Political Parties And Party Systems

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Parties And Party Systems

Author : Giovanni Sartori
ISBN : 9780954796617
Genre : Political Science
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this broad-ranging volume Sartori outlines a comprehensive and authoritative approach to the classification of party systems. He also offers an extensive review of the concept and rationale of the political party, and develops a sharp critique of various spatial models of party competition.
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Political Parties And Party Systems

Author : Alan Ware
ISBN : 019878077X
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This work is an introduction to the study of political parties and party systems. It focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on liberal democracies through a comparative approach. The aim of Political Parties and Party Systems is to explain to students of politics how and why parties and party systems differ from one country to another. However, it also seeks to provide a more detailed understanding of party politics in five particular countries. Most of the chapters are divided into two sections. First, general themes and arguments about a topic are introduced, and examples from a large number of countries are discussed in relation to that topic. Then, particular attention is paid to five of the largest liberal democracies--Britain, France, Germany, Japan, and the United States.
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Political Parties Party Systems And Democratisation In East Asia

Author : Liang Fook Lye
ISBN : 9789814327947
Genre : Political Science
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Some fledging democracies in the world have encountered setbacks due to political parties trying to grapple with the expectations of sophisticated electorates and introducing gradual political reforms over the years.This book describes how democracy is evolving in East Asia and how it assumes different forms in different countries, with political parties adapting and evolving alongside. It has a two-fold intent. First, it contends that the existing variety of party systems in East Asia will endure and may even flourish, rather than converge as liberal democracies. Second, it highlights the seeming political durability of one party systems ? unlike two-part or multi-party systems in the US and Europe ? and their enduring predominance in countries such as Cambodia, China, Singapore and Vietnam.
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Political Parties And Party Systems

Author : Ajay K Mehra
ISBN : UOM:39015058254148
Genre : Business & Economics
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The evolution of political parties and party systems in the world's largest, most complex and volatile democracy reached a crucial stage at the turn of the century. The three general elections held in quick succession at the end of the nineties threw up three major trends; the apparent demise of the Congress Party as the dominant pan-national party; the emergence of a 'federalised' party structure and coalition politics; and the decline of the Third Front as a force in national politics. This topical collection of original essays by eminent scholars drawn from diverse disciplines examines these wide-ranging changes in political parties - their leadership, ideological profile, support base and programmatic content - as well as in the texture of the party system in the country. In understanding these complex processes this volume provides a comparative framework by bringing in the experiences of Germany and the European Union which are undergoing similar political transformation. The 'federalisation' of national politics and the significant transformation in India's political sociology are examined at four levels. 1. the statues and strategies, interaction patterns and processes of India's innumerable political parties as well as key questions governing the party system in the country; 2. the texture and pattern of political alliances from the national perspective - particularly, how alliances with regional parties are viewed and made by national parties; 3. conversely, the perspective of the regional parties in making these alliances; and 4. the impact of the 73rd Constitutional amendment on parties and politics at the local level and in small states. Overall, this volume provides an incisive and comprehensive analysis of the far-reaching changes in both party systems and electoral behaviour that have occurred since the end of the twentieth century. Constituting an important contribution to the on-going debate on these issues, this volume will attract the attention of students of Indian politics, political science, democracy, party systems and comparative politics.
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Dynamics Of The Party System

Author : James L. Sundquist
ISBN : 0815723180
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 85.77 MB
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Since the original edition of Dynamics of the Party System was published in 1973, American politics have continued on a tumultuous course. In the vacuum left by the decline of the Democratic and Republican parties, single-interest groups have risen and flourished. Protest movements on the left and the New Right at the opposite pole have challenged and divided the major parties, and the Reagan Revolution--in reversing a fifty-year trend toward governmental expansion--may turn out to have revolutionized the party system too. In this edition, as in the first, current political trends and events are placed in a historical and theoretical context. Focusing upon three major realignments of the past--those of the 1850s, the 1890s, and the 1930s--Sundquist traces the processes by which basic transformations of the country's two-party system occur. From the historical case studies, he fashions a theory as to the why and how of party realignment, then applies it to current and recent developments, through the first two years of the Reagan presidency and the midterm election of 1982. The theoretical sections of the first edition are refined in this one, the historical sections are revised to take account of recent scholarship, and the chapters dealing with the postwar period are almost wholly rewritten. The conclusion of the original work is, in general, confirmed: the existing party system is likely to be strengthened as public attention is again riveted on domestic economic issues, and the headlong trend of recent decades toward political independence and party disintegration reversed, at least for a time.
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Post Communist Eu Member States

