Political Memory In And After The Persian Empire

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Political Memory In And After The Persian Empire

Author : Jason M. Silverman
ISBN : 0884140903
Genre : History
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Various disciplines that deal with Achaemenid rule offer starkly different assessments of Persian kingship. While Assyriologists treat Cyrus's heirs as legitimate successors of the Babylonian kings, biblical scholars often speak of a "kingless era" in which the priesthood took over the function of the Davidic monarch. Egyptologists see their land as uniquely independently minded despite conquests, while Hellenistic scholarship tends to evaluate the interface between Hellenism and native traditions without reference to the previous two centuries of Persian rule. This volume brings together in dialogue a broad array of scholars with the goal of seeking a broader context for assessing Persian kingship through the anthropological concept of political memory.
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The Oxford Handbook Of Egyptology

Author : Ian Shaw
ISBN : 9780199271870
Genre : History
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The Oxford Handbook of Egyptology offers a comprehensive survey of the entire study of ancient Egypt, from prehistory through to the end of the Roman period. Authoritative yet accessible, and covering a wide range of topics, it is an invaluable resource for scholars, students, and general readers alike.
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Persian Royal Judaean Elite Engagements In The Early Teispid And Achaemenid Empire

Author : Jason M. Silverman
ISBN : 9780567688545
Genre : Religion
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Jason Silverman presents a timely and necessary study, advancing the understanding of Achaemenid ideology and Persian Period Judaism. While the Achaemenid Persian Empire (c. 550–330 BCE) dwarfed all previous empires of the Ancient Near East in both size and longevity, the royal system that forged and preserved this civilisation remains only rudimentarily understood, as is the imperial and religious legacy bequeathed to future generations. In response to this deficit, Silverman provides a critically sophisticated and interdisciplinary model for comparative studies. While the Achaemenids rebuilt the Jerusalem temple, Judaean literature of the period reflects tensions over its Persian re-establishment, demonstrating colliding religious perspectives. Although both First Zechariah (1–8) and Second Isaiah (40–55) are controversial, the greater imperial context is rarely dealt with in depth; both books deal directly with the temple's legitimacy, and this ties them intimately to kings' engagements with cults. Silverman explores how the Achaemenid kings portrayed their rule to subject minorities, the ways in which minority elites reshaped this ideology, and how long this impact lasted, as revealed through the Judaean reactions to the restoration of the Jerusalem temple.
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Imperial Visions

Author : Joachim Schaper
ISBN : 9783647560359
Genre : Fiction
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In recent years, an interest in empire(s) has emerged in Assyriology, Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Studies and in other areas of the study of the ancient world. Collaborative research projects are devoted to questions of empire and imperialism, and the prophets of Israel and Judah and the books named after them are explored as agents in the contexts of the empires of their times. To some degree, all of this may be seen as a revival of the intense interest which the works of Oswald Spengler, Arnold Toynbee and Karl Wittfogel generated in the twentieth century, in historical situations very different from our own age. But then we too live in an age of transition characterized by insecurity and a lack of orientation and are driven to study the rise and fall of empires through the ages. The present volume, containing essays which are the fruits of the fifth meeting of the Aberdeen Prophecy Network, at the Lichtenberg-Kolleg of the University of Göttingen in October 2015, provides a distinctive perspective on prophecy in the context of empire. It is inspired by the fact that the book of Isaiah enables us to follow the vagaries of a particular prophetic tradition through five centuries under three different empires. The essays in the present volume focus on the history of composition of the constituent parts of the book of Isaiah as well as their correlations with the political and cultural histories of the empires under which they were produced. The volume thus navigates some of the key points of the history of Isaiah and the book named after him.
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Chronicles And The Politics Of Davidic Restoration

