Pottery In The Making

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Pottery In The Making

Author : British Museum
ISBN : UOM:39015041758866
Genre : Ceramics
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Starting with the basic question, What is pottery?, this work investigates why and how ceramics have been made throughout the world ever since humans first began manipulating clay during the Stone Age, over 12,000 years ago. Drawing on the ceramic collections of the British Museum, and the work of its scientific staff, 25 contributors examine the evidence for more than 30 pottery traditions. These range from prehistoric Japan, ancient Egypt, and pre-Hispanic Peru through classical Greece, Ming China and medieval and Renaissance Europe, right up to contemporary Africa and India.
Category: Ceramics

Pottery Workshop

Author : Charles Counts
ISBN : UOM:39015006760535
Genre : Art
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Clearly explains each step in the pottery-making process, from digging the crude clay to marketing the finished product
Category: Art

Basic Pottery Making

Author : Linda Franz
ISBN : 9780811735315
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 48.8 MB
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Step-by-step instructions complete with color photographs Includes a chapter on bisque firing, waxing, and glazing 4 basic pottery projects for the beginning potter The art of pottery making is described in detail for the beginning or experienced potter. Complete with a chapter on tools and materials to get started, this easy-to-use guide explains and illustrates how to wedge clay, use a pottery wheel, shape and trim pots, determine clay thickness, add handles, and a host of other pottery-making techniques. It also contains a chapter on bisque firing and glazing, the final steps in creating beautiful and functional pottery. Includes complete instructions for making a large bowl, three styles of mugs, and a sugar bowl and creamer set.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Pottery Basics

Author : Jacqui Atkin
ISBN : PSU:000058214480
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 84.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A guide to the basic tools, materials, and techniques of ceramics.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Pottery Making Techniques

Author : Anderson Turner
ISBN : 157498201X
Genre : Science
File Size : 66.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Articles on pottery techniques chosen from the early issues of Pottery making illustrated.
Category: Science

Pottery In The Making

Author : Dora Lunn
ISBN : PSU:000016667112
Genre : Potter craft
File Size : 23.26 MB
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Category: Potter craft

Making Pottery You Can Use

Author : Jacqui Atkin
ISBN : 0764168738
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 66.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Create cups, mugs, bowls, and more pieces that are perfect for you! Everyone who owns a beloved mug that has just the right handle, an agreeably "deep" cereal bowl, or a plate that fits perfectly in the dishwasher knows that once you've found these pieces, you wish you had more of them. In Making Pottery You Can Use, you'll learn how to create the pieces that will work best for you. Each element of the creative process is explained, including: Deciding the function of the item Working out proportions and making basic drawings Choosing the right clay and tools Design decisions, techniques to consider, variations to contemplate Picking the best method: throwing, slabbing, or coiling Choosing food-safe glazes, and more Successful teacher, designer, and author Jacqui Atkin explains how to throw and hand-build pieces that are beautiful and practical, from plates, cups, and saucers to casserole dishes, pitchers, and tureens. Get started today and you'll have pieces that marry beauty, form, and function, and are perfect for all of your needs.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

The Complete Book Of Pottery Making

Author : John B. Kenny
ISBN : 0801959330
Genre : Art
File Size : 86.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides information on materials and equipment as well as the techniques for modeling clay, coil and slab building, molding, glazing, and firing.
Category: Art

Pottery Making Cultures And Indian Civilization

Author : Baidyanath Saraswati
ISBN : 8170170915
Genre : Ethnology
File Size : 59.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This Is An Unusual Exploration Into India S Timeless Civilization By An Enthropologist Who Has Devoted Six Years To Extensive Survey Of The Peasant Potters Of More Than Half Of India. The Author Of This Book , Writes Professor N.K. Bose , Has Applied Some Methods In The Study Of Indian Culture Which&. Have Not Been Used By Any Other Student Of Cultural Anthropology In This Country. His Method Of Correlation Of Material Culture With The Total Cultural System Marks A Departure From The Conventional Studies Of Cultural Processes. He Has Suggested New Methods Of Reconstructing History, And His Data On Contemporary Pottery Making Afford A Reassessment Of Indian Archaeological Materials.The Author S Extensive Experience With Inter-Disciplinary Inquiry Yields Insight. From A Detailed Analysis Of The Ethnographic Data On Pottery Making, He Makes Some Significant Observations: There Is Continuity In Potter-Craft Tradition In India, Traceable From The Pre-Historic Times. The Survival Of The Ethnic Groups Of Potters, Well Within Their Respective Technological Zones Of Pre-Historic Pottery Making, Makes The Aryanization Of India Doubtful. Different Regions Of India Have Evolved Their Own Indigenous Cultures Providing Extreme Diversity To The Material Base Of Indian Society-Their Unity Lies In The Basic Philosophy Of Life, In The Higher Forms Of Culture. To An Average Indian, The Diversity Of Cultures-Food, Dress, Language, Worship-Does Not Really Matter, So Long As He Believes That Every Way Of Life Has Its Own Contribution To Humanity, And That Before The Inexorable Law Of Nature, Every Being Has An Equal Right To Survive Through The Full Course Of Its Cosmic Life. This Idealization Of Diversity Has Helped India Develop A Tradition Of Tolerance, Which Is The Soul Of Her Civilization.Apart From Its Contribution To Anthropology, The Book Will Be Of Particular Interest To Historians Of Culture And Philosophers Of Social History
Category: Ethnology

