Overseas Students In Higher Education

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Overseas Students In Higher Education

Author : Robert Harris
ISBN : 9780203040065
Genre : Education
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Higher education institutions are increasingly concerned with the quality of their teaching and learning experiences they provide for students, including the increasing number from overseas. In this text, some of the leading authorities in the field bring together current research and sound practical advice on the provision of quality teaching and learning for overseas students. The text represents a wide range of overseas students' experiences from the Pacific Rim, China and the European Community.
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Australia S Higher Education Overseas Student Industry Revisited

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1090691110
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The Department of Education and Training has recently released higher education enrolment statistics for 2017. These show a striking increase in the share of commencing overseas students to all commencing students for all Australian universities from 26.7 per cent in 2016 to 28.9 per cent in 2017. Growth in this share in the Group of Eight (Go8) universities has been particularly rapid with several reaching over 40 per cent of total commencing enrolments in 2017. This report details this expansion and discusses some of the implications. It concludes that university claims that increased enrolments of overseas student do not detract from domestic enrolments are not correct, especially in the case of the Go8 universities. [Apo website]

International Students And Global Mobility In Higher Education

Author : Rajika Bhandari
ISBN : 9780230117143
Genre : Education
File Size : 73.67 MB
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This book examines current trends in global student mobility patterns in several key host and destination countries, including the United States, China, India, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, and Germany, among others, and will explore the national and global-level factors that contribute to these trends.
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Higher Education

Author : United States. Government Accountability Office
ISBN : OCLC:1098393555
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Disabled International Students In British Higher Education

Author : Armineh Soorenian
ISBN : 9789462094130
Genre : Education
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A wealth of evidence demonstrates that disabled domestic students experience disabling barriers in such areas as funding, pedagogy and social life in Higher Education (HE). Research also indicates that non-disabled international students experience a wide range of cultural and linguistic difficulties throughout their university experience whilst studying in England. Nevertheless, there is a dearth of research concerning the specific experiences of disabled international students in English universities. With the increasing internationalisation of HE in the past two decades this is highly significant. Analysing disabled international students’ accounts in British universities appears to be all the more pertinent due to the current austerity measures, which have impacted on the financial situation of Higher Education Institutions. Armineh Soorenian comments on the relevance of inclusive educational theories and policies within an increasingly internationalised HE system, with reference to disabled international students’ experiences in England. The project is both timely and appropriate as there is an acute shortage of documentation on the application of policies for the inclusion of disabled students and disabled international students specifically in English universities. The findings identify key barriers in the four broad categories of (1) Information, Access and Funding; (2) Disability Services; (3) Learning and Teaching; and (4) Non-Disability Support Services such as accommodation and social life. The study provides an up-to-date snapshot of disabled international students’ accounts and the multiple disadvantages they experience in their universities based on their identities as ‘disabled’, ‘international’ and sometimes ‘mature’ students. The author also draws on a number of insights which could contribute towards a more inclusive HE system. The implication of concentrating on disabled international students’ experiences have direct ramifications, not only for this specific group, but also a wide range of students from diverse minority backgrounds who could gain from inclusive practices in education.
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Multi Dimensional Transitions Of International Students To Higher Education

Author : Divya Jindal-Snape
ISBN : 9781317396482
Genre : Education
File Size : 88.18 MB
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International students experience multiple and multi-dimensional educational and life transitions: moving to a new country, moving to a new educational system and moving to higher educational degree programmes. Within these transitions, they experience differences in the social and organisational cultures, languages, and interpersonal expectations, realities and relationships. Their transitions also lead to, and interact with, transitions of professionals, home students and their families. Multi-dimensional Transitions of International Students to Higher Education provides up-to-date literature, research and theoretical constructs that underpin international students’ transitions to Higher Education. This book will help you to understand the opportunities, issues, social-emotional-psychological dimensions and evidence-based interventions that are vital to support an individual through these educational and life transitions. Split into four sections, topics include: Theoretical Underpinning Research in Different Contexts Impact of Educational Practice and Social Systems Interventions and Strategies Used to Enhance International Students’ Affective, Behavioural and Cognitive Transition Experiences This book is essential reading for professionals, students and policy makers and provides significant research insights to academics and researchers in the area of education, psychology and sociology.
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International Students Negotiating Higher Education

