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Parenting Teenage Boys

Author : Eva Delano
ISBN : 9781682121610
Genre : Family & Relationships
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A teenager refers to someone in their teen age, mostly between the ages of ten to nineteen years. Teenage parenting refers to parental care offered to adolescents. During puberty, boys, as well as girls, undergo physical changes, which may include broadening of chests, deep voices, a growth of pubic hair and increased body growth. However, apart from these changes, boys also undergo through unobservable changes in their body, such as changes in behavior, attitudes, thoughts, social codes and actions. These are termed adolescent changes. Adolescence is a crucial stage in boy child growth and requires a lot of input in parental care. These changes during adolescents may be drastic, boys may act too violently due to high levels of androgens which greatly amplifies anger, and may become indiscipline, disobedient, and irresponsible. These changes may negatively affect boy's life, and as such, a voluminous workload is heaped on the parent to offer good care and support to the teenage boy.
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Parenting Teen Boys

Author : C. K. Fergusson
ISBN : 1980332010
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Parenting Teen Boys This is part three of my series about parenting teens. In this book, we concentrate on the special requirements when bringing up teen boy to become strong, honest men. You may think that boys are easier than girls to bring up, but that really depends upon the age of the child and boys, while going through many changes that are natural during the teen years, can be extremely difficult. You can also make many mistakes during this time that can have an impact on how that child develops into an adult. Get it wrong and you could be bringing up a potentially shy adult or even one who believes that it is right to treat women in a less than equal way. Puberty is an extremely difficult thing for all teens. However, boys get this period played down by parents and by society in general and that's a shame. The fact of the matter is that these changes are every bit as difficult for boys as they are for girls. Think of all of the development during this period and you can understand why kids have questions they are too embarrassed to ask. We treat subjects by walking on eggshells. So how do you parent boys and bring them up to be healthy individuals with a sense of self-confidence? The answers are within the pages of this book and are laid out in an easy to understand manner so that you can refer to the book as and when problems occur during your parenthood of boys in particular. What you will learn in this book: Ten major steps to grow your teen boy into a man, with useful examples how (not) to do it Accept your child is growing into a man How to explain the changes in appearance to your child Talk to you boy about drugs and sexuality How to handle the "rebel" in your growing boy Teaching your son important life skills Teach your teenage boy about todays computer and phone usage Making your boy aware of the world around him

Parenting Teenagers

Author : Lois Jean Davitz
ISBN : 0809141000
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 89.38 MB
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Being a parent to teenagers can often be an overwhelming job. Longtime psychologists, educators, and parents Lois and Joel Davitz offer sound and reassuring advice in this easy-to-read book that focuses on some of the major concerns parents have today. Their questions come from a survey of real-life situations that parents face: relationships, communication, sadness, mood swings, conflict and crisis, money, bad influences. Their answers encourage parents to think through their particular circumstances and recognize that parents can best determine what is right for their families. The issues are unflinchingly honest. The responses are not simple. But both questions and answers are right on the mark. Book jacket.
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Teenage Boys

Author : William Beausay
ISBN : 157856042X
Genre : Family & Relationships
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Provides parents with the tools needed to bring out the best in their teenage son, helping them overcome their fears and unleash the potential of a young Christian man
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Teenage Boys

Author : Bill Beausay
ISBN : 9780307789587
Genre : Family & Relationships
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It’s time to show up for your son in a big way. A teenage boy’s world is a dynamic, unpredictable place. That’s why stringent parenting “techniques” don’t always bring about the results we expect. Though we know there’s a lot riding on our ability to wisely parent teenage sons, it’s hard to know the best way to proceed–and parents are often overwhelmed by the challenge. But now, in this fun and down-to-earth guide, Bill Beausay offers six fresh principles that can help you overcome your fears and powerfully shape the man inside your teenage boy. Bring out the best in your teenage son. You know that you need to be involved in your son’s life. But just being there physically isn’t enough. Parents who enjoy the most success in raising teen boys are present in dramatic, colorful, in-your-face ways. Teenage Boys! Will help you discover how you can develop a clear, do-able plan that will significantly impact your teen’s life–and your own. Now with answers to the most frequently asked questions about parenting teen boys. Expanded to address the issues that matter most to teenage boys and their parents. Includes advice for two-parent families, single parents, grandparents, and stepparents. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Parenting Teen Girls 24 7

Author : Meryl Fishman
ISBN : 9781480856943
Genre : Family & Relationships
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comprehensive guide to parenting teen girls in a changing world whether its about bugs, boys or boobs or coping with todays tough realities such as cyberbullying, addiction, pregnancy, sexual identity, and peer pressure. Parenting Teen Girls 24/7 gives parents ways to prevent and solve problems. The book is easy-to-read and well-organized and has the proper balance of serious advice and empathy with a little humor thrown in as well. Carmen Gutwirth, Phd. Psychology Parenting Teen Girls 24/7 offers practical, timely, and easy-to-follow advice with examples as to how to navigate raising a teenage daughter. Its a great gift for any parent of an adolescent or teen daughterits a gift that keeps on giving right through high school, college and beyond. Victoria Penzel, MSW LCSW Parenting Teen Girls 24/7 is a 21st Century guide for raising your precious daughter. Ms. Fishman has written a straightforward, comprehensive how-to for keeping your daughter safe in a changing world while holding onto a loving relationship. Charlene J. Krygier, MA-ED. In memory of Dr. Jack Fishman, the developer of Naloxone, Ms. Fishman will donate 10% of her proceeds to not-for-profits that help prevent or treat drug addiction.
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Parenting Teens With Love And Logic

