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The Path Of Infinite Sorrow

Author : Craig Collie
ISBN : 9781742375915
Genre : History
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The story of the bloody Kokoda campaign, told through the personal experiences of the Japanese soldiers We were all skin and bone, as if our stomachs were stuck to the inside wall of our back. The Australian story of Kokoda has been told often from the perspective of the Australians. Now, for the first time ever, the full Japanese story of Kokoda is told, a poignant tale of comradeship and heartrending suffering. This is a very human story of the other side, told through the eyes of Japanese soldiers who were there. It draws from a range of firsthand sources—interviews with survivors, diaries that soldiers left behind, memoirs written after the war, and what has survived of the records of the Japanese military. Full of painful recollections and startling wartime revelations, this is the lesser-known story of a tragic battle that continues to haunt survivors from both sides.
Category: History

As We Follow The Path

Author : Daniel Pelletier
ISBN : 9781512789676
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41.46 MB
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These forty discussions address key questions and puzzling matters in the Bible. With an analytical mind and a vein of humor, Pelletier comments on the Star of Bethlehem (likely not a star), Jesus brothers and sisters, Satans attempts to kill Jesus so it wouldnt count as a sacrifice of the Lamb, how the Trinity was ruptured on Calvary, why many marriages are not Gods sacred unions, the modern trend of thanking the Universe, whether or not there are guardian angels, and other matters. If the Star of Bethlehem wasnt a star, what was it? Does all history come down to the two lines of Abrahams descendants? Micheal, Michael, whats the difference? When is it dangerous to think outside the box? What does the Bible say about the right hand of favor?
Category: Religion

The Blanket Of The Dark And The Path Of The King

Author : John Buchan
ISBN : 9781473373785
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Here are collected two of John Buchan's finest two historical romances, sweeping landscapes and beautifully written characters and plots are the hallmark of Buchan's novels.
Category: Fiction


Author : Craig Collie
ISBN : 9781742693927
Genre : History
File Size : 43.28 MB
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The war was coming to an end at last. The people of Nagasaki knew this as they desperately tried to survive each day's shortages of food and warmth - ordinary people going about their lives as normally as they could manage. People like Nagai, the doctor who'd just been told he had leukemia; Father Tamaya, the obliging Catholic priest, who'd agreed to postpone a return to his rural parish; and Koichi, the mobilised tram driver, who secretly watched the Noguchi sisters sobbing behind the company toilet block. Because the bombing of Hiroshima had been so devastating and there was severe media censorship, they knew nothing of what had befallen that city except for the unbelievable stories told by a few survivors who had just now arrived. Beyond Japan, forces they could never have imagined were mustering as the Americans prepared to drop their next atomic bomb on the armaments manufacturing city of Kokura. Bad weather, however, sent the pilots and their terrible load to Nagasaki, where a small group of 169 POWs, including 24 Australians, were digging air-raid shelters and repairing bridges near what became the bomb's epicentre. And, above the heads of them all, the machinery of wartime politics stumbled on towards its catastrophic finale. In this compelling narrative - based on eye-witness accounts, contemporary diaries, letters and interviews - Craig Collie collects up the stories of the many levels of devastation suffered on that fateful day. We come as close as history will allow us to being there when 80,000 people died as a result of the bomb, half of that number instantaneously. The world had changed forever and the shock waves would ripple right up to the present day, as we continue to contemplate the terrible power of a nuclear future
Category: History

Essays Second Series

Author : Theophilus PARSONS (the Younger.)
ISBN : BL:A0017089791
Genre :
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Author : Theophilus Parsons
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Author :
ISBN : WISC:89110383171
Genre : New Jerusalem Church
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The Reporter And The Warlords

Author : Craig Collie
ISBN : 9781742377971
Genre : History
File Size : 42.19 MB
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Full of intrigue and swashbuckling adventure, the story of an Australian journalist who was at the heart of the most turbulent period in Chinese history Set against the turbulent background of China in the first half of the 20th Century, this reads like a romantic novel—but it's a true story. The reporter is the intrepid Australian journalist, Will Donald, who arrived in Hong Kong in 1903 and by 1908 was managing editor of the China Mail. As a freelance journalist based in Shanghai, Donald then became advisor to a number of influential public figures, including Sun Yat-Sen and Chiang Kai-Shek, entangling himself in their power struggles. He participated in the armed struggle to overthrow the last emperor of China and then wrote proclamations for Sun Yat-Sen, who ultimately became Provisional President of the Republic of China. Will Donald's most intriguing alliance was with the swashbuckling Manchurian warlord and morphine-addicted womanizer, Zhang Xueliang. The lives of these two extraordinary men became entwined over the decades and provide a compelling narrative. The role of both Australian and American advisors in these events has a particularly modern resonance.
Category: History

Public Vision Private Lives

Author : Mark Sydney Cladis
ISBN : 0231139691
Genre : Political Science
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Mark S. Cladis pinpoints the origins of contemporary notions of the public and private and their relationship to religion in the work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. His thesis cuts across many fields and issues-philosophy of religion, women's studies, democratic theory, modern European history, American culture, social justice, privacy laws, and notions of solitude and community-and wholly reconsiders the political, cultural, and legal nature of modernity in relation to religion. Turning to Rousseau's Garden, its inhabitants, the Solitaires, and the question of restoration and redemption that preoccupied much of Rousseau's thought, Cladis examines how Rousseau addressed the tension between the joys and moral obligations of social engagement and the desire for solitude. He was caught between two possibilities: active involvement in the creation of an enlightened and humane society or extrication from social entanglements in favor of cultivating a spiritual interior life. Yet Rousseau did not view this conflict as a desperate division. Rather, for him it was a moral struggle to be endured by those who had fallen from the Garden. For this edition Cladis has added a substantive introduction that discusses the role of religion in contemporary democratic societies, particularly in American public life. Cladis proposes four models of thinking about religion in public and champions what he calls spiritual democracy-a dynamic, culturally specific, and progressive democracy. Cladis argues that spiritual democracy refers not only to a society's legal codes and principles but also to its democratic culture and symbols and its daily practices and institutions. It encompasses the nation's character, diverse identities, and a distinctivel exchange between the nation's public vision and citizens' complex, private lives.
Category: Political Science