Author : David Janzen
ISBN : 9780567675491
Genre : Religion
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David Janzen argues that the Book of Chronicles is a document with a political message as well as a theological one and moreover, that the book's politics explain its theology. The author of Chronicles was part of a 4th century B.C.E. group within the post-exilic Judean community that hoped to see the Davidides restored to power, and he or she composed this work to promote a restoration of this house to the position of a client monarchy within the Persian Empire. Once this is understood as the political motivation for the work's composition, the reasons behind the Chronicler's particular alterations to source material and emphasis of certain issues becomes clear. The doctrine of immediate retribution, the role of 'all Israel' at important junctures in Judah's past, the promotion of Levitical status and authority, the virtual joint reign of David and Solomon, and the decision to begin the narrative with Saul's death can all be explained as ways in which the Chronicler tries to assure the 4th century assembly that a change in local government to Davidic client rule would benefit them. It is not necessary to argue that Chronicles is either pro-Davidic or pro-Levitical; it is both, and the attention Chronicles pays to the Levites is done in the service of winning over a group within the temple personnel to the pro-Davidic cause, just as many of its other features were designed to appeal to other interest groups within the assembly.
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End Of History And The Last King

Author : David Janzen
ISBN : 9780567698025
Genre : Religion
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This book examines community identity in the post-exilic temple community in Ezra-Nehemiah, and explores the possible influences that the Achaemenids, the ruling Persian dynasty, might have had on its construction. In the book, David Janzen reads Ezra-Nehemiah in dialogue with the Achaemenids' Old Persian inscriptions, as well as with other media the dynasty used, such as reliefs, seals, coins, architecture, and imperial parks. In addition, he discusses the cultural and religious background of Achaemenid thought, especially its intersections with Zoroastrian beliefs. Ezra-Nehemiah, Janzen argues, accepts Achaemenid claims for the necessity and beneficence of their hegemony. The result is that Ezra-Nehemiah, like the imperial ideology it mimics, claims that divine and royal wills are entirely aligned. Ezra-Nehemiah reflects the Achaemenid assertion that the peoples they have colonized are incapable of living in peace and happiness without the Persian rule that God established to benefit humanity, and that the dynasty rewards the peoples who do what they desire, since that reflects divine desire. The final chapter of the book argues that Ezra-Nehemiah was produced by an elite group within the Persian-period temple assembly, and shows that Ezra-Nehemiah's pro-Achaemenid worldview was not widely accepted within that community.
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Beginning Politics

Author : Cosroe Chaqueri
ISBN : UCAL:B4271504
Genre : Child development
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Category: Child development

Hebraic Political Studies

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015079644749
Genre : Judaism and politics
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From Persian Empire To Islamic Iran

Author : Parviz S. Towfighi
ISBN : UOM:39015080871505
Genre : History
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This book explores the relationship between Iranian nationalism and Islam, especially Shi'ism as the adopted official religion of the country by the founder of the Safavid Dynasty in 1501 A.D. It covers selected periods in fourteen centuries of theIranian history with greater emphasis on the last two centuries where secular Western reformist ideas overlap with progressive religious thinking, resulting in the COnsitutional Movement of 1905-1909.
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Cosmic Battle And Political Conflict

Author : Holger Gzella
ISBN : 8876533508
Genre : Religion
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This study offers a fresh appreciation of the various literary elements and genres that constitute Daniel 8 as a whole, namely the narrative frame, the vision report itself as well as its application to Jewish history under Antiochus IV. While situating the message of this chapter within the Book of Daniel, it also shows the importance of the Ancient Near Eastern context for the understanding of biblical imagery. In that perspective the work gives a thorough treatment of the syntax of Hebrew verbs and other philological matters that have a special bearing on biblical interpretation. This book includes the full Hebrew text of Daniel 8, with a translation on facing pages, followed by textual-critical observations and an extensive review of the principal ancient versions of Daniel 8, focusing on their individual linguistic character and style as well as their relationship to the Hebrew version. Thus, while opening up new paths in biblical hermeneutics, this discussion sheds new light on methods of translation and interpretation in antiquity.? This monograph makes one of the most challenging biblical texts more accessible to serious students of the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near Eastern languages in general.
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Continuity Of Empire

Author : Giovanni B. Lanfranchi
ISBN : UOM:39015059593213
Genre : Assyria
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G W F Hegel

Author : Clark Butler
ISBN : UOM:39015008276118
Genre :
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