Persian Painting

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Persian Painting

Author : Adel T. Adamova
ISBN : 050097067X
Genre : Art
File Size : 45.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is a luxuriously illustrated catalogue of more than forty extraordinary Persian miniature paintings, illuminated manuscripts and elaborately decorated bookbindings in The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait, dating from the period before the Mongol invasions (11th12th centuries CE) to the early 20th century. It includes rare examples from the pre-Mongol invasion period; fine illuminations of Quran manuscripts; Munis al-Ahrar , an important early fourteenth-century anthology by Muhammad ibn Badr al-Din al-Jajarmi; material from dispersed manuscripts of Firdawsis Shah-nameh ; two previously unpublished copies of Qazwinis Ajaib al-Makhluqat ; three copies of Nizamis Khamsah; Sadis Golestan; and Jamis Yusuf and Zulaykha and Subhat al-Abrar as well as paintings from dispersed Safavid and post-Safavid albums, and seventeenth- century bookbindings and oil paintings from the Zand and Qajar periods.
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Perspectives On Persian Painting

Author : Dr Barbara Brend
ISBN : 9781136854118
Genre : Art
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This is a detailed study of the illustrations to Amir Khusrau's Khamsah, in which twenty discourses are followed by a brief parable, and four romances. Amir Khusrau (1253-1325) lived the greater part of adventurous life in Delhi; he composed in Persian, and also in Hindi. From the point of view of manuscript illustration, his most important work is his Khamsah (Quintet'). Khusrau's position as a link between cultures of Persia and India means that the early illustrated copies of the Khamsah have a particular interest. The first extant exemplar is from the Persian area in the late 14th century, but a case can be made that work was probably illustrated earlier in India.
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Mediaeval Persian Painting

Author : Adelʹ Tigranovna Adamova
ISBN : UOM:39015077602251
Genre : Design
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"This book is a survey of the historical evolution of Persian painting, and the factors, internal as well as external, which shaped its development and brought significant changes in the subject matter and forms of representation. As these forms changed, so did their status and the hierarchies of values they embodied, coming to reflect changing views on the status of images and the nature of painterly skill. Thus, an age when monumental painting largely determined the character of the representational arts gave way to a period when books and book painting defined artistic taste, while subsequently a fashion for paintings and drawings on single sheets created a taste for painting in oils on canvas. The final chapter of the book is an attempt to reconstruct one of the most famous albums, the so-called St. Petersburg Muraqqa."--BOOK JACKET.
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Fifteenth Century Persian Painting

Author : B. W. Robinson
ISBN : 0814774466
Genre : Art
File Size : 87.8 MB
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In this book, B.W. Robinson traces the development of the different styles of Persian painting during the fifteenth century, and considers a number of the problems and issues involved in establishing a methodology and system of classification for Persian painting of that period. Robinson begins, by way of background, with a review of the schools of Herat and Shiraz up to the middle of the century, and then proceeds to tackle in order the three main fields of controversy: painting under the Turkmans, Timurid paintings in Transoxiana and Timurid painting in India. The uneasy fusion of contrasting characteristics of Herat and Shiraz that resulted in the emergence of Turkman court painting is traced through the origins, development, and branching of the Turkman style into a definitive form. Then the author reviews a branch of the art almost entirely neglected up to now, which he identifies as originating in Transoxiana. Finally he provides a new approach to the study of pre-Mughal Indian painting in Persian style by dividing the material into five stylistic groups.
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Persian Painting

Author : Stuart Cary Welch
ISBN : UOM:39015016614276
Genre : Illumination of books and manuscripts, Iranian
File Size : 61.46 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The sixteenth century saw a flowering of classical painting in Persia. Art flourished under the aegis of the Shahs, and the pages reproduced in this volume represent the most unusual and dazzling miniatures in these Safavid manuscripts. within settings exquisitely portrayed, a world of great luxury and delicacy unfolds on every folio as palaces open onto fountains and gardens, lovers and warriors sign or are vanquished - all realized in shimmering, jewel-like painting that delight the eye and please the mind. Stuart Cary Welch, Honorary Curator of Manuscripts at the Harvard college Library and Lecturer in the fine Arts at Harvard University, traces the historical development of the Safavid Rule and clarifies the fine points of each miniature reproduced here. - Publisher.
Category: Illumination of books and manuscripts, Iranian

