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Periodontal Root Coverage

Author : Khadija Amine
ISBN : 9783030200916
Genre : Medical
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This book is an evidence-based guide to periodontal root coverage that provides up-to-date information on the etiology of gingival recession defects, prognostic factors relating to the defect, patient, or operator, and surgical techniques. Attention is drawn to critical elements in the execution of surgical procedures that can impact on outcomes. In order to ensure that the guidance reflects the highest level of evidence, the authors have undertaken an exhaustive literature search of the four main electronic databases (MEDLINE/PubMed, Cochrane Library, ScienceDirect, and EBSCOhost) for studies on root coverage, including randomized clinical trials, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and network meta-analyses. The aim is to supply readers with a truly reliable source of knowledge that will help them to navigate this complex field, in which numerous surgical procedures have been described, with great variability in clinical and statistical outcomes. The book will be of value to all who wish to improve their understanding of gingival recession defects and the techniques to achieve root coverage that offer the best long-term results.
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Periodontal Soft Tissue Root Coverage Procedures A Consensus Report From The Aap Regeneration Workshop

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051807278
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Abstract : Background: Management of gingival recession defects, a common periodontal condition, using root coverage procedures is an important aspect of periodontal regenerative therapy. The goal of the periodontal soft tissue root coverage procedures group was to develop a consensus report based on the accompanying systematic review of root coverage procedures, including priorities for future research and identification of the best evidence available to manage different clinical scenarios. Methods: The group reviewed and discussed the accompanying systematic review, which covered treatment of single‐tooth recession defects, multiple‐tooth recession defects, and additional focused questions on relevant clinical topics. The consensus group members submitted additional material for consideration by the group in advance and at the time of the meeting. The group also identified priorities for future research. Results: All reviewed root coverage procedures provide significant reduction in recession depth, especially for Miller Class I and II recession defects. Subepithelial connective tissue graft (SCTG) procedures provide the best root coverage outcomes. Acellular dermal matrix graft (ADMG) or enamel matrix derivative (EMD) in conjunction with a coronally advanced flap (CAF) can serve as alternatives to autogenous donor tissue. Additional research is needed to do the following: 1) assess the treatment outcomes for multiple‐tooth recession defects, oral sites other than maxillary canine and premolar teeth, and Miller Class III and IV defects; 2) assess the role of patient‐ and site‐specific factors on procedure outcomes; and 3) obtain evidence on patient‐reported outcomes. Conclusions: Predictable root coverage is possible for single‐tooth and multiple‐tooth recession defects, with SCTG procedures providing the best root coverage outcomes. Alternatives to SCTG are supported by evidence of varying strength. Additional research is needed on treatment outcomes for specific oral sites. Clinical Recommendation: For Miller Class I and II single‐tooth recession defects, SCTG procedures provide the best outcomes, whereas ADMG or EMD in conjunction with CAF may be used as an alternative.

Periodontal Soft Tissue Root Coverage Procedures Practical Applications From The Aap Regeneration Workshop

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ISBN : OCLC:1051870274
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Abstract : Focused Clinical Question: How should gingival recession (GR) defects be managed based on current evidence? Summary: The purpose of this practical application is to illustrate the management of GR defects with a primary outcome goal of complete root coverage. The consensus in dental literature and among expert clinicians is that root coverage may be attained through the application of different procedures and that outcomes are generally measured by reduced defect depth, gain in clinical attachment, and an increase in keratinized tissue (KT). These procedures may include the use of: 1) subepithelial connective tissue graft (SCTG); 2) coronally advanced flap; 3) free gingival graft; and 4) soft tissue graft substitutes (acellular dermal matrix and xenogeneic collagen matrix materials) and biologics (recombinant human platelet‐derived growth factor and enamel matrix derivative). The variability in these techniques revolves around the inclusion or avoidance of a palatal donor graft. The decision as to how to approach a specific clinical GR‐type defect should be a combination of considerations relative to the clinician's surgical goals and the patient's understanding of the anticipated outcome. The associated systematic review (Chambrone and Tatakis, J Periodontol 2015;86(Suppl.):S8‐S51) provides clear evidence that SCTG‐based procedures provide the best outcome for mean and complete root coverage, as well as an increase in KT. Patient‐reported outcomes, a topic that needs additional research, should be considered in the decision‐making process. Conclusion: Based on the available evidence and the illustrated cases included in this practical application, root coverage can be predictably achieved and a successful clinical outcome can be maintained long term.

