Positive Criminology

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Positive Criminology

Author : Ed. Gottredson
ISBN : UOM:39015012841121
Genre : Social Science
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The philosophy of positivism of criminology -- the belief in a scientific approach to the study of crime -- has been widely challenged. In Positive Criminology leading proponents respond to the criticisms and assert the validity and value of the positivist paradigm. They define modern positive criminology and discuss important criminological issues from a positivistic perspective. The contributions demonstrate the value of this paradigm for understanding crime and solving the problems it presents.
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Positive Criminology

Author : Marc Schuilenburg
ISBN : 9462364443
Genre : Social Science
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Safety and security are often seen in light of crime, disorder, and fear. This fuels a political and social climate obsessed with a negative logic of 'fighting' criminals, 'controlling' populations, and 'excluding' unwanted others. Other, more positive or constitutive, discourses and practices about safety and security have fallen out of fashion. But, what alternatives to contemporary processes of securitization and criminalization can be imagined when starting from a positive critique of security? Which theoretical and empirical resources support and inspire more positive notions of security? This multidisciplinary book brings together a team of renowned scholars to stress that security also includes notions of care, trust, and belonging. By taking the concept of security beyond traditional criminal law, the book's contributors present cutting edge theoretical and empirical analyses on the importance of human connectedness, community building, and feelings of solidarity as a way to resist hegemonic and negative meanings of security. The book will appeal to researchers in the fields of criminology, political science, sociology, philosophy, and security studies. Contents include: A Critique of Security - Towards a Positive Turn in Criminology * Positive Security - A Theoretical Framework * Thinking about Sustainable Security - Metaphors, Paradoxes, and Ironies * Growing Sanguine about the Weeds - Gardening and Security Revisited * Power and Servility - An Experiment in the Ethics of Security and Counter-Security * Security in Support of Safety and Community - Thoughts from New York * Your Friendly Gasoline Station - On Habitual Space * Not 'Fortress Los Angeles' - Design and Management of Privately Owned Public Spaces in New York City * Fluid Security? Home, Care, and Belonging in Prostitution Migration * Afterthoughts - Security, Anti-Security, Positive Security. [Subject: Criminology, Sociology, Security Studies]
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Positive Criminology

Author : Natti Ronel
ISBN : 9781317750826
Genre : Social Science
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How can we best help offenders desist from crime, as well as help victims heal? This book engages with this question by offering its readers a comprehensive review of positive criminology in theory, research and practice. Positive criminology is a concept – a perspective – that places emphasis on forces of integration and social inclusion that are experienced positively by target individual and groups, and may contribute to a reduction in negative emotions, desistance from crime and overcoming the traumatic experience of victimization. In essence, positive criminology holds a more holistic view, which acknowledges that thriving and disengagement from distress, addiction, mental illness, crime, deviance or victimization might be fostered more effectively by enhancing positive emotions and experiences, rather than focusing on reducing negative attributes. Each chapter in this book is written by key scholars in the related fields of criminology, victimology and addiction and, thus, assembles varied and extensive approaches to rehabilitation and treatment. These approaches share in common a positive criminology view, thereby enriching our understanding of the concept and other strength-based approaches to dealing with offenders and victims. This edited book elaborates on positive criminology core ideas and assumptions; discusses related theories and innovations; and presents various benefits that this perspective can promote in the field of rehabilitation. For this reason, this book will be essential reading for those engaged in the study of criminology, criminal justice and victimology and may also assist scholars and professionals to help offenders desist from crime and improve victims’ well-being.
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Sex Positive Criminology

Author : Aimee Wodda
ISBN : 9780429624247
Genre : Social Science
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Sex-Positive Criminology proposes a new way to think about sexuality in the fields of criminology and criminal justice. Sex-positivity is framed as a humanizing approach to sexuality that supports the well-being of self and others. It is rooted in the principle of active and ongoing consent, and it encourages perspectives that value bodily autonomy, the right to access education, and respect for sexual difference. In this book, the authors argue that institutions such as prisons, schools, and healthcare facilities, as well as agents of governments, such as law enforcement, correctional officers, and politicians, can unduly cause harm and perpetuate stigma through the regulation and criminalization of sexuality. In order to critique institutions that criminalize and regulate sexuality, the authors of Sex-Positive Criminology examine case studies exploring the criminalization of commercial sex and related harm (at the hands of law enforcement) experienced by those who sell sex. They investigate sex education in schools, reproductive justice in communities and institutions, and restrictions on sexuality in places like prisons, jails, juvenile detention, and immigrant detention facilities. They look into the criminalization of BDSM practices, and address concerns about young people’s sexuality connected to age of consent and privacy violations. The authors demonstrate how a sex-positive perspective could help criminologists, policymakers, and educators understand not only how to move away from sex-negative frameworks in theory, policy, and practice, but how sex-positive criminological frameworks can be a useful tool to reduce harm and increase personal agency. Written in a clear and direct style, this book will appeal to students and scholars in criminology, sociology, sexuality studies, cultural studies, criminal justice, social theory, and all those interested in the relationship between sexuality and the crimino-legal system.
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The Positive School Of Criminology