Pottery You Can Use

Author : Jacqui Atkin
ISBN : 1782215603
Genre : Ceramic tableware
File Size : 87.80 MB
Format : PDF
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Create cups, mugs, bowls, and more pieces that are perfect for you! Everyone who owns a beloved mug that has just the right handle, an agreeably deep cereal bowl, or a plate that fits perfectly in the dishwasher knows that once you've found these pieces, you wish you had more of them. You will learn how to create the pieces that will work best for you. Each element of the creative process is explained, including: Deciding the function of the item --Working out proportions and making basic drawings --Choosing the right clay and tools --Design decisions, techniques to consider, variations to contemplate --Picking the best method: throwing, slabbing, or coiling --Choosing food-safe glazes, and more. This book explains how to throw and hand-build pieces that are beautiful and practical, from plates, cups, and saucers to casserole dishes, pitchers, and tureens.
Category: Ceramic tableware

Pottery And People

Author : James M. Skibo
ISBN : 9780874805772
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 88.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume emphasizes the complex interactions between ceramic containers and people in past and present contexts. Pottery, once it appears in the archaeological record, is one of the most routinely recovered artifacts. It is made frequently, broken often, and comes in endless varieties according to economic and social requirements. Moreover, even in shreds ceramics can last almost forever, providing important clues about past human behavior. The contributors to this volume, all leaders in ceramic research, probe the relationship between humans and ceramics. Here they offer new discoveries obtained through traditional lines of inquiry, demonstrate methodological breakthroughs, and expose innovative new areas for research. Among the topics covered in this volume are the age at which children begin learning pottery making; the origins of pottery in the Southwest U.S., Mesoamerica, and Greece; vessel production and standardization; vessel size and food consumption patterns; the relationship between pottery style and meaning; and the role pottery and other material culture plays in communication. Pottery and People provides a cross-section of the state of the art, emphasizing the complete interactions between ceramic containers and people in past and present contexts. This is a milestone volume useful to anyone interested in the connections between pots and people.
Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Pottery Techniques All You Need To Know About Pottery Making

Author : Dana Jenkins
ISBN : 9781329828476
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 79.30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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If you are looking for a great creative outlet or a new hobby that can bring in a little spare change while you are at it, you may want to consider learning to make your own pottery. It is a great and fun hobby that isn't terribly expensive, once you have the initial tools of the trade and is a lot of fun for many people around the world. Moreover the results of your efforts when it comes to pottery making are actually useful items to have around the house or to bring in a little extra income selling on Ebay or at local craft fairs and flea markets. Grab this ebook today to learn everything you need to know.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

The Traditional Pottery Of Papua New Guinea

Author : Patricia May
ISBN : 0824823443
Genre : Art
File Size : 51.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book is the most comprehensive and authoritative survey of the traditional pottery of Papua New Guinea ever produced. The authors have made a thorough analysis of pottery-making throughout Papua New Guinea based on eight years of field work. They proffer a first-hand account of clay preparation, pottery formation, and firing techniques, interwoven with information on the functions of pottery and the various approaches to decoration.
Category: Art

Pottery In Archaeology

Author : Clive Orton
ISBN : 0521445973
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 83.90 MB
Format : PDF
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A 'state of the art' guide to pottery analysis providing information on recent scientific developments and the latest statistical techniques.
Category: Antiques & Collectibles