Author : Silvia Sovic
ISBN : 9781136729478
Genre : Education
File Size : 21.78 MB
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In the current economic climate, more than ever, international students provide an important income to universities. They represent much-needed funds for many institutions, but they also come with their own diverse variety of characteristics and requirements. This insightful book offers a critical stance on contemporary views of international students and challenges the way those involved address the important issues at hand. To do this, the authors focus specifically on giving voice to the student experience. In particular, the authors show how international student experience can be a ready asset from which to glean valuable information, particularly in relation to teaching and learning, academic support and the formal and informal curriculum. In this way, the issues affecting international students can be seen as part of the larger set of difficulties that face all students at university today. Integrating contributions from a academics and student voices from a range of backgrounds issues raised include: Academic Writing for International Students The Internationalisation of the Curriculum Identities: The use of stereotypes and auto-stereotypes International Students’ Perceptions of Tutors, and The system in reverse, English speaking learners as 'international students'. This book will be of interest to education management and administrators, higher education professionals, especially those working or training to teach large numbers of international students, to which it offers a unique opportunity to understand better the students’ point-of-view. Because of this the book will likely appeal to academics in all English speaking countries that recruit significant numbers of international students, as well as the growing number of European universities which teach in English and those in the Indian sub-continent that send large numbers of international students to the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US.
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International Encounters

Author : CindyAnn Rose-Redwood
ISBN : 9781475839432
Genre : Education
File Size : 85.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book examines the diversity of international student experiences in the top four destination countries in the English-speaking world. Bringing together scholars from various fields, this edited collection explores the challenges and opportunities of “international encounters” on college and university campuses.
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Student Engagement In Higher Education

Author : Stephen John Quaye
ISBN : 9781136680205
Genre : Education
File Size : 44.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Student Engagement in Higher Education fills a longstanding void in the higher education and student affairs literature. In the fully revised and updated edition of this important volume, the editors and chapter contributors explore how diverse populations of students experience college differently and encounter group-specific barriers to success. Informed by relevant theories, each chapter focuses on engaging a different student population, including: low-income students, students of color, international students, students with disabilities, LGBT students, religious minority students, student-athletes, homeless students, transfer students, commuter and part-time students, adult learners, student veterans, and graduate students. The forward-thinking, practical strategies offered throughout the book are based on research and the collected professional wisdom of experienced educators and scholars at two-year and four-year institutions of higher education. Current and future faculty, administrators, and student affairs staff will undoubtedly find this book complete with fresh ideas to reverse troubling engagement trends among various college student populations.
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International Student Adaptation To Academic Writing In Higher Education

Author : Ly Thi Tran
ISBN : 1443848336
Genre : Education
File Size : 46.94 MB
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Academic writing is a key practice in higher education and central to international students' academic success in the country of education. International Student Adaptation to Academic Writing in Higher Education addresses the prominent forms of adaptation emerging from international students' journey to mediate between disciplinary practices, cultural norms and personal desires in meaning making. It introduces new concepts that present different patterns of international student adaptation including surface adaptation, committed adaptation, reverse adaptation and hybrid adaptation. Drawing on these concepts of adaptation, this book provides readers with new and deeper insights into the complex nature of international students' adjustment to host institutions. It works through many unresolved issues related to cross-border students' intellectual, cultural, linguistic and personal negotiations. This book presents a trans-disciplinary framework for conceptualising international students' and lecturers' practices within the institutional structure. This framework has been developed by drawing on a modified version of Lillis' heuristic of talk around text and positioning theory. The framework enables an exploration of not only the reasons underpinning international students' specific ways of meaning making, but also their potential choices in constructing knowledge. A distinctive contribution of the book is the development of a dialogical pedagogic model for mutual adaptation between international students and academics rather than the onus being on exclusive adaptation from the students. Existing research on international education indicates the significance of reciprocal adaptation between international students and academics. Yet very little has been done to conceptualise what mutual adaptation means and what is involved in this process. The dialogical model introduced in this book offers concrete steps towards developing reciprocal adaptation of international students and academics within the overarching institutional realities of the university. It can be used as a tool to enhance the education of international students in this increasingly internationalised environment. This book is a significant contribution to the field of international education. It takes a critical stance on contemporary views of globally mobile students. The insights into international students' voices, hidden intentions and their potential choices in meaning making presented in this book will attract dialogues about the critical issues related to inclusive practices, internationalised curriculum and institutional responses to the diverse needs of international students.
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Overseas Students And Net Migration

