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Author : Jimmy Carter
ISBN : 9781847375124
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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President Carter, who was able to negotiate peace between Israel and Egypt, has remained deeply involved in Middle East affairs since leaving the White House. He has stayed in touch with the major players from all sides in the conflict and has made numerous trips to the Holy Land, most recently as an observer in the Palestinian elections of 2006. In this book President Carter shares his intimate knowledge of the history of the Middle East and his personal experiences of the principal actors, and he addresses sensitive political issues many British and American officials shy from. PALESTINE is a challenging and provocative book. Pulling no punches, Carter prescribes steps that must be taken for the two states to share the Holy Land without a system of apartheid or the constant fear of terrorism.
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Palestine Peace Not Apartheid

Author : Jimmy Carter
ISBN : 9780743285032
Genre : History
File Size : 39.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The former president draws on his understanding of Middle East history and his personal relationships with regional leaders to share an assessment of what he believes is necessary to bring lasting peace to Israel while preserving Palestinian dignity.
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Summary Palestine Peace Not Apartheid

Author : BusinessNews Publishing
ISBN : 9782511001424
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 48.86 MB
Format : PDF
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The must-read summary of Jimmy Carter's book: “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”. This complete summary of "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" by Jimmy Carter, former US president, outlines his assessment of the steps to be taken for Israel to make peace with its neighbours and particularly how Israeli sovereignty and security can coexist peacefully with Palestinian nationhood. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the steps to be taken towards its resolution • Expand your knowledge of peace, conflict and diplomacy To learn more, read "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" and discover how Israel and Palestine might go about reconciling their differences and finally reaching a peaceful compromise.
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The Deadliest Lies

Author : Abraham H. Foxman
ISBN : 0230609740
Genre : Religion
File Size : 25.44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The representative of the Jewish community and staunch defender of human rights, Foxman delivers a powerful blow to such ideas as "The Israel Lobby." He shows how old stereotypes associated with the most virulent forms of bigotry have been resurfacing and taking subtle new forms. From Carter to Mearsheimer, he addresses the public figures who make these beliefs appear credible. He also reveals a disturbing parallel trend: the decline of global Jewish solidarity, which he argues is critical for dealing with the current threat. Foxman advocates forthright and decisive solutions to an international crisis, ensuring that this will be an important clarion call.
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Palestine Israel Peace Or Apartheid

Author : Marwan Bishara
ISBN : 1842772732
Genre : History
File Size : 27.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is an incisive analysis of where Palestinians and Israelis are, eight years on from the Oslo Accords of 1993, and the possible avenues to a just and durable peace. It lays out the causes of the Second Intifada and argues that this new rising shows that there can be no peace without injustice. Israel may not yet have reached the point where, a decade ago, President de Klerk recognized this fact for South Africa, but the same hard choices must one day be made. Marwan Bishara shows how the asymmetry of power between Palestinians and Israelis was ignored by patrons of the Oslo "peace process"--Notably the United States. The ill-conceived transition process degenerated into the fragmented and dependent apartheid statelet that exists today in the West Bank and Gaza. The Oslo process was in fact doomed from the start. The seven accords that have been signed have produced seven years of prosperity for Israelis, and seven years of collapsing economy and increasingly impossible living conditions for Palestinians.
Category: History

Intellectual Resistance And The Struggle For Palestine

Author : M. Abraham
ISBN : 9781137031952
Genre : Education
File Size : 80.59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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By positioning the late Edward Said's political interventions as a public intellectual on behalf of Palestinian populations living under Israeli occupation as a form of intellectual resistance, Abraham moves to consider forms of physical resistance, seeking to better understand the motivations of those who choose to turn their bodies into weapons.
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Essays From Occupied Holy Land