Atlas Of Cosmetic And Reconstructive Periodontal Surgery

Author : Edward S. Cohen
ISBN : 1550092677
Genre : Medical
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Newly updated, this third edition is ideal as both a clinical reference and as a training tool for professionals and students. Six new chapters cover anatomic problems, implants, sinus lift, anterior cosmetic surgery, ridge flap and guided tissue regeneration for root coverage. Many procedures are updated to reflect current trends in periodontology. More than 1400 illustrations complement this comprehensive text.
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Periodontal Soft Tissue Non Root Coverage Procedures Practical Applications From The Aap Regeneration Workshop

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ISBN : OCLC:1051885589
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Abstract : Focused Clinical Question: What are the indications and clinical applications for gingival augmentation procedures, and what factors guide the choice among treatment options in specific situations? Summary: Although there is still controversy regarding whether there needs to be a minimum amount of attached gingiva to maintain the stability of the gingival margin, prospective and retrospective studies have shown that, in the presence of suboptimal plaque control and clinical inflammation, attachment loss and gingival recession (GR) may result unless a minimum amount of keratinized tissue (KT) and attached gingiva are present. Treatment of mucogingival deformities requires gingival augmentation procedures that address both a functional and esthetic component for the patient. Although free gingival grafts (FGGs) are considered the gold standard for treatment of GR defects to obtain root coverage, augmentation of KT and attached gingiva may be accomplished by FGG or other autogenous grafting options, including the free connective tissue graft, the lateral pedicle graft, and the double papilla technique. In addition, the modified apically repositioned flap can be considered in some instances. Alternatives to autogenous graft tissue include acellular dermal matrix, extracellular matrix membrane, bilayer collagen matrix, and living cellular construct. Conclusions: Understanding the clinical importance of the presence of a minimum amount of attached gingiva in patients with suboptimal hygiene is an important first step in addressing the condition. Patient education to address plaque control and counseling to quit smoking in patients who are smokers help enhance the success of these mucogingival surgical procedures. An analysis of patient‐specific factors will help with the appropriate choice of surgical procedures aimed at augmenting the dimension of KT/attached gingival tissue. Evidence supporting the treatment decisions described in this practical application is summarized in the companion papers from the American Academy of Periodontology Regeneration Workshop (Kim and Neiva, J Periodontol 2015;86(Suppl.):S56‐S72; Scheyer et al., J Periodontol 2015;86(Suppl.):S73‐S76).

Treatment Of Periodontal Disease An Issue Of Dental Clinics E Book

Author : Frank A. Scannapieco
ISBN : 9781455700233
Genre : Medical
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Articles include: Current Rationale for Treatment of Periodontitis, Effects of Periodontal Treatment on Systemic Health, Non-Surgical Mechanical Treatment Strategies, Use of Lasers to Treat Periodontal Diseases, Regeneration of Periodontal Tissues: Bone Grafts, Implants and Periodontal Patient, Regeneration of Periodontal Tissues: Growth Factors and Bone Morphogenetic Protein, Treatment of Gingival Recession, Non-surgical Chemotherapeutic Treatment Strategies, Regeneration of Periodontal Tissues: Guided, Future Approaches in Periodontal Therapy: Gene Therapy, RNA Interference and Stem Cells, and Restorative Trends for the Periodontal Patient.
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Practical Procedures In Aesthetic Dentistry

Author : Subir Banerji
ISBN : 9781119032984
Genre : Medical
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Procedures -- Tips -- References -- 10.3 Non-vital Bleaching (Video) -- Principles -- Procedures -- Tips -- References -- 11 Implants in the Aesthetic Zone -- 11.1 Pre-operative Evaluation (Video) -- Principles -- Procedures -- Tips -- References -- 11.2 Abutment Selection -- Principles -- Procedures -- Tips -- References -- Further Reading -- 11.3 Impression Taking in Implant Dentistry (Video) -- Principles -- Procedures -- Tips -- Reference -- Further Reading -- 11.4 Screw versus Cemented Implant-Supported Restorations -- Principles -- Procedures -- Tips -- References -- Further Reading -- 11.5 Implant Provisionalisation (Video) -- Principles -- Procedures -- Tips -- References -- 11.6 Pink Aesthetics -- Principles -- Procedures -- Tips -- References -- 11.7 Implant Maintenance and Review (Video) -- Principles -- Procedures -- Tips -- References -- Index -- EULA
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Evidence Based Periodontal And Peri Implant Plastic Surgery

Author : Leandro Chambrone
ISBN : 9783319139753
Genre : Medical
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This atlas, featuring numerous superb illustrations and vivid photographs, aims to create a bridge between research and practice in the field of periodontal plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry with a view to enabling optimal decision making in daily practice. After an opening overview of evidence-based decision making and discussion of treatment planning, subsequent chapters address the surgical treatment of recession-type defects, use of soft tissue substitutes, aesthetic clinical crown lengthening and peri-implant plastic surgery. Illustrated case studies depict application of the described surgical procedures in daily practice and advice is provided on clinical indications and contraindications and basics of the surgical sequence. In addition, critical summaries of the results of systematic reviews are provided. Further chapters consider aspects of multidisciplinary decision-making and present decision trees for soft tissue augmentation procedures proposed by the American Academy of Periodontology. The atlas will be a valuable clinical guide for general dentists and specialists in periodontology/periodontics and implantology.
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