Potato Science And Technology For Sub Tropics

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Potato Science And Technology For Sub Tropics

Author : Anand Kumar Singh
ISBN : 9389571936
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Potato is a predominant vegetable in India and across the world however, the proportion of potato used/ wasted due to various reasons is expected to change in the medium and long term scenario. In future, potato has to emerge from just a vegetable to a serious food security option. Considering limited availability of cultivable land in the country higher potato production has to be led by growth in productivity. The main focus will be to improve quality of potato as desired by the industry as well as potato consumers in the era of economic development, higher purchasing power and willingness to pay more for the desired quality. Research on improved post-harvest practices will be targeted as another vital component. This book in its 20 chapters elaborates the latest scientific knowledge and technological achievements for development of potato in sub-tropics and also suggests the future strategies for likely adoption. It is our sincere belief that it would act as a compendium of potato research in the country and similar regions and researchers, students and other stakeholders will benefit from the compiled information in a big way.
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Potato Science And Technology

Author : G. Lisinska
ISBN : 185166307X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 54.65 MB
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This book is an excellent starting point for students and should be read by all concerned with the industry, researchers, growers, traders and processors - Journal of Agricultural Science.
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Handbook Of Vegetable Science And Technology

Author : D. K. Salunkhe
ISBN : 0824701054
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 71.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Furnishes exhaustive, single-source coverage of the production and postharvest technology of more than 70 major and minor vegetables grown in tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions throughout the world. Provides comparative data for each vegetable presented. "
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Seed Potato Technology

Author : P.C. Struik
ISBN : 9789086867592
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 20.60 MB
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This book provides basic knowledge on how to produce, multiply and use propagation material in seed potato production and supply systems world wide. Healthy, vigorous seed tubers are essential in potato production. Producing them used to be expensive and difficult. Multiplication rates in the field are low, seed-borne diseases are numerous and seed tubers lose quality during storage between growing seasons. Recently, novel methods of multiplication have revolutionised the seed potato industry. This has resulted in a diversity of seed production systems adjusted to the local potential and needs. This book summarises the current knowledge and assesses the efficient use of modern technology in different stages of seed production. It describes in detail what seed quality means, how (pre-)basic seed can be produced, how this can be multiplied, and how seed health is maintained. It also describes diverse examples of seed supply systems in different regions of the world. The book is aimed at agronomists, farm advisors, seed producers, breeders, and at those involved in seed policies, seed programme development and seed trade. Also recommended for (international) students in agronomy, horticulture and plant breeding.
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Author : Douglas Horton
ISBN : 9781000307849
Genre : Science
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Although the potato is usually thought of as a temperate-zone crop, potato growing in the tropics and subtropics is spreading rapidly. In terms of the dollar value of the crop, this edible root now ranks fourth in the developing world after rice, wheat, and maize. Nevertheless, policymakers often underrate the importance of the potato as a source of employment, income, and food or they underestimate the potential benefits from expanding potato production and use. The payoff from applied research on potato cultivation in the tropics and subtropics is high due to the large body of scientific information from developed countries. This book summarizes the principles of potato production, distribution, and use. The essential facts about the potato as a crop, a commodity, and a food are discussed as well as the issues that scientists and policymakers should consider in setting priorities for implementing and assessing the impact of potato research and extension programs. A major premise of the book is that programs aiming to increase food supplies and reduce poverty through crop improvement need to consider not only production technology but also marketing strategies and consumption patterns. Adequate planning for agricultural research and development requires an understanding of how crops are grown, marketed, and used and of what potential benefits the new technologies can yield. Hence, effective crop improvement programs need both technical and socioeconomic expertise. The administrators and others responsible for implementing these programs must concern themselves with the policies that impinge on the adoption and consequences of new production methods so that their countries may reap the full benefits of an increased and stable food supply.
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Potato In Sub Tropics

Author : Pushkarnath
ISBN : CORNELL:31924001295876
Genre : Potatoes
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Potato as a world crop; Area and production; Situation and seasons of culture; Seed and its preparation; The plant and its development; Seed production and certification systems; Cultivation, harvest and marketing; Varieties and the varietal problems; Diseases and their control; Pests of potato.
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Crop Post Harvest Science And Technology Volume 3