The Ceramic Art

Author : Jennie J. Young
ISBN : UOM:39015016850904
Genre : Céramique
File Size : 83.76 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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THE history of ceramic art carries us back to ages of which it has furnished us with the only records. Beginning almost with the appearance of man upon the globe, it brings us down through the intricate paths of his migrations to the time in which we live. Historically, therefore, the study of the art is not only replete with interest, but promises much benefit to the student. The forms under which it appears are so varied, the circuitous route it has followed leads to so many lands and among so many peoples, and the customs it illustrates are so distinctive of widely separated nationalities, that its history is co-extensive with that of humanity. In many cases it supplies us with information regarding nations whose works in pottery are their only monuments. Were we, therefore, to attempt to find its origin, we might go back as far as written history could guide us, and then find proofs of its existence in a prehistoric age. It is curious to observe that, as we compare the earliest productions of different countries, we discover a similarity between the crude ideas to which they owe their origin. It is equally remarkable—and the fact is worthy of notice as pointing to the great antiquity of the practice of working in clay—that all nations of whose early religious ideas we have any knowledge ascribe its inception to the gods. Daily habit demonstrated its utility, and gratitude found a cover for ignorance, in bestowing upon the heavenly powers the credit of inspiring man with a knowledge of the capabilities of the plastic clay. Reason supplies an easy solution of the problem, but one not likely to occur to the unreasoning man of the primitive world. “On the day,” says Jacquemart, “when man, walking upon the clayey soil, softened by inundations or rain, first observed that the earth retained the prints of his footsteps, the plastic art was discovered; and when lighting a fire to warm his limbs or to cook his food, he remarked that the surface of the hearth changed its nature and its color, that the reddened clay became sonorous, impervious, and hardened in its new shape, the art was revealed to him of making vessels fit to contain liquids.” The reason of the nineteenth century conflicts strangely with old-world opinions of what was due to beneficent deity. Of this we can easily find abundant illustration. Let us take, as examples, China, Japan, Egypt, and Greece. We will find that each reverts to the misty boundary between legend and history, or to the earlier age when the gods had not deserted the world—the horizon of mortal vision or fancy, where heaven seems to touch earth. It is said that nearly two thousand seven hundred years before the Christian era the potter’s art was discovered in China by Kouen-ou. This was during the reign of the enlightened Emperor Hoang-ti. Of him it is recorded that after many labors for the good of his subjects, the amelioration of their condition, and the extension of their knowledge, he was translated to the upper sphere on the back of a huge and whiskered dragon.
Category: Céramique

Ten Thousand Years Of Pottery

Author : Emmanuel Cooper
ISBN : 0812235541
Genre : Art
File Size : 90.20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Pottery making is one of the oldest and most widespread of human activities, with a history that can be traced back to the Stone Age. Stylistic and technical changes over time reveal a great deal about the societies in which the pottery was made, so that clay vessels serve as essential cultural and dating indicators, as well as objects of individual skill and creativity. This lavishly illustrated and comprehensive account begins with the earliest civilizations of the Near East and Middle East and follows the production of pottery chronologically around the globe, from the Mediterranean and the Orient to the Islamic world and ancient America, from neolithic Britain to the factories of Wedgwood and de Morgan, from contemporary Africa and India to Scandinavia and Australasia. The final chapters analyze the development of ceramics as a medium of personal expression by artists and studio potters during the twentieth century. This is the fourth edition of a work that has been deemed a classic since its first publication in 1972 and, for this new edition, has been completely revised, expanded, and redesigned, with new illustrations throughout. The illustrations are drawn from museums, collectors, and practicing potters across the word and offer representative examples of the major styles, materials, and forms of all periods, allowing us to make comparisons and see relationships between the works of potters who may be widely separated in space and time.
Category: Art

Pottery In The Archaeological Record

Author : Mark L. Lawall
ISBN : 9788771240887
Genre : Art
File Size : 68.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Archaeologist are increasingly focusing on the transformation of artifacts from their use in the past to their appearance in the archaeological record, trying to identiy the natural and cultural processes that created the archaeological record we study today. In Classical Archaeology, attention to these processes received an impetus by J. Theodore Pena's 2007 monograph, Roman Pottery in the Archaeological Record, which considered how ceramic vessels were made, used and stayed in use serving various secondary purposes, before finally being discarded. Pena relied mainly on evidence from Roman Italy, which raises the question of the impact of similar cultural forces on pottery from other periods and places. His work accentuates the need to continue the process of building and developing explicit interpretive models of ceramic life-histories in Mediterranean archeology. With a view to beginning to address these challenges, the editors invited a group of specialists in the pottery of Greece and the rest of the Eastern Mediterranean to a colloquium in Athens in June 2008, asking the contributors to recondiser Pena's general models, approaches and examples from their own particular geographic and cultural perspectives. This publication constitutes the proceedings of this colloquium.
Category: Art

Pottery Making

Author : Judson Thomas Webb
ISBN : 0353494119
Genre :
File Size : 43.60 MB
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This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as no entity (individual or corporate) has a copyright on the body of the work. Scholars believe, and we concur, that this work is important enough to be preserved, reproduced, and made generally available to the public. To ensure a quality reading experience, this work has been proofread and republished using a format that seamlessly blends the original graphical elements with text in an easy-to-read typeface. We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant.