Power Relationships

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Summary Power Relationships

Author : BusinessNews Publishing
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The must-read summary of Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas' book: "Power Relationships: 26 Irrefutable Laws for Building Extraordinary Relationships". This complete summary of ideas from Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas' book "Power Relationships: 26 Irrefutable Laws for Building Extraordinary Relationships" recognises the importance of building personal and professional relationships to get ahead in the business world. It is easy to contact these people, but engaging their attention and forming a meaningful relationship is the difficult part. According to Sobel and Panas, there are four questions you must ask yourself: 1. How can I connect and engage? 2. How can I become relevant? 3. How can I create a deep bond? 4. How can I have a lasting impact? To answer these questions, the authors provide 26 laws for building power relationships. Use these laws to find ways to connect and build meaningful power relationships. Added-value for this summary: • Save time • Build meaningful power relationships • Have an impact on others and become relevant To learn more, read the summary of “Power Relationships” and follow the 26 laws to build successful power relationships that last!
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Power In Close Relationships

Author : Christopher R. Agnew
ISBN : 9781107192614
Genre : Psychology
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An outline of how power, an inherent feature of social interactions, operates and affects close relationships.
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Understanding Power Relationships

Author :
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Genre : Business education
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Why is power such a potent aspect of business? What do we mean by “power” in an organizational setting, and what are some of its work-related sources? How can you cultivate personal power within your organization? What strategies can you use to upwardly manage a relationship with your boss?
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Power Of Relationships

ISBN : 9789386867797
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Relationships Ecosystems Comparisons And Power

Author : Debbie Keiser
ISBN : 9781593632649
Genre : Education
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What are relationships? How do they affect students? There are many different types of relationships to explore and this series helps make this topic one that is meaningful to all students. The books in Prufrock's new Differentiated Curriculum Kits employ a differentiated, integrated curriculum based on broad themes. This all-in-one curriculum helps teachers save planning time, ensure compliance with national standards, and most importantly, pique their students? natural excitement and interest in discovery. By participating in the wide variety of activities in the Differentiated Curriculum Kit for Grade 3, students will discover the relationships around them and gain a lifelong desire to learn.In Relationships Book 1: Ecosystems, Comparisons, and Power, students will investigate the interdependent relationships between animals and plants. They also will learn about family relationships, peer pressure, fear, and power. Students will compare rules and laws with our rights and freedoms to determine the relationships between the government and its citizens. Each activity helps students explore relationships in depth and encourages students to gain a better understanding of the concept.
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Eunuchs Caliphs And Sultans

Author : David Ayalon
ISBN : STANFORD:36105023653517
Genre : Eunuchs
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The book covers a period from the beginning of Islam, up to the beginning of the sixteenth century, and deals mainly with the eunuchs in the major centres of Islam in the East (Umayyads, 'Abbasids, Seljuks, Zengids, Ayyubids and Mamluks and to some extent, the Fatimids of Egypt). It is not a history of the eunuchs in that wide area but rather is mainly concerned with the power accumulated by the eunuchs, military, socially and even economically (especially as trustees of financial affairs and property). The ultimate aim of the study is to being out the close ties connecting it to the harem, the eunuchs and the Mamlkus. In all of these three areas, the dominant element had been slaves (Islamised and often enfranchised) who were imported beyond the lands of Islam. The eunuchs were usually the upbringers of the young Mamlkus and quite often their commanders. The Mamlkus themselves, in various and changing forms, constituted the mainstay of Islam to the harem, the eunuchs and the Mamluks. In all of these three areas, the dominant element had been slaves (Islamised and often enfranchised) who were imported beyond the lands of Islam. The eunuchs were usually the upbringers of the young Mamluks and quite often their commanders. The Mamluks themselves, in various and changing forms, constituted the mainstay of Islams military might through the greatest part of its existence. Other subjects discusses are castrations, the eunuchs prices, and their so-called sexual life, romances as a well as their marriages.
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Gender Power And Relationships