Author : Victor Sasson
ISBN : 1450225640
Genre : History
File Size : 82.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Essays From Occupied Holy Land exposes and demolishes malignant, oft-repeated Zionist propaganda myths. The truth is: Zionism is not Judaism, criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism, Middle Eastern Jews were not expelled from their homelands, Israelis do not seek peace. The founders of the militaristic Zionist State and their successors Yiddish speakers, of mixed Slavic-Germanic and other non-Semitic origins have deceptively hid behind a religious smoke-screen aimed at covering up their colonial and apartheid policies and practices. They managed with American help to create a Philistine colony in the Semitic heartland of the Near East, falsely claiming a return to an ancestral homeland. The biblical, messianic Return of the Exiles, however, speaks of the return of Semitic, Near Eastern Jews a return which would be realised through peaceful, just means, not through wars, dispossession of the Palestinians, and the cultural and eventual ethnic cleansing of Sephardi-Babylonian Jewry. But the writing on the wall is clear and requires little interpretation. Personal, moral, and literary in character, Essays From Occupied Holy Land presents an indictment of a rogue, bellicose, Philistine State that is foreign to the Near East and its Biblical and Semitic history and culture.
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Evangelicals And Israel

Author : Stephen Spector
ISBN : 9780199887941
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56.90 MB
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Most observers explain evangelical Christians' bedrock support for Israel as stemming from the apocalyptic belief that the Jews must return to the Holy Land as a precondition for the second coming of Christ. But the real reasons, argues Stephen Spector, are far more complicated. In Evangelicals and Israel, Spector delves deeply into the Christian Zionist movement, mining information from original interviews, web sites, publications, news reports, survey research, worship services, and interfaith conferences, to provide a surprising look at the sources of evangelical support for Israel. Israel is God's prophetic clock for many evangelicals - irrefutable proof that prophecy is true and coming to pass in our lifetime. But Spector goes beyond end-times theology to find a complex set of motivations behind Israel-evangelical relations. These include the promise of God's blessing for those who bless the Jews; gratitude to Jews for establishing the foundations of Christianity; remorse for the Chu
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State Of Failure

Author : Jonathan Schanzer
ISBN : 9781137365644
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 42.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The biggest obstacle to Palestinian statehood may not be Israel In September 2011, president Mahmoud Abbas stood before the United Nations General Assembly and dramatically announced his intention to achieve recognition of Palestinian statehood. The United States roundly opposed the move then, but two years later, Washington revived dreams for Palestinian statehood through bilateral diplomacy with Israel. But are the Palestinians prepared for the next step? In State of Failure, Middle East expert Jonathan Schanzer argues that the reasons behind Palestine's inertia are far more complex than we realize. Despite broad international support, Palestinian independence is stalling because of internal mismanagement, not necessarily because of Israeli intransigence. Drawing on exclusive sources, the author shows how the PLO under Yasser Arafat was ill prepared for the task of statebuilding. Arafat's successor, Mahmoud Abbas, used President George W. Bush's support to catapult himself into the presidency. But the aging leader, now four years past the end of his elected term, has not only failed to implement much needed reforms but huge sums of international aid continue to be squandered, and the Palestinian people stand to lose everything as a result. Supporters of Palestine and Israel alike will find Schanzer's narrative compelling at this critical juncture in Middle Eastern politics.
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Gaza In Crisis

Author : Noam Chomsky
ISBN : 9781608463541
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 33.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Israel's Operation Cast Lead thrust the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip into the center of the debate about the Israel/Palestine conflict. In this updated and expanded edition, Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé survey the fallout from Israel's conduct in Gaza, including their latest incursions, and place it in historical context. Noam Chomsky is widely regarded to be one of the foremost critics of US foreign policy in the world. He has published numerous groundbreaking books, articles, and essays on global politics, history, and linguistics. Since 2003 he has written a monthly column for the New York Times syndicate. His recent books include Masters of Mankind and Hopes and Prospects. Haymarket Books recently released updated editions of twelve of his classic books. Ilan Pappé is the bestselling author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine: A History of Modern Palestine and The Israel/Palestine Question. Frank Barat is a human rights activist and author. He was the coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine and is now the president of the Palestine Legal Action Network. His books include Freedom is a Constant Struggle, Gaza in Crisis, Corporate Complicity in Israel's Occupation, and On Palestine.
Category: Political Science