Author : Jim Fay
ISBN : 9781612912554
Genre : Religion
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Parents need help to teach their teens how to make decisions responsibly—and do so without going crazy or damaging the relationship. Parenting Teens with Love and Logic, from the duo who wrote Parenting with Love and Logic, empowers parents with the skills necessary to set limits, teach important skills, and encourage decision-making in their teenagers. Covering a wide range of real-life issues teens face—including divorce, ADD, addiction, and sex—this book gives you the tools to help your teens find their identity and grow in maturity. Indexed for easy reference.
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Raising Teenage Boys

Author : Lindsay Moore
ISBN : 1088999506
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How to nail this parenting thing and raise responsible and happy teenage boys without getting into daily fights... So, you've brought a young boy into this world, have you? And now it's your job to raise him into one of society's more prosperous and upstanding young men? Right. Although I'm sure this seems like quite the daunting task, please know that you are not alone, and that believe it or not, you are doing a great job! You are not a bad parent! There is no one size fits all recipe for raising young men, and no matter what you do to try and help your son succeed, he will always have a mind of his own. This might put you in a bit of a precarious situation at times, but believe me, there is hope. Times are changing, and they are changing fast. But a solid moral code combined with a positive intention of raising teenage boys will forever remain the core of good parenting. Sure, young boys now have access to all kinds of stuff that the young men of generations past couldn't even dream of: From video games and cell phones To social media and internet access Increasingly more vulgar and easily accessible pornography And Google.. How horrible it is that your son can "prove himself right" in just a matter of a few seconds every time any little argument arises. But, all of this being true doesn't mean you can't still let them know that you love them. That you are there for them no matter what, and that at the end of the day they will always have a warm and caring home to come back to. You might repeatedly feel like you are failing, but trust me when I tell you that the most powerful thing you can do for your teenage boy is quite simply this - ensure that he knows he is loved. At the end of the day the rest will always sort itself out. With that, there are also some actionable steps you can take to better assist both you and your young boy. In "Raising Teenage Boys", you'll discover: Why you are a hero and already changing the world The difference in raising a prince vs. princess How to acknowledge the changes your teenage boy is facing in his everyday life #1 secret to manage your own emotions and communicate effectively How your son's brain is wired in this state of his life and what is the real psychology behind his behavior How to cool down in the heat of the moment and communicate in the most efficient way possible How to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation and nail the conversations every parent must have with their teenage boys How to deal with modern day addictions How to help your son find purpose and meaning in his life And much more. Raising Teenage Boys is a proven methodology of successfully raising young boys into upstanding and highly successful members of society and into the man you've always dreamed they might become. Even if avoidance is a tempting strategy, understanding your teenage boy is the #1 key to maintain a healthy relationship with your child in the long run. So, stop letting yourself feel as if you are a bad parent because you are not! Instead, let's go ahead and take the necessary action in doing our part to help our young boys navigate this ever more confusing world. Scroll up and click the 'Add to Cart' button if you want to discover the secret path to raising teenage boys without the stress.

Parenting Your Teen And Loving It

Author : Susie Davis
ISBN : 9781441204059
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 46.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Moms know: it's never been tougher to be the parent of a teenager. Slammed doors. Cell phones and Facebook. Surging hormones. How can a mom build a great relationship with her teen? With humor and biblical wisdom, Susie Davis guides frazzled moms through the stormy teen years. This seasoned mother of three shows how to effectively influence teens without irritating them, offers scriptural help for tough situations, and shares prayers and promises from Scripture that will encourage even the most discouraged moms. Readers will discover how to set reasonable limits and cultivate fair-minded expectations. Mothers will gain better perspective on a teen's emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical development, while learning to become the mom God designed them to be.
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The Respectful Parent

Author : James A. Deutch
ISBN : 9781469140858
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 43.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The most important job you will ever have is being a parent. Parents usually raise their children the way they were parented, no matter how good or bad their experience. People laugh when they say, Babies dont come with an instruction manual. The Respectful Parent: A Manual for Moms and Dads may be the closest book to that much needed manual. This book is for parents whose normal children are driving them up the wall, and parents who want to improve their parenting skills while things are still going well. The Respectful Parent is written in a personal style by an author, who has over 55 years of clinical experience working with families and individuals of all ages. Dr. Deutch believes that respect between parent and child, along with a toolbox of great common sense techniques, is the key to having a cooperative, happy and productive family. Spanking, yelling, and threats may work on your child in the immediate situation, but scientific research shows that in the long term, they have many negative and sometimes catastrophic side effects. The Respectful Parent teaches how to use positive and democratic ways to nurture children. These ideas are based on the commonsensical philosophy of Doctors Alfred Adler and Rudolph Dreikurs. Learn to use the power of encouragement, the family council, individual special time, natural and logical consequences, and simple communication techniques. Become your childs consultant rather than boss. Raise your childs self-esteem, courage, mental health, and even his or her I.Q.
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