Physical Principles Of Wireless Communications

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Physical Principles Of Wireless Communications

Author : Victor L. Granatstein
ISBN : 9781439879009
Genre : Computers
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Updated and expanded, Physical Principles of Wireless Communications, Second Edition illustrates the relationship between scientific discoveries and their application to the invention and engineering of wireless communication systems. The second edition of this popular textbook starts with a review of the relevant physical laws, including
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Physical Principles Of Wireless Communications 2nd Edition

Author : Victor Granatstein
ISBN : OCLC:1137386764
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File Size : 37.19 MB
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Updated and expanded, Physical Principles of Wireless Communications, Second Edition illustrates the relationship between scientific discoveries and their application to the invention and engineering of wireless communication systems. The second edition of this popular textbook starts with a review of the relevant physical laws, including.

Radiolocation In Ubiquitous Wireless Communication

Author : Danko Antolovic
ISBN : 1441916326
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 45.15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Thisvolumehasitsbeginningsinalaboratoryproject,developmentofaradiolocator for the Wi-Fi network that was growing by leaps and bounds on the campus of Indiana University at that time. What started as a very focused and practical attempt to improve network management, touched in its lifetime upon broader issues of the use of radio spectrum, design of system architectures for the wireless medium, and image formation outside the limits of geometrical optics. Ihaveintendedthisbookmostlyfortheaudienceofengineersandsystemdesi- ers, in the growing ?eld of radio communication among small, portable, ubiquitous devices that have become hybrid platforms for personal communication and p- sonal computing. It is also a book addressed to network professionals, people to whom radio is largely a black box, a medium that they usually rely upon, but s- dom fully understand. In fact, in the course of my work in the ?eld, I have witnessed, to my dismay, a wide disconnect between the networking world and the radio technology that n- working has come to depend upon so heavily. Perhaps, because digital wireless communication is seen as digital ?rst and wireless second, there is often a m- placed emphasis on its information-processingside, with the methodologycentered around the discrete symbol, and with little intuition of the underlying physics. I had it once suggested to me, in apparent seriousness, to use radio cards for intra-system communication within a radiolocator! Wireless communication is radio, plain and simple.
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Green Communications And Networking

Author : F. Richard Yu
ISBN : 9781466589193
Genre : Computers
File Size : 23.63 MB
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Green Communications and Networking introduces novel solutions that can bring about significant reductions in energy consumption in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry-as well as other industries, including electric power. Containing the contributions of leading experts in the field, it examines the latest research advances
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Antenna Theory And Design

Author : Warren L. Stutzman
ISBN : 9780470576649
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 28.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Stutzman's 3rd edition of Antenna Theory and Design provides a more pedagogical approach with a greater emphasis on computational methods. New features include additional modern material to make the text more exciting and relevant to practicing engineers; new chapters on systems, low-profile elements and base station antennas; organizational changes to improve understanding; more details to selected important topics such as microstrip antennas and arrays; and expanded measurements topic.
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Wireless Communications Design Handbook

Author : Reinaldo Perez
ISBN : 9780080543826
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 40.19 MB
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Volume One of the Wireless Communications Design Handbook provides an in-depth look at interference problems in satellite communications. The material presented is from a satellite or spacecraft hardware point of view rather than from theoretical models. Each satellite subsystem is described in detail to point out interference and noise problems associated with it. The book also addresses typical architectures and hardware design issues in satellites. In addition, a detailed look at space interference is discussed with emphasis on the possible impact on satellite electronics. An applications-oriented reference for engineers, system designers, and practitioners Addresses the most common interference concerns in ground mobile wireless communications systems Hardware-oriented approach to interference and noise concerns as well as satellite subsystem design All satellite subsystems described in great technical detail Significantly covers space interference with a slanted approach to satellite hardware effects Covers modern hardware design for low earth orbit satellites to be used in wireless communications
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Multimedia Communications And Networking

Author : Mario Marques da Silva
ISBN : 9781466559202
Genre : Computers
File Size : 35.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The result of decades of research and international project experience, Multimedia Communications and Networking provides authoritative insight into recent developments in multimedia, digital communications, and networking services and technologies. Supplying you with the required foundation in these areas, it illustrates the means that will allow
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Transmission Techniques For 4g Systems

Author : Mario Marques da Silva
ISBN : 9781466588899
Genre : Computers
File Size : 33.30 MB
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Fourth Generation (4G) wireless communication systems support current and emergent multimedia services such as mobile TV, social networks and gaming, high-definition TV, video teleconferencing, and messaging services. These systems feature the All-over-IP concept and boast improved quality of service. Several important R&D activities are curren
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Em Modeling Of Antennas And Rf Components For Wireless Communication Systems

Author : Frank Gustrau
ISBN : 9783540286158
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 62.14 MB
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This book focuses on practical computational electrodynamics, guiding the reader step-by-step through the modeling process from the initial "what question must the model answer?", through the setting up of a computer model, to post processing, validation and optimization. The book offers a realistic view of the capabilities and limits of current 3-D field simulators and how to apply this knowledge efficiently to EM analysis and design of RF applications in modern communication systems.
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Reducing Process Costs With Lean Six Sigma And Value Engineering Techniques

