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Pimp Your Lesson

Author : Isabella Wallace
ISBN : 9781472905154
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 30.43 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From Satisfactory to Outstanding: a hands-on guide to unashamedly pimping lessons for observation.
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A Z Of Teaching

Author : Jonathan Savage
ISBN : 9780335247011
Genre : Education
File Size : 83.64 MB
Format : PDF
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This is an informative, engaging and accessible book about teaching that covers a broad range of content without being superficial.
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Getting The Buggers To Behave

Author : Sue Cowley
ISBN : 9781472909220
Genre : Education
File Size : 26.35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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THE MUST-HAVE BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT BIBLE "Show the students the can of dog food, open it up and then eat from it. Offer it round the class to see if anyone else will have a taste..."* This is just one of Sue Cowley's infamous ways of captivating your students, seizing control and getting those buggers to behave! *(WARNING: Make sure you read the crucial preparation advice before putting this idea into practice!) Now in its fifth edition, Getting the Buggers to Behave remains a firm favourite with trainees, newly qualified teachers and experienced staff alike. The advice ranges from the basics of behaviour management to 'how to deal with the class from hell' and is applicable whether you are working in the early years, primary, secondary or further education with level specific examples in every chapter. The book covers preparing for your first meeting with a new group of students, developing your individual teaching style, creating a positive learning environment and working in really challenging schools. Sue is famed for the practical, honest and realistic nature of her advice, and all her ideas include case studies and anecdotes based on her years of experience working as a teacher and the stories and problems she has advised on 'agony aunt' style, for teachers of all levels. In this brand new edition, Sue takes a detailed look at the use of incentives for managing behaviour, how to implement a restorative justice approach in order to change children's behaviour and also identifies the ten most common forms of misbehaviour and how to deal with them. So, if your 2 year olds are ignoring you, your Year 11s are unmanageable, your tutor group is running riot or that unmentionable 9 year old is driving you round the bend then this is the book for you!
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Talk Less Teaching

Author : Isabella Wallace
ISBN : 9781845909314
Genre : Education
File Size : 71.26 MB
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Teacher-talk is a powerful tool. But whilst we must embrace teacher-talk as vital, we must also bear in mind that not all teacher-talk is created equally... Long periods of talk will not always keep a class spellbound. We need other techniques on which we can draw to help pupils embed learning and make progress. After all, how can we be effectively checking progress and understanding when it is we who are doing all the talking? How can we be certain that the sea of 'attentive' faces before us is not simply contemplating lunch? The solution is here: a vast bank of exciting, engaging, practical ways to allow learners to access and understand complex topics and skills without relentlessly bending their ears. Strategies which not only prevent pupils from being passengers in lessons, but which also make progress visible to both teacher and learner. In an entertaining and practical way, Talk-Less Teaching shows you how to encourage learners' responsibility for their own progress without compromising test results or overall achievement. Discover hundreds of tried and tested practical tips for helping pupils understand difficult concepts and learn new skills without developing lecture-laryngitis.
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A Dictionary Of Education

Author : Susan Wallace
ISBN : UCSC:32106019993424
Genre : Education
File Size : 24.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Education is of relevance to everyone but it involves a specialised vocabulary and terminology which may be opaque or unfamiliar to those new to the field. The new UK-based Dictionary of Education provides concise and accessible definitions of the terms that anyone studying education, or working in the fieled, is likely to encounter. Coverage includes all sectors of education: pre-school, primary, secondary, and further and higher education, adult and continuing education and work-based learning as well as major legislation, key figures and organizations, and curriculum and assessment terminology. The Dictionary will include entry level web links updated via a companion web site. It includes a fully cross-referenced appendix of comparative terms used in the US, Canada, Australia and other English-language speaking countries.
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Best Of The Best

Author : Isabella Wallace
ISBN : 9781785833304
Genre : Education
File Size : 24.48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman's Engagement is a carefully curated collection of experts' insights on the theme of teacher and learner engagement, which as they ably demonstrate can be facilitated and encouraged in a number of ways. The Best of the Best series brings together for the first time the most influential voices in education in a format that is concise, insightful and accessible for teachers. Keeping up with the latest and best ideas in education can be a challenge as can putting them into practice but this highly acclaimed series is here to help. Each title features a comprehensive collection of brief and accessible contributions from some of the most eminent names in education from around the world. In this third volume, Wallace and Kirkman explore the core concept of engagement an essential facet of effective learning both for learners and for teachers and share practical, realistic, cross-curricular and cross-phase strategies to make the most of these important insights. Engagement, whether of the teacher or the learners, can't be compelled and will always be contingent on the complexities of motivation. Indeed, it could be argued that it is teacher engagement which is the key to successful learning. Such engagement can be facilitated by encouraging professional dialogue between staff, or it may be that the school's high expectations alone could encourage in its teachers a sense of professional empowerment. But how do we recognise learner engagement, and what can we do to encourage it? From this compendium of expert voices emerge three important themes: that teachers' engagement and positive example should be seen as a prerequisite for establishing learner motivation; that learners' interest needs to be actively engaged, whether by meaningful challenge or by tapping into their natural curiosity; and that an expectation of appropriate behaviour must precede expectations of engagement. In this volume you will find many practical suggestions of ways to apply these ideas both in the classroom and in the staffroom. Each contributor has provided a list of further reading so you can dig deeper into the topic and, in addition, the Teacher Development Trust offer their advice on how to plan effective CPD and responsive changes to practice based on the contributors' suggestions. Contributors include: Sir Tim Brighouse, Dr Bill Rogers, Vic Goddard, Sue Cowley, Richard Gerver, Andy Cope, Professor Bill Lucas, Ian Gilbert, Professor Susan Wallace, Andy Griffith, Dr Debra Kidd, Conrad Wolfram, Paul Dix, John Davitt, Phil Beadle, Mike Gershon and Professor Mick Waters. Suitable for all educationalists, including teachers and school leaders.
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Best Of The Best