Author : Charlotte Burck
ISBN : 9781134844371
Genre : Psychology
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Gender, Power and Relationships is a follow-up volume to Gender and Power in Families (Routledge 1989) which marked a milestone in the application of feminist thinking to therapeutic work with families, bringing new ideas to students, trainers and professionals. Contributions from leading practitioners demonstrate how feminist ideas have been taken up by therapists in a variety of different settings. The chapters explore and extend previous debates on sexual and physical abuse and ethnicity, addressing the many contradictions and dilemmas inherent in this work for feminist systemic approaches. They also consider changing family structures and the role of men within them, gendered aspects of HIV prevention, and work with women drug addicts, and a variety of other approaches each set in the context of an overview of feminist theories of the family.
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Gender Power And Communication In Human Relationships

Author : Pamela J. Kalbfleisch
ISBN : 9781136480508
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This edited volume establishes a state-of-the-art perspective on theory and research on gender, power, and communication in human relationships. Both theoretical essays and review chapters address issues relevant to female and male differences in power, dominance, communication, equality, and expectations/beliefs. All chapter contributors share two commonalities. First, each provides a 1990s assessment of power and equality in female and male relationships. Second, each reviews respective programs of research and focuses attention on the relevance of this research to understanding the relationships of women and men. Unique because it incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to the study of gender and the communication of power in human relationships, this book includes the original work of intellectuals with national and international reputations in the social sciences. The volume provides both scholastic breadth and centralized treatment of issues that form the very foundation of social and personal relationships. It will appeal to scholars working in the disciplines of communication and psychology as well as other areas of social science research.
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Conversion Identity And Power

Author : A. Sue Russell
ISBN : 076181440X
Genre : Religion
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Conversion, Identity, and Power examines how the introduction of the church as a new social institution affects social exchanges, power relationships, and social identity in the Tagal communities. A. Sue Russell uses resources, control of resources, and social exchanges to obtain these resources, from Richard Adams' definition of social power forms as a framework for studying the impact of this new social institution. She focuses on the two key power relationships in Tagal society: the relationships formed to gain supernatural resources, and the relationship between wife-giver and wife-taker formed through the payment of bridewealth. Russell explains that Christianity offered a superior source for supernatural knowledge and abilities, which have social value in Tagal society. She details the control of the church over supernatural resources and how the people enter into social exchanges to obtain the benefits of these resources. The author also examines how the shift in social exchanges for supernatural resources impacted other social exchanges and power relationships, providing new insights into the dynamics of cultural changes resulting from the introduction of Christianity.
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The Power Of Relationship

Author : Dr Oluwagbemiga Olowosoyo
ISBN : 9781105881497
Genre : Family & Relationships
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We often under-estimate the power of relationship to our loss. Amazing, what we can accomplish when we invest into our God-ordained relationships.
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The Power Of Partnership

Author : Riane Eisler
ISBN : 9781577314080
Genre : Business & Economics
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The author of Tomorrow's Children shows readers how to abandon a fear-based approach to relationships in favor of a model based on mutual respect and cooperation. Reprint.
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The Power Of Our Relationships Better Friends Make Better Friends

Author : Denise Watts-Wilson
ISBN : 9781483412337
Genre : Self-Help
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What a wonderful book! . . . well written, an easy read, one would have a hard time putting it down. The questions in each chapter cause one to think & apply what's being read. An excellent hands on book. - Mike and Diana Lehman, Pastor and Wife, United Methodist Church The Chapter on Spouses is dealt with creatively and it will be of great benefit to all who read and apply these points. The Chapter on God is handled concisely and yet encompasses the main points which should be covered in a book of this type. - Regina Ruegg, Retired Pastor, United Methodist Church This book will cause you to look deep within yourself to evaluate the relationships you have with those around you. To see the power of those relationships, both for good and bad. To search out relationships with those that can help me grow as well as those I can invest my life in....I really enjoyed it. - Ed Berry, Pastor, Christian Church
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The Extraordinary Power Of Project Relationships