Author : Enrico Ferri
ISBN : 9781776529537
Genre : Social Science
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Enrico Ferri was a prominent figure in the early development of the field of criminology. The school of thought that he developed, which came to be known as positivism, sought to identify and address the social, economic and environmental factors that contributed to the emergence of criminal and antisocial behavior in some people. The three lectures in this volume bring together many of Ferri's most influential ideas and theories.
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Positive Criminology In Practice

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051396174
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The discourse regarding offender rehabilitation has been criticized by various scholars who have claimed that reducing negative causes and managing risk will not automatically prompt positive human development and elements that are associated with desistance. Positive criminology is an innovative concept that challenges the common preoccupation with negative elements, by placing emphasis on human encounters and forces of inclusion that are experienced positively by target individuals and that can promote crime desistance. However, as the concept is relatively new, there are still no guiding principles for the practice of positive criminology that could direct research and the criminal justice system. This article attempts to fill that gap by providing principles that could be practiced by criminal justice personnel and examples of different interventions that reflect positive criminology. The article also provides ideological explanations for adopting the concept of positive criminology in practice.

Preventing Sexual Harm

Author : Stephanie Kewley
ISBN : 9781351135771
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 29.7 MB
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Preventing Sexual Harm provides an overview of current criminal justice strategies to tackling sexual violence, and highlights existing positive criminological approaches that could help prevent sexual abuse and harm. Sexual violence is a complex, multi-faceted crime. Its causes and consequences are both multiple and enduring and our understanding of sexual violence is embedded within our social, cultural and political constructs. As such, a response to sexual violence ought to be equally as complex and multi-faceted. Alternative approaches might therefore be needed, such as Positive Criminology. In response, this book explores Positive Criminology as a mechanism to reduce the risk of recidivism, eradicate harm, prevent re-offending as well as helping to reintegrate those with histories of sexual abuse back into the community. In light of recent historical cases of sexual abuse and poor institutional response to these allegations, it opens with an overview of the current landscape of sexual offending. The book then reviews the current positive criminological approaches already in existence in the effort to prevent sexual abuse, outlining the approach of Positive Criminology and demonstrating the many gaps in practice that might benefit from this new way of working to prevent sexual abuse. Highlighting that an alternative response to sexual violence is needed, and presenting the idea that a positive criminological paradigm is worthy of further examination, this book will be of great interest to scholars of criminology, criminal justice and forensic psychology.
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Global Criminology

Author : K. Jaishankar
ISBN : 9781439892497
Genre : Law
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Global criminology is an emerging field covering international and transnational crimes that have not traditionally been the focus of mainstream criminology or criminal justice. Global Criminology: Crime and Victimization in a Globalized Era is a collection of rigorously peer-reviewed papers presented at the First International Conference of the South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology (SASCV) that took place in Jaipur, India in 2011. Using a global yardstick as the basis for measurement, the fundamental goal of the conference was to determine criminological similarities and differences in different regions. Four dominant themes emerged at the conference: Terrorism. In a topic that operates at the intersection of international law, international politics, crime, and victimization, some questions remain unanswered. Is terrorism a crime issue or a national defense issue? Should terrorists be treated as war criminals, soldiers, or civil criminals? How can international efforts and local efforts work together to defeat terrorism? Cyber Crimes and Victimization. Cyber space provides anonymity, immediate availability, and global access. Cyber offenders easily abuse these open routes. As cyber space develops, cyber-crime develops and grows. To achieve better cyber security, global criminologists must explore cyber-crimes from a variety of perspectives, including law, the motivation of offenders, and the impact on victims. Marginality and Social Exclusion. Globalization is manifest in the fast transition of people between places, societies, social classes, and cultures. Known social constructions are destroyed for new ones, and marginalized people are excluded from important material, social, and human resources. This section examines how we can provide inclusion for marginalized individuals in the global era and protect them from victimization. Theoretical and Practical Models of Criminal Victimization. The process of globalization, as mentioned above, creates new elements of victimization. But globalization can also become an opportunity for confronting and defeating victimization through improved sharing of knowledge and increased understanding of the humanity of the weak. The emerging global criminology comprises diversity of attitudes, explanations, and perspectives. The editors of this volume recognize that in the global village, there is room for solid contributions to the field of criminology and criminal justice. This collection is a move in this direction. It is hoped that these articles will help to expand the boundaries of criminology, criminal justice, and victimology with a view towards reducing crime worldwide.
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Theoretical Criminology From Modernity To Post Modernism