Author : Susanne Jungerstam-Mulders
ISBN : 0754647129
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 46.64 MB
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Providing insights into the parties and party systems of post-communist EU member states within the framework of each country's specific conditions and developments, this volume examines the cases of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia. It is suitable for courses on party systems and EU politics.
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Building Democratic Institutions

Author :
ISBN : 0804765375
Genre :
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"Third, the authors investigate the relationship between major parties and the state, revealing the extent to which parties are dependent on state resources to maintain power and win votes. Fourth, the contributions assess the importance of different electoral regimes for shaping broader patterns of party competition. Finally, and most important, the authors characterize the nature of the party system in each country - how institutionalized it is and how it can be classified."--BOOK JACKET.

Post Communist Party Systems

Author : Herbert Kitschelt
ISBN : 052165890X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 73.57 MB
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Examines democratic party competition in four post-communist polities in the 1990s. The work illustrates developments regarding different voter appeal of parties, patterns of voter representation, and dispositions to join other parties in alliances. Wider groups of countries are also compared.
Category: Political Science

Party System Change

Author : Peter Mair
ISBN : 9780198292357
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 57.69 MB
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Mair examines how we interpret the evidence of change and stability in modern parties and party systems. Focusing on processes of political adaptation and control, he also looks at how parties generate or freeze their own momentum.
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Party System In India

Author : Ajay K Mehra
ISBN : 9781935501671
Genre :
File Size : 48.38 MB
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India’s party system has been under flux, transformation and reconfiguration since the end of the 1980s. By the time the sun set on the twentieth century, the party system in India had developed a plurality of national and regional levels and following several experiences in fits and starts, coalition making among the parties too stabilized at the national level. The dawn of twenty first century thus witnessed a federalized party system in place, where coalition making and cohabitation amongst the parties stabilized at both national and regional levels. As a result, since 1999 India has had two completing governments completing their full term at the national level; the third, UPA II, has completed four years, and despite hiccups is likely to complete its full term till mid-2013. However, the party system in the country has turned competitive and several trajectories of alternation are being attempted by parties and leaders, making the emerging political situation fluid. The volume attempts to capture the emerging trajectories of the party system in India in the second decade of the twenty first century with seventeen essays written specially for this volume by scholars who met several times to discuss and formulate questions and critique each other’s drafts. Overall, the volume provides an incisive and comprehensive analysis of the far-reaching changes that India’s political parties and party system are undergoing. It looks into the institutional dimensions, processes and agenda, federal manifestations, transitions (including generational change) and extraneous influences brought in by globalization, Indian Diaspora and the impact of new media technology. Constituting an important contribution to the on-going debate on the Indian party system, this volume will attract the attention of students of Indian politics, political science, democracy, party systems and comparative politics.

Party System Institutionalization In Asia

Author : Allen Hicken
ISBN : 9781107041578
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 70.78 MB
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This book provides a comprehensive empirical and theoretical analysis of the development of parties and party systems in Asia. The studies included advance a unique perspective in the literature by focusing on the concept of institutionalization and by analyzing parties in democratic settings as well as in authoritarian settings. The countries covered in the book range from East Asia to Southeast Asia to South Asia.
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British Political Parties Today