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Business, Innovation and Skills Committee
ISBN : 0215048245
Genre : Education
File Size : 73.1 MB
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This report calls on the Government to record overseas students under a classification that does not count against the overall limit on net migration in order to allow the UK to continue to expand its share of the overseas student market. The Committee notes the Government's desire to reduce net migration. However, there is a clear conflict between this policy and the desire to attract more overseas students to the UK. Moreover, the way in which the policy has been implemented and measured is clearly having a detrimental impact. At a time of such economic difficulty, it is vital that the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills demonstrates it has an active strategy to support the expansion of this important and lucrative market. The Committee argues that, for domestic policy purposes, overseas students should be recorded under a separate classification and not be counted against the overall limit on net migration, along similar lines to the United States. The Committee supports the Government's policy to remove bogus students and colleges from our Higher Education system. However, the way in which this policy is communicated must be handled carefully to ensure it does not give the impression that the UK no longer welcomes genuine students
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International Students In American Colleges And Universities

Author : Teresa Brawner Bevis
ISBN : UOM:39015073650569
Genre : Education
File Size : 60.28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Today more than half a million foreign students study in America's colleges and universities, significantly contributing to the U.S. economy. Despite its current success, international study was initially not an easy feat and the first students had to traverse oceans and continents at a time when transportation could be treacherous. Upon arrival they found few support services and were left to maneuver a foreign education system. International Students in American Colleges and Universities argues that the legacy of those trailblazers and of the thousands who followed is an important piece of American higher education history. This book traces their fascinating story from its roots--highlighting the individuals, students and policymakers who contributed to the rich history of international students in America.
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Cross Cultural Teaching And Learning For Home And International Students

Author : Janette Ryan
ISBN : 9780415630122
Genre : Education
File Size : 67.4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Cross cultural teaching and learning for home and international studentsmaps and discusses the increasing internationalisation of teaching and learning at universities around the world. This new phenomenon brings both opportunities and challenges, as it introduces what can be radically different teaching, learning and assessment contexts for both students and staff. This book moves beyond the rhetoric of internationalisation to examine some of the more complex issues for practitioners, researchers, students and those working in transnational or non-Anglophone contexts. It recognises that although universities around the world enthusiastically espouse internationalisation as part of their mission, there is currently little information available about carrying out this vision in terms of pedagogy and curriculum at a practical level. This book fills that gap comprehensively, organising its information around four main themes: New ways of teaching, learning and assessing: Challenges and opportunities for teaching practice, student engagement and participation, assessment and supervision of learning. New ways of designing and delivering curriculum: Internationalising the curriculum for all students within ‘home’ and ‘abroad’ contexts. New ways of thinking and acting: Developing the global citizen, intercultural learning and respectful dialogue, responding to student diversity and equity, enhancing graduate employability and future life trajectories. New ways of listening: Discovering and responding to new or unfamiliar voices among students and staff, embracing ‘other’ academic and intellectual traditions. Illustrated by a wide range of examples from around the world, this book brings together contemporary work and thinking in the areas of cross cultural teaching and internationalisation of the curriculum.
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The Sage Handbook Of International Higher Education

Author : Darla K. Deardorff
ISBN : 9781412999212
Genre : Education
File Size : 82.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The SAGE Handbook of International Higher Education examines the internationalization of higher education from a marginal to a core dimension of higher education worldwide. This mainstreaming of internationalization is a fascinating phenomenon: new concepts, programs, providers, and methods of delivery are emerging; impressive national and regional scholarship programs have been established; radical reforms have been undertaken to make higher education globally competitive; and mobility of students and scholars has increased around the world. This groundbreaking handbook serves as a guide to internationalization of higher education and offers new strategies for its further development and expansion in the years to come. With a decidedly global approach, this volume brings together leading experts from around the world to illustrate the increasing importance of internationalization. The text encompasses the diversity and breadth of internationalization of higher education in all its thematic facets and regional impacts.
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Managing And Supporting Student Diversity In Higher Education

