Pottery In Archaeology

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Pottery In Archaeology

Author : Clive Orton
ISBN : 0521445973
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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Format : PDF, Docs
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A 'state of the art' guide to pottery analysis providing information on recent scientific developments and the latest statistical techniques.
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Pottery And The Archaeologist

Author : Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology Martin Millett
ISBN : 9781315422282
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 50.65 MB
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Collection of research papers concerning ceramic and ceramic analysis for archaeologists.
Category: Social Science

Ceramics In Archaeology

Author : Ninina Cuomo Caprio
ISBN : 8891310123
Genre : Art
File Size : 36.63 MB
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This manual on pottery-making in antiquity is a compendium of almost everything bearing on the interpretation of ancient ceramics in antiquity. Because of this, it is likely to remain a standard work for many years to come. Both the student and the more experienced researcher will benefit from this book and will find it easy to follow because of the lively presentation. The whole subject of ceramics is here, from clay acquisition to kilns and firing, backed with an extensive bibliography. It is a work of reference which should have a place on every archaeologist's bookshelf from their first day at University until retirement. In Volume II, Part Two is titled Modern Laboratory Techniques and provides a summary of the most widely used scientific techniques which can aid the archaeologist in the understanding and interpretation of ancient ceramics.
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Roman Pottery In The Archaeological Record

Author : J. Theodore Peña
ISBN : 9781139464277
Genre : Social Science
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This book examines how Romans used their pottery and the implications of these practices on the archaeological record. It is organized around a flow model for the life cycle of Roman pottery that includes a set of eight distinct practices: manufacture, distribution, prime use, reuse, maintenance, recycling, discard, reclamation. J. Theodore Peña evaluates how these practices operated, how they have shaped the archaeological record, and the implications of these processes on archaeological research through the examination of a wide array of archaeological, textual, representational and comparative ethnographic evidence. The result is a rich portrayal of the dynamic that shaped the archaeological record of the ancient Romans that will be of interest to archaeologists, ceramicists, and students of material culture.
Category: Social Science

Approaches To Archaeological Ceramics

Author : Carla M. Sinopoli
ISBN : 9781475792744
Genre : Social Science
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More than any other category of evidence, ceramics ofters archaeologists their most abundant and potentially enlightening source of information on the past. Being made primarily of day, a relatively inexpensive material that is available in every region, ceramics became essential in virtually every society in the world during the past ten thousand years. The straightfor ward technology of preparing, forming, and firing day into hard, durable shapes has meant that societies at various levels of complexity have come to rely on it for a wide variety of tasks. Ceramic vessels quickly became essential for many household and productive tasks. Food preparation, cooking, and storage-the very basis of settled village life-could not exist as we know them without the use of ceramic vessels. Often these vessels broke into pieces, but the virtually indestructible quality of the ceramic material itself meant that these pieces would be preserved for centuries, waiting to be recovered by modem archaeologists. The ability to create ceramic material with diverse physical properties, to form vessels into so many different shapes, and to decorate them in limitless manners, led to their use in far more than utilitarian contexts. Some vessels were especially made to be used in trade, manufacturing activities, or rituals, while ceramic material was also used to make other items such as figurines, models, and architectural ornaments.
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Ceramics Cuisine And Culture

Author : Michela Spataro
ISBN : 9781782979500
Genre : History
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The 23 papers presented here are the product of the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and approaches to the study of kitchen pottery between archaeologists, material scientists, historians and ethnoarchaeologists. They aim to set a vital but long-neglected category of evidence in its wider social, political and economic contexts. Structured around main themes concerning technical aspects of pottery production; cooking as socioeconomic practice; and changing tastes, culinary identities and cross-cultural encounters, a range of social economic and technological models are discussed on the basis of insights gained from the study of kitchen pottery production, use and evolution. Much discussion and work in the last decade has focussed on technical and social aspects of coarse ware and in particular kitchen ware. The chapters in this volume contribute to this debate, moving kitchen pottery beyond the Binfordian ‘technomic’ category and embracing a wider view, linking processualism, ceramic-ecology, behavioral schools, and ethnoarchaeology to research on historical developments and cultural transformations covering a broad geographical area of the Mediterranean region and spanning a long chronological sequence.
Category: History

The Archaeology Of York The Pottery

Author : York Archaeological Trust
ISBN : WISC:89107679946
Genre : Church Street (York, England)
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Category: Church Street (York, England)

Cypriot Ceramics

Author : Jane A. Barlow
ISBN : 0924171103
Genre : Social Science
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Prehistoric Cypriot ceramics were widely traded, especially in the late Bronze Age, and constitute an important source of information about international trade and cultural relations in the Bronze and Iron Age eastern Mediterranean. These papers were presented at an international conference held at the University of Pennsylvania Museum in October 1989. Symposium Series II University Museum Monograph, 74
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Stylistic Variation In Prehistoric Ceramics

