be used with SPSS version 11.0 or higher for Windows 95, 98, or XP. Designed as a supplementary text for both beginning and advanced students in research methods for criminology and criminal justice courses, Adventures in Criminal Justice Research may also be of interest to students in research methods courses in public administration andsociology.
Category: Law