Author : Kim H. Pries
ISBN : 9781466597631
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 61.43 MB
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A company with effective cost reduction activities in place will be better positioned to adapt to shifting economic conditions. In fact, it can make the difference between organizations that thrive and those that simply survive during times of economic uncertainty. Reducing Process Costs with Lean, Six Sigma, and Value Engineering Techniques covers
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Wireless Communications

Author : Keith Q. T. Zhang
ISBN : 9781119978671
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 51.47 MB
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"Provides the reader with an overall picture of wireless communications, carefully expounds its technical details, not only covering a variety of main results and conclusions but also revealing the methodology used for their derivations"--
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Short Range Wireless Communications

Author : Rolf Kraemer
ISBN : 0470740132
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 67.58 MB
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This unique book reviews the future developments of short-range wireless communication technologies Short-Range Wireless Communications: Emerging Technologies and Applications summarizes the outcomes of WWRF Working Group 5, highlighting the latest research results and emerging trends on short-range communications. It contains contributions from leading research groups in academia and industry on future short-range wireless communication systems, in particular 60 GHz communications, ultra-wide band (UWB) communications, UWB radio over optical fiber, and design rules for future cooperative short-range communications systems. Starting from a brief description of state-of-the-art, the authors highlight the perspectives and limits of the technologies and identify where future research work is going to be focused. Key Features: Provides an in-depth coverage of wireless technologies that are about to start an evolution from international standards to mass products, and that will influence the future of short-range communications Offers a unique and invaluable visionary overview from both industry and academia Identifies open research problems, technological challenges, emerging technologies, and fundamental limits Covers ultra-high speed short-range communication in the 60 GHz band, UWB communication, limits and challenges, cooperative aspects in short-range communication and visible light communications, and UWB radio over optical fiber This book will be of interest to research managers, R&D engineers, lecturers and graduate students within the wireless communication research community. Executive managers and communication engineers will also find this reference useful.
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Wireless Communications

Author : Andreas F. Molisch
ISBN : 9781118355688
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 30.4 MB
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"Professor Andreas F. Molisch, renowned researcher and educator, has put together the comprehensive book, Wireless Communications. The second edition, which includes a wealth of new material on important topics, ensures the role of the text as the key resource for every student, researcher, and practitioner in the field." —Professor Moe Win, MIT, USA Wireless communications has grown rapidly over the past decade from a niche market into one of the most important, fast moving industries. Fully updated to incorporate the latest research and developments, Wireless Communications, Second Edition provides an authoritative overview of the principles and applications of mobile communication technology. The author provides an in-depth analysis of current treatment of the area, addressing both the traditional elements, such as Rayleigh fading, BER in flat fading channels, and equalisation, and more recently emerging topics such as multi-user detection in CDMA systems, MIMO systems, and cognitive radio. The dominant wireless standards; including cellular, cordless and wireless LANs; are discussed. Topics featured include: wireless propagation channels, transceivers and signal processing, multiple access and advanced transceiver schemes, and standardised wireless systems. Combines mathematical descriptions with intuitive explanations of the physical facts, enabling readers to acquire a deep understanding of the subject. Includes new chapters on cognitive radio, cooperative communications and relaying, video coding, 3GPP Long Term Evolution, and WiMax; plus significant new sections on multi-user MIMO, 802.11n, and information theory. Companion website featuring: supplementary material on 'DECT', solutions manual and presentation slides for instructors, appendices, list of abbreviations and other useful resources.
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The Silicon Web

Author : Michael G. Raymer
ISBN : 1439803129
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 66.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The technology behind computers, fiber optics, and networks did not originate in the minds of engineers attempting to build an Internet. The Internet is a culmination of intellectual work by thousands of minds spanning hundreds of years. We have built concept upon concept and technology upon technology to arrive at where we are today, in a world constructed of silicon pathways and controlled by silicon processors. From computers to optical communications, The Silicon Web: Physics for the Internet Age explores the core principles of physics that underlie those technologies that continue to revolutionize our everyday lives. Designed for the nonscientist, this text requires no higher math or prior experience with physics. It starts with an introduction to physics, silicon, and the Internet and then details the basic physics principles at the core of the information technology revolution. A third part examines the quantum era, with in-depth discussion of digital memory and computers. The final part moves onto the Internet era, covering lasers, optical fibers, light amplification, and fiber-optic and wireless communication technologies. The relation between technology and daily life is so intertwined that it is impossible to fully understand modern human experience without having at least a basic understanding of the concepts and history behind modern technology, which continues to become more prevalent as well as more ubiquitous. Going beyond the technical, the book also looks at ways in which science has changed the course of history. It clarifies common misconceptions while offering insight on the social impacts of science with an emphasis on information technology. As a pioneering researcher in quantum mechanics of light, author Michael Raymer has made his own significant contributions to contemporary communications technology
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American National Biography

Author : John Arthur Garraty
ISBN : UOM:39076002054984
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Principles Of Wireless Sensor Networks

Author : Mohammad S. Obaidat
ISBN : 9780521192477
Genre : Computers
File Size : 67.10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A concise and clear guide to the concepts and applications of wireless sensor networks, ideal for students, practitioners and researchers.
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The Wireless Web And Healthcare

Author : Bryan P. Bergeron
ISBN : PSU:000051574970
Genre : Health services administration
File Size : 87.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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