Author : Harry Mingail
ISBN : 9780988111509
Genre : Business & Economics
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Bad business one-on-one or group relationships create stress, destruction and unproductively. Likewise, without great relationships, our personal lives can be empty, boring and lonely. This book is packed with great ideas, techniques and many checklists to make great things happen for you. At minimum you will find something and typically many things which will reward your investment in this book, with better relationships. Great relationships will generate monetary as well as a flood of other positive differences in your life. Your life is worth it! Think about all the many types of projects in your business and personal life. A project is a temporary endeavor which produces unique results. Weddings, business mergers and implementation of new corporate technologies are all projects. Each of these examples is temporary. You may be enjoying your wedding reception. But it ends sometime, so that you can begin the enchanting honeymoon. That stressful project to merge two departments seems excruciatingly long, but it also does end some time. Each of these examples of projects is unique. Even if you have been married eleven times before, each project to prepare for the wedding will be different. In business, some other company may have implemented the same accounting software package. However, your company has unique accounting numbers, practices and stakeholders. Master the skills, practical how-to techniques and tips. Your business life will be much more successful and so will your personal life. Use the book as a handy reference as you perform project work in the office as well as your personal life. Also, good news! If you are or aspire to be a Project Management Professional (PMP) or are or want to be a Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP), this book covers all the major interpersonal and leadership elements of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) and Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK).]
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Power Relationships

Author : Andrew Sobel
ISBN : 9781118830963
Genre : Business & Economics
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The Relationship Laws that Drive Success There are powerful but invisible laws that determine whether your relationships —with your clients, colleagues, and friends—will thrive or wither. These relationship laws are ever-present. When you align with them, the results are dramatic. Your network will grow rapidly. You’ll be seen by clients as a trusted partner rather than an expense to be managed. And you’ll find the people around you eager to help you succeed. When you ignore the laws, however, your efforts will falter. Relationship building will seem like very hard work. Power Relationships gives readers a unique, entertaining guide to relationship success at work and in life. Each of the 26 laws is illustrated and explained using a compelling, real-life story that shows how to implement it. The second section of the book presents 16 common relationship challenges with specific solutions. You’ll read about: The top Citigroup executive whose relationship with a CEO was changed forever on a business trip that exploded into chaos, and how you can use the same principle to deepen your own relationships. The philanthropist who, on the verge of being mugged in a dark parking lot, learns how his actions have had an unimaginable ripple effect across several generations How one of the authors flew halfway around the world and used Law 18—“Make them curious”—to turn a make-or-break, five-minute meeting with a top executive into a long-term relationship. The chance encounter on an airplane with a famous actor that revealed a simple but profound truth. It’s Law 25: “Build your network before you need it.” Sobel (author of Clients for Life, All for One, and Power Questions (with Panas)) and Panas (author of Asking and Supremely Successful Selling) have sold over half a million books and are the leading authorities in their field. Power Relationships is a unique, road-tested guide to relationship success.
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Interpersonal Relationships

Author : Diana Dwyer
ISBN : 9781134644391
Genre : Psychology
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Interpersonal Relationships considers friendship and more intimate relationships including theories of why we need them, how they are formed, what we get out of them and the stages through which they go. Social and cultural variations are discussed as well as the effects of relationships on our well-being and happiness. The book is tailor-made for the student new to higher-level study. With its helpful textbook features provided to assist in examination and learning techniques, it should interest all introductory psychology and sociology students, as well as those training for the caring services, such as nurses.
Category: Psychology

Relational Judaism

Author : Ron Wolfson
ISBN : 9781580236669
Genre : Religion
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Noted educator and community revitalization pioneer Dr. Ron Wolfson presents practical strategies and case studies to guide Jewish leaders in turning institutions into engaging communities that connect members to Judaism in meaningful and lasting ways.
Category: Religion

Relationships And Patterns Of Conflict Resolution

Author : Peter D. Ladd
ISBN : 0761837396
Genre : Psychology
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Slide open the pages to reveal what's really happening in Pontypandy and help Fireman Sam complete his rescues. Will he save the day?
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