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African Mythology A To Z

Author : Patricia Ann Lynch
ISBN : 9781438119885
Genre : Mythology, African
File Size : 20.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Designed specifically for young readers, the Mythology A to Z series explores the world's most important myths and legends in an accessible and entertaining manner. Each volume includes vividly written entries on the major figures, places, stories, objects, and themes of a given mythology. A vast continent, Africa is the home of the first humans and the birthplace of many cultures, ranging from nomadic bands to farmers to sophisticated civilizations. With four major language families and myriad peoples, Africa is also the source of a diverse and engaging body of myth. African Mythology A to Z is a clearly written reference guide to this lore. Containing 42 illustrations, two maps, a time line, a bibliography, an index, and extensive cross-references, African Mythology A to Z is a comprehensive and accessible reference guide for anyone interested in learning more about various African myths, traditions, and beliefs.
Category: Mythology, African

African American Consciousness

Author : Jr. Conyers
ISBN : 9781351533676
Genre : History
File Size : 77.25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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African American Consciousness focuses on ideas of culture, race, and class within the interdisciplinary matrix of Africana Studies. Even more important, it uses a methodology that emphasizes interpretation and the necessity of interdisciplinary research and writing in a global society. Worldview, culture, analytic thinking, and historiography can all be used as tools of analysis, and in the process of discovery, use pedagogy, and survey research of Africana history. Advancing the idea of Africana Studies, mixed methodology, and triangulation, the contributors provide alternative approaches toward examining this phenomena, with regard to place, space, and time. The essays in this volume include Reynaldo Anderson, "Black History dot.com" Greg Carr, "Black Consciousness, Pan-Africanism and the African World History Project" Karanja Carroll, "A Genealogical Review of the Worldview Concept and Framework in Africana Studies" Denise Martin, "Reflections on African Celestial Culture" Serie McDougal "Teaching Black Males" Demetrius Pearson, "Cowboys of Color" Pamela Reed, "Heirs to Disparity" and Andrew Smallwood, "Malcolm X's Leadership and Legacy." The researchers in this volume investigate, explore, and review patterns of functional, normative, and expressive behavior. The past and present of Africana culture is represented, showing how reflexivity can be an adjustable concept to organize, process, and interpret data. Moreover, humanism and social science demonstrate how researchers establish, extract, and identify the limitations and alternative approaches to research of the historic conditions of black Americans.
Category: History

Dark Light Consciousness

Author : Edward Bruce Bynum
ISBN : 9781594776861
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 32.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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How to awaken the Ureaus--the serpent power of spiritual transcendence within each of us--and connect to the superconscious of the universe • Reveals the biochemistry of how the body’s melanin provides the template for the subtle energy body or light body • Shows how embracing the dark light consciousness of the awakened Ureaus opens a portal to the sacred darkness of the superconscious • Provides illustrated instructions for meditation practices, breathing exercises, and yoga postures to safely awaken Ureaus/Kundalini energy Within each of us lies the potential to activate a personal connection to the superconscious. Called “Ureaus” in ancient Egyptian texts and “Kundalini” in ancient Hindu yoga traditions, our innate serpent power of spiritual transcendence inhabits the base of the spine in its dormant state. When awakened, it unfurls along the spinal column to the brain, connecting individual consciousness to the consciousness of the universe enfolded within the dark matter of space. At the root of creativity and spiritual genius across innumerable cultures and civilizations, this intelligent force reveals portals that enfold time, space, and the luminous matrix of reality itself. Combining physics, neuroscience, and biochemistry with ancient traditions from Africa and India, Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D., explores the ancient Egyptian science of the Ureaus and reveals how it is intimately connected to dark matter and to melanin, a light-sensitive, energy-conducting substance found in the brain, nervous system, and organs of all higher life-forms. He explains how the dark light of melanin serves as the biochemical infrastructure for the subtle energy body, just as dark matter, together with gravity, holds the galaxies and constellations together. With illustrated instructions, he shows how to safely awaken and stabilize the spiritual energy of the Ureaus through meditation practices, breathing exercises, and yoga postures as well as how to prepare the subtle body for transdimensional soul travel. By embracing the dark light of the shining serpent within, we overcome our collective fear of the vast living darkness without. By embracing the dark, we transcend reality to the dimension of light.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