Author : Wayne Morrison
ISBN : 9781135427016
Genre : Law
File Size : 33.32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book incorporates many of the exciting debates in the social sciences and philosophy of knowledge concerning the issues of modernity and post-modernism. It sets out a new project for criminology, a criminology of modernity, and offers a sustained critique of theorizing without a concern for social totalities. This book is designed to place criminological theory at the cutting edge of contemporary debates. Wayne Morrison reviews the history and present state of criminology and identifies a range of social problems and large scale social processes which must be addressed if the subject is to attain intellectual commitment. This book marks a new development in criminological texts and will serve a valuable function not only for students and academics but for all those interested in the project of understanding crime in contemporary conditions.
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Philosophy Crime And Criminology

Author : Bruce A. Arrigo
ISBN : 0252090411
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82.32 MB
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Philosophy, Crime, and Criminology represents the first systematic attempt to unpack the philosophical foundations of crime in Western culture. Utilizing the insights of ontology, epistemology, aesthetics, and ethics, contributors demonstrate how the reality of crime is informed by a number of implicit assumptions about the human condition and unstated values about civil society. Charting a provocative and original direction, editors Bruce A. Arrigo and Christopher R. Williams couple theoretically oriented chapters with those centered on application and case study. In doing so, they develop an insightful, sensible, and accessible approach for a philosophical criminology in step with the political and economic challenges of the twenty-first century. Revealing the ways in which philosophical conceits inform prevailing conceptions of crime, Philosophy, Crime, and Criminology is required reading for any serious student or scholar concerned with crime and its impact on society and in our lives.
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Criminological Theory

Author : J. Robert Lilly
ISBN : 9781412936323
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 40.46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Fourth Edition of this highly successful text moves readers beyond often-mistaken common-sense understandings of crime by providing a rich introduction to how major scholars analyze crime. Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences, Fourth Edition shows the real-world relevance of theory by illuminating how ideas about crime play a prominent role in shaping crime-control policies and compelling students to apply theories to the contemporary milieu.
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Student Handbook Of Criminal Justice And Criminology

Author : John Muncie
ISBN : 9781135334338
Genre : Law
File Size : 65.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Written by some of the leading criminologists in the country, this new title is a 'one-stop shop' for those who teach, study or are interested in criminology and the criminal justice systems of the UK.
Category: Law

Inventing Criminology

Author : Piers Beirne
ISBN : 079141275X
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book traces the intellectual history of criminology, analyzing the influence of early classical European concepts of criminality and the development of positivist methodologies. It is an original and carefully researched work, adding significantly to our knowledge of the history of criminology. From Cesare Beccaria's Dei delitti e delle pene to Charles Goring's The English Convict , Beirne offers refreshing and challenging insights on the intellectual and social histories of a variety of important concepts and movements in criminology.
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Cross Cultural Communication Concepts Cases And Challenges

Author : Francisca O. Norales
ISBN : 9781621969488
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85.89 MB
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This fascinating study can be adopted by professors as a supplementary textbook and enjoyed by readers who face cross-cultural communication issues in their work or travel.
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In Defense Of Youth

Author : William Vaughn Stapleton
ISBN : 9781610446952
Genre : Law
File Size : 38.20 MB
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In recent years the decisions of the United States Supreme Court in the area of juvenile law and the growing public awareness of the delinquency problem have brought about drastic changes in American juvenile courts. This book represents a major research effort to determine the effect of defense counsel’s performance on the conduct and outcome of delinquency cases. After a brief historical analysis of the factors leading to changes in juvenile law, the authors explore in detail the impact of the lawyer’s presence and performance on the outcomes of cases in two juvenile courts. The analysis further explores the various factors influencing a lawyer’s defense posture and develops the thesis that the effectiveness of counsel is determined largely by the structure of the delinquency hearing and the willingness and ability of court personnel and procedures to adapt to the introduction of an adversarial role of defense counsel. What makes this study unique is the large-scale effort to combine legal analysis and sociological methodology to the study of an action-oriented program. The use of the classical experimental design, the selection of control and experimental groups by random assignment, and the extent to which the use of this methodology increases the validity of the results, will be of interest to both lawyers and social scientists. The book is a major contribution to the growing literature in the field of the sociology of law.
Category: Law

Theoretical Criminology

Author : George Bryan Vold
ISBN : STANFORD:36105062298612
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46.59 MB
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This fourth edition of Theoretical Criminology, the standard text and reference in its field, has been extensively revised and completely updated. New sections include material on neurotransmitters, environmentally induced biological components of behavior, impulsiveness and crime, neighborhoods as causes of crime, situational contexts of crime, the decline and resurgence of strain theories, and control-ology. The text presents each type of theory accurately and comprehensively within its historical context. Relevant empirical research is reviewed and assessed, and research issues related to theory testing are also discussed.
Category: Fiction

Criminological Perspectives

Author : Eugene McLaughlin
ISBN : 0761941444
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 25.91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book presents in accessible form the most relevant readings from the diverse criminology literature, and provides students with direct access to the main theories and perspectives, which underpin and shape the discipline of criminology.
Category: Social Science