Persian Painting

Author : Sheila R. Canby
ISBN : 1566565731
Genre : Art
File Size : 22.43 MB
Format : PDF
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This beautifully illustrated text presents a brief overview of the history of Persian painting, with an initial chapter on materials and tools used by Persian painters to make their books, bindings, and miniature paintings.
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Persian Painting At Its Best

Author : Mark Sarram
ISBN : 9781438932798
Genre : Art
File Size : 26.80 MB
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About the Book This book is a collection of magnificent watercolor paintings of a famous Persian artist, Colonel M. Sarram. The book includes architectural monuments - churches and mosques - and marketplace in Esfahan, scenic views of the untraveled path through the Great Desert in central Persia and in southwest US, fascinating imaginary paintings, flower arrangements, and portraits of Reza Shah, as well as those of the artist and his family. Some of the paintings capture daily scenes and life routines that strangely enough sometimes play back in one's mind with the rich mixture of light, color and wind; a beggar waiting on a woman lighting candles, a man washing up for his afternoon prayer, two women carrying jugs of water on their shoulders in a severe sand storm, a woman's face covered with her hands at a seemingly spiritual moment, and the inviting reddish pomegranate offered in a traditional setting of plates.
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Royal Persian Paintings

Author : Brooklyn Museum
ISBN : UOM:39015047543510
Genre : Iran
File Size : 36.67 MB
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Iranian art of the Qajar period (1779-1925) has long been neglected and is little understood. This beautifully illustrated book for the first time comprehensively examines the flowering of Persian painting and the visual arts of this period. It focuses on the growth of a remarkable tradition of life-size figural painting, virtually unseen in the Islamic world. Exquisite historic manuscripts, lacquer works, calligraphies and enamels further illuminate the subject. The Qajar Epoch carries essays by leading scholars exploring the historical and social context of the period. Detailed entries describing and interpreting a wide variety of painting and artifacts, many hitherto unseen masterpieces from museums such as the Hermitage and private collections are virtually all illustrated in color and accompanied by translations of inscriptions, technical appendices and extensive bibliographies. A unique reference work, The Qajar Epoch will appeal to both specialist of pre-modern Iran and all those interested in non-Western artistic and cultural traditions.
Category: Iran

Peerless Images

Author : Eleanor Sims
ISBN : 9780300090383
Genre : Art
File Size : 25.8 MB
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This book is the first survey of the figural arts of the Iranian world from prehistoric times to the early twentieth century ever to consider themes, rather than styles. Analyzing primarily painting - in manuscripts and albums, on walls and on lacquered, painted pen boxes and caskets - but also the related arts of sculpture, ceramics, and metalwork, the author finds that the underlying themes depicted on them through the ages are remarkably consistent. Eleanor Sims demonstrates that all these arts display similar concerns: kingship and legitimacy; the righteous exercise of princely power and the defense of national territory; and the performance of rituals and the religious duties called for by the paramount cult of the day. She describes a variety of superb works of art inside and outside these categories, noting not only how they illustrate archetypal themes but also what it is about them that is unique. She also discusses the ways that Iranian art both influenced and was influenced by invaders and neighboring lands. Boris I. Marshak discusses pre-Islamic and also Central Asian art, in particular the earliest Iranian wall paintings and their pictorial parallels in rock carvings and metalwork, and the richly painted temples and houses of Panjikent. Ernst J. Grube considers religious imagery, and provides an informative bibliography.
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Bihzad Master Of Persian Painting

Author : Ebadollah Bahari
ISBN : UOM:39015040980388
Genre : Art
File Size : 42.69 MB
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Although Kamal al-Din Bihzad (1460-1535) is acknowledged to be one of the greatest masters of Persian painting, there has to date been no comprehensive study of his life and work. He flourished during the golden age of artistic achievement in the late Teimurid and early Safavid periods, working in Herat and then in Tabriz. This illustrated book traces the roots of the style developed by Bihzad, its heritage and its legacy in Iran, Mughal India and Ottoman Turkey. The author approaches the subject by attempting to relate the paintings to the stories and themes they portray, thus enabling us to appreciate Bihzad's work in a way that has generally been neglected by Western art historians. Bahari has examined Bihzad's paintings in libraries and collections all over the world and this study brings together a huge body of the work.
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Persian Paintings

Author : Victoria and Albert Museum
ISBN : UOM:39015031569315
Genre : Illumination of books and manuscripts
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