Author : Randall Robinson
ISBN : 9781617750694
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 48.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A “hypnotic” novel about the bond between a remarkable African-American matriarch and her grandson in the 1950s South (Essence). Makeda Gee Florida Harris March is a proud matriarch, the anchor and emotional bellwether who holds together a hard-working African American family living in 1950s Richmond, Virginia. Lost in shadow is Makeda’s grandson Gray, who begins escaping into the magical world of her tiny parlor. Makeda, a woman blind since birth but who has always dreamed in color, begins to confide in Gray the things she “sees” and remembers from her dream state, and a story emerges that is layered with historical accuracy beyond the scope of Makeda's limited education. Her connection with Gray will shape his life for years to come. Part coming-of-age story, part spiritual journey, and part love story, Makeda is a universal tale of family, heritage, and the ties that bind. Randall Robinson plumbs the hearts of Makeda and Gray and summons our collective blood memories, taking us on an unforgettable journey of the soul. “Luminous and magical.”—Bernice L. McFadden, author of Praise Song for the Butterflies “Eloquent and erudite, Robinson's oft-times mystical coming-of-age saga teems with rich and evocative historical insights.”—Booklist “Robinson is not only exploring what it means to be black. His theme of knowing the past before planning the future applies to all cultures, all people. Pick up this odyssey of family drama, history and love, and be prepared to consider your own beginnings.”—Shelf Awareness
Category: Fiction

The Crystal Path

Author : Mina Elle Slappery
ISBN : 9781465324917
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A twenty-five year international event called the Harmonic Convergence began on August 17, 1987 and is an intermingling of humans and Angels, ending in 2012, and ushering in the Age of Aquarius or Golden Age. Gabrielle Stone was a participant who watched as a prophecy of worldwide changes began. Jewish and Christian scholars decoded the Holy Books for secrets; one of which is the date when time as we know it comes to an end,consistent with the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012. Gabrielle finds answers to mysteries suppressed by world governments and organized religion, while meeting a group of international friends and finding romantic love that had been absent from her life in years. While on the legendary Crystal Path, she has the surprise of her life.
Category: Fiction

Time Currents

Author : Fred W. Dejavanne
ISBN : 9781466933385
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.49 MB
Format : PDF
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TIME CURRENTS Surfing the waves of paradox Time travel needn't be a stretch. We're all time travelers. In our waking world, we seem to "travel" or ride on a shared vector -- the time axis -- moving into the future at a fixed rate with all our companions. Have we left an inalterable past behind us? Know that as Spaceship Earth courses through the ocean of spacetime, it leaves a traceable, luminous trail in its wake. Therein lies the first secret of the physics of time travel. When the body sleeps, we awaken to ourselves and to our true power under the sway of a wiser and nobler part of us -- an unsleeping creative being within -- whose hand is on a time rheostat of unlimited range in which a second can be an hour and a minute a year, utterly real on our own timeline. For the physicist, this creative imaging faculty, operating in massless diachronic space, possesses electrical reality, and consists in the excitation of an internal spatiotemporal field, volitionally controlled and executed, and fully consonant with natural law. Therein lies the second secret. At Area 51, they could not have known the magnitude and the scale of the forces that they were about to unleash. Luckily, the Nommo, their extraterrestrial guest, knew more. Therein lies the tale. The author doesn't fl aunt his erudition, which is legendary, but you quickly discover it on your own as your mind grows and expands in the minds of the characters at Area 51. Prof. deJavanne has a rare gift for making complex and subtle ideas easy to understand – and fun. Dr. Robert A. Rose, Rewiring your Brain Time Currents is distinguishable from your everyday space opera by the sheer magnitude of what is at stake, the depth of the characters, rock solid science, and the villains you will love to hate. It is an engaging story with a surprise ending. Hugh J. Thompson, Creative Linguistics Time Currents is a tale of two epochs, a century apart, bridged by an authentic genius, a gorgeous, sensual Russian beauty, a brilliant inventor and an alien. It is both entertaining and thought provoking. But beware: if you follow the science and the logic too closely you may start believing it. That just won't do! After all, it is fi ction. Isn't it? Blanca Marroquín, Flat Earth Review
Category: Fiction