Author : Isabella Wallace
ISBN : 1785831607
Genre : Education
File Size : 74.8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Important, knowledgeable voices in education ring out from all directions - voices of experts and practitioners who have devoted significant amounts of time and expertise to the education of young people.Teachers are notoriously dedicated, but also notoriously busy. Keeping up with the latest and best ideas in education can sometimes seem overwhelming - there is so much out there, how does a busy teacher know where to begin? It is equally hard to find time to reflect upon how to apply these ideas in practice. The purpose of the Best of the Best series is to bring together - for the first time - the most influential voices in education in a format that is concise, insightful and accessible for teachers. This first title, Progress, features a comprehensive collection of brief and accessible contributions from some of the most eminent names in education from around the world. Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman have curated a collection of inspiring contributions on the theme of progress and have developed practical, realistic, cross-curricular and cross-phase strategies to make the most of these important insights in the classroom.Progress is written for teachers, by teachers. Each expert has provided a list of further reading so you can dig deeper as you see fit. In addition; The Teacher Development Trust has outlined a collaborative group approach for teachers, as well as providing helpful guidance to school leaders on how to set up progress-themed CPD. All of a sudden the continuing professional development voyage seems a little less overwhelming! Suitable for all educationalists, including teachers and school leaders.
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Best Of The Best

Author : Isabella Wallace
ISBN : 1785831879
Genre :
File Size : 26.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Feedback can be understood and implemented in a number of ways as the contributors to this, the second book in the Best of the Best series, demonstrate. But although they each provide their own unique take on the importance of feedback to teaching and learning, they are unanimous in emphasising the paramount importance of feedback as clear communication - which is the basis of our current understanding of the word. From these contributions, each unique and enlightening in its own right, a number of key themes emerge. One of these is the need to get the balance right between praise and constructive critique by keeping feedback specific, detailed and firmly referenced to clearly explained criteria. Response to feedback, too, emerges as a theme: the need to give students time to reflect on it, to question it and to act on it. And, of course, we have a theme which relates to the manner in which feedback should be given: kindly, constructively, in a timely way and in an atmosphere of trust. > Contributors include: Dylan Wiliam, Art Costa, Bill Lucas, Diane Laufenberg, Paul Dix, Taylor Mali, Ron Berger, Andy Griffith, Barry Hymer, Jackie Beere, Mike Gershon, Mick Waters, Geoff Petty, Shirley Clarke, Seth Godin, Phil Beadle and Robert Garmston. Suitable for all educationalists, including teachers and school leaders.

Preacher Or Ecclesiastical Pimp

Author : Dr. Louis Timm's
ISBN : 9780595865499
Genre : Religion
File Size : 84.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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If you are a minister, have a minister, know a minister or know someone else that has or knows a minister, this book is an absolute must read. Money and sex are two of the biggest culprits of our time and being in the church is no guarantee to immunity. The real names have been changed to protect the guilty and should the likeness of any character in this book appear to resemble any individual, it is purely intentional. True to form, I have deliberately resorted to the act of embellishment on certain factual like accounts in this book, purely for effect of it all. Dr. Timm's has written this book to let the children of God everywhere know that you are not alone and that the goings on at your local church is not an isolated incidence. Every church needs to have a Pastor/Minister, but know this, God has an all Seeing Eye and He has not forgotten about your plight. I dare you to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, let Him fix it, wait on God, He will show up and He will definitely show out. Not only will we have to pay for our wrongdoings, but they that have pleasure in them will have a price to pay as well; "Thus saith the Lord" From the same author that brought us; "Little Miss Sanctified" and "Church-Folk Some Messed-Up-Folk"
Category: Religion

The Prostitution Of Sexuality

Author : Kathleen L. Barry
ISBN : 9780814723364
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 79.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In 1979, Kathleen Barry's landmark book, Female Sexual Slavery, pulled back the curtain on a world of abuse prostitution that shocked the world. Documenting in devastating detail the lives of street prostitutes and the international traffic in women, Barry's work was called powerful and compassionate by Adrienne Rich and a courageous and crusading book that should be read everywhere by Gloria Steinem. The Los Angeles Times found it a powerful work filled with disbelief, outrage, and documentation . . . sexual bondage shackles women as much today as it has for centuries. In The Prostitution of Sexuality, Barry assesses where we are 15 years later, how far we've come and, more importantly, how far we have still to go. Shifting her focus from the sexuality of prostitution to the prostitution of sexuality, Barry exposes the practice of teenage sexual exploitation and the flourishing Asian sex tour industry, emphasizing the world-wide role of the expanding multi-billion dollar pornography industry. The work identifies the global conditions of sexual exploitation, from sex industrialization in developing countries to te normalization of prostitution in the West. The Prostitution of Sexuality considers sexual exploitation a political condition and thus the foundation of women's subordination and the base from which discrimination against women is constructed and enacted. Breaking new ground, Barry convincingly argues for the need to integrate the struggle against sexual exploitation in prostitution into broader feminist struggles and to place it, as one of several connected issues, in the forefront of the feminist agenda. Barry concludes the book with a sampling of strategies-- international, regional, local, and personal--that feminist activists have employed successfully since the early 1980s, highlighting new international legal strategies for human rights resulting from her work.
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