Persianate Selves

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Persianate Selves

Author : Mana Kia
ISBN : 9781503611962
Genre : History
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For centuries, Persian was the language of power and learning across Central, South, and West Asia, and Persians received a particular basic education through which they understood and engaged with the world. Not everyone who lived in the land of Iran was Persian, and Persians lived in many other lands as well. Thus to be Persian was to be embedded in a set of connections with people we today consider members of different groups. Persianate selfhood encompassed a broader range of possibilities than contemporary nationalist claims to place and origin allow. We cannot grasp these older connections without historicizing our conceptions of difference and affiliation. Mana Kia sketches the contours of a larger Persianate world, historicizing place, origin, and selfhood through its tradition of proper form: adab. In this shared culture, proximities and similarities constituted a logic that distinguished between people while simultaneously accommodating plurality. Adab was the basis of cohesion for self and community over the turbulent eighteenth century, as populations dispersed and centers of power shifted, disrupting the circulations that linked Persianate regions. Challenging the bases of protonationalist community, Persianate Selves seeks to make sense of an earlier transregional Persianate culture outside the anachronistic shadow of nationalisms.
Category: History

England Re Oriented

Author : Humberto Garcia
ISBN : 9781108495646
Genre : History
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Between 1750 and 1857, westward-bound Central and South Asian travelers connected imperial Britain to Persian Indo-Eurasia by performing queer masculinities.
Category: History

Exile And The Nation

Author : Afshin Marashi
ISBN : 9781477320822
Genre : History
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In the aftermath of the seventh-century Islamic conquest of Iran, Zoroastrians departed for India. Known as the Parsis, they slowly lost contact with their ancestral land until the nineteenth century, when steam-powered sea travel, the increased circulation of Zoroastrian-themed books, and the philanthropic efforts of Parsi benefactors sparked a new era of interaction between the two groups. Tracing the cultural and intellectual exchange between Iranian nationalists and the Parsi community during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Exile and the Nation shows how this interchange led to the collective reimagining of Parsi and Iranian national identity—and the influence of antiquity on modern Iranian nationalism, which previously rested solely on European forms of thought. Iranian nationalism, Afshin Marashi argues, was also the byproduct of the complex history resulting from the demise of the early modern Persianate cultural system, as well as one of the many cultural heterodoxies produced within the Indian Ocean world. Crossing the boundaries of numerous fields of study, this book reframes Iranian nationalism within the context of the connected, transnational, and global history of the modern era.
Category: History

The City And The Wilderness

Author : Arash Khazeni
ISBN : 9780520964266
Genre : History
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The City and the Wilderness recounts the journeys and microhistories of Indo-Persian travelers across the Indian Ocean and their encounters with the Burmese Kingdom and its littoral at the turn of the nineteenth century. As Mughal sovereignty waned under British colonial rule, Indo-Persian travelers and intermediaries linked to the East India Company explored and surveyed the Burmese Empire, inscribing it as a forest landscape and Buddhist kingdom at the crossroads of South and Southeast Asia. Based on colonial Persian travel books and narratives in which Indo-Persian knowledge and perceptions of the wondrous edges of the Indian Ocean merged with Orientalist pursuits, The City and the Wilderness uncovers fading histories of inter-Asian crossings and exchanges at the ends of the Mughal world.
Category: History

Sufi Bodies

Author : Shahzad Bashir
ISBN : 9780231517607
Genre : Religion
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Between 1300 and 1500 C.E. a new form of Sufi Islam took hold among central Islamic peoples, joining individuals through widespread networks resembling today's prominent paths and orders. Understanding contemporary Sufism requires a sophisticated analysis of these formative years. Moving beyond a straight account of leaders and movements, Shahzad Bashir weaves a rich history around the depiction of bodily actions by Sufi masters and disciples, primarily in Sufi literature and Persian miniature paintings of the period. Focusing on the Persianate societies of Iran and Central Asia, Bashir explores medieval Sufis' conception of the human body as the primary shuttle between interior (batin) and exterior (zahir) realities. Drawing on literary, historical, and anthropological approaches to corporeality, he studies representations of Sufi bodies in three personal and communal arenas: religious activity in the form of ritual, asceticism, rules of etiquette, and a universal hierarchy of saints; the deep imprint of Persian poetic paradigms on the articulation of love, desire, and gender; and the reputation of Sufi masters for working miracles, which empowered them in all domains of social activity. Bashir's novel perspective illuminates complex relationships between body and soul, body and gender, body and society, and body and cosmos. It highlights love as an overarching, powerful emotion in the making of Sufi communities and situates the body as a critical concern in Sufi thought and practice. Bashir's work ultimately offers a new methodology for extracting historical information from religious narratives, especially those depicting extraordinary and miraculous events.
Category: Religion

Deciphering The Signs Of God

Author : Annemarie Schimmel
ISBN : UOM:39015032142385
Genre : Islam
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Based On Both Original Classical Sources And Modern Literature, As Well As The Author`S Considerable Personal Experience, This Is Not Only A Fascinating Survey Of Islamic Customs And Beliefs, But Also A Serious Attempt To Show The Place Of Islam In The Religious Universe.
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Cira Bulletin

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015073536529
Genre : Iran
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Historical Writing During The Reign Of Shah Abbas

Author : Sholeh Alysia Quinn
ISBN : UOM:39015052471375
Genre : History
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How was history was written during the reign of Shah 'Abbas I (r. 1587-1629)? The question is critical for advancing current understanding of an important period in Iranian and Islamic history, since court chronicles are the chief sources for interpretation of all social, cultural, and political elements of the Safavid Period. Sholeh Quinn demonstrates that far from composing arbitrary and haphazard compositions, the court historians adhered to specific conventions and metholodogies in their texts. In the course of unveiling Safavid historiographic conventions, Quinn also shows that the chronicles were highly imitative in portions. When narrating the past, for instance, Safavid historians usually chose one model that they repeated, often word-for-word, while introducing specific changes to make the earlier text reflect changing notions of political legitimacy and to establish Safavid connections to earlier dynasties. Because these techniques were not unique to the Safavids, this study has implications for many other periods of Iranian history and provides a new approach to Persian chronicles.
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Sociological Abstracts

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ISBN : STANFORD:36105112920678
Genre : Sociology
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CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.
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