Author : Stephen Plog
ISBN : 0521225817
Genre : History
File Size : 62.64 MB
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Using data drawn primarily from the American Southwest, Stephen Plog shows that there are basic problems with the methods archaeologists traditionally use to classify and analyse prehistoric pottery. Archaeologists have studied the painted designs and other stylistic (that is, non-functional) characteristics on different types of prehistoric artifacts in order to infer information about prehistoric social organization and cultural change. Such studies usually argue that the degree of similarity between the designs found on ceramic vessels at different prehistoric sites were occupied or from the amount of interaction between the people who occupied them. In Stylistic Variation in Prehistoric Ceramics, the author proposes that many factors, rather than just two, cause design or stylistic variation on artifacts. He demonstrates flaws in the logic and method of previous studies and suggests that the ways in which designs have been classified and understood are often inappropriate. Employing archaeological information from the Chevelon Canyon area of east-central Arizona, he constructs his own proposal for a new analytic framework. Professor Plog's study provides a major contribution to archaeological method and theory and should be of interest to a broad range of archaeologists.
Category: History

Ceramic Petrography

Author : Patrick Sean Quinn
ISBN : 1905739591
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68.11 MB
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"...this book illustrates the spectrum of compostional and microstructural phenomena that occur within ancient ceramics under the microscope and provides comprehensive guidelines for their study within archaeology."--Back cover.
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Plain Pottery Traditions Of The Eastern Mediterranean And Near East

Author : Claudia Glatz
ISBN : 9781629580906
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 56.99 MB
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The evolution and proliferation of plain and predominantly wheel-made pottery presents a characteristic feature of the societies of the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean since the fourth millennium B.C. This plain pottery has received little detailed archaeological attention in comparison to aesthetically more pleasing and chronologically sensitive decorated traditions. Yet, their simplicity and standardization suggest they are products of craft specialists, the result of high-volume production, and therefore important in understanding the social systems in early complex societies. This volume -reevaluates the role and significance of plain pottery traditions from both historically specific perspectives and from a comparative point of view; -examines the uses and functions of this pottery in relation to social negotiation and group identity formation; -helps scholars understand cross-regional similarities in development and use.
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Insight From Innovation

Author : Barbara Peacock
ISBN : 0992633648
Genre :
File Size : 28.92 MB
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This collection of papers is presented in honour of Professor David Peacock's many and lasting contributions to archaeological ceramic studies. Building on Professor Peacock's legacy of inventive approaches, the volume contains some of the most exciting developments currently taking place within archaeological ceramic studies, including cutting-edge provenanceing techniques, computer-aided visualisations, and contemporary craft and design perspectives. Pottery is approached not as an end to itself but as a vehicle for addressing a wide range of archaeological questions, and the papers thereby demonstrate that ceramic studies represent one of the frontiers in modern-day archaeology. Developing new techniques and finding new uses for old ones open up avenues for research which will enrich our understanding of past societies across the world and through all periods. The volume closes with two thought-provoking papers; one from a ceramic artist and the other reflecting upon the role of ceramic studies in the various sectors of contemporary archaeological practice

Scientific Analysis Of Archaeological Ceramics

Author : Katherine Barclay
ISBN : UOM:39015050766909
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 52.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The focus of attention in ceramic research is increasingly turning away from duplicative amassing and reporting of material and towards synthetic work. This handbook sets out information which might be sought by ceramic analysis, and gives broad outlines of the different methods of analysis.
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The Emergence Of Pottery

Author : William K. Barnett
ISBN : UOM:39015055823283
Genre : Industries, Prehistoric.
File Size : 35.16 MB
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Includes chapters by A.C. Roosevelt on Amazonia; A. Oyuela-Caycedo on San Jacinto I, Colombia; C. Rodraiguez on north coastal Colombia; J.E. Damp and L.P. Vargas on Valdivia, Ecuador; R. Cooke on Monagrillo, Panama; J.W. Hoopes on the Central American isthmus; B. Arroyo on El Salvador; and J.E. Cla
Category: Industries, Prehistoric.

Prehistoric Pottery For The Archaeologist

Author : Alex M. Gibson
ISBN : 071851954X
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 46.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The first general handbook and reference guide for the study of British prehistoric pottery has now been revised and updated for a second edition. The work contains a thorough survey of the chronological development of pottery throughout prehistory and into the Roman period, as well as chapters on the development of pottery studies (from both typological and scientific viewpoints) and on the materials and methods used for the manufacture of pottery. The main part of the book is an extensively illustrated glossary in which pottery styles and types, materials and technology are explained in detail. Much of the data contained has been yielded by the authors' personal research projects, including microscopy and experimental studies and fieldwork with contemporary traditional potters.
Category: Social Science

Ceramic Theory And Cultural Process

Author : Dean E. Arnold
ISBN : 0521272599
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 85.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A theory of ceramics that elucidates the complex relationship between culture, pottery and society.
Category: Social Science

Archaeological Ceramics

Author : United States
ISBN : UCBK:C063351208
Genre : Archaeology
File Size : 82.92 MB
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Category: Archaeology