Powered Paragliding Bible 4

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The Powered Paragliding Bible 4

Author : Airhead Creations
ISBN : 0977096688
Genre : Paragliding
File Size : 76.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The most complete learning reference for powered paragliding. Become a paramotor pilot using thorough certified instruction and this book. From just starting to becoming competition ready. Has many illustrations and graphics, including from 3D animations, to clarify sometimes tricky topics.
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Powered Paragliding Bible 6

Author : Jeff Goin
ISBN : 0977096645
Genre :
File Size : 54.42 MB
Format : PDF
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A clear, CONCISE, and professionally-illustrated guide for anyone wanting to become an ACCOMPLISHED paramotor pilot, either footlaunch or on wheels. It is comprehensive but breaks down information into digestible chunks that fit well with quality training programs.Section 1 is all about safely getting to first flight and gaining competency. Section 2 covers what's needed to set out on your own. it offers PRACTICAL airspace, weather, airport, site, cross country, and maintenance knowledge. Section 3 is about MASTERING and surviving the sport including risk management, precision flying, handling turbulence, tough landing options and much more. Section 4 details the weird aerodynamics and physics that govern paramotor flight, more in-depth weather, and history knowledge. Section 5 is about choosing gear--what goes into it, the tradeoffs, and why choices are so critical to safe learning. Proper choice is key to surviving the dangerous learning phase. Section 6 explores how to get more out of the sport, like traveling with gear, photography, and other uses.


Author : Daniel Snell
ISBN : 154311671X
Genre :
File Size : 27.42 MB
Format : PDF
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Fly Like a Bird - Paragliding Are you the kind of person who enjoys the thrill of adrenaline pumping through your body? Are you constantly on the lookout for some new excitement or adventure? Let's face it; your working life can be really boring at times, especially if you have one of those desk jobs that require sitting for long periods of time. Sometimes you can almost feel those muscles atrophying. To compensate, you just have to get out and do something active at the weekends. Learning a new sport or hobby is a great way to let off steam and get some exercise at the same time. If that new sport contains just a tiny element of danger it seems even more attractive. Or maybe you just love nature and want to get out into the wilds to enjoy the peace and quiet. Finding a sport that will let you both get some much-needed exercise and enjoy nature all at the same time is not difficult. Just think: Paragliding! Paragliding is not a difficult sport to learn. It does not take hours of practice like learning to play tennis well does. You can learn to paraglide in a weekend or two. This eBook, -Fly Like a Bird - Paragliding- will explain all about it. But wait! What exactly IS paragliding? Paragliding is flying! But it is flying with a special wing to help you sail through the sky. It uses a specially made wing that is attached to the paraglider via a harness. The paraglider runs downhill to inflate the wing which then gently lifts him or her off the ground. Naturally you have to learn how to do this properly - and how to land safely. But such lessons are easily available and of a reasonable price. Just imagine floating through the silent atmosphere just like an eagle. You will be at one with nature in a way that few other sports allow. You can learn how to turn the paraglider and make it do all kinds of things once you get proficient. There are several different forms of paragliding. This eBook -Fly Like a Bird - Paragliding- will explain them all and introduce you to all the basics. You will find out everything you need to know about the exciting sport of paragliding. You'll learn where to get lessons and where to go to enjoy your flight. Take a peek at the chapter headings: 1.Paragliding Explained 2.How it is Done 3.What Equipment do You Need? 4.Build Your Own if You Dare 5.Buy a Paraglider - it is Easier 6.Motorized Paragliding 7.Ultralight Paragliding 8.Paragliding and Hang Gliding - the Difference 9.Paragliding Schools (1) 10. Paragliding Schools (2) 11. Where to Paraglide in South America 12. Paragliding in the US 13. Where to Paraglide in Europe 14. Having Fun at Events 15. Is Insurance Necessary? Learning a new skill like Paragliding will not only spice up your life, but help you make new friends and give you tons of confidence and self-esteem. Your friends will be intrigued to know you go paragliding. Their preconceptions of you may be turned upside down. Now they will think of you as an exciting person who can embrace danger easily. Psst: there is very little danger - but you don't have to tell them that. They may even decide to come along with you. How cool would that be? So change your life and embrace the adventure of flying like a bird with this eBook, -Fly Like a Bird - Paragliding-. Grab your copy right now. You'll be glad you did. Tag: mastering paragliding, paragliding, paragliding bible, paragliding book, paragliding log book, paragliding logbook, paragliding manual, powered paragliding, the art of paraglidi

Whether The Weather

Author : Roger P. Frey
ISBN : 9783739277424
Genre : Science
File Size : 62.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"Whether the Weather" is not only for air sports enthusiasts such as paragliding, hang-gliding and ultralight pilots; it is also an invaluable meteorological guide for anyone interested in weather conditions. The most important safety element is making correct decisions before take-off, because misjudging the weather situation is a common cause of accidents. The correct decision is even more important than flying skills and requires a fundamental understanding of meteorology. Many pilots recognise this and want to learn more about meteorology, without going to a scientific level. "Whether the Weather" fills this gap from A to Z. On 180 pages with innumerable graphics, it explains with outstanding clarity from the most basic to the most complex processes in aviation meteorology.
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