Author : Robert Garner
ISBN : 0719051053
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 85.34 MB
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This important new book, one of the first to reflect the 1997 election result and its effects, reassesses the major political parties in Britain--their ideals, organizations, finances, electoral prospects and the effect they have upon British society. The authors begin by clarifying the functions of political parties, before examining their policies and the extent to which there is a consensus in modern British politics. The shifting nature of Britain's party system is then dissected, before a much closer look is taken at the structure, leadership and membership of Britain's three major parties. A separate chapter also inspects the parties of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, offering a fresh perspective on their priorities and internal organization. Although the book has a strong historical content, it also takes a sharp look at British politics under the new Labor government, while considering the state of the Tory party under William Hague. The likely effect of a more intrusive European Union is also embraced.
Category: Political Science

New Parties In Old Party Systems

Author : Nicole Bolleyer
ISBN : 9780199646067
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 78.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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New Parties in Old Party Systems addresses a pertinent yet neglected issue in comparative party research: why are some new parties that enter national parliament able to defend a niche on the national level, while other fail to do so? This book examines the conditions for the survival and success of the 140, organizationally new parties that entered their national parliaments in 17 democracies from 1968 to 2011. It covers a wide variety of programmaticprofiles and performance trajectories. The book theorizes the interplay between the way parties are formed and the choices made by their founders and leaders, whose interplay shapes their evolution before andafter entering national parliament. This approach is substantiated empirically by advanced statistical methods assessing the role of party origin for new party performance combined with a wide range of detailed, in-depth case studies capturing how intra-organizational dynamics shape party success and failure.
Category: Political Science

British Political Parties

Author : Alan R. Ball
ISBN : UOM:39015003659268
Genre : Great Britain
File Size : 68.41 MB
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The Political Landscape Of Georgia

Author : Gia Nodia
ISBN : 9789059721135
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 79.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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For nearly two decades, Georgia has been struggling to develop its democratic political party system. What are its future prospects as an independent nation? How can the infrastructure be improved so Georgia can thrive as a vibrant democracy? This book, the result of a multinational research effort, surveys emerging Georgian political parties and provides a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and its historical background, along with practical recommendations for improvements. It offers invaluable insight into Georgian politics, as Georgian politicians were actively involved in the creation of the book.
Category: Political Science

The Formation Of National Party Systems

Author : Pradeep Chhibber
ISBN : 1400826373
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 34.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Pradeep Chhibber and Ken Kollman rely on historical data spanning back to the eighteenth century from Canada, Great Britain, India, and the United States to revise our understanding of why a country's party system consists of national or regional parties. They demonstrate that the party systems in these four countries have been shaped by the authority granted to different levels of government. Departing from the conventional focus on social divisions or electoral rules in determining whether a party system will consist of national or regional parties, they argue instead that national party systems emerge when economic and political power resides with the national government. Regional parties thrive when authority in a nation-state rests with provincial or state governments. The success of political parties therefore depends on which level of government voters credit for policy outcomes. National political parties win votes during periods when political and economic authority rests with the national government, and lose votes to regional and provincial parties when political or economic authority gravitates to lower levels of government. This is the first book to establish a link between federalism and the formation of national or regional party systems in a comparative context. It places contemporary party politics in the four examined countries in historical and comparative perspectives, and provides a compelling account of long-term changes in these countries. For example, the authors discover a surprising level of voting for minor parties in the United States before the 1930s. This calls into question the widespread notion that the United States has always had a two-party system. In fact, only recently has the two-party system become predominant.
Category: Political Science

Latin American Party Systems

Author : Herbert Kitschelt
ISBN : 9781139483841
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 56.38 MB
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Political parties provide a crucial link between voters and politicians. This link takes a variety of forms in democratic regimes, from the organization of political machines built around clientelistic networks to the establishment of sophisticated programmatic parties. Latin American Party Systems provides a novel theoretical argument to account for differences in the degree to which political party systems in the region were programmatically structured at the end of the twentieth century. Based on a diverse array of indicators and surveys of party legislators and public opinion, the book argues that learning and adaptation through fundamental policy innovations are the main mechanisms by which politicians build programmatic parties. Marshalling extensive evidence, the book's analysis shows the limits of alternative explanations and substantiates a sanguine view of programmatic competition, nevertheless recognizing that this form of party system organization is far from ubiquitous and enduring in Latin America.
Category: Political Science