Po Tolo

Author : Arletha Donnyale Williams-Livingston
ISBN : OCLC:41425376
Genre : Dogon (African people)
File Size : 71.31 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Dogon (African people)

Po Tolo

Author : Olly Oliver
ISBN : 1849566097
Genre : Bees
File Size : 38.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Bees

Eutrophic Shallow Estuaries And Lagoons

Author : Arthur J. McComb
ISBN : 0849368391
Genre : Science
File Size : 37.46 MB
Format : PDF
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This book brings together, for the first time, a series of experts in various aspects of the eutrophication of shallow estuaries. It provides a comprehensive picture of our current state of knowledge of these systems. The first half of the book contains case studies from Asia, Australia, Europe, and South Africa and covers both temperate and tropical waters. The second half contains chapters on water exchange, the role of the sediments, the response of both plants and fisheries to eutrophication, and the economic issues considered in management. Using a broad multidisciplinary approach, discussions go beyond the hows and whys of eutrophication to demonstrate how effective management can be and has been carried out. Management of any ecosystem is only as good as the level of understanding on which it is based, and this book has relevance to estuarine ecologists and environmental managers alike.
Category: Science

Beyond The Blue Horizon

Author : Edwin C. Krupp
ISBN : UCSC:32106016373687
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 73.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Dr. Edwin C. Krupp in his latest book, Beyond the Blue Horizon, examines the myths and legends of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. He addresses questions such as: What is the moon's role in lunacy?; How is a match made in heaven?; and Is Santa Claus a modern shaman? More than 200 black-and-white photos.
Category: Philosophy

Hunab Ku

Author : Joel Speerstra
ISBN : 9780307785879
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 78.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Mayan symbol Hunab Ku represents movement and energy—the principle of life itself—in a spiraling design reminiscent of the Eastern yin-yang symbol. As an embodiment of harmony and balance, Hunab Ku invites us into the age of consciousness, which is predicted to begin on December 21, 2012.HUNAB KU prepares us for this cosmic awakening by presenting 77 sacred symbols that create an interactive system for learning, healing, and meditation. Beautifully illustrated and exhaustively researched, this virtual pilgrimage invites us to explore artifacts, earthworks, numerological patterns, and archetypes from diverse traditions the world over: ancient Greece, the Americas, Africa, the British Isles, Babylon, India, and beyond. Hunab Ku waits for you at the book’s center, the threshold between our present age and the coming age of enlightenment. Like runes, tarot, and other pathworking systems, the archetypes herein open doors, create bridges, and shed light on our past and our future. These spiritual signposts are all around us and within, waiting to be interpreted. Let HUNAB KU be your guide. A richly illustrated book that draws on cross-cultural ancient symbols, numerology, archetypes, and earthworks, and the chakras. Includes 77 vivid full-color illustrations placed within the framework and palette of the seven chakras. Builds on the growing popularity of José Arguelles’s The Mayan Factor and Carl Johan Calleman’s The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Observatory

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822022677603
Genre : Astronomy
File Size : 82.36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Astronomy

The Cygnus Mystery

Author : Andrew Collins
ISBN : STANFORD:36105123403359
Genre : Science
File Size : 68.3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this book, Andrew Collins reveals that the Cygnus constellation is the key to unlocking humanity's belief in the orgin of life in the heavens.
Category: Science

Why Darkness Matters

Author : Edward Bruce Bynum
ISBN : UVA:X004895882
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 81.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Asking the question, Are people with dark skin truly different?, these essays consider the history, science, and psychology of melanin. With contributions from such noted writers and scholars as Hunter Adams, Ann Brown, Richard King, and Owen Moore, these writings explore the history of people with surface skin melanin. The genetic influence of melanin on culture and learning is also addressed, with a specific look at the unfair treatment of African American children in schools that has led to poor IQ test scores and disproportionate numbers of African American children in special education classes.
Category: Psychology