Author : Robyn Benson
ISBN : 9781780633855
Genre : Education
File Size : 40.67 MB
Format : PDF
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Government initiatives in many countries emphasise social inclusion in higher education, resulting in a more diverse student population. This presents opportunities and challenges for academic and professional staff in managing and supporting these students. Managing and Supporting Student Diversity in Higher Education focuses on how students succeed amidst a culture of widening participation. The book is divided into seven chapters. The first introduces current literature and policies to present an international perspective on widening participation in higher education. The following five chapters present students’ stories on topics including getting into higher education, the international experience, coping with education later in life, and identity. Stories are followed by implications for management and support, and discussion topics for practitioners. The book concludes by looking at how students succeed in higher education and the implications for managing and supporting student diversity. Provides an accessible and practical resource using students’ own voices Emphasises how students from diverse backgrounds succeed in higher education Offers in-depth personal insights into issues facing learners from diverse backgrounds
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Quality And Recognition In Higher Education The Cross Border Challenge

Author : OECD
ISBN : 9789264015104
Genre :
File Size : 53.45 MB
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This book gives an updated overview of how a number of countries are dealing with cross-border education as well as examining international frameworks on recognition of qualifications including UNESCO Regional Conventions and trade agreements.

Developing Cultural Capability In International Higher Education

Author : Sheila Trahar
ISBN : 9781136847264
Genre : Education
File Size : 23.42 MB
Format : PDF
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To function in the diverse world of the twenty-first century requires a crucial ability to navigate its international and interconnected environments effectively. Such a skill may be defined as cultural capability and developing it is at the forefront of this book, as it guides readers in considering their own experiences of learning and teaching in culturally varied contexts of higher education. Using information that builds upon data gained from several years of practice, across a range of countries and institutions the author considers in detail four main themes: Learning, teaching and assessment as a cultural product of higher education Personal and professional interactions between staff and students The political and personal dimensions of the internationalisation of higher education Methodological and ethical considerations when conducting research across cultures These themes provide for rich opportunities to learn from and about others, about our similarities and differences. In this way, Developing Cultural Capability celebrates a world that is multicultural and interdependent, encouraging operation beyond local and national perspectives. Conducting cross-cultural research is not new, but this book shows how narrative inquiry may be a particularly rich – and sensitive - approach in such research in higher education. By writing as a practitioner researcher who has reflected, extensively and critically, on her own practice, the author here gathers together empirical research, case studies and personal reflections, beliefs and assumptions into an innovative account of cultural capability. Through these rich accounts, this book stimulates researchers or practitioners grappling with the cultural complexity of higher education today to reflect on their own practices, proposing some ways to create environments that are more inclusive.
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Higher Education And International Student Mobility In The Global Knowledge Economy

Author : Kemal Gürüz
ISBN : 9780791478509
Genre : Education
File Size : 39.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Demonstrates how the international mobility of students, scholars, programs, and institutions of higher education evolved over time, and the ways in which it is occurring in today’s global knowledge economy. Students and scholars leaving their homes in search of education and knowledge is not a new phenomenon. Kemal Gürüz discusses how the international mobility of students, scholars, programs, and institutions of higher education has evolved over time. He explores the contributions it has made to civilization, scientific and technological progress, and the ways in which it is occurring in today’s global knowledge economy. Kemal Gürüz is Former President of the Council of Higher Education of the Republic of Turkey and retired Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Middle East Technical University. In 2005, he was the first recipient of the Chancellor John W. Ryan Fellowship in International Education at the State University of New York.
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Managing Educational Tourism

Author : Dr. Brent W. Ritchie
ISBN : 9781845413798
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34.7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Increasingly tourists are seeking learning and educational holidays. This interest has led to the provision of tourism product with some form of learning or education as an integral component, including cultural heritage tourism and ecotourism. The growth of offshore education and lifelong learning has stimulated cross-border movement for language learning, school excursions and university student travel. Reflecting this growth in educational tourism types, the author outlines the main forms of educational tourism, their demand and supply characteristics, their impacts and the management issues associated with them, taking a holistic systems-based perspective. The book argues that without adequate research and appropriate management of educational forms of tourism, the potential regional development impacts and personal learning benefits will not be maximised. The book highlights the need for collaboration and networking between both the tourism and education industries to adequately manage the issues surrounding the growth in educational tourism.
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