Author : Debbie Rees
ISBN : 9780632057252
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 78.88 MB
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International trade in high value perishables has grown enormously in the past few decades. In the developed world consumers now expect to be able to eat perishable produce from all parts of the world, and in most cases throughout the year. Perishable plant products are, however, susceptible to physical damage and often have a potential storage life of only a few days. Given their key importance in the world economy, Crop Post-Harvest Science and Technology: Perishables devotes itself to perishable produce, providing current and comprehensive knowledge on all the key factors affecting post-harvest quality of fruits and vegetables. This volume focuses explicitly on the effects and causes of deterioration, as well as the many techniques and practices implemented to maintain quality though correct handling and storage. As highlighted throughout, regular losses caused by post-harvest spoilage of perishable products can be as much as 50%. A complete understanding, as provided by this excellent volume, is therefore vital in helping to reduce these losses by a significant percentage. Compiled by members of the world-renowned Natural Resources Institute at the United Kingdom's University of Greenwich, with contributions from experts around the world, this volume is an essential reference for all those working in the area. Researchers and upper-level students in food science, food technology, post-harvest science and technology, crop protection, applied biology and plant and agricultural sciences will benefit from this landmark publication. Libraries in all research establishments and universities where these subjects are studied and taught should ensure that they have several copies for their shelves.
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Sweet Potato

Author : Ramesh C. Ray
ISBN : 1608763439
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.), the seventh most important food crop after wheat, rice (paddy), maize, potato, barley and cassava, is a staple food in many developing countries of the tropics and sub-tropics, and also serves as animal feed and raw material for several food- and feed -based industries. This New World crop has high biological efficiency of converting solar energy into edible energy (152MJ/ha/day) in form of tuberous (storage) roots and could be the food for the ever growing human population in future. Asia leads in area (60.75%) and production (86.89%) of sweet potato in the world. Sweet potato was originally a herbaceous perennial but was domesticated as an annual and grows best in moderately warm climate and temperature of 21-26oC. It requires light textured soil with the optimum pH of 5.5 -6.5 for good growth of the crop. Current research has focused on development of high starch, high dry matter and coloured (ß-carotene and anthocyanin-rich) sweet potato varieties for industrial applications in addition to traditional usage as food and animal feed. Sweet potato storage roots are subjected to several forms of post harvest losses during harvest, transportation from farmers' field to market and in storage. These are due to mechanical injury, weight loss, sprouting, diseases and pests. The subject, post harvest aspects of sweet potato in food, feed and industries, is a topic of current interest.
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Modern Weed Science In The Tropics And Sub Tropics

Author : Om Prakash Gupta
ISBN : CORNELL:31924001839699
Genre : Herbicides
File Size : 30.26 MB
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Abont weeds; Weed prevention and control-principles and practices; Herbicide chemistry and action; Weed control recommendations.
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Stories From The Field

Author : Cora Burnett
Genre : History
File Size : 31.63 MB
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'The benefit of teaching life skills is that I also changed. If I can make a difference in the life of just one child, I will be happy' When we think about Africa, we often recall pictures of a wild countryside, rivers, forests, deserts, buzzing markets and media stories of poverty, devastation and hunger - a prime continent where branches of human justice are still thin and often absent. Those of us who have made Africa our destination are witness to a different experience as we meet people who charter a life of resilience and construct a social world of their own. Extended family ties stretch far and deep and so do family feuds, political turmoil and the many manifestations of poverty - painting a human canvas on which development programs (including sport-for-development) need to blend in strokes for reciprocal change. The GIZ/YDF program is possibly one of the most significant programs in terms of philosophy, methodology and scope that sheds light on development work as it is embraced, transformed and assimilated into real-life experiences. It is at this embedded level of social uptake that the selected 15 stories in the text and the detailed 45 stories on the CD articulate real-life experiences as told by program participants, peer- educators and YDF partners who took up the responsibility and challenge to change lives for the better. Multiple voices give an expression to the meaning and dynamics of sports-related interventions as they affect individuals within a myriad of social relationships and contexts. The uniqueness of this publication is that it not only captures all these voices to constitute stories from nine African countries, but validates a ripple of impact where context is a prism for seeing and knowing. How do real people see and benefit from a sport-for-development program? How does the North meet the South in partnership and trust? After reading these stories, you will not merely see young boys or girls kicking a ball and appreciate the novel aesthetics, but you will smell the dust and know it is a family and community at play. You will realize that aspirations and expectations are born from a need for entitlement in a field where the pitch is only the beginning of a journey. May this brief encounter do justice to all who shared their lives with such honesty and hope.
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Tropical Root And Tuber Crops

Author : Vincent Lebot
ISBN : 9781845936211
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 32.27 MB
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Most of the world's poorest smallholders depend on tropical roots and tuber crops as their principal source of food and nutrition. This book compiles information on the origin, genetics, physiology, agronomy, pests and diseases and post harvest processing of these crops, while providing